“Cameron, you better learn how to talk to me.”—Mr. Jackson

No it didn’t start when the good Reverend joined the Guerilla Unit. It didn’t start when various auxiliary members of each squad would allegedly get into it with each other at various NYC events. (Did Tony Yayo backstage at that concert really yell “boorriing” at Jim Jones, the author of the modern-day rap classic “We Fly High”?)

Nah the potential G-Unit/Dipset beef has finally and officially started because Cam’ron laughed at 50. It wasn’t all the “Currrtissses.” It wasn’t Rotten Apple and Blood Money’s final SoundScan tallies. It was the videotape of Killa and his homies crackin’ it up at the Koch offices. It was a loud arrogant belly laugh that lasted too long for anyone’s comfort. The kind Killa probably learned from Dame Dash. You know that when 50 was shown the video of that that this retaliation was bound to happen. But we just wasn’t sure how soon?

Who knew dude was in his Connecticut mansion cookin’ up a diss song and an accompanying BET Uncut-y video to go with it? Doesn’t dude have movies to shoot and shows overseas to please his millions of fans? No 50’s home! And like he’s always said, No matter how much paper he stacks he's still not afraid to get down and dirty with any and all comers. Imagine President Carter lettin’ Tru Life shoot his “Dips Is Over” short in his new Trump palace. Ha! Never gonna happen.

The most interesting thing about the whole thing is 50’s divide and conquer tactic against Dipset. Playing into the persistent rumors that the Don and the Capo aren’t on the same page anymore, 50 proclaims Jim Jones the new boss of Dipset and Juelz the under boss. As Cam would say, “What the peanut butter and jelly shit is this.” So now the ball is in Cam’s court (pause). Does he call in the troops (I’m not talking Hell Rell or JR Writer, no disrespect) or keep things mano-y-mano in a battle that his adversary aims to make career damaging. (Radio jocks are already getting Cam is dead obituary boxes in the mail.)

Last time Cam was blatantly disrespected was when Nas wilded out on that crazy Summer Jam night. That night, he, Jimmy and Juelz knocked out three tremendous joints in one marathon recording session: Cam’s versions of “Hate Me Now” and “Show You How To Do This,” plus the Dips-meets-Just Blaze masterpiece “I Really Mean It.” (You was a fool for that track Justin!)

Inquiring rap fans are making like the Leaders of the New School and wanna know, “What’s Next.” The smart money is on Cam goin’ in by daybreak but if I was Mr. Giles I don’t know if I would take the bait so quick. Just when everyone thinks they got you figured it’s cool to change your style up—switch to southpaw. Whoever lands the first punch doesn’t always win the fight. Let’s get ready to rumble.

P.S. Whoo Kid lost.