I hope all you Hip-Hop fans put a peace sign in the air today for your cousin James ‘Jay Dee’ Yancey a/k/a J Dilla’s born day. I would rather celebrate the day someone was born instead of the day they passed away. Dilla is definitely doing Hip-Hop on a higher level now, both figuratively and literally. Anyhoo...

Hip-Hop is about life and the rebirth of soul and hope in the ghetto. Rap music on the other hand, doesn’t mind celebrating death. Get rich or die trying bitches. Don’t you think it’s crazy sometimes that the vehicle so many of us can use to make a living is being driven by those that only want to make a killing. Chuck Dee said that to me during an interview I did with him several years ago. The damn shame is that it holds true to this very minute.

I'm not one of these Free Mumia vegetarian Hip-Hop fans either, but when did emceeing go from Kool G Rap to Jibbs and deejaying from Jay Dee to Lil’ Jon? My knock against Jibbs and Jon isn’t me trying to be flagrant with the southern Hip-Hop that dominates the rap industry now. It’s more about me being upset that people come into rap music as if they are the ones who need to launder some drug cash. The real money launderers are the former bootleggers that own the distribution company. Y’all just don’t hear me doe. The Chicken Noodle Soup dance might be the only thing saving Hip-Hop right now even though the ‘Let It Rain’ part was originally meant to describe a golden shower. Real talk.

Before I let this slide another minute I have to say something to the peanut gallery that occupies the comment sections here at XXLMAG dot com. Show some motherfucking respect to that dude Byron Crawford when you see him in the street. How many of y’all are hardbody enough to come upstairs from your parents basement? This is the man that taught you cowards how to think critically about the shit you listen to. I see a lot of you cowards jumping on the wrong bandwagon now that B.C. has a video blog up on the internets. That you criticize how he looks exposes you to hero worship and faggotry. It seems like a lot of y’all dream about having that dudes chicken noodle soup poured on your faces. Nullus, and a can of soda on the side.

I'm gonna try a lil’ something new here on my page by asking you, the reader, what kind of topics you would like for me to drop science on. It can’t all be about record sales can it? To all my internets family that knows me from already, trust that here’s some piff in the stash, but I want to see my first digit from Harris Publishing before I get too hardbody at this spot. I hope these dudes don’t fake jacks like Dave Mays and company. That wouldn’t be Hip-Hop on a higher level.

Holler at your cousin family.