Don’t you forget about Nas

I didn’t really care for Nas’ “Can’t Forget About You” as much when I heard it on Hip-Hop Is Dead (which I haven’t listened to in ages), but I’ve come to appreciate it more now that I’ve seen the video.

Part of it’s that I’m a young guy, only 25 years old and not quite three years out of college. So I can’t relate as much to a guy in his mid ’30s (which is not that old either, but ancient for a rapper) looking back on his life and career, of which I obviously have neither.

Also, as a lover of music that doesn’t suck balls, I’m naturally suspicious of anything associated with of the Black Eyed Peas, not to mention rap songs with choruses sung by R&B bitches. What can I say, I’m close-minded like that.

To be sure, I’m still not that impressed with the song itself. The Nat King Cole sample that runs through it, which I suppose is not as egregious as, say, Diddy looping up “The Message” and singing Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” over it, is still fairly bothersome to me.

In general, you get the idea that this was made the second single because a) the Nat King Cole sample cost a shiteload, so they had to, and b) the similarly schmaltzy “Bridging the Gap” got played quite a bit on VH1 a few years ago, so maybe this can tap into that same market.

(You’ll recall that Bridging the Gap just so happens to be the name of one of those pre-Fergie Black Eyed Peas albums. Hmm…)

Usually it’s the case that if I come to like a song before I’ve seen its video, I can’t help but be kinda disappointed by the video, regardless of how good it turns out. The video never seems to match how I envisioned.

But when the song itself isn’t that good to begin with, obviously that’s not going to be as much of an issue. If anything, the clip for Nas’ “Can’t Forget About You” actually makes the song somewhat more enjoyable. It’s not gonna make me pull out my copy of Hip-Hop Is Dead, but if it happens to come on MTV, I probably wouldn’t change the station.

My guess is that you’ve already seen it once or twice by now, so I’ll spare you describing it in depth other than to note that the shots of the little homie on a park bench outside a project building and riding on a flat bed through Times Square, which were obviously reminiscent of classic Nas videos, were a nice touch.

In general, I have to say that I’m fairly impressed with the way Nas and Def Jam have gone about promoting Hip-Hop Is Dead. Last week’s “Where Are They Now?” remixes were obviously a stroke of promotional genius that got heads buzzing on the Internets, and now they’ve followed them up with this, which I think is one of the better big budget rap videos in a minute.

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  • scoot..


  • content

    Good post Bol.


    2nd bitch

  • trunkadelic

    zomg third

  • Boner Jams 03

    WoW,….no hate for shock value purposes…im so proud of u’re growin up

  • New York Rappers suck

    Nas’s album sucks. so did Jay-z’s album. The south is running it. Believe it.

  • derfla the hus’la

    best rapper alive belie that!!!!!!!!

  • Phuque


  • Andres Menocal

    Damn Bol that was some good shit. Besides me holding “Can’t Forget About You” in higher regards, I agreed with everything you said.

  • Playa=50=

    after pac :)

  • Dr Flav

    That Was Okay, but I really wanted to say how dope it is that you put something up today. I know they throwin darts all over these internets, but keep the movement gully, after all what other than the “mindset of a champion” should be expected. Just a lil support because you know I had beef back with the “south quit yer bitchin” post. lol

  • b-ease

    Good post. I can’t disagree, I felt the exact same way.


    I think dis video is a good look 4 nas.Hot theme.Throwback scene in times square on da flatbed.
    P.S. HIP HOP AINT DEAD come see why.

  • swaaayze


  • Ali

    You should listen to Hip Hop Is Dead again, i’ve been bumping it all day. Also check out that Statik selektah Prophecy Vol. 2, some hot ish.

  • trife the soul ripper

    Ye, hot video son.

  • Illmatic

    To whoever who wrote this,
    What a retardddd!!!!

    Nas in early 30′s ancient for a rapper?? Niggaa still young. I bet you think 50cent, jim jones, cam too i think , Eminem are not ancient then huh? cause they old like onlyy 1-3 yrs younger than Nas. Most rappers these days are. What a retardddddd

  • DANJA29

    wow… you actually made a halfway positive post, Human Bol Box. How’d that make you feel?

  • I Fux

    Co-Siggity Big Bol

  • First

    Haven’t seen the video yet, and I already LOVE it!

  • hip hop cops

    i heard this guy’s ass has its own congressman

  • Meka Soul

    i still can’t get past that that bullshit song where orange juice jones is making like dick tracy [no "adorable" adrian adonis].

    at least the video is good, however.

  • jacquez
  • BL

    Thank GOD Nas brought this type of music back. IF you’re going to do a sample, do it right – honestly, say what you will, but Nas has done more to make me appreciate the music we created than anyone (even the sparks of genius that have popped up) in the past 10 years.

    Through all the hate and controversy going back in forth about the subject matter brought up, the fact is clear, hip hop’s golden age has passed. Every genre of music has a golden age – rock, rnb, jazz (think of Coltrane, Miles, Charlie Byrd all rockin at the same time). The fact of the matter is our golden age was from about 1984 til about 1996. Yes, we’ve had some quality music and artists and albums since then, but the meaning, the messages, and the vibe will never be the same. Nas is just reminiscing, and I love the fact he took time to do that.

    This is something we created, and we’ve basically almost trashed because we became careless and thought it would be here forever – Nas was almost guilty of the same thing some time ago. Thank GOD he brought back some music and a video like this.

  • TheGeneral

    hmmm bol not hating as much as his fat ass would do but I enjoyed the video myself

  • Tyler

    “If anything, the clip for Nas’ “Can’t Forget About You” actually makes the song somewhat more enjoyable”

    If U call lookin like a lower budget cop out of the Jay Z video and sounding like a hot mess enjoyable then U must be sadistic or or into pain and shit cause Nas is the man and shit but this was a low light in hip hop.
    Get wit’ it or Get rolled over by it:


    Its an aight song and video.

  • FrostyFreeze

    SUPER BOL!!!!!

    1: I agree that Black Eyed Peas suck, but whats wrong with R&B bitches singing hooks?

    2: Mid 30′s is not old by itself, but it is ancient for a rapper. I dont make the rules, it just is.

    3: LOL @ MTV playing videos. Never happens.

  • philosoph

    didnt like the song at first very much but the video made it much better, i agree. even tho i hate that chorus bitch.

  • mannyworld33



  • mannyworld33



  • Eman

    Besides a D 12 video (My Band) or a poppy eminem song when has a video ever made a song better I vibe to music driving in my car not sitting in front off the tv Plus I dont even have Mtv Jams anymore Comcast be killing muthafuckerz with prices. Oh and by the way this song I think is directed more to girls cause my girl Loves this song just because the girl singin on the hook she also loves fergie glamourous lol

  • flava dav

    why does 8ball & mjg cd keep getting pushed back from sept. to jan. to feb. and now march what the fuck is going on at bad boy- by the way nas is cold mc

  • August

    I saw it dis morning… It kinda reminded me of “Lost Ones”, either way Nas and Jay are the best…

  • nation

    bol your video ain’t half that bad

  • Belize

    Good post John Clayton…but this is one of NaS’s best songs on the album..shyt im still yung, but Iv lived a fast life so i got a old mentality..i.e. I can relate to the song

  • Your Average Blog Reader

    Your fat career is over. grab the mop.

  • rafi

    Too many Simple Minds fans with blogs.

    Idolator had a post about the Nas video this morning with the same exact title.

    You Lisa Lampanelli’d them.

  • jdubb

    your still fat

  • Hurricane Game

    Nasty spit the real Bol you should know that.
    No bullshit about snapping ya fingers and givin ya shoulda a lil pop(yes homo)
    NaS Nigga!

  • SANLEANDRO510’s production can be nice. I like what he did with Game on “The Doctors advocate” Compton track. And I know some won’t agree but, I thought that he killed it with the old school feel/samples on Fergie’s (I’d hit it, you know you would too) “Delicious” or what ever it’s titled track. Every time I hear that track on the radio (it’s on a whole bunch out here in CALI’)it takes me back to 88′-89′.

  • Patrick

    What I want to know is, is there some magical age that we get to, where causes us to lose our love for Hip-Hop ? Please tell me if there is , because I’m 39 years old … and I still love Hip-Hop. Now I don’t listen to immature senseless rhymes, but a song like “Can’t Forget About You” was made for fans like me who knows exactly what NAS is talkin’ about ! Most of y’all that commented are young G’s now , but if God spares your life , you’ll be Ol’G's in a minute… and let’s see if y’all stop listening to Hip-Hop ’cause you hit another number!!! Peace


    The song>>>The video!

  • Big J

    The song is dope. I saw a more simple side of Nas in this video. He dummed down the lyrics completely for this song and you can feel the song if you dig into it. The video just made it better. Nas is back, New York is back, Hip Hop is back.

  • kane

    you fat ass, crook neck fat ass bastard.

  • >>>>>>>>ROC

    pretty good post bitch………..

  • agee

    I check the video earlier today and I enjoyed it. I like the classic Times Sqaure shot. And that chick singing the hook is hot. Ill be checking for her album.

  • blaQ

    In my opinion Nas’ best video yet….surprise, surprise Bol didnt hate on Nas.

  • blaQ

    btw, is one of the best producers right now Bol, the earleir u recognize his talent the better for you, or do you think he is highly sought after producer now thru sheer luck? huh, Bol is probably ten times more hip hop than you.

  • NickeNitro

    Great song, great video. There’s nothing wrong with the sample either. Whether it’s allusory or just setting the mood or just to help set the climate, there was some thought involved in dropping it in the song. It’s a lot different than Puffy taking the music of a recent catchy song and adding his pointless raps to try to make a hit.

  • DevoG

    Finally something positive. I never realized U were that young. Explains a lot. Peace

  • Rizzop

    Nas is the best alive. PAC didnt get his due until he died, neither did BIG. We all should enjoy the fact we can actually have legends in hip hop and pay homage to them. Shout out to all ya’ll down south folks! ATL, SC, NC ,FLA getting love for up north in cold ass Boston!!

  • Hurricane Game

    NaS need to release Hustler’s as his next single.
    That shit is fire.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    That’s my nigga…

    Finally a post that’s not negative…

    Although you still ain’t saying much.

    Should have talked more about the promotional aspect of it. The whole “Where Are They Now” and what it might do for newer rap fans. Do you think they’ll be copping King Tee CDs on now? I myself, might just have to…


    i dont like the song much either..nor the video..but the one shot where the spot light was pointed on his chain was hot.

  • marlon

    I haven’t seen the video but in a world full of rims and teeth it doesn’t take much creativity or intelligence (which nas has in plurals) to stand out.

  • CoChese

    Nice post Bol Head.

  • Rok

    All you faggots that don’t like this song including Big.Ol.Lame (BOL) are fucking crazy!!!
    This is TRUE HIP HOP with a fucking meaning and message. The video is raw!!!

    I bet all you lames like the make it rain video and the song..And that is what’s wrong and why hip hop is so fucked up now!!



    Damn Bol when did 33 years old become your mid 30′s. Like homie above commented 50 cent 32years old, Camron just turned 31, even Eminem is older than Nas I think he 34 or 35 he came in the game at 27 or 28 years old. Niggas always hating, Nas just been around longer cause his first album was at 18. but he still relevant and that tells you something. I still think that Black Republicans or Hustler’s should have been the next single. I guess Nas shows us again that he doesn’t care about numbers cause either one of those singles would have drove him past platinum.

  • japanese jones

    dude, this guys is such a HATER!! Gosh, grow up dude, i’m 23 but at least i have a brain. no offence but ur IGNANT ma brotha!

  • japanese jones

    not u miami nigga, but the editor. just about every one of his editorials are negative. does it always have to be about bitches whores grills glocks cadilacs?


    Damn when did 33yrs. old become your mid 30′s. Like homie said above 50 cent 32, Camron just turned 31, Eminem is like 34 or 35. Most people dont know Em was like 27 or 28 when he first dropped. Nas just been around longer cause he dropped when he was 18. Its 2007 and he is still relevant and still better than your favorite rappers that should tell you something. I still think Black Republicans or Hustler’s should have been the next single. I guess Nas shows us again that he truly does not care about numbers b/c either one of those songs would have drove him to platinum plus.

  • EReal

    Decent Post Jabba, bravo.

  • Malik Islam

    Did yall peep tha skull and cross bone Polo loafers in the very beginning of tha video?..Them sh%ts are tooo fly!…
    Bk all day, Lo lives forever!
    My sun Nas is like……..

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter or…if U need it I gots dat!!!

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter or…if U need it I gots dat!!!

  • billion dollar budjet jackson

    2 words fuck N.A.S

  • T.R.A.E.

    Damn now see dat’s what I’m saying. I’m gonna actually give u some respect wit dis one. Now is it that bad to show some respect to good music and a hip-hop legend. I still don’t understand how u wasn’t feelin da record before da video but no matter. At least u came wit a post dat portrayed some postivity and not a lot of bias opinions. Now if only u could show a lil bit of love to Lupe Fiasco.

  • richard

    damn bols whens your cd coming out…that shit better be revolutionary



  • USDA

    I love the song and video. Goes to show folk that you don’t have to cuss in order to have a good and mature song. Another single in my opinion for Nas.

  • http://XXLMAG.COM Jamal

    New Yor Rappers Suck, Go put them d4l “laffy taffy” niggas dick in your mouth BAMA ASS NIGGA.

  • WhatGood

    its funny most rappers are 30+, so why do people make such a point of that when it comes to Nas, and Jay-Z (maybe Jay i can see since he is WELL into his 30s).
    People forget Cam, Jim Jones, Em. are 30+. Jeezy is about 30. Its just that most rappers act like 30 yr old teenagers. I’d rather see artists music grow with them, instead of them acting like grown ass kids.
    I dunno what this dude is talkin bout, i’m 25, and i felt this song, it make me reminisce of the 90′s, H.S. days, PAC, BIG, NY rap in general, the Knicks was good, walkmans and shit lol..let me stop, yall get da picture lol.


    u a dumb ass nigga u kno absolutely nothign about hip-hop i read in one of ur other blogs u listen to indie rock go back to ur gay shit like that look like a gay ass rick ross nas is a beast and cant forget about you didnt do good cuz hip hop is dead just like he said and u obviously are one of the reasons BEP are actualy real hip-hop they just got the pop sound when fergie joined the group and used to be a producer for eazy e i dont think u can get more gangsta