Since February is on the wrap up I thought I should squeeze in a drop or two for Black History Month.  It’s not like you humps are gonna open a book anytime this millennium anyhoo.  Here’s a quick question for some of you wannabe hardbody clowns posing behind your iMacs.  How many of you dudes are gonna keep it really real and marry a Black woman?  Seriously, by choice?  I don’t mean like if you had no choice which most of you broke cats will understand, I mean if you had rapper cake or lottery scrilla and you could chose any ethnicity you wanted.  How many of you would still eff with a “sista”?!?

Paul Wall had a choice and he chose a Black chick.  A thick Black chick at that, not even some video ho and you know he has access to them broads too.  I give Paul Wall credit for that even if they end up getting divorced when he finally gets away from the phoney baloney Swishahouse Asylum Atlantic paper and steps up to some Interscope Sony Universal bread.  The main thing is that he kept it real from the gate.  Nobody can take that away from him.  One of the reasons that Paul Wall was able to be a man and give vows to a Black woman is because he wasn’t “bitchmade”.  I know a lot of you dudes flagrantly exploit that language around these comments sections and I wonder if y’all know what it means.  A bitchmade dude is someone that was raised by their moms and/or their grandmoms without a male figure present.

It’s easy to spot bitchmade dudes in the comments sections because they are the types of people that have a hard time accepting truth without emotion.  They also be the first cats to shout out expletives and other derogatory remarks when they can’t keep the pace in a dialogue or debate.  It’s not their fault either but they were taught how to frame their communications in the style of a woman.  Let’s understand the difficulty that a woman faces when trying to raise children by herself.  She doesn’t have too many options for economic stability in front of her so her morals and values when they are related to money will generally be loose and desperate.  Get rich by any means necessary or die trying is what these women instill in their children.  So is it any wonder that someone trying to break into the entertainment business will do whatever he thinks the corporate bosses want him to do?

I’m gonna stop killing these rappers that spit utter claptrap on these mixtapes because some of them have grown up watching their moms put mad lotion on wild niggas ballsachs just to put a peanut butter sardine sandwich inside of their Jansports.  That shit is really real right there, but you never hear that shit on no rap song.  You never hear a rap song where they big up fathers either.  Other than that homo-erotic shit that Weezy has with Baby.  Maybe there’s one or two songs out there but most of the shit is always on some ‘Dear Momma’ shit.  This is why I give Paul Wall his props because he is definitely gonna be a father to his children.  So when his kids get grown and they have to choose between being shitbags that will do anything for paper, or being grown folks who can negotiate the moral responsibility that comes with being an adult they will have the foundation in place to make that choice.  There ain’t nothing wrong with being grown.

Tell me I’m lying.