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You can tell it’s been coming up on a year of XXL Blogs when you start seeing the same stories that were in the news this time last year. For example, I recently came across this Forbes list of the top moneymakers in music for the past year, which was one the first things I ever wrote about here.

Last year, my post focused on the fact that, contrary to what they’d have you think, rappers aren’t the top moneymakers in the music business. In fact, not only do they make much less than the TIs who run the music business, but they also make a lot less than the top rock, pop and country artists.

The list on the Forbes site is in one of those dumbass slide shows, but I’ve gone ahead and copied down the top ten as well as their earnings for 2006. Checkit:

  1. The Rolling Stones ($150.6 million)
  2. Tim McGraw / Faith Hill ($132 million)
  3. Rascal Flatts ($110.5 million)
  4. Madonna ($96.8 million)
  5. Barbra Streisand (95.8 million)
  6. Kenny Chesney ($90.1 million)
  7. Celine Dion ($85.2 million)
  8. Bon Jovi ($77.5 million)
  9. Nickelback ($74.1 million)
  10. Dave Matthews Band ($60.4 million)

If I’m not mistaken, this is the Rolling Stones’ second year in a row on top of this list. Otherwise, it’s pretty heavy on country acts (two of the top three, in fact) as well as the kind of rock and pop artists who are only appreciated by people who live in rural areas, or – in Madonna’s case – foreign countries.

You’ll notice there isn’t a single rapper on the list, with the closest thing to a hip-hop artist being either the Dave Matthews Band, who once did a song with Jurassic 5, or Madonna, who once slept with Big Daddy Kane and Vanilla Ice.

(That said, what rapper wouldn’t be well-served by taking in the Stones’ catalog?)

It would be interesting to see a list of the top moneymakers in rap (other than the TIs, natch) for 2006. Last year was an odd year in the sense that Eminem and Fiddy didn’t put out albums. No rap albums released last year sold as well as, say, albums by Nickelback and Rascall Flatts.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Jay-Z was the top moneymaker in rap for ’06. In addition to whatever he made from selling a million copies of Kingdom Come, there was also the $3 million he gets paid to pretend to be president of Def Jam, plus whatever he made from doing all those damn commercials.

Still, obviously the key to making it up there with the likes of the Stones and, um, Rascall Flatts is touring. Of course it’s going to be more difficult for rappers to tour than rock, pop and country acts, but still. Even a fraction of what the Stones make would be a lot of money.

I thought making money through any means (that doesn’t involve reading or writing) was central to the hip-hop ethos. Clearly, I was mistaken.

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  • crackavelli


  • Malik B

    Why is Celine Dion still making so much money? Has she even done anything since “My Heart Will Go On?”

  • mannyworld33




  • Rhymes

    Bol stop including links to They’re getting annoying as hell.

  • lowendtheory00

    1st biznitches
    anybody see Cam geeked after that phone call??? Corny

  • NotTheOne002


  • Incilin

    I think what your forgetting is that the general public (by that I mean general hip hop fans) don’t care about acts like Rascal Flatts or the Stones. They not gonna argue about that, they’ll only talk about who has more money; 50 or Jay? And such

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I commented on something like this a while ago … My effin’ opinion is that white people who listen to country and shit are less likely to download music for free. I think it’s cuz (believe it or not) they are “scared” that they are going to get caught. Not only that (again, my opinion) .. Is that the white people who listen to country are more likely to have more money that the impoverished people that listen to hip hop and are always tryna “get over”. So this means that they purchase more music and their music genre’s artists are getting paid more (even though they pro’lly sell less records). The same thing can hold true with the Rolling Stone fan base … Older white people who probably don’t download music for free and rather pay for it. Also, Country A&R’s are pro’lly not street niggaz tryna jerk someone at every avenue like some of these Hip Hop label headz OR white execs tryna jerk young black males cuz they don’t know how to read a contract right or are just so starved to get outta the ghetto that they sign any bullshit contract.

  • Fernando

    Celine Dion gets PAID in Vegas. She does a few shows a week and signed some Ridonkulous contract for like 5 years.

    There hasnt been a great rap tour in years. And with the nature of rap fans looking for the next “hot” thing (no bol) I dont think any rapper alive has a true “hardcore” fan-base. The Grateful Dead used to get BANK off of tours they did years after they had become basically irrelevant. Much like what the Rolling Stones are doing now. Plus hip-hop kids are poor and dont drop $60 on concert tickets.

    Rolling Stone fans love to see them live and have no problem dropping the note to see Mick Jaggers emaciated excuse of a corpse move around on the stage for a few hours.

  • Bobo D

    Malik B Says:

    Why is Celine Dion still making so much money? Has she even done anything since “My Heart Will Go On?”

    As far as I can remeber she signed some deal with a Las Vegas casino for some real $$$. Plus those royaltys for
    “My heart will go” are still coming in
    especialy since she married her

    How do I know this? Watch the history
    channel it’s more informative then any
    reality show on MTV or BET or reading
    a blog by Bol. I just go straight to
    the comments.

  • Davinche

    Another problem though is illegal downloading. Its not just touring money these people are getting, even old albums are moving units, Rolling Stones albums move more units then new Hip hop albums I bet.

    I mean come on, if you like “rascal flatts” then you are not gonna be using limewire or torrents to get his shit.

    The mentality of fans in other genres are different. Mostly because they are white and old, true, but also because they actually feel if they respect an artist work they need to cop it. Thats not the case in hip hop. Because it attracts a lot of young people, they all know how to use the internet and get it for free. Hip hop artists promote making money through any means, such as selling drugs and stealing shit all day, even if they try to criticize downloaders, they don’t have a moral ground to stand on.

    Oh and also cause a lot of music is shit. I could buy music, but I am not gonna waste my cash hearing retarded shit. Thats why I only got 2 albums last year (Hip Hop is dead and hell hath no fury). If you don’t make shit thats actually good I am not gonna waste my money. We got it for cheap too.

  • da’realestwritin’

    co-sign like a mofo.i ain’t buy shit cuz’ all of it was shit. still bangin the “hardknock life II”, “urban legend” and “life after death”.


    What’s one thing they all have in common? They’re white. Looking at this logically…. there are more white people with money around the world (that listen to these genres) than there are people of color.

    Not to mention most of the fans for the above artist are in their 30′s-40′s with established incomes.

  • EReal

    Not enough touring. Str8 up.
    Rappers got into this comfortable mode where they just assumed their records would sell. Touring is the key to record sales. When you see an act live and you’re feelin them, you wanna go peep some more albums. If you have a bangin time at the show, it’ll make you more likely to buy the album. Thats why 50 was tellin MOBB to stay on the road.
    Anger Managment is really the only real rap tour lately and that shit is FIRE, if you’ve never been.
    But why does it hafta be a huge tour? Why cant a rapper just come to your city? I commented on this a while ago about how if you arent gonna come to my city and show love and tear down the house, why should I buy your shit?
    I know that acts cant hit EVERY city, but at least come close, damn.
    IMO, Im alot more likely to buy someone’s album if they come and rip it at a show in my city.
    I went to see Buck, and He got down, ripped it, then stuck around to say whatap and show love to the fans. I had madd respect for that, and combined with his skills and new material, I decided Im gonna buy his album first week.
    Im gonna go see Clipse soon, and If they come and ripp it and do they thing and Im feelin it, I’ll be alot more likely to go out and support their cause, smell me?

    Besides the fact that stones tickets are like 150$ a pop, and that most of those acts (exspecially DMB) tour ALOT, and that you have generations of fans buyin multiple albums by each artist 10+ years in the bizz. The country thing is self explanitory, everyone knows CACs buy cds.

    1 hunned.

  • jacquez
  • Jamon

    She plays a regular show in Vegas and obvioussly makes bank from that, plus its great Ive seen it like ten times.



    How do you feel about Elliot exposing why you really write about the show?

  • CoChese

    Why is Celine Dion still making so much money? Has she even done anything since “My Heart Will Go On?”

    Because that bitch performs In Vegas.

  • teethree

    she does live shows in vegas

  • Malik B

    >Because that bitch performs In Vegas.

    I get the point, everybody. Vegas and Celine Dion are interchangable. Thanks.

  • mr.fixit

    what were you thinking about when you agreed to do that filmed interview on

    were you high or something?

  • Tyler

    This is why I keep tellin’ U dudes that UrbanRock is the next real big move. Get wit’ it or Get rolled over by it. Peep tha’ heat:

  • Moe Real

    Snoop tours everywhere, and is probably the most visible rap star on camera. (Unless you’re only watching the White Rapper show.) So he’s raking it. Last rap show I saw was J. Santana…he and his lame crew rapped for 15 minutes (it was mostly the crew) and did Clockwork twice. Chump came back to town a month later and no one went. Also, judging from the BET awards, not many new rappers can perform live. Rick Rawss, for example, just yells into the mic and looks like giant testicle on stage.

  • Sin-cere

    The Rolling Stones ($150.6 million)
    Tim McGraw / Faith Hill ($132 million)
    Rascal Flatts ($110.5 million)
    Madonna ($96.8 million)
    Barbra Streisand (95.8 million)
    Kenny Chesney ($90.1 million)
    Celine Dion ($85.2 million)
    Bon Jovi ($77.5 million)
    Nickelback ($74.1 million)
    Dave Matthews Band ($60.4 million)

    These act gross this amount of money in touring.. this is why Jay and Nas want to do this Def Jam tour.. It big business. I recalled Dr. Dre made a killing and was second on this list in 2001 it was from touring…War is bad 4 business.

  • Bobo D

    Was theyre not some complain bout madonna over charging 4 tickets. But she still managed 2 sell out and act da female jesus. Thats 1 thing hip-hop fans would take. Certainly when the pussy buster Elton John admits that ur a lipsinker.

    Even I thought Gnarls Barkley would make it since they where a bigger hit in the U.K. than the U.S . But having the no 1 dowmloaded song will make u loose.

  • Bobo D

    sorry… I meant hip-hop fans would not take it

  • Lewis Defeo

    Bol Eats Penis

  • rec

    Sin-cere hit the nail right on the head. All of these acts (who you may not know and for good reason)Can fill up stadiums ANYWHERE in the world!

  • yung ceasa

    bol tha definition of a internet thug…tha questions they asked him on that parker this dude was dancin round them questions like his name was emmitt smith, bitch nigga

  • So Jazzy

    hahahaha i jus watched that “the parker report” thing….ur fat!

  • derfla the hus’la

    white people run the music business so what do you expect?

  • Belize

    Good Post…

  • marlon

    its all touring every single one of those artists had a tour or play vegas. when was the last big hip hop tour? not in the past two years.

  • Atl’s own

    Reason why rappers don’t pull in da big bucks!

    -a lot of rap fans are disloyal and flip flop between wats hot now and wat dey really like

    -those peps fans are older so dey probably can’t use a computer, yet along get a free download

    -rappers tour in clubs; they tour in stadiums

    -their show tickets are higher than rappers and they fans don’t complain they just cop them

    -their music isn’t heavly bootlegged

    -they old albums still sell enough to get on Billboard

    -blacks are only 13% of da population in US, so if all blacks bought yo favorite rapper cd it wouldn’t compete with all whites buying they own shit. luckily white peps just love black musik.

    -those peps stay on tour 4eva. unlike Rappers that tour a couple of weeks, do a comercial, go to jail, tour a lil more, then shoot a crappy movie, make a new album, repeat.

  • Belize

    haaaa…my checkin u on that video..and i gotta ask

    Y..ohhh…Y do you look like a burnt version of Ruben Studdard?

    Lemme know

  • that dude

    Bol, you fat, no pussy gettin faggot! Talkin shit over the computer, huh? i saw ur ass on the parker report. lol. this nigga looks brazy

  • >>>>>>>>ROC

    yo bol you a fat ass fuck…you ugly mutherfucker………you get no ass…….you probably a fag….u probably got picked on in high school and shit…that’s why your taking your bent up frustration out on hip hop over the internet you fat anonymous bastard….you ugly as fuck bitch….hahahahahahahahahaha……you looked and sounded gay as hell on that video…….your body language says your a homo….hahahahh

  • Bol

    You guys don’t find me handsome?


  • Meka Soul

    you may have officially jumped the shark appearing on “the parker report,” but LMAO at “I understand why Kanye West got upset. Anyone would get upset if somebody said they were a closet homo.”

    extra no erik parker.

  • OG Frank

    BOL’s usual Jigga hatin’…
    Why y’all so obsessed with money??
    You can’t measure an artist’s talent by that!


    is this a board meeting or are we talking hip hop…get off the foolishness…make sure you get your proper percentage…but focus on the quality of this music and not the finacials…priorities…mutha-uckas wanna worry about the paint job when the engine aint runnig right…bottom line these mutha-uckas need to focus on making good music…and get these wack rappers out the game…all the real mcs its your responsibility to exterminate these pawns…

  • my dude nas

    this guy is gay

  • Prince Of The South

    Fact is Hip Hop been putting so much garbage especially in 2006 that no one bothered to buy the cds. WHy you think rap was the hardest hit genre last year? Bootlegging didn’t start in 06. Fact is no one was able to connect with the general public and make them excited to buy records anymore. Until the artists that are in position of power start making music that actually has a meaning to it start making songs other than I want to have sex with you lets party their target audience isn’t going to keep buying the music.


    bol looks n sounds extremely homoish on that parker report

    (no cockafella records)

  • Q

    Exactly divided we will fall please tell these rappers that and people want to hate on southern rappers there the ones that stick together and get money. peep the heat out
    Check out

  • Fernando

    Damn, That interview on the Parker Report is TEEEEEHHHH GHHHEEEEEEYYYYY!!! A hA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H!!! Bol looked like a Ghey version of Biggie on the Mo Money Mo Problems video interview!!! DAMN…Why you talk so ghey Bol???? HA HA HA HA

    He keeps resting his head on his fat-a*s neck. All cocked (no bol) to the side. Whats up with the borderline lisp?? LMFAO!!!! Bun B, Pimp C, Kanye, Lupe, or even the Olsen twins would whoop the SH*T out of Bol!!! WHat a soft marshmellow a*s N*gga!!! A AH AH AH AH HA HA H AH AH HA H AH AHA H A HA AH AH AH HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AHAH AH AH AH AH HA HA HA H H AH AH HAHAH HAHAH

  • white shoes johnson

    dude, most of that revenue comes from touring, which rappers don’t do very well.


    radio personality > blogger

    damn Bol, stay hidden…….behind a bus or sommun’


    i saw u on the parker report. three words: YOU NEED PUSSY

  • jdubb


  • Randomname
  • amedawg00

    hahahahha…The Parker report will end Bol’s blogging career. That shit was on some fruity tip. Damn Bol, seriously, where was your neck?

  • lol

    somebody post the link I need to see this.

  • koopa

    ima curb stomp myself a fucking red neck

  • derfla the hus’la

    LMAO!!!!! dude that shit is funny ass hell daim nicca tilting your big forehead sideways like a gay ass you mad supect bol daim.

  • Hurricane Game

    Snoop and Game are always tourin.
    Snoop was in my country last year and Game is all over Europe at the mo.
    The Rolling Stones still get their Royalty checks in the mail every week.

  • Hurricane Game

    Big Bad Bol(Now Homo)
    You were sweating like Roger Ebert.

  • sATaLyte
    That was just the worst possible angle to be interviewed from, hopefully you straighten that shit out next interview.

  • http://XXl BG

    Bol has a point and Im not going to dispute. However, I will comment on the best performances live for Rappers and I must say from all the concerts that ive been to and Rap shows the best on-stage live rappers in no particular order are Busta Rhymes, DMX(when he was the man in his prime) Young Jeezy(First Album Thug Motiv 101) definitley a motivator when he first came out. Redman and Method Man. Thats it though. The other rappers never really moved me. Jay-Z is boring on stage. 50 cent let Banks and Yayo adlib or repeat all his lines from the Get Rich or Die Tryin. Rap performances for the most part are expensive for no reason all because of the hype of the artist. Too long of a wait for Garbage performances or canceled concerts because of booking fees or crowd violence overated to say the least. But Busta, DMX, Method and Redman and Jeezy have been the most entertaining artists or most engaging artists who I paid money to see and It made me wanna cop 2 or 3 of their albums…

  • rofl


    thank you bolster

  • blizzy

    watch bol’s interview, his chins ate his neck and it can’t support his big ass head no more.. lmao, this nigga talk like a fuckin faggot but pop all this online about how kanye a homo. talk about an alter ego, damn bryan crawford like fuckin superman behind a keyborad. this nigga lost all his credibility, this was a bad career decision man. you mean muggin like game in that little shit up-top, but you aint nuttin like that.

  • Dr Flav

    Two Points. 1 @ Least Bol was significant enough to be interviewed. 2. Most of the artists listed are long term artists, there is no respect for the old legends, no one seems to demand a current album by some of them and there seems to be no sponsor for legend tours. PE, KANE, EPMD, NAUGHTY BY NATURE ECT. should be making dollars like that and have current albums but old fans are fickle and new fans have no respect. Imagine if JAM MASTER JAY was alive, RUN DMC would be clockin bread. Hip Hop stays losing. smh

  • King Bolo

    Hey bottom line! These rappers need to STOP speaking on their money, bitches and hoes, Mercedes Benz, twenty two inch, I got shot, I sold dope, I’ll kill you, I went to jail, etc. etc. That’s NOT LIFE! There is not ONE pop, rock, or country artist that talks about that bullshit, that’s why they sell records. Their music isn’t ignorant, nor is it degrading. There’s only ONE thing that we ALL can EQUALLY relate to, and that’s REALITY!! Everyday simple shit. That’s what these artists are talking about! Look at Busta’s song, “I Love My Bitch”. I love my nigga, I love my bitch?? That will only stretch so far!! People want WHOLESOME music. Every word doesn’t have to be nigga this, suck my dick, fuck a bitch!! You’re cutting down the demographic of where your music can be sold! Why does rap music have to be soo vile? It wasn’t like this back in the day. When any other genre of music make songs about women, it’s wholesome, it’s clean, it’s intelligent and respectful. With rap you get, “I’ll make it rain on them hoes!” Let me wrap this up, when people hear this (meaning white people, who mainly BUY music) not only are they unable to figure out what it means, they immediately see it as ignorance!

  • bear

    Hey, this might be crazy, but maybe Hip-hop didn’t really produce any great albums this year, just a thought.

    I mean, was there even a standout hip-hop single the entire year that stayed on #1 for more than a couple weeks?

  • Hurricane Game

    “Every Freak should have a picture of my Dick on dey wall”
    That shit sell!
    Fuck you soft homos that think hip hop need to be tolerant to gays, respect women Etc.

  • Avenger

    Top 4 reasons rap will never gross as much as other forms of music

    1. Though it is trendy it is still a niche music with links to the Jamaician Dub scene rewind selector. The subject matter is often crappy in the mainstream stuff, i.e. vulgar vile or just ignorant and there is a learning curb with the slanguage barrier. Besides King Bolo has a point folks buy stuff that makes them feel a certain way and they can relate to by people who they feel they can relate to (who often look like them) look at how whote folks dug some motown or Jimi hendrix how you expect a 40 or 30 something white male or female or anyone who didn’t grow up in the hood(or hood culture) to understand the reasoning behind walk it out, balling or throw some D’s LOL
    2. Record labels don’t challenge rappers to be artists and creative they just want some quick disposable dance shit and kids from the ghetto will comply to get out the shit they in hell wouldn’t you. But this does nothing for the creative process and it doesn’t create a true human voice nobody wants to get paid,fuck,sale coke, buy a million cars and shit forever all of that is a culture created by poverty now if you explain to me how it feel trying to make it or do a trumph song we all can relate to that ish like I said in 1

    3. Rap is seen as disposable it has become even more related to hitting a lic than being creative fools go into rap like fools get realestate licenses just to fucking do something to make some money here or there. So you take the artist out and replace him/her with the hustler and this creates the anything for a buck striper like culture we have in rap now, if your young black and really creative you better start trying to get white crowds cause black folks ain’t trying to listen these days.
    4. Being a niche music is hard enough without radio,tv and magazines working to turn you into a walking stereotype and rappers can’t tour for the fear that there will be violence at the events because of the shit they perpetuate so they kinda kick they own self in the head or shot they own self in the foot.

    I know the whole story of keeping it real and this is for my niggas well you need to do something for your brothers andsisters and stop being such a fucking crab or get out the game. We just need all this shit to colapse and prey for a black reniassance cause intelliegence is the thing that separates people who practice a craft from folks who master the craft skills vary but when you are smart enough to see the world in more ways than just a ghetto lense something beautiful happens

  • Marvelous Mo

    Well….I don’t mind buying CD’s and I prefer to cop one. However, why should I cop garbage. Everyone stated the truth already….if you put out bull shit you will recieve bull shit.

    Rappers stay in the clubs, but I’m anxious to hit a concert and relive a favorite song emprovised on the stage for the live audience. It’s different if these dudes were grinding like hell on their so called “passion” but they arent. The entire game changed in a direction where it isn’t benefiting anyone but the TIs.

    Everything has a cycle…where things peek and recess….Since hip hop took an L, hopefully these jackasses will take their time in the studio and give hip hop lovers what theyve been waiting for…….

    quality hip hop.

    sidebar: bol…youre fierce behind the keyboard, but Fernando couldnt have said it better:”Bol looked like a Ghey version of Biggie on the Mo Money Mo Problems video interview!!! DAMN…Why you talk so ghey Bol???? “

  • EReal

    @ BG

    Man I saw the Wu reunion tour and it was FIRE.
    I also saw the tour with Pharoe and Mos Def and that shit was killa too.

    Most of the mainstream shows that come, like the big tours and stuff are weak.
    The best shows Ive seen are like one artist shows in smaller venues, better sound, better access to the artists.
    That and underground hiphop shows liek Solyliquists of Sound or Penut Butter Wolf n shit like that.
    Oh yeah, Swollen Members KILL it. Check them too.

    1 hunned.

  • EReal

    Can someone help me out with a link this Fat Man Bol interview?

  • mannyworld33



  • http://Jmack Jason Mckenzie

    even 50 aint makin dat rolling stone paper. Rappers should take notice of this shit and do more touring *cough* shady aftermath *cough*

  • advocate

    Baseless blogger! Do you really think rappers are reporting all income? I’m not saying they are the Stones but I’m sure they can crack the top 10 with mixtape money, money laundering and the other unreported income. Smarten up open the market up.