Laughing At You

“Cameron, you better learn how to talk to me.”—Mr. Jackson

No it didn’t start when the good Reverend joined the Guerilla Unit. It didn’t start when various auxiliary members of each squad would allegedly get into it with each other at various NYC events. (Did Tony Yayo backstage at that concert really yell “boorriing” at Jim Jones, the author of the modern-day rap classic “We Fly High”?)

Nah the potential G-Unit/Dipset beef has finally and officially started because Cam’ron laughed at 50. It wasn’t all the “Currrtissses.” It wasn’t Rotten Apple and Blood Money’s final SoundScan tallies. It was the videotape of Killa and his homies crackin’ it up at the Koch offices. It was a loud arrogant belly laugh that lasted too long for anyone’s comfort. The kind Killa probably learned from Dame Dash. You know that when 50 was shown the video of that that this retaliation was bound to happen. But we just wasn’t sure how soon?

Who knew dude was in his Connecticut mansion cookin’ up a diss song and an accompanying BET Uncut-y video to go with it? Doesn’t dude have movies to shoot and shows overseas to please his millions of fans? No 50’s home! And like he’s always said, No matter how much paper he stacks he’s still not afraid to get down and dirty with any and all comers. Imagine President Carter lettin’ Tru Life shoot his “Dips Is Over” short in his new Trump palace. Ha! Never gonna happen.

The most interesting thing about the whole thing is 50’s divide and conquer tactic against Dipset. Playing into the persistent rumors that the Don and the Capo aren’t on the same page anymore, 50 proclaims Jim Jones the new boss of Dipset and Juelz the under boss. As Cam would say, “What the peanut butter and jelly shit is this.” So now the ball is in Cam’s court (pause). Does he call in the troops (I’m not talking Hell Rell or JR Writer, no disrespect) or keep things mano-y-mano in a battle that his adversary aims to make career damaging. (Radio jocks are already getting Cam is dead obituary boxes in the mail.)

Last time Cam was blatantly disrespected was when Nas wilded out on that crazy Summer Jam night. That night, he, Jimmy and Juelz knocked out three tremendous joints in one marathon recording session: Cam’s versions of “Hate Me Now” and “Show You How To Do This,” plus the Dips-meets-Just Blaze masterpiece “I Really Mean It.” (You was a fool for that track Justin!)

Inquiring rap fans are making like the Leaders of the New School and wanna know, “What’s Next.” The smart money is on Cam goin’ in by daybreak but if I was Mr. Giles I don’t know if I would take the bait so quick. Just when everyone thinks they got you figured it’s cool to change your style up—switch to southpaw. Whoever lands the first punch doesn’t always win the fight. Let’s get ready to rumble.

P.S. Whoo Kid lost.

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  • yaya


  • chicity

    ps.whoo kid lost? what up with that yn

  • Superman

    First bitches.Wow good article YN. You’re only speakin the truth. I think Fiddy is doin the right thing with his divide and conquer premise especially by givin Jenny and Juelz props and just focusin on Sham’ron. I think Sham is at a serious crossroad in his career because he hasnt had a hit record since his Roc-A-Fella (Pointed out by Hov on Dig A Hole). Its gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. I think too much people going at the Dip Shits right now.

  • 1st


  • jordany

    The promotion for ”Before I Self Destruct” has begon. I’m NOT a 50 stan but, real recognize real, this nigga is about his paper, besides Hov and maybe Puff ain’t nobody touchin’ ‘em when it comes to getting paper. On another note fuck Dipset and fuck G-Unit, Roc-A-Fella all day, Saigon what up?; Abandoned Nation, i’m out.

  • 1st

    G-unit will destroy the dips,
    p.s. game lost

  • 1st

    p.s. game lost

  • derfla the hus’la

    about sums it all!!!!!

  • derfla the hus’la

    about sums it all!!!!!

  • uptown-kid

    cam started but lets see if he could finish. this should be very interesting!

  • icee corleon

    i am not a big fan of 50 since the good ol days that he dropped “get rich or die trying”. but with all that aside 50 will smash cam (no nba players) this will be the end of dipset. they are just hanging on by they old shh.

  • EReal

    Co-Sign on Fisty Scent bein smart for the divide and conquer tactic man, you gotta respect the game on that.
    I bet alot of people are already buyin into that too.
    People wanna see NY get along, so could you imagine a Dipset – G-unit alliance? I know it’s far fetched, but think.. the Nas Beef? The Tru Life Beef? Could this be a plan for the G-unit / Dipset NY takeover?Everyone would sell records, and that gives the entire Dipset alot of benjamin reasons to go along with this. Besides, Jimmy’s been waitin for this chance and 50′s right Cam’run fell off. Jimmy is the face of Dipset now, and it’s most popular member. It will be really interesting to see how this all goes down. Yet, with the phone calls made to Fisty by Juelz and Jimmy after the Cam’ron freak show call, it would seem that this will really get under cam’run’s skin.
    This shit seems all too familiar tho, I mean before I self and Buck the world are droppin, and Buck is droppin next month.. this is probably all promotion for G-unit / Dipset 07.
    Either way, it should make for some good music, and when it all boils down thats what this is really about. This aint no street beef. Street beefs dont start over record sales and retarded phone calls.
    Did you notice that 50 was the only rapper in the video? No g-unit members besides him, and he also said that he’s not goin at dipset, he’s goin at cam. Thats one cam will lose, IMO and besides, if cam’runs to dipset for help, he’ll look weak.
    How bout 50′s old crew from queens clownin with tha AR15′s and that Desert Eagle with a diamond encrusted handle that says 50 on it? Alot of people are sayin that this is the 50 they’ve been waiting to hear back from for 2 years…. hype abounds.
    Should be interesting for sure. Let’s see what Cam has to say. Im not the biggest g-unit or dipset fan, but this ones gonna be nice. Fuck all that Tru Dike beef, this is whats poppin.

    1 hunned.

  • n.o 4-life

    i think cam is smarter than that, he can handle 50 by himself. this could be the spark that ignites the fire underneath cam. i mean gay-z hasn’t mentioned his name, eventhough we know dig a hole was based on cam. but to actually hear your name is a different story. and since when is 50 a lyrical genious anyway? cam might even let this simmer and let people wait for it.

  • thoreauly77

    let the show begin.

  • faggy fag

    I love your article

  • DANJA29

    I couldnt believe this shit myself… and yeah, I agree- that laughin’ video (which was nuts by the way) was the last straw.

    I don’t look forward to lyrical jewels by either 50 or Cam to tell the truth. Both are capable but simply won’t try that hard. The real entertainment regarding this battle is gonna be the radio interviews and the adlibs. And seein’ as how most of these rap battles that hang on lyrics have been boring as fuck… I’m all for it.


    50 is a funny dude… U knew he wasn’t gonna let Cam slide. Now, Cam has to come correct. Even if people don’t like 50, he’s at a point that everyone is gonna listen to what he says. If he feels like he’s the king of rap, he’s gonna portray that. Now, I don’t think he’s no king of rap. I think he’s good at marketing and promotion. And I think that he gets way more credit than he deserves based on his lyrical skills. But, he is smart. He has the Dips in awkward position. At the end of this video, he said “Jim is the don, Juelz is now the Capo, and Cam has been demoted to soldier”. 50 knows how to play chess cause after that interview, Juelz and Jim called him to do damage control. Now, if they were smart, they wouldn’t have done shit. Even if they thought Cam was a fuckin asshole. U knew 50 wasn’t gonna let that slide. So, what he did was basically put Juelz and Jim against Cam. They have to pick now. They can’t play in the middle. Do they wanna go to war with the Unit or play peace. One way or the other, they gonna lose cause they are fighting two heavyweights. Jay and 50. Jay doesn’t deal with it, but 50 was built off of this beef shit. Cam has to come hard for real, cause he’s the boss and he put his team in a position of being pawns to 50’s marketing scheme.

  • Hannah Smith

    I’m sure XXL’s chief whip-cracker would just love it if some member of the Dipset or G-Unit entourage ended up getting shot over this beef.

    Mo’ murder, mo’ dead rappers, mo’ covers!

  • mannyworld33


    ROC 4 LIFE!

  • mmcrizzle

    you already know killa is gonna come back with the hungry dipset recruits and tear his ass apart. who does 50 got to help his ass? banks and yayo? cant wait to hear what the game got in store for curtis now that dipset is involved.

  • blaQ

    Cam run better run. 50 will get down and dirty….

    i fi was 50 i would make 100 diss songs then just drop them every second

  • nike

    50 will destroy Cam……guarantee that. the dips got too many people on them


    Fuck the pinky dip mess

  • 110street

    whoo kid lost to kayslay.

  • da’realestwritin’


  • da’realestwritin’


  • Incilin

    LMAO!! I love it I love it I love it!!!! Its bout time these two clashed heads!! But I agree with you on this; Cam shouldn’t move too quick altho thas been his trademark style (Sunday wrote about just that the other day) because I know 50 has something up his sleeve. Just like when Jada moved quick on him and 50 put it out that Jada don’t own his own publishing. And yeah I was shocked that 50 came back so quick with a video and all taht (A cheap ass looking video with some cheap looking hoes, but a video none the less) I can’t wait to watch this all play out.

    Funny how just a few weeks ago 50 was on Flex’s show and Flex was talking about how when 50 disses his verses might not kill you but his ad libs will destroy u, this is so true.

  • j

    yn you cracka you have lost sight what a good diss record is(and good music). first you said the dips banged out 3 “tremendous” joints. who even listens to those shits now? those shits were ass. cam is more lyrical then fifty but that aint really saying much. i hope fifty gets it. i dont like cam much since sports drugs and entertainment but hes the lesser of two evils. man i hope someone shoots elliot wilson one day… hes like the dude always talking shit behind his big friend , talkin reckless but hides begind his boy when shit pops off. faggot supports wack music. in all reality your no better then benzino but you got more money and sold your soul(to interscope) for that shit. rot you cracka ass nigga.

  • Boner Jams 03

    I thought heatmakerz made “i really mean it”…cam shouts em out at the beginning of the track

  • tranier22

    didn’t cam learn anything from ja rule r.i.p. camron

  • Wsetstar

    I hope Cam will face this situation alone just like 50 did. It’s just 50 goin at Cam, no Unit. Cam’s gonna get JR in this which will be a bitch move, cuz 50 called out Cam’s name. 50 is smart for attempting to divide the Dips. I think it’ll work cuz Juellz and Jim don’t want war with 50, but Cam does. Cam laughter was disgusting and un called for, I glad 50 attacked. Best believe 50 got more up his sleeve, you never show your whole hand. Cam betta wave the white flag on this one.

  • Belize

    Damn..fiddy took the ROC’s shine..haaaaaaaaaaa

  • Wsetstar

    Plus 50′s video is a hood classic. It gets the point across. And I love the bitches and guns, sorry just a P.O.M.E.


    I guess we know who is gone be on the cover after Wayne.

    50 been on my “who” list for a minute but he came back with a vengance on this one. You can talk all that he be singin on chorus shit if u want but that shit hot. Best beef song from Fif since BackDown.

  • Prince Of The South

    Damn 50 clowned on Cam. I been saying this 50 smarter than he protrays. Listen to his interviews and not be on your favorite rappers nuts, he drops jewls about the industry. This just proves it. He tapped Cam but the damage done. If Jimmy and Julez stay away from this then Cam lost his two biggest artists as far as giving him exposure.

  • yung ceasa

    jordany Says:

    February 9th, 2007 at 2:06 pm
    The promotion for ‘’Before I Self Destruct’’ has begon. I’m NOT a 50 stan but, real recognize real, this nigga is about his paper, besides Hov and maybe Puff ain’t nobody touchin’ ‘em when it comes to getting paper. On another note fuck Dipset and fuck G-Unit, Roc-A-Fella all day, Saigon what up?; Abandoned Nation, i’m out.


    damn i totally forgot about fisty scent droppin an album. but now that that point has been made i co-sign to tha fullest this tha same stunt cam made last year, and tha same thing jay did drummin up that good ol’ controversy to sell records because tha material on tha album isnt any good anyway, why aint g-unot think of this earlier……..o now i remember because it will only work if you are already an established artist like (hate it or love it) fisty or jay…either way i wanna see how this will play out……….let tha games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Isn’t it funny that Curtis’ ego is so big, that the thing that sets him off is having someone laugh at him. How dare cam! Try and end his career 50! Cam is not jada and Dip Set is not D-Block. And don’t question Jim & Juelz, the Dips wouldn’t be anywhere without Cam. I except the Set to come up with a good plan. Maybe not a reply right away, but something more strategic. Should be fun to say the least. I think it’s 50′s insecurities shinin’ bright

  • J.R.O.

    Goes to show that NYC isn’t runnin’ anything besides this beef shit. This shit is old, seriously. Cam can’t get back to where he was during the Come Home With Me, Diplomats Vol. 1-2 days and 50 is no longer the under-dog, mixtape, debut threat… Ya’ll have fun wit’ it tho’, clown asses.

  • mel barker

    fuck 50…y the fuck he always singin? cam will murder this cat & he aint even that dope 50 just needed somebody 2 diss so y not go at the cat that runs the crew with the street on lock?? fock g-unit buck tha world is the only thing that cansave em..

  • Rey

    I’m rooting for G Unit.

  • 22 IN AZ

    I all I have to say is camoron is getting his just desserts he started this shit trying to act hard over the phone. 50 was actually trying to be understanding he was man enough to go on air live with styles p and camoron I may not always agree with 50 but what else would you expect him or even game to do. Remember even 50 thought they were cool till camoron tried to disrespect. {and I know how to spell I spelled his name wrong on purpose}

  • 100 Dollars

    Actually at the end 1 of the dudes in the black bandana looks alittle bit like Yayo. The 1 it gets close up to kind’ve.

  • agee

    Cam is probaly the the most lazy nice nigga on mic. I am actually hyped over this one. 50 is the ad-lib killer though.

  • Koran

    Cam ain’t ready for that ish,this the one cat who don’t let shit go openly and 50 is the same. Mr. Giles gonna need backup because he can’t go at 50 alone.

  • Young Carter

    Everytime theres a 50 album comin up, he has beef. First it was Ja and Murder Inc. Then Game, Joe, and Jada. Now its Dipset. 50 is smart as hell. Not saying he’s a good rapper, just good at publicity stunts.

  • Natchylous

    The thing is that 50 cent will win regardless of whether or not Cam wins the lyrical battle. Jada totally murked 50 with checkmate and 50 is still standing merely because of his financial weight in the industry. The truth is Cam is justified in calling out 50 about record sales. That’s what 50 was holding over the LOX’s head. Money not skills. I don’t understand how people haven’t noticed 50′s hypocrisy. He used to complain about Ja rule’s singing. Come to find out that’s all he’s done since. That said Cam is garbage now. Hip hop died because of the money. The best rapper nowadays is not the one who is most talented but the one who has the most ice. Jewelry is for bitches and the rap game is full of them nowadays.

  • G-unot

    fuk Gay-unit its all bout dipset, blackwallstreet and P$C

  • ThaReel Young Gully

    Ahhhh Fishy Scent

    Young Gully From Da Dee Throwin Up THEM Threes

  • Detroit GetDoughCat

    Yeah man Killa my Nigga he goin 2 come hard on fifty(no Homo)

    DipSet Gets Shown Love In Da Dee

    Oh Yeah I Dont Even Like Fishy Snitch

    What’s Poppin
    Yeah Nigga Pardon Cam Back

    Yeah I’m DetrOit SHiT Fuck Boys Quit Ice Grillin Me


  • Derek

    Man this beef has been brewing for awhile. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • breakin newz

    Dear Mr. Giles,

    Never laugh like that on camera ever in your entire life again.

    p.s. 50′s in the lead so far with the video and the brains. (as stated above, he’s a smart dude). I’m waitin’ for that The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 comin’ Feb. ’08

  • Amir

    I hate Dipset and especially Cam. He’s a fruit and 50 was right, when was the last hit we liked? We do like Jimmy better anyway. Cam just gotta realize that 50 is the boss and he messed up. 50 new album gonna sell like crazy and G-Unit has more money than Dipset…. I just wanted to make things clear!

  • Hurricane Game

    I Hope Cam ends his snitching career and silences the haters.
    Dipset need to step in and take the Unit out aswell.
    50 snitcH has been actin like he run the rap game for too long now.
    I wonder what The Game gon do. You know he’s pretty tight wit the Dipset.

  • Prince Of The South

    Game just need to stay out of this and work on promoting his album because he still hasn’t gone platinum yet and after all the noise he popped 1 mill the first week and another 5 million he hasn’t got over that hump of 800,000. Cam don’t want to call in the back up for this because all he got on dipset is Julez and Jimmy. None of them other boys are talented enough to string together a hot song, maybe freestyles. Same with 50 only people he got that can do some damage are def Buck and maybe Banks if he start sounding hugry again.

  • Dipset

    Cam 1-0… whats next “Bugs Monkey?” the world is listening!!!

  • Rae Tha Great

    Diplomats vs. G-Unit & Roc-A-Fella yeah it don’t get no better than this. Peace

  • dneroda1

    cam ain’t been a serious spitter since SDE dropped in 2000..head to head 50 vs cam is no contest..i’ll bet my life that no cam album from now on will sell more than 250k..majors or independent..and like it or not curtis is the king of ny..hes the most polarizing figure rap has seen in a minute..u either love him or hate him it seems like theres no middle ground..real talk



  • KillG

    Fuck this wack beef. This is no lyrical beef…so dumb monkey nigger shit….wake me up when we get another raw battle moe dee vs ll cool j shit….oh i forgot…that was when there was something called hip hop that was still around….

  • dre4life

    yeah its crazy 50 actually gave props 2 jones n juelz in a cam dissin song, very, very genius move

  • NSW

    OK Cam already won cause he put 50 in his place. 50 listened to everything that nucca said and he had no words then, so he don’t need to have none now. Cam had a right to say what he had to say, if u tell me u can push my album back, hell yeah imma speak on it. And y did he feel he had to bring up Dipset anyway????? 5o is so insecure and dumb assess mistake it for power but real mofo’s see right thur Curtis.

  • Da Shit

    The Game won’t get involved with this beef because if he does not only is he going to have to go against G-Unit but also against Roc-A-Fella and Game already said he wont beef with Jay so looks to me like Dipset is gonna have to hold their own.

  • yobroshot

    The beats on both of these diss tracks are fuckin fire!!!!

  • jacquez
  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    50 ain’t get on tha air to start no shyt, so I don’t think he staged this to promote his album, Cam jumped his bytch ass out there, tryin’ to poormote his album, can’t come back to DC wit that shootin’ shyt so I guess this is all she can come up wit, 50 ain’t tell that dumb ass from Koch to call tha station either, so maybe it’s tha otha way round, I guess this should help Cam go double plastic!!!!