Kanye West and John Legend are teh ghey version of J Dilla and Dwele

I hope all you Hip-Hop fans put a peace sign in the air today for your cousin James ‘Jay Dee’ Yancey a/k/a J Dilla’s born day. I would rather celebrate the day someone was born instead of the day they passed away. Dilla is definitely doing Hip-Hop on a higher level now, both figuratively and literally. Anyhoo…

Hip-Hop is about life and the rebirth of soul and hope in the ghetto. Rap music on the other hand, doesn’t mind celebrating death. Get rich or die trying bitches. Don’t you think it’s crazy sometimes that the vehicle so many of us can use to make a living is being driven by those that only want to make a killing. Chuck Dee said that to me during an interview I did with him several years ago. The damn shame is that it holds true to this very minute.

I’m not one of these Free Mumia vegetarian Hip-Hop fans either, but when did emceeing go from Kool G Rap to Jibbs and deejaying from Jay Dee to Lil’ Jon? My knock against Jibbs and Jon isn’t me trying to be flagrant with the southern Hip-Hop that dominates the rap industry now. It’s more about me being upset that people come into rap music as if they are the ones who need to launder some drug cash. The real money launderers are the former bootleggers that own the distribution company. Y’all just don’t hear me doe. The Chicken Noodle Soup dance might be the only thing saving Hip-Hop right now even though the ‘Let It Rain’ part was originally meant to describe a golden shower. Real talk.

Before I let this slide another minute I have to say something to the peanut gallery that occupies the comment sections here at XXLMAG dot com. Show some motherfucking respect to that dude Byron Crawford when you see him in the street. How many of y’all are hardbody enough to come upstairs from your parents basement? This is the man that taught you cowards how to think critically about the shit you listen to. I see a lot of you cowards jumping on the wrong bandwagon now that B.C. has a video blog up on the internets. That you criticize how he looks exposes you to hero worship and faggotry. It seems like a lot of y’all dream about having that dudes chicken noodle soup poured on your faces. Nullus, and a can of soda on the side.

I’m gonna try a lil’ something new here on my page by asking you, the reader, what kind of topics you would like for me to drop science on. It can’t all be about record sales can it? To all my internets family that knows me from already, trust that here’s some piff in the stash, but I want to see my first digit from Harris Publishing before I get too hardbody at this spot. I hope these dudes don’t fake jacks like Dave Mays and company. That wouldn’t be Hip-Hop on a higher level.

Holler at your cousin family.

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  • lady

    first baby…..atl all day


    Nice post man you got plenty of haters so your doing something right.

    It would be dope if you did a post on older rap music you like that’s underappreciated or on new artists that are dope.

  • Pakman

    First Fo real though why so much hate on Bol. He’s still gonna mame money of his blogging game?

  • j

    william, a pleasure as always(no jim jones).


    Awwwwwe, Billy Sunday sticking up for Bol…

    How cute!

    Check that shit at the door when u come to these blogs nigga… Bol dishes shit all day, expose poor little Mexican boys’ myspace pages *cough* Rey *cough*, and shit’s on music that actually is good (Nas, Jay, Styles P., etc)….

    So when he shows- or better yet, when XXL.com shows us his FAT HO-HO EATING ASS, we feast PAUSE… no Bol’s voice!

    You can’t stop that, so fall back and enjoy the ride Johhny!

    Anyways, i digress…

    You should do a blog on “Hip-Hop in the new millenium” (i wan’t credit nucca!)… U know how in the the new millenium shit was supposed to be futuristic, instead we got D4L!

    Or on Steve Stoute and how “Hard Body” he is for going from a used car salesman to the ruler of Coporate synergy for all aspects artistic (he brokered that Scarlett Johansenn deal at RBK- that’s a freebie thunn)…

    Or how Scott Storch went from co-founding The Roots (yes, he’s a co-founder with ?uestlove & Black Thought) to being one of the most dominant and wealthiest producers in the game!

    I want my credit nigga, or i might have to catch u…


    ^^^Hard Body shit 4real!

  • Boner Jams 03

    Thanx for shoutin my man Dilla Dog out…he definitely doesn’t get his credit…Not sayin he’s the best producer ever, but i would say that he definitely has the best catalog of any producer…REAL TALK…and i agree with u on these internet geeks who say mean spiteful shit…i may clown bol every now and then but its all done in fun and i’ve never crossed that line of respect that a man deserves…
    But anyway i been bangin Dilla’s shit all day 2day…Billy Sunday i don’t know if u up on this kid named skyzoo…but he got a ill dedication to dilla over one of his donut beats on his myspace pg…yall should check it out:


  • nation

    i am impressed with the realness you bring to writing. and especially since you cut that xxl innuendo crap and get straight to the point

  • Bun B

    Do a post not hating on hipsters. You know, just for fun..

  • king blair

    stop biting bol 1st
    posts i wanna c
    1.why wayne is not the best rapper alive
    2.why the gayme should retire
    3.why dre is scared of 50
    4.how did baby get away with child molestation all these years
    5.why pappose will not bring new york back
    6.how camron is the funniest rapper alive who needs a show
    7.lil kim, foxy, remy plaboy nuff said
    8.why them crackers dont be playing fair at jive
    9. dl rappers
    10. why xxl dont have a all nude eyecandy issue

  • http://www.myspace.com Rey

    Puerto Rican and Cuban, not Mexican. Seriously though.. Bol deserves whatever he gets, for real. His credibility is shot with that interview. He’s the exact epitome of all that E Thug shit. Dude talks mad shit about everybody like he’s some fucking expert. He’s another timid little internet loser who only crawls out of his shell when there’s a keyboard in front of him. It’s pathetic. Back off, Sunday.

  • kingkong

    i think sunday really, really IS Bol! If not, then why the f should he talk like and even try to protect his fat ass?

  • derfla the hus’la

    ooh the protege stands up for he’s mentor well sunday let bol fight he’s own battles he is hardbody aint he?

    now lets see topics?….. you can start with how hiphop began for those fools who aint got a clue how this shit came about cuz like 90% of this dudes in here started listening to this shit in 2002 when fifty blew up.

  • Jenny Jones


  • NickeNitro

    When he passed, Dilla was really putting out a next level, classic new sound. It’s really unfortunate he won’t be making any more music. Hopefully some other beatmakers can pick up on what he was doing and run with it.

    How is Bol a critical thinker? Because he’s looking to criticize all the time? He ends up missing the point half the time because he’s trying to jump on the blog-critic hatewagon. There’s nothing mind-opening about doing what everyone else is doing.

    People think they appear smart when they try talk down on other people’s interests and point out flaws, but really it just makes them look like negative people who are angry and letting off steam about something in their lives. It doesn’t make sense to have someone who doesn’t like hip-hop write for a hip-hop magazine. The readers are here because they like hip-hop and want to learn more about it. So of course it’s going to bother people who are expecting and looking for something different from something that bills itself as being about hip-hop.

  • Omar

    I’m going to ask that you not call Chuck D, Chuck Dee and ya’ll need to retire that teh ghey shit, that shit is just gay!

  • KharlieH

    Billy the Kid,
    Look I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since you started @ XXL. Your @ about a post a day and that work ethic is refreshing at a website where the only people who seem to post regularily are Bol and Tara. Noz talks a minute cause digging in the crates isn’t as easy as commenting on the latest video or single. But keep up the work man, Quanity over Quality, maybe one day you’ll be able to approach the consistency where people respect everything you have to say even if they disagree. But on the real or in reality, you need to be very careful about what you say. Respect is earned when you show respect or show you deserve respect. Coward is a STRONG word. You don’t know me and I gurantee you don’t know 85% percent of the people who post here, so to just toss out slurs such as Coward leads me to believe that you allow your mouth to write checks your ass can’t cash or come from somewhere where you can say whatever you want with no consequences. I’m not revoking your ghetto pass just saying that I’d be surprised if you had one in the first place. Bol is his own man. Let him handle his beef. Although he might have taught you how to think critically about music, he didn’t teach me. If they only way you can refute valid criticism against Bol or yourself is too make childish homosexual taunts then you shouldn’t be on this site, you should be on a middle school playground. Then start saying coward. We’ll see how many teeth you graduate with. What do I want from you talk about? Really it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is but I gurantee you that the readers of this site would appreciate intelligent insight on hip hop with some honesty. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Holler at Tara. But don’t think that because Bol gets hits that we want another one of him. DO YOU. And show some muthafucking respect.
    1 to Dilla.

  • northern califoria

    ay speak on tha hyphy movement n bay area rap in general, cause alot of cats hate on it, mostly eastcoast niggas sayin it aint hiphop shit, i think its hip hop in its purest form, our own style of music,dance, and slang…

    whatchu think…

  • Rizzop

    I gotta admit i do enjoy your posts seeing as how you at least post more than one blog a week, eventhough i dont agree with them all, but all i ask is that you focus more on the people that make GOOD music (no kanye) than the bullshiters that say they love it but keep bitch slapping H.E.R. Give us some insight as to what you favor since someone actually valued your opinion enough too give you a blog. im actually quit interested in your input.

  • Hurricane Game

    6.how camron is the funniest rapper alive who needs a show

    It’s true he along with Juelz started the “no homo” sayin and Squallay!

    This cat is Bol and I knew it all along. Bol looks like Rosie O’Donnell and Lupe Fiasco in the one fat body.
    But Bol is entertaining and keeps you cats commin back.
    He has the most comments out of all the Bloggers after each article.
    His website is fuckin funny too.
    He even said he was attracted to Dakoda Fanning.
    Funny shit Fo Real.
    Rey yo ass got exposed and you work at a Taco Bell.
    You even served me once and short Changed me $2

  • Definition

    uk hiphop/grime.

  • jacquez
  • NSW

    Since you did the NBA players and Rappers comparison with the game and Kobe, u should do a whole list,with a decent explaination.Lookin forward 2 seeing that

  • Combat Jack

    You need to do an extensive investigative report tracking down and exposing the people behind Pac ang B.I.G.’S deaths.

  • doug

    how about some stuff about the justus league and skyzoo and pharoahe monch…and how about why lil wayne is overrated and why he isnt the best rapper alive to make people come to their senses

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Rey Says:

    February 7th, 2007 at 9:36 pm
    Puerto Rican and Cuban, not Mexican. Seriously though.. Bol deserves whatever he gets, for real. His credibility is shot with that interview. He’s the exact epitome of all that E Thug shit. Dude talks mad shit about everybody like he’s some fucking expert. He’s another timid little internet loser who only crawls out of his shell when there’s a keyboard in front of him. It’s pathetic. Back off, Sunday.
    i could cosign and respect what this gentleman said…

  • http://www.MOREMENOCAL.com Andres Menocal

    Ay yo, god body, I’m hard bodied


  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz da’realestwritin’


  • John Brown

    Hallelujah…Holla Back…

    Post I would like to enjoy.

    1. Find out who Luda & T.I. were “Really” going at on the songs “War of God” and “Im talking to you”.

    2. Why Andre 3000 is top 5 all time.

    3. Why Outkast are better than Wu-Tang.

    4. Why the Detox will save hip-hop.

    5. Who can really save hip-hop.

    6. Why Luda can single-handly kill every NY rapper.

    7. Why Jay aint going after Wayne but went after Jim Jones (WTF).

    8. Why 50 will make another GRODT.

    9. Why Def Jam is not making there numbers.

    10. Why Camillionaire is the future of the south.

  • EReal

    How about writing something without a simile in the title, that shits played homie.
    You can write a blog about who’s broke in hiphop and who’s really got the dough. I.E. Scott Storch in Dub Magazine.

    1 hunned.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Bol gets what he deserves homie … so take off your cheerleading outfit and put down the pom-pom’s cuz he ain’t all that great.

    I’ll put it this way .. how the fuck can someone who has never listened to the Lauryn Hill album teach me how to think critically about music? .. naw ..

    My only beef with him is that he isn’t the real person he portrays in his often ignorant blogs.

    And show him respect when we see him in the streets??? … HA .. I know a handful of cats who will literally (and wanna) knock this dude out (for real, I ain’t playin’ tho’).

    As for YOUR blog, I think alot of them have been way off, but I respect your individual opinion and they have been entertaining to read (except for the Brandy blog, that was kinda disturbing, but whatever).

    Maybe you can blog about why you think so many people really hate on Bol and why you think his blogs are the least bit insightful (examples would be nice) … since you felt the need to convince us that we should respect him.

  • Nasser

    Before you stand up for the black Tommy Lasorda, remember that the man is ignorant. He writes before doing any credible research. The best example is calling Lupe Fiasco a jihadist for speaking up for human rights. Bol is more ignorant than the white media and you are ignorant for having his back.

  • content

    Write a post about how sensitive you are.

    Let another man stand on his own two…

  • EReal

    ^ LOL @ Content

  • Ali

    Do a blog on Saigon, that dude is NICE!

  • http://dsf ffff

    get off bol’s dick

  • thoreauly77

    i would be interested to know who the REAL owners are of all the major hip-hop publications and what the annual revenue is, as well as what the writers get paid. since obviously the writers and editors are the life-blood of a publication, it would be interesting to see if they are getting adequately compensated.

  • Were Read 2 Def
  • Were Read 2 Def

    I think you need to do a blog on:

    How Ghostface Killah is the realest evar to do?

    How Young Jeezy killed Hip Hop?

    How down south cats ain’t lyrically?

    What would 2Pac & Biggie be doing if they were alive?

    How Papoose’s album is gonna be big (no soundscan)?

  • Meka Soul

    did anybody not realize yesterday was the 7th anniversary of big pun’s death?

  • Brethren of I Street

    First off why white rapper Slug (Rhysayers and Atmosphere) doesnt get more cred from main stream rappers or anybody else for that matter. Easily the best flow from a white man besides Eminem circa anytime before 02.

    Why are Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne considered good rappers. They are to hip-hop what Creed and Nickleback are to rock music. Absolutely trash.

    Best samples you never knew were samples. If you can find some that would be awsome. I like shit like this, almost trivia like.

    The Bay Area Hyphy scene is gay. Im from Petaluma,CA small town 20 minutes west of Vallejo and I support anything Mac Dre and have all his albums, but it is for sure that he and E-40 are the only ones that have any skills. Keak da Sneak, Mistah Fab are clowns and most of the beats are retarded. Liek the Ghost Ride song and their is a son with Keak and E-40 that takes the Adams Family jingle. Terrible shit.

    Last one. You have got to do a story on X-Raided. Best rapper behind bars from Sacramento, CA. He will shit on any rapper in the Yay.

  • http://www.myspace.com/briandawsonmusic Brian Dawson

    do a blog on me. im the truth.

  • dub

    it’s already been said but bol has always been wack as fuck. dude offers a ton of criticism and no insight.

  • skip

    to hurricane game cam and juelz didn’t start that “no homo” that started in the streets of NYC and they took it nicca

  • Incilin

    I wish I had read this when it got posted, now I don’t you’ll see my comments but anyhoo. First of all don’t put rapper names on your posts and not talk about them. I really thought this was gonna be about Knaye and Common. Second, I suggest not taking time to make fun of your own audience (Which is something Bol does) and then ask us to help you. I really don’t like being told I want chicken noodle soup poured over me (Although I agree with what you said and know the type of commenters your referring to, but still).

    More importantly, your topics. I don’t really want to say “write this and write that” cuz then you might actually listen to us and force out a topic which only leads to poor and uninspired writing. I will say that I like the Tara Henley formual of writing about why she loves hip hop. I really wish more of the bloggers here would respond to each others post because it brings different perspectives. Especailly since sometimes commenters make good points but don’t have a good blog to put it up on. I know that risks starting beef with the other blogger but u supposed to be the hardest nigga here anyway. I will add that the idea about how it went from Kool G Rap to Jibbs is interesting as hell and I wonder it myself. Why not try and write about the evolution of hip hop?

  • mills1540

    i can tell king blair is a g-unit dick rider

  • Hurricane Game

    skip Says:

    February 8th, 2007 at 9:14 pm
    to hurricane game cam and juelz didn’t start that “no homo” that started in the streets of NYC and they took it nicca
    —————————————-Fo real damn didnt know that.
    Thanks for the insight.

  • mannyworld33




  • Jesse

    @ kharlieh

    “I’m not revoking your ghetto pass just saying that I’d be surprised if you had one in the first place.”

    I’m not trying to fight Mr. Sunday’s battles for him, and you raise a good point that he shouldn’t have to fight Bol’s own battles; but with that being said…

    You need to do some effing research before you question Mr. Sundays ‘Ghetto Pass’. Why don’t you visit his site http://www.dallaspenn.com and read some of the gulliest, real, hardbody writing on these interwebs…

    Mr. Sunday has lived and graduated from the school of hard knocks, and if you questioned his ‘ghetto pass’ to his face you would get hard knocked the fuck out.

    No one should have to stand up for Dr. Sunday, so yeah, I’m kind of contradicting myself. I’m aware of this.

    However, ‘Carly’ (no carl lewis) YOU are the one who should show some motherfucking RESPECT to The Dallas before you start talking silly.

    ‘Coward’ IS a strong word. So is ‘Ignorant’. You fall into to the latter category. Do your homework before you call somebody out.


  • G.O.M.D

    i would love to read an article that, instead of saying how hip hop is dead, is trying to tackle when exactly it all went wrong. like when hip hop music, went from good, to bad, to ugly. please, shine some light on the mess.