The New York Yankees were called the Evil Empire in the early 2000’s because they never have to rebuild their team to compete on a championship level. Just a new part here or there and they are in contention for the title. That’s exactly what the movement here at XXLMAG dot com looks like to me. I troll around the internets to look at the competition and frankly, there is none. The next quarter of the year should cement this site in your browser as the number one place for Hip-Hop on the internets.

I’m also amazed at how few people blog here fulltime yet we still crush any other site you can think of for content and controversy. Vibe has like forty people blogging for them, and they’re all trash. I can’t believe Quincy Jones would let that shit go down like that. Q, come up off that young piece of Spanish poon and handle yours at Vibe. Hire some blogging journalists that are compelling instead of cornballs. I feel bad when I go over there and see cats writing shit about the return of Keith Sweat. Who the fuck cares?!? I’m old enough to remember Keith Sweat and I don’t give a fuck. We would never do you like that on this side of the game.

The next thing for XXLMAG dot com to do is to get their video blog page on and popping. I know Eskay already has no free time but he is gonna have to put the hardbody ‘H’ an his back and handle it. With video content being the new must have accessory for all websites it is only a minute before that aspect comes to this site, and when it does, with all of XXL’s connects in the game… Do you see what the fuck I’m talking about? I just hope I’ll be working here when it all goes down. Just like how the Yankees pick up free agents and discard players like Bernie Williams and Gary Sheffiield is how this place gets rid of players. One morning you want to drop a post and the next thing you know your password is dead and stinking. I’d be a fool to think that can’t happen to me. If too many readers throw me under the bus then XXLMAG dot com will have no choice but to leave me under the bus.

If and when that happens so be it. I still won’t succumb to the readers of my drops that think that Lil’ Wayne is better than Andre3000, Young Buck or even T.I. for that matter. Speaking of T.I., he stepped up to say that he supports DJ DRAMA two-hundred percent and that mixtapes have been the music industry’s and its artists saving grace. That’s real talk from a certified platinum artist. He’s not speaking that subliminal snitch shit about how Drama “has to play the game fair now” type shit like some other rapper that likes to kiss men on the lips said. When it was time for cats in the industry who worked together to stand together I respect T.I. for being a stand up dude and not a coward. We’ll see where that gets him later this year as far as promotion for his new album. You still need to show some respect to that dude T.I. for standing up to the RIAA. Them niggas is the real Evil Empire.