Note: I started pregaming for this way early and now I feel like shit. So my bad if this comes out even worse than usual. But of course I had to cover the White Rapper Show. Never mind the fact that it's a federal holiday and I've already posted once on this site today. I'm dedicated like that.

Last week saw Persia get the boot, which was an emotional experience for both her and MC Serch. You got the idea that he liked her a lot more than any of the guys left, and that he'd much rather have sent Jus Rhyme's wack ass home, if she would have just been able to finish her rhyme.

So this is going to be the week that Jus Rhyme goes home, right? I mean, even if John Brown or Shamrock stumble through their final verses, it would almost be kinda wrong to keep Jus Rhyme around any longer.

Plus, there's some nice tension brewing between John Brown and Shamrock. As Shamrock put it, the two are like polar white rap opposites. John Brown is from the burbs, while Shamrock is from nothing (his parents were nihilists). It'll be nice to see the two of them duke it out for the $100,000.

As announced last week, this week's episode will involve traveling to the Graceland of white hip-hop - er, just the Graceland of hip-hop, I suppose - Detroit. While there, they'll live together in a double wide. Jus Rhyme seems especially geeked about this.

(There's some sort of "Behind the Music" commercial/segment on Persia. Obviously, there's only so much (W)RS left, and they're trying to stretch it out into two more full hours.)

In Detroit, they go to where the legendary hip-hop shop and meet some guy who didn't strike me as particularly notable. He asks the three white rappers to freestyle for him, and Shamrock kinda punks out. Not that anyone else was particularly good. Just saying.

They also meet the Insane Clown Posse, and then it's off to meet Kid Rock. Shamrock describes him as being low key, which might actually be an understatement. He tells the story of how he ended up opening up for the likes of BDP and Ice Cube at the ripe old age of 17.

Back at the trailer park, they meet some of the locals, which is pretty fascinating. There's some old white lady, and then some shirtless black guy whom she refers to as 2Pac shows up out of nowhere with some fishing gear and a picture of a fish.

Later, on top of a parking garage, there's a contrived Eminem trivia game, with emphasis on the term trivia. How knowing any of this could contribute to becoming a better MC is beyond me, but I guess it would be big if you were a white rapper, like the way Eskimos know a lot about snow.

John Brown wins and gets to spend an even in what's described as "the finest hotel in Detroit," which could mean some of anything. He gets to pick one person to share the room with (nullus?) and picks Shamrock. They have a nice candle light dinner over a bottle of Perrier.

Meanwhile, back a the double wide, Jus Rhyme comes up with some admittedly pretty damn funny battle rhymes for tomorrow's mission, which will involve a battle scene not unlike in 8 Mile.

But first, MC Serch gives them a few pointers (they're not allowed to dis black people) and has them come up with a few rhymes dissing him. Serch's suggestion for a good battle rhyme: "I did your wife in front of your kid."

The battle: The white rappers get fucking raped. Holy crap! This is just embarassing.

Serch and the three guys they battled deliberate. The black guys are down on Shamrock because he froze up, but you get the idea that Serch has got it in for Jus Rhyme. And, lo and behold, Jus Rhyme ends up getting the boot.

NEXT WEEK: The final competition! Fat Joe!