He Watch Channel Zero: A Letter to the New York Times


Dear Mr. Carter,

In your bullshit article that attempted to dissect the Flavor Flav celeb-reality phenomenon, you had this to say about my show, ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show:

The follow-up show to “I Love New York” on Monday nights is “White Rapper,” an “American Idol” kind of elimination contest for would-be hip-hop stars with questionable street cred.

First of all, it’s called ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show. Secondly, this show has jack shit to do with American Idol. This isn’t Amerikkka’s Great White Rapper Search starring MC Serch. There’s no telephone number for people to call in and vote people off the show. We’re in the position of power, you sourpuss. At all times, we decide who stays and goes. Yeah each episode comes down to skills but the show is about so much more than that.

No none of the ten rappers we assembled in the South Bronx over the past summer are ready to take Eminem’s spot at the top of the mountain right now. But they all have raw talent, a passion for learning about hip-hop culture and, most importantly, what makes for good TV: Interesting, strong and unique personalities. Nobody wants to watch 10 frustrated Rawkus-never signed white rhyme geeks standing in a cipher for 60 minutes practicing their metaphors. Save y’all boring-ass polysyllabic poetry for someone who cares, my brother. Word to your mother.

And as far as the notion of “questionable street cred”? Isn’t this the fuckin’ New York Times? Just ‘cause you got a couple of capable African-American employees on your payroll (Kelefa Sanneh and Lola Ogunnaike) doesn’t mean Bill Carter knows a fuckin’ thing about “street cred” or “what’s really hood.”And what superstar White MC ever had super street cred? Mike “I got the 9 on me” Diamond. The pistol packin’ Beastie Boys are in the house tonight. Tuck your gold chains in.

It’s obvious this imbecile never even watched my show to construct any kind of meaningful opinion about it. Listen I don’t care if you like my show or not. You can pump it or dump it. But don’t just throw something that means so much to me into an article that is just about coming-sideways at the network that airs our show. Heed the word of a yellow brother: Don’t judge a show by it’s cover, muthafucka.

Hallelujah (don’t) Holla Back!

P.S. Yeah ‘Net nerds, I’m back blogging. It’s me, bitches!

Next Time: Life After Idlewild: The Resurrection of MC Andre 3000

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  • steve-o

    nice to c ur blogging again.

  • jacquez

    I hope you’re teaching Sick a few things.

  • molemole


  • http://www.myspace.com/demcarolinaboiz828 Musical Jihad

    Good To have you Back YN!

  • black

    took u long enuff!!!!!

  • Da B


  • Hannah Smith

    You sound like the average disgruntled rapper when he receives a bad review. Get over it – no one likes the show, but I’m sure you’ll go on to do other things.

    Oh, and the XXL cover called: they need another murderer to represent hip-hop to the world.

  • Cinsere

    Glad that you’ve returned…but please go back to posting your breakadays! As for pollysyllabic rhyme “geeks” in a cypher practicing metaphors…um…isn’t that how Eminem started off?! Following the grind of some authentic MC’s would be much more interesting, in my opinion, than watching some not-so-talented rappers get a beat from Just Blaze’s trash bin and see who can make a stripper’s ass shake more. No, the White Rapper show is NOT like American Idol…but is sure as hell is like a lot of “reality” shows out there. A LOT! Understand that people that love art because it’s ART, and not because they can sell it, will always look at things from an artistry standpoint, and innovation is a big factor to us. Congratulations on getting a show on VH1…now how about doing something that hasn’t been done to death!


    The white cracka show is exactly why hip hop is right now. The fukin show is garbage. Not even entertainin at all, so don’t get ur panties ina knot yellow jig. Go put 50 on the cover of ur mag or sumthin, that’s wat ur good at.


    The white cracka show is exactly why sucks hip hop is right now. The fukin show is garbage. Not even entertainin at all, so don’t get ur panties ina knot yellow jig. Go put 50 on the cover of ur mag or sumthin, that’s wat ur good at.

  • Edgar Allan Poor

    I bet lonzo is da same fagbag who shoot airballs in da club listenin to dipset gettin his lips wet….oh yea spell check homie spell check!!! Hallelujah Holla Back Bitches!!!

    P.S – I think he miss 50

  • DocZeus

    Hey Eliot! Can you stop pretending that you aren’t just exploiting these incredibly naive and sad white rappers because you guys think its funny to mock people’s dreams. I mean seriously, the only show is incredibly mean spirited to these kids.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    What’s more amusing is the fact that they promote MC Serch as a hip hop “Icon” …

    I remember jammin’ to serch’s shit as much as the next guy .. but Icon??? I don’t think so ..

    They had what 3 really good singles out?

    2½ albums doesn’t constitue “ICON” status .. for that you might as well say that Pete Nice or Nice and Smooth are Icon’s too ..

    Rakim, P.E., KRS One = Hip Hop Icons
    3rd Bass = Hip Hop artists

  • qwtqwy

    lol @ you actually try to bold face your way into making people believe this show is actually about talent.

    anyone even remotely familar with ego trip knows the M.O. for this show is about humilating them.

    if it wasnt – having them sell saline crackers proved what exactly?

    fuck outta here, yellow man

  • Belize


    lol @ ghetto revival…best marketing campaign in years

  • loosenut

    I’m ready for that Dre Article…

  • M

    “Nobody wants to watch 10 frustrated Rawkus-never signed white rhyme geeks standing in a cipher for 60 minutes practicing their metaphors.”

    you never know… a show like that may just end up slightly better than the one you got now. not everyone gets off on watching attention-whore basket cases Bonzo themselves out in front of the world.

  • thatwhitedude

    thats a funny ass xxl cover…john brown is gay as fuck though

  • Hannah Smith

    The show has nada to do with hip-hop and it’s far from subversive – it’s just more reality TV trash. Trust Bol on this – that cultured guy sure knows his reality TV.

  • Incilin

    Wait, wait, wait. You have something to do with this show? Like a producer or something? Or do u just like it and refer to it as “your show” Hmm. I will say taht your name gives it some sorta credability to me, makes me wanta take a look at a show I find sorta tasteless and wont bother to watch (as well as Flavor and New York) I find the show really corny, perhaps you should make a post as to why we should even care about the show.

  • New york nigga

    LOL LOL thats a gangsta photo man


  • yobroshot

    show is dope. keep it up and keep the blogs coming.

  • j

    wow the yellow jigaboo seems to be really prud of this abortion of television. this show will be more damaging to white mcs then vanilla ice.keep it mving tho mr. wilson at least you dont got no pr0n vidoes on the net like who? thats right, mr. raymond scott. i swear in order to be a higher up at a mag you gotta be some sorta herb. and white rappers with no cred? no rapper has real street cred… hence theyre rapper not gangstas… all rappers with real street cred arent even mcs no more theyre federal inmates.

  • j

    and why not put necro, cage, or ill bill in that issue? or fuckin aesop rock? wtf

  • thatwhitedude

    LMAO! YN your post did the job on me and tricked me into watchin this show for the first time tonight..seriously this show makes white people look totally retarded, but i guess in a way its only fair to get us back for the whole chicken noodle soup/DFB/fry that chicken movement goin on currently in hiphop that is probably all led by white men behind the scenes…i was laughin my ass off at the end when scully or whatever his name is screws himself over cuz he thinks he is stickin to some retarded rules of the streets by “not snitchin”, then mc serch informs him he doesn’t even get the whole principle of the stop snitchin movement and what snitchin really is haahahahaha

  • NickeNitro

    I don’t really see what the problem is with the quote. You’re the one reading into the phrase “street cred.” I’d say “street cred” refers more to what the hip-hop community thinks of you than to “being hood” or whatever. The Beasties, at least back in their heyday, had a decent amount of street cred in that sense. Talib Kweli has a decent amount of street cred, and he’s not out trying to “be hood.”

    On the other hand, none of the white rappers on your show have this kind of respect. They’re not known — that’s apparently why they signed up for the show — to get known, to get respect, and to get street cred.

    Not that they will. Without considering whether they are actually talented or not, none of them will ever get taken seriously after signing up for a show that’s whole premise is based on classifying white people as not having the pedigree for rap. So, as someone mentioned, this show is going to set any white rapper trying to get respect (that is, street cred) way back. But what’s worse is that the show sets hip-hop back at a time when that’s the last thing it needs. Basically, the show’s going to have the effect of telling white people that hip-hop isn’t for them, which is going to have a big, direct effect on record sales by alienating the white audience.

    It’s absurd for you get all righteous here about the participants when your show is filled with ironic Talk Soup editing and shots of Serch making “what?” faces. It is on VH1, the network for viewers who need to laugh down at other people.

    Plus how is your show not like American Idol when Serch gets up there and gives quick, not very considered, harsh criticism (or better question — why wouldn’t you want to be associated with the highest-rated show on television)? And then he’s always screaming at the contestants like he’s letting off all his pent-up aggression about being demoted to a jank radio personality. You end up just feeling bad for him, especially when he doesn’t do a good job of hiding his feelings for Big Persia.

    Not that the article wasn’t without fault. But it did provide this pretty telling quote: “The whole user-generated content revolution has not generated a huge amount of quality,” Mr. Hirschorn said. “I think this is kind of a first stage. There’s now going to be a bit of a backlash, and we’re leading the backlash. We’re sort of rah-rah television; we believe in television.”

    He’s not even hiding that the point of their shows is to create public sentiment.

  • Dr Flav

    As I always say street cred is a marketing term to sell records created by A&Rs and other industry fools to avoid saying niggardly ghetto artist. Honestly if you live in an urban environment and work, shop and socialize there, you have street cred. From Grandma to lil Tyreek. On another note, if terms like jigaboo are being thrown around let me dig ofay and whoogie out of my dirty south black bigot sack.

  • qwimby


  • NYC

    Hallelujah he’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • EReal

    LOL @ Y.B.T. “Still not black!”


    John Brown is the G.O.A.T.


    YN, u need to give that nigga his own show…

    looking for a record deal & recording…

    that shit would be the end of Hip-Hop, yet pricelss at the same time…

    I’m conflicted…

    Fuck it, do that shit thunn!

    just give The God his credit…

  • $$EAZY_MONEY$$

    like the show love some persia

  • SukedowN

    Not so Mellow Yellow.

    ^”John Brown is the G.O.A.T.”

    -Hands Down.

  • ManFrizzle

    You were better off before you wrote that letter. Cuz before I read it, I didn’t know you were behind that abortion vh1 calls programming.

  • G-Unit Soldier

    Hallelujah holla WACK.

  • EReal

    LOL! The I love persia Show. the new ish!
    Hook that fat bitch up so she dosen’t hafta rock that grotesque dildo anymore. I bet it stunk all up in J.B.’s grill.

    *A dildo in your face is not a “good look”*


    1 hunned.

  • http://www.myspace.com/brizzleusingizzle Bryan

    John Brown is a marketing genious.. people will (whether u like it or not)utter the words “Hallelujah Holla Back” for a long time.

    -she need a grown ass man in her life.

  • M. Gold

    I can’t lie . . . I watch the show. Hype? Naw. Not even a mint’s worth. Now, that Persia got flipped, I don’t even care to watch no more. I just had to make sure I knew she got kicked. Homegirl should have quite worrying about John’s “ghetto revival” and put more of that energy into remembering her rhymes. Serves her right. Should have worried about her own damn self.

    Nothing good can come from this show. But Serch . . .do what you feel, bro. Fuck everyone else. Hell . . .ain’t none of us got our own show on ANY damn network.

  • Ven

    WTF. Why of all the people on the White Rapper Show is this lame ass nigga talkin sum ‘hallejah hollaback’ an fuckin ‘im not a rapper, im an entity’ and this other bullshit that nooooo body under-fuckin-stands. OMG! The dude is annoyin! If hip-hop supports shit like this, then, fuck hip-hop. It’s like hip-hop embracin Kevin Federline. Fuck dat bitch and fuck John Brown and his fuckin stupid ass wit dis revival of da ghetto an shit. Da fool think black folks r ignorant and as a hip-hop lova, he just mockin the whole beginning/mid/finish of hip-hop. If ‘hallejauh hollaback’ catchy to ya’ll jus consider hip-hop dead.

  • Ven

    Oh, shout out to my girl Persia. Tho she did get kicked off (believe you an me, she got her rhymes tight NOW JOHN BROWN WHITE LAME ASS BITCH), she wuz one of the real ones. Her shit wuz heavy 4 real. Love her!!!!



  • http://myspace.com bradsnyder


  • http://myspace.com bradsnyder


  • Adam H.

    As someone who detests competition reality shows I can honestly say that the (White) Rapper Show is not only NOT a guilty pleasure of mine, but one of my favorite things on TV right now.

    The cameos are amazing, the competitions are interesting, and the contestants are diverse and passionate enough that sparks fly and you can overlook their so-called lack of “talent”. I think heart is a big part of hip hop, they have plenty of time to tighten up their flows but if they have heart in the mean time they will encounter the success they deserve. Just about all of the contestants deserved to be where they were at despite their rhyming ability.

    To any hip hop purist who has anything negative to say about the show all I can say is that IT’S TV!! If you don’t like it don’t watch it!! I think “street cred” aside this is a much more honest way of people getting on than any American Idol runner-up’s record.

  • http://myspace.com/babiiecakes KACEY “CAKES” PATAWE

    yo wussup mistah John Brown, this is just anotha female from the bay that just might think you aint good enough to be running in the hip hop bussiness. Your flows aint deep and all you do is talk hella shit. The White Rapper show says it all. And I do believe that yo ass is just out there to advertise yo damn ‘ghetto revival’ bull.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sireuno Sire

    Ven??? Are u the same Ven I dated years ago????

  • http://www.myspace.com/crunkjazzyfizzle Pimpcess Jazzy

    That Ghetto Revival Shit is pure garbage.
    Just a bunch on rich boys thinking they no bout the hood. Please John Brown is a Joke with that. However I’m Not saying he can’t rap, I’m sure he has talent. Rapping is a job, whether your insane or not.
    Mutha Fuckazz cut that “hallelujah hollaback” shit. Its so Wack And a dis to hip-hop.
    So now we got dudes like this coming into the game? I miss real Hip-hop, Vets in the game please don’t turn sideways.

  • xcxcvxcvxc

    This reminded me of how XXL used to be like back in 2000. When it was worth reading.

  • chris

    man john brown can rap but this ghetto revival shit makes no sense. His whole squad is a bunch of rich bitches who no jack shit about the hood. Why the fuck would you wanna revive the ghetto? Ghetto isnt something to be happy about. Man he is a sick lyricist but i wish he didnt have to play him self out wit this ghetto revival BS. At least the dude that one it isnt talking all that fake shit even though he is basically paul walls brother.

  • King of da turds

    John Brown, whack. I think the kid with the most style was dasit. he got eliminated first but i was blown away to find him on VH1. i listened to some of his shit about two years ago. nigga is tight. i dont know about know though, after bing on that VH1 bullshit.
    jusrhyme, has a good heart but jus is straight foolish.
    hallelujah holla back

  • http://myspace.com/buafett Cool

    JOHN BROWN IS HIP HOP. Plain & simple. Dude has an idea, is pissed about the state of the ghetto, and rhymes about real life shit. ALL YOU PUSSY FAGGOTS shittin on him – thats only cuz you don’t understand. Go grab your Lil’ Jon tape and bop to it like you know what Hip Hop is… HIP HOP IS DEAD! and real head will say it never existed – THAT SHIT IS RAP. Plain and simple. These FOOLS in the game for the last dime aint got shit to rap about. Make your party songs you fake fuckaz. R&B – more like Rap & Bullshit… All this fake shit on the radio – BRAINWASHIN all you fake ass fools that think the game is about dough, cars, chains…Well fuck it – cuz that’s all the game IS about nowadays. RAP is the real shit people – talkin bout comin up and out the hood – didn’t matter if you were black or white as long as you were familiar with The Struggle. And Reviving the Ghetto is SOME REAL SHIT. Maybe you didn’t see that cuz you were too busy usin mommy’s money to buy you some fronts and that new Puff Daddy shit. Stupid ass fools makin an O.G. mad as hell right now… Imma put my headphones on and rock to some AZ shit ta calm down.. oh- never heard of him? Maybe you heard his name once on MTV or some shit. Fuck it – lemme throw on that Cormega (raw forever) and listen to the streets.

    and one more thing – MISSY ELLIOT GREATEST MC OF ALL TIME? You people are fuckin retarded. Go buy her albums you pussy ass bitches – I’ll stay hittin up my man on bleeker and let him pull out his crates so I can get that Crayz Walz ish… what happened to Wu-Tang FOREVER? Go listen to some lyrical heads talkin bout real life shit instead of that NEW 50 (OLD 50 gets a pass) – most of you broke mothafuckaz can’t even buy c.d.’s let alone ‘roll on dubs.’ And if you are rollin – i’d bet half of you are rollin on Mommy & Daddy’s credit card.
    I’m out man… I need weed to proceed.

    Fuck Yaself

  • http://www.myspace.com/malhablado Malhablado


  • Da Kid Biggie

    i Really hate John brown he soo wack brah i would body him in a rap battle

  • http://www.myspace.com/demdeciples Da Kid Biggie

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO White Rap (Eminem And Shamrock Git IT In)