Grinding For The Evil Empire

The New York Yankees were called the Evil Empire in the early 2000’s because they never have to rebuild their team to compete on a championship level. Just a new part here or there and they are in contention for the title. That’s exactly what the movement here at XXLMAG dot com looks like to me. I troll around the internets to look at the competition and frankly, there is none. The next quarter of the year should cement this site in your browser as the number one place for Hip-Hop on the internets.

I’m also amazed at how few people blog here fulltime yet we still crush any other site you can think of for content and controversy. Vibe has like forty people blogging for them, and they’re all trash. I can’t believe Quincy Jones would let that shit go down like that. Q, come up off that young piece of Spanish poon and handle yours at Vibe. Hire some blogging journalists that are compelling instead of cornballs. I feel bad when I go over there and see cats writing shit about the return of Keith Sweat. Who the fuck cares?!? I’m old enough to remember Keith Sweat and I don’t give a fuck. We would never do you like that on this side of the game.

The next thing for XXLMAG dot com to do is to get their video blog page on and popping. I know Eskay already has no free time but he is gonna have to put the hardbody ‘H’ an his back and handle it. With video content being the new must have accessory for all websites it is only a minute before that aspect comes to this site, and when it does, with all of XXL’s connects in the game… Do you see what the fuck I’m talking about? I just hope I’ll be working here when it all goes down. Just like how the Yankees pick up free agents and discard players like Bernie Williams and Gary Sheffiield is how this place gets rid of players. One morning you want to drop a post and the next thing you know your password is dead and stinking. I’d be a fool to think that can’t happen to me. If too many readers throw me under the bus then XXLMAG dot com will have no choice but to leave me under the bus.

If and when that happens so be it. I still won’t succumb to the readers of my drops that think that Lil’ Wayne is better than Andre3000, Young Buck or even T.I. for that matter. Speaking of T.I., he stepped up to say that he supports DJ DRAMA two-hundred percent and that mixtapes have been the music industry’s and its artists saving grace. That’s real talk from a certified platinum artist. He’s not speaking that subliminal snitch shit about how Drama “has to play the game fair now” type shit like some other rapper that likes to kiss men on the lips said. When it was time for cats in the industry who worked together to stand together I respect T.I. for being a stand up dude and not a coward. We’ll see where that gets him later this year as far as promotion for his new album. You still need to show some respect to that dude T.I. for standing up to the RIAA. Them niggas is the real Evil Empire.

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  • Moe Real

    What the fuck is this even about?

    Just another emotional rant from Billy. It’s as if his mother never loved him, and he’s bringing all that anger and resentment to the site. Sort your personal shit out before you blog, Billy!

  • John Brown

    I still won’t succumb to the readers of my drops that think that Lil’ Wayne is better than Andre3000, Young Buck or even T.I. for that matter.
    I totally agree. Mr. 3000 is by far the real K.O.T.S. and he could murk anyone from any region whenever he wants to. Buck is just the same ol same ol southern rapper hungry, grimy, and to me he is the best rapper from the south outside anyone from the A. T.I. his shit to me (MY OPINION) is the best pound for pound. From Im Serious (a classic 2 me) to King, all his shit is dope to me.



  • My Effin’ Opinion

    “We would never do you like that on this side of the game.”

    You’re right, instead we get blogs about how “Rage Against the Machine” may be getting back together. (see Bol) *smh*

  • John Brown


  • John Brown

    Hey wait a minute. Arent baseballs references suppose to be Sick’s? Billy Bolday is not nice to steal ideas from someone else. If xxl is the yankees Billy is the bat boy of the yankees, nah hes more like the kid who picks up the sunflower seeds. lol


  • the real yellow nigga

    i don’t nigga. bol ain’t all that “compelling”. matter of fact, i think he secretly wishes lil wayne was asian so he can, well, you know. wax that ass like rain dance…with his eyes closed.

    and tara contradicts herself on the regular.


  • Billy X. Sunday


    Vibe = Orioles

    The Source = AAA minor league Pawtucket Red Sox

  • thoreauly77

    good points captain. i would have to disagree with you though and say that humanity critic is now over at vibe and he is a thoroughly entertaining blogger. hes only been there for a couple weeks and he easily is one of the best bloggers on this here interweb.

  • Adam K

    So expected this to have something to do with RATM.

  • Dr Flav

    You got some serious hate in your blood. Southern rappers, single mothers, fatherless sons, bloggers, legendary composers with hot young latinas… Humanity Critic can write circles around you until you boxed in and thats a true story. Stop that moderation garbage too, its like 4 comments recorded but I come in and its none listed after the blog. “duke ya soft.” Frank Wright

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Eff you and you boyfriend Flayv. I see you keep a set of teaspoons warmed up for his nuttsachs. Stop living the half-a-homo lifestyle and just come out the closet.

    Everybody on Vibe is trash. Thats where you should be right now kissing your boyfriend on his tongue.

  • Da Leader

    Hmm, interesting

  • Dr Flav

    How the hell folk supposed to have dialog on a blog if it takes 20 mins or more for a response to appear?


    Smoking Section doesnt indulge in gimmick controversys like XXL

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Smoking Section = yawwwwwwwn

    You gotta think futuristic and leave a comment relevant to the time when it will finally be posted.

    Billy Sunday > any Vibe blogger

  • ogleboy

    true talk man
    i enjoy reading your blogs

  • Pizo

    *off topic

    Scott Storch’s flow>>>>Timbaland’s flow

  • C.Rob

    wow, just wow, again, THIS GUY IS THE WORST.. :-(

  • Dr Flav

    Any man who can sit and visualize some gay shit about testicles is a fagione, stop sideways hitting on dudes Billy with your Adidas slip on mule wearing ass. Believe what you want to boost your self esteem, but Humanity Critic has the trophys on his wall, while you have dried crushed roach carcasses stuck to the walls of your 6×9 pissy hallway tenement apartment.

  • king blair

    good post!!!!!!
    tip was robbed for that grammy luda album was his weakest just cuz he had brendas baby 2 the hoe love him

  • Weezy F. Baby

    aaay dawg don’t forget I’m from the Creole cockpit where niggaz bang needles all day! And you talking to a Sergeant’s son so best believe I got Army Gunz. I’m the number 1 stunna and I’m flying so high I got wings tattooed on me. So if u ain’t trying to end up in a sorority, u best watch yo lip!!

  • My Effin’ Opinion


    “It’s easy to spot bitchmade dudes in the comments sections because they are the types of people that have a hard time accepting truth without emotion. They also be the first cats to shout out expletives and other derogatory remarks when they can’t keep the pace in a dialogue or debate.”


    “Eff you and you boyfriend Flayv. I see you keep a set of teaspoons warmed up for his nuttsachs. Stop living the half-a-homo lifestyle and just come out the closet.”

    You stated in this blog that you could give a fuck about Keith Sweat’s return or whatever and how we would never get that here … All I said was that “I” could give a fuck about Rage Against the Machines getting back together and that apparently offended you enough to toss around “homo” insults.

    You funny … I’m grown and don’t thug, but I would suggest that you re-read your blogs and begin taking your own advice.

    I can understand that some of these cats can be ignorant and hurl insults at you whether they be warranted or not, but it looks like your losing control of yourself. Don’t become them. I call that the “Donnie Brasco Syndrome”

  • derfla the hus’la

    You gotta think futuristic and leave a comment relevant to the time when it will finally be posted.

    you and bol are gay.

  • John Brown

    Billy Bolday is ahead of his time. Just like all the greats. Versace, Liberachi, Rossie, Bol…oh wait werent all those Fruit-cakes…hmm…makes me wonder….ha ha ha..

  • Dr Flav

    M.E.O., you peeped that right? Funny thing about it is he been doing it ever since his controversial for no purpose South dissin blog. I hate to blow up my own spot, since its been so profitable, but I enjoy getting this fool emotionally hyped @ will. Later Sunny.

  • My Effin’ Opinion


    I meant to write .. I don’t “E-Thug” .. cuz in person, i’ll put it on somebody quick. Believe that!

  • allnice

    Billy…’re losing it man. Get your head together for real. You were a fun read at first, but now you are starting to let the comments get to you. Try to remember why you are blogging and start from scratch son.

  • Jerz!

    Damn Sunday, I was feel a good amount of your writing, but My Effin Opinion just got you on that bitch made shit

  • 911

    Find a lane. You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Create a lane. One.

  • Hurricane Game

    I HATE U BILLY. Stop tryna be Bol. And what is this Blog even Bout.

  • sk

    billy since u did a blog on hood sneakers, what bout hood jackets/coats(northface,marmot,army jackets,fing Gap jean jackets) or hood jeans(pinstripe lee’s). lamo

  • Belize

    Yall got it fucked up

    THE SOURCE = ATL Braves

    haleluyah swallow dat!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Why you don’t like RATM? You should just kill yourself.

    Shamrock > UNK > D4L > Lil’ Wayne


    Gotty VS. Billy Sunday

  • jacquez
  • thatdukeSuave

    Co-sign John Brown bout “I’m Serious” bein that shit. Slept on heavily, but to further the argument, compare Weezy’s 1st joint vs. TI’s first. Ain’t nothin on D’Wayne’s gonna touch me (no kissyface rappers)like “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself”.

    Oh and don’t sleep on the Braves this year!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    February 27th, 2007 at 2:25 am
    Why you don’t like RATM? You should just kill yourself.


    I don’t like RATM cuz I don’t like RATM what the fuck is so hard to understand about that?

    I don’t like mustard on a hamburger either .. lemme guess If you do, I should just kill myself right?

    Your argumentative skills are reminiscent of a 5th grader … next you’re gonna hit me up with “I know you are but what am I”

    You should just get YN to shut down the comment section on your blog if you have a hard time reading other people’s opinions with an open mind. Again, I don’t expect you to stay shut when someone degrades you, but I personally never insulted you.

    Earlier I said you should take your own opinion, so …

    “You should just kill yourself”


  • Billy X. Sunday

    MEO (incidentally the noise from a pussykitty)

    What are we talking about here?!

    I grind for the kings of Hip-Hop journalism. You come here for the same reason that I come here because the talent is so good that you want to witness a home run.

    That’s why other sites and other blogs don’t compare. Because we tell you the truth that you may, or may not be, able to handle.

    When I said that southern rap sucks I wasn’t throwing all the artists under the bus in as much as I was saying this… When you are on top and everybody is looking to you for leadership stand up for something like your boy MLK Jr. did. There’s nothing wrong with partying and throwing your money at people’s faces, but even that becomes one dimensional if that’s all you do.

    The fact that you don’t like mustard on your hamburger tells me that you might have a redeeming quality that makes your carbon footprint worth preserving. Let’s see if you don’t ruin that with a dumb comment.

  • the real yellow nigga

    ayo Billy x,

    you got to admit though, bol is fuckin’ shit stew man. the xxl blog is aight. i like reading them shits. but bol is terrible man. where’d y’all find this nigga? “nullus” and “teh gay” bullshit. what is that shit? it says alot when a nigga got so much gay shit on his mind that he’s got to insert mad reminders on EVERY fuckin’ post man. I think he’s the gay blogger for real…get rid of these closet gay bloggers and get someone who can write some interesting shit!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    BS (incidentally an acronym for Bullshit),

    Frankly, I don’t care one way or the other what you write about cuz that’s why you’re here and that’s what XXL pays you for (and why people come to read your blog to see what YOU have to say or think). Your entitled to your own opinion and I respect that. I wouldn’t expect anything less ..

    My point is that you shouldn’t get overly-emotional when someone poses their own opinion in the comment section (hence, me saying I didn’t like RATM) and stoop to the level of some of these youngins. That’s all. Again, all I said was that I didn’t like RATM and you went off on me like I was talkin’ about yo’ momma …

    Not cool (you also fit your own description of “bitchmade”).

    For the most part, I read your blogs and take ‘em for what they are. I don’t know you and don’t have any probs wit what you do or write, but don’t try to insult me when I state My Effin’ Opinion ….

    Stay up …


    >If too many readers throw me under the bus then XXLMAG dot com will have no choice but to leave me under the bus


    I suggest the first one that passes by

  • EReal

    Man, I just wrote a long ass comment that didnt get posted. Da fuck??

    Now I hafta go in a different direction, because this monitor shit is really getting to me.

    I am a huge fan of the XXLmag blogs and if my other comment posts, hopefully yall will see that.

    IMO, There is a couple places where XXL is behind. As follows..

    COMMENTS – Man, I know yall hafta somewhat monitor the content, but damn it takes like 30 – 1hr to post the comment, hence no back and forth discussion between the users.. lame.

    NEWS- The stories are better summed up and well written here and I like that you can discuss, but yall are usually 1-2days behind on news than other hiphop sites. This includes bangers and video content as well.

    QUANTITY v. QUALITY – We basicly have 2 bloggers here at XXLmag. Bol and Billy Sunday. Who may or may not be the same person and/or related in some way. Different bloggers completely with some similarities that people tend to over exaggerate, but I enjoy both blogs. Sunday has grown on me with his ‘in your face’ ‘its my opinion take it or leave it’ attitude.. its actually refreshing to me to have someone not trying to appease the bitchin C-boys with their opinion and or writing.

    Noz does write, but not enough even tho his blogs are IMO some of the best on this site.

    Sick said he was back for good and then never wrote another blog last week or this week, WTF SICK?

    Tara-Squad barely writes either, shes busy writing for some other mag and writing her book and all that which is tight work, big ups to her. But she really only writes when shes bitching about something or is pissed off and emotional, which is like one week a month(lol, had to do it)… forgettin the come up I guess.

    I could go on, but damn… 2 regular bloggers dosent keep interest for more than an hour or so exspecially when you hafta wait 30 mins to see others respones.
    I big upped the site in my other comment so I hope it posts.. and If it does this is kinda repetitive, so my fault.
    XXLmag is defs IMO, the best HipHop Blog site and Ive been to most all of them.. If they would step up in a couple areas they would be the best HipHop site, period.
    Either way, I like it here. Im down with the Columnists, IMO we have some of the best Commenters as well because some of these other sites have d’bags you wouldnt believe, lol.

    on the other point in the post,
    LiL Whoopie is the only person Ive seen runnin his mankisser about Drama. T.I., Jeezy, and Buck who have all done mixtapes have thrown their support behind Drama as well.. so it dosent take a rocket scientist to see the only person madd is LiL Whoopie, which makes the case for his dime droppin that more evident.

    1 hunned.

  • frostyfreeze

    Dear Unsigned MySpace Rappers,

    No one wants to “get at” your MySpace link or “go listen” to your MySpace demos. Knock it off, it’s embarassing.

    Sincerely yours,

    Everyone Else


    Gotty>Billy Sunday

  • Rizzop

    XXL = YANKEES???? (aint won shit, just trickin off money= RED SOX biatches!!

    Vibe = Yankees All that money nothing to show for it

    The Source = Devil rays

  • cause I can’t relate to livin less than great

    “kings of hip hop journalism”? rap/pop journalism, maybe. I don’t see much on the other elements here or the magazine. you know, graffiti art, breakdancing. for instance, i’ve never seen a feature on Crazy Legs or Futura 2000.

    This is Rap/Popular music writing. Sometimes, tabloid journalism depending on your perspective. Nahmeen?

  • John Brown

    Billy X. Sunday Says:

    February 27th, 2007 at 2:25 am

    Shamrock > UNK > D4L > Lil’ Wayne

    DAWG, I aint the biggest Wayne fan, I personally perfer to listen to T.I., Buck, Outkast (Pre Love Below), Scarface, B.G., Trick Daddy and other countless southern rappers but to say you would rather listen to D4L or UNK over Wayne is just plain stupid. Well then again thats your preference in music. I havent heard or talk to one person and they telling me that they prefer d4l over Wayne. Thats like sayin you would rather listen to Nelly over Biggie or Game over 2pac. Thats just my opinion. Oh, and dont talk bout swagger jacking because your baseball reference are Sickamore originals. Remember Bill Bolday you came here with your football and basketball reference. Which by the way I did enjoyed reading them.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    John Brown,
    I’m glad that you enjoy these blogs. As far as who started what type of theme or what have you then you need to Google my name and peep my resume from before XXLMAG dot com was online.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Cuban Link

    ^Co-sign about Weezy>D4L + UNK…Halleluja Holla Back

  • Cuban Link

    damn it feels funny saying Weezy>anything

  • cause I can’t relate to livin less than great

    was all that really necessary EREAL?

    short and simple dunny.

    think of the attention spans of XXL blog readers…Precisely!

    Now, where was I???

  • Incilin

    what the fuck kinda blog is this? you touch so many topics i dont know what part to respond to. this is like tha valentine day post u had. but i will say that that video blog really needs to step its game up. it aint post shit ina while and when “cant forget about you” came out several bloggers here talked about how great it was, but that blog didnt even post the video. the last post there was about that lil wayne video