“…Cause I Don’t Like Y’all Anyway”

50 Part 2



Lil’ Kim


Who Started It: 50. He dissed her on the 8 Mile Soundtrack (“I’m convinced, man, something really wrong with these ho’s/I thought Lil’ Kim was hot, ’til she start fucking with her nose”). They made up and made “Magic Stick” into a #1 hit. But after refusing to do the video and falling with her then boyfriend ‘World’, 50 dissed her again in “Piggy Bank”

Disses: 50 “Love Me”, 50 “Piggybank”, Kim “Spellcheck”

Winner: 50 easily
Hardest Blow: “Its an emergency/when Micheal Jackson see/her picture and say “she looks like me”

Where Are They Now: Kim going to jail slowed the whole beef now. There are rumors of her signing to G-Unit.

Fat Joe

Joey Crack

Who Started It: 50. Angry that Joe and Jadakiss jumped on Ja Rule’s “New York” record, Curtissssss’ vowed to end the Terror Squardian career and put him on KOCH Records.
Disses: “Piggy Bank”, “My Fo Fo”,  “I Run NY”, “Window Shopper”, “Go Freestyle”
Winner: 50. “My Fo Fo” bit the Flintstones

Hardest Blow: Yayo “Fat Joe aint a gangsta/he scared to fly!”

Where Are They Now: Joe left Atlantic Records and ended up on the Virgin equivalent to Koch, Imperial.

Mobb Deep



Who Started It:50. He went from spitting on Havoc’s “Bump Dat Remix” in ’02 to using them as the butt of his jokes on “Piggybank”
Disses: “Piggybank”
Winner:  50. He signed them right after he dissed em. Gangsta
Hardest Blow: “I do your little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep” & “I let Prodigy do that deal at Koch!”

Where Are They Now: On G-Unit. Prodigy just did his solo LP on Koch though. Go figure



Who Started It: 50. Mad that Shyne didn’t sign to G-Unit and was rumored to be signing to Murder Inc, 50 dissed the incarcerated scarface on Hot 97. “I heard Irv trying to sign Shyne but I don’t got no love for him/tell him 50 said he’s soft and wont shoot up the club again”

Disses: “Piggybank”, Shyne “For The Record”

Winner: 50. I believe Shyne had the better song, but he’s still in jail.

Hardest Blow: See Picture

Where Are They Now: Still in jail


Cass Mug Shot

Who Started It: 50. He started instigating a beef between Cassidy and Lloyd Banks on Hot 97. Cassidy took it personally.  
Disses: “B-Boy Stance” Video, “Piggybank” Video
Winner: 50. Cassidy went to jail before this get big.
Hardest Blow: The fake 50 Cent in the “B-Boy Stance”

Where Are They Now: Cassidy’s been lying low since his release. We’ll see.

The Lox


Who Started It: 50. See Fat Joe
Disses: “Piggybank”, “I’m A Animal”, “I Run NY”, “Sorry Ms. Jackson”, “Maybe If I Sing”, “50 Shot Ya”
Winner: 50. Styles even admitted it on Hot 97
Hardest Blow: “One more word out his mouth I’ll push Styles shit back!”

Where Are They Now: Styles P is off Interscope. 50 Claims while he pushed his album back, he never wanted him to get dropped. Sheek is on Koch. Jada’s still rocking with Jimmy I. No word on The Lox album.



Who Started It: 50. He was mad that Nas didn’t call when he replaced 50 on the “I’m Gonna Be Alright Remix”
Disses: “Piggybank”, Original “Window Shopper”, Nas “Don’t Body Yourself”
Winner: 50 so far. But it’s still ongoing. Nas still might have another Ether in him

Hardest Blow: “Kelis said her “Milkshake” bring all the boys to the yard/Then Nas went, and tattooed the bitch on his arm”

Where Are They Now: Tension is still there. 50 has also been “mentoring” Nas’ baby’s mother Carmen on business deals.

The Game


Who Started It: 50. He kicked Game out the group for doing songs with Nas, Fat Joe and Jadakiss.
Disses: Game “100 Bars” “200 Bars” “240 Bars” “300 Bars & Running” “Soundscan”, 50 “Not Rich Still Lying”

Winner: 50. But Game took out the rest of G-Unit single-handedly. Banks caught the brunt of the blows. The G-Unot campaign was genius. But Game isn’t gone all the way like others on this list. He fought back like Tina in the back of that car, hence why he still has a career.

Hardest Blow: Dre not producing anything on Doctor’s Advocate
Where Are They Now: Game is cruising to platinum status with his new single featuring Kanye. But a far cry from his “Sell another 5 million albums? Yes I Am!” claim.



Who Started It: 50. Mad over Ma$e negotiations
Disses: Diddy “I’m Richer Bitch”,  50 “The Bomb”
Winner: 50. Diddy didn’t want any problems.
Hardest Blow: “I guess this means I won’t be invited to the white parties in the Hamtpons…I don’t give a fuck! I don’t wanna hang out with your punk ass no way! Got me muthafuckin’ running around with this nigga Ma$e…and he wanna play games you don’t wanna make the deal nigga?! Man I’ll fuck your shit up nigga!!! IS YOU CRAZY NIGGA?!?! Matter of fact, you know what? I don’t wanna do the deal no more…FUCK THE DEAL nigga! You wanna play game you wanna waste my muthafuckin time nigga?! Time is money nigga you wasting the muthafuckin money nigga!!! Aiight…I see what you’re trying to do. But I don’t know why you doing what you trying to do. Why you wanna make me tell everybody what Misa told me? HUH?!?!  Now you go on and send me $50,000 for this nigga travel fees…you know airfare…hotel space for that last tour nigga. Or I’ll really service your ass nigga!!! Hahahahaha….”
Where Are They Now: Rumor is the Ma$e deal went through after “The Bomb”.



Who Started It: Cam. While 50 did say he “could shut down any Koch release” first, Cam definitely took it to another level.
Disses: “The Funeral”, “Curtisss!”
Winner: Still Undecided. Check the play by play on cuurtis.com
Hardest Blow: “Curtissssssssss!!! How much did the Mobb sell Curtisssss?”
Where Are They Now: Cam just dropped a video response. Expect 50’s next response in the up coming weeks. New Cam’Ron Interview

Also: Mr. Cheeks, Oprah, Kenneth “Supreme” Griffith, R. Kelly, AZ, Z-Ro

Win-Loss-Draw Record: 20-0-2

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  • thatwhitedude

    maaaan i forgot how many people fitty bodied, he is def the king of beef and basically wins em all in one way or another, cuz even if they beat him lyrically he beats him on the business side and makes sure they never drop a big record anymore and never get money, even diddy seemed scared of him! and diddy killed big!

  • http://www.myspace.com/kracktheking KR

    am i first?

    who the fuck cares…i tend to agree with this breakdown doe…

  • thatwhitedude

    plus you’re still forgettin the whole rap-a-lot/z-ro thing…once again the south gets no love on xxl,since its an east coast run site…smh

  • skip

    lol that 50 game pic(teh ghey)

  • skip

    nah the hardest blow no (weezy fucking baby)between 50 and Cam is.

    “what’s the last cam joint u liked? computers computing booting bbooting”

  • hi

    I believe 50 lost to Jay when he said “two rappers who can kill you whith two bars Nas and Jay-z I’m not going to say it again!”


  • skip

    Lol y fat joe look like pun in that pic. That yayo line was hard(no cam).

  • hi

    I believe 50 lost to Jay when he said “two rappers who can kill you whith two bars Nas and Jay-z I’m not going to say it again!”


  • skip


  • hi

    I believe 50 lost to Jay when he said “two rappers who can kill you whith two bars Nas and Jay-z I’m not going to say it again!”

  • bye

    I believe 50 lost to Jay when he said “two rappers who can kill you whith two bars Nas and Jay-z I’m not going to say it again!”


  • steven

    not a bad record

  • Nagz

    Fiddy running tingz

  • Chanel

    50 IS KING!

  • Chanel

    Ehhhhh, Lil Kim look’n kinda Drag-Queenish…She use to be such a cute lil’ hoodrat back in the day.


    u didn’t profile the ja rule beef dummy!

    how off point are u dawgs???


    oh i get, since ja got the curl- u know what time it is???

    get in detali nucca!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com shp

    i thought game and LOX smashed him…

    I can see how you could say LOX lost cause Styles shit got pushed back… but the diss tracks they put out were crazzzzzy.. they really exposed him and showed how much better MCs they were

    game also soned 50.. yea game didnt get any dre beats, but he argueably caused all of gunit to flop and make ‘gunit’ not so cool anymore.. loosing album sales, clothes sales… i think game convinced alot of niggas to stop fucking with 50… i think 50 lost more due to it… PLUS the money he woulda got off game on guit

    game oviously soned him lyrically

  • Big Esco

    Sickamore good post, both of them. Upload the one about Z-Ro, because I live in Houston and all I’ve ever herd is word of mouth shit.


    Nice post 50 definately wins a lot of beefs either lyrically or on the buisness side.

    but Diddy won with one line “I’m Richer Bitch”

    the beef with Game is a draw because all the G-Unit weedcarriers are irrelevant now but Game dosen’t have Dre beats.

    Shyne won the beef too he’s still in jail cause Puffy’s a traitor

  • http://myspace.com/trumptyteent SACE

    50 beat game? I think not.
    the lox kilt them dudes lyrically.
    Kim jive gave him the business too.
    and the cam’ron diss he made is weak.

    re-think some of these please.

  • What the hell

    How Diddy lose?

    Music still ain’t free that I know of.

  • john cochran

    What are you, signed to g-unit. You better stop for Jim threaten to slap your Kufi again. Most of these encounters weren’t really even beefs, just little quarrels, so how can you say he won that many. Yeah, he murdered Ja, Fat joe and D-block, but Cass, Game and NAS, cmon. Cass aint really go in on em too hard, Nas just threw him a warning shot cause he had love for him once, and Game killed his whole squad. I like fif too, but you need to get off his dick, he may have to take a leak.

  • Atl’s own

    is dat Curtisssss givin’ Game a gentle peck on da cheek?

    i don’t wanna see da pic dat was taken after dat; who knows how far dat shit went!

    how u gone kiss him on da butterfly Curtisssss.

  • http://myspace.com/biggbrewster B$R

    i mean i dont uderstand how you decide who the winner.. winner of what? winner of who put out the best diss records or who got more money?. what this shit is about: “Winner: 50. I believe Shyne had the better song, but he’s still in jail.” what the f*ck got being in jail got to do with this hip hop beef? be forreal dogg i dont even know how you did this sh*t. but props man its funny seeing how big 50′s mouth (and pockets) is. dayumn

  • John Brown

    DAMN…Is true 50 cant bodied no one lyrically but on the business side cant no one fuck with him.

  • Abraham

    Yeah but fat joe has a hit record.

    And cam’s record is the best thing he has done in monthes, dont let that tru life trash make you bias

  • jrb

    a few things wring i think….i think 50 and nas made up after the j-lo remix, but nas started it up again during his free central park concert when he said something to the affect of “do u want some of that real ny shit? none of that fake 50 cent shit”….mobb deep also loriginally left violator bc mobb thhout they were paying too much attention to 50…also fat joe really was throwing sublims 1st saying he wanted to take down the “king of ny with a big chin ( i think he was reffering to 50)…..and cass actually started their beef, in an interiew i read, he was asked about some of the street battles he was involved in, and he replied he wanted a bigger battle against someomne “like a 50 cent” and 50 responmded to it on the radio….big ups though, sick

  • http://www.ohword.com Sach

    I haven’t seen this much blatant dickriding since the last celebrity sex tape leak.

  • Yung Nikk// F.Y.L//

    damn i thought i was the only one seeing the dick riding who ever wrote this has 50 in his mouth nd his cumin so u can take him out now. This dude didnt win all of dem beef so cut it damn ur one hell of a fan!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/missfifth MZJONES

    50… always causin’ DRAMA. doesn’t he have money to spend or a fat dick to gag on???

  • http://www.myspace.com/missfifth MZJONES

    50… always causin DRAMA. doesn’t he have MONEY TO SPEND or a fat d!ck to GAG ON???????????

  • MoreFish

    I guess 50 learned to promote his new album on XXL blogs too…

    Get your money Sickamore.

  • crimson

    First of all, “Checkmate” by Jadakiss was a classic. I still listen to that from time to time. That’s the blueprint for every diss song against 50. Second, I don’t think the “beef” (if you can call it that) with Nas was a loss for Nas. If anything, it was a draw, or it’s still undecided.

    You gotta make the distinction between lyrical battles and attempts to assassinate someone’s career. 50 will never be a lyrical monster, but he fights dirty.

  • http://dirtdoggy DirtDoggy

    If you look at the profiles I think Cam was the only person to start a beef with 50, 50 started all the others, so this is a different look, lets see 50′s defense we know he has a Colt’s offense.

  • dutchess

    whoa whoa whoa 50 won the beef with the lox? yeah right! Styles admitted it? what the hell is going on? 50 aint got shit on L.O.X. yeah he maybe got more money but when it come to the bars…LOX without a question! Maybe I’m one sided cause i aint mess with 50 real heavy since power of a dollar.Nope thats not it. Lox got it!

  • J S-O-T

    wtf?, how can you say 50 won all these beefs, Jada bodied that nigga wiv “Checkmate”, n ok so “Don’t body yourself” wasn’t the hardest hittin diss but thats jus a warnin shot, anyone who knows anythin would know Nas could murda that guy any given day……an The Game flatlined the WHOLE of G-unit, no hate, real talk.

  • yung ceasa

    hey my dude you forgot about that song nas did on this nigga it was “mc burial”. and you know damn well that nigga game beat this nigga fifty cause look at all tha songs game had against this nigga 300 bars was one of tha hardest diss songs ever, step yo game up dude

  • http://royalbroughamway.com bear

    50 destroyed nas. nas is a shell of his former self. Hes working for his former enemy jay…and he had to sell HALF his publishing to sony just to get on the deal with def jam!

    I remember awhile ago 50 did an interview where he said it didn’t really matter who beat who lyrically. Beef was literal confrontation to him, and that his goal was to kill you or send you to the welfare line.

  • Viski

    some of you are retarded for saying the actual clothing sales went down…how do you prove that shit…you cant dumbasses…fifty had good disses against him…but what fifty has doene to ruin anyone’s carreerer is was worse than what anyone did to the unit

  • Yaboi34

    This is def. when 50 is at his best, but c’mon shyne got him, game slowed up the whole unit and the lox had a couple hot songs on em.

  • http://lololol BMORE WHORE




  • http://yahoo.com jordany

    I usually don’t agree with Sick but, i agree with this whole post, it’s obvious that he killed Ja Rule, he’s too powerful for The LOX, he’s a better artist than The Game not to mention, he still gets paper off of him, Fat Joe has no chance in hell, Cam’Ron is a joke, Diddy ain’t no rapper, it’s obvious that Nas is better than him but, he can’t compete with 50′s power, so that only leaves one dude Jay-Z, he’s the only one in rap that 50 don’t relly want it with, he’s a better artist, better business man, more powerful, more respected, more street cred. That’s why he don’t say nothing about Jay, cause he can get throught the regular season but, he’ll lose in the playoffs.

    50′s worst nightmere would be Saigon getting as big as he can, cause if he does that’s another dude that he ain’t gon’ want no problems with.

  • Incilin

    Mr Cheeks? Z-Ro? I aint never heard bout that. I guess 50′s right about waht he say that hip hop is like boxing and not basketball, hence his 20-0-2 record.

  • yH8

    Game killed 5-0. Whoever wrote this blog is biased as hell and must be getting paid by 50 to promote. How much he paying you, dog?

  • giantSupreme

    sickamore, you wrong on this one. game clearly won that battle because he crushed all of g-unit for dolo. 50 didn’t even have a decent response. that nigga never wanted it with game and tried to work it out with him until game pulled a “50″ on 50. just 300 bars was enough but he dedicated a whole mixtape (stop snitchin…) to him on some t.i. down with the king shit. i also think he lost w/ diddy cause he know he didn’t want no problems w/ puff. everybody know he runs the city.

  • thatwhitedude

    JORDANY seems to be the only person on here who gets it, in the end its not about a fuckin good line or a lyrical slaughter when you’re goin up against 50, cause even if you kill him lyrically like the lox, d-block, nas, and arguably others did, in the end everyone gets fucked up by 50 cuz he goes for the jugular, he goes for the MONEY! the one thing that in the end matters in this business (thats right, rap is now a business) all these people are in it for the money when it all boils down to the core, if you fuck with a dude’s money, you win, cause they are out of the spotlight, on some BS label like koch struggling to sell 100,000 copies or struggling to just get their damn cd released, while 50 is off STILL getting money and still selling and still staying in the spotlight, therefore in the end he wins, and he had enough power to crush all these people on the business side of things, cept for jay-z, as someone already stated, to me it even seemed like diddy was scared of him businesswise, and that’s saying something cuz its fuckin diddy! and for whoever thinks game won, sure he had better lines but in the end 50 is STILL getting money off of game’s album sales, and dr. dre, the person who the game obviously idolizes, the person that game dedicates whole drunken, crying tracks on his album to and namedrops prob 50 times on his album won’t appear on game’s cd prob ever cuz 50 said so and 50 has that much power, no dick riding at all but that’s how it is plain and simple…in conclusion 50 won all of those battles in the end cuz he made sure those people never did well business wise ever again and got them all where it hurts, the money! and i’m STILL waiting on the rap-a-lot/z-ro mention, they had at least ONE WHOLE FUCKIN SONG goin at 50, while most of these people you mentioned only had a few lines…southern hate?

  • thatwhitedude

    in the end 50 wins cuz he basically has as much power in this industry as the T.I.’s like Jimmy Iovine have, Jay and Diddy are on that level as well but thats about it…those are the only people that have the power to push anyone’s album back a few months, or get you dropped off your label to koch, or get a famous producer to never give you a beat ever again, or have you kicked out of the click yet still get half your profits from record sales, basically the only people to fuck you up and body you…cam might have that power but only in regards to koch hahahaha, or if dame dash ever gets a successful new business venture going and actually becomes famous in the industry for something other than rocafella

  • truth

    I have to agree with sickamore because they way you win the beef in not by just lyrically killing someone but cutting off their money. Like Jay-z said to make a nigga die bleeding is nothing to make a nigga die breathing now you saying something. Nas won the lyrical battle with Jay-z but he is now working for Jay-z so Jay-z won. 50 got one more win coming and that camron because that nigga is ass.21-0-02

  • truth

    To quote Jay-z to make a nigga die bleeding is nothing to make a nigga die breathing now you saying something. That is the heart of what 50 tries to do with these dudes yes he has loss some of the verbal battles but to win the war you must be able to stay relevant and on top and besides Jay-z 50 is the only rapper that is truely relevant outside of Hip Hop world.

  • DocZeus

    Sick, that was some plain old 50 stannery at its finest. Just because you are working from XXL doesn’t mean you have tote company line. Game not winning the 50 beef? Come the fuck on! 300 Bars is the last great diss track. I would argue that ruining the careers of everyone around him, and ending G-Units reign of wackness is by far a bigger blow, and going platinum is by far better revenge than keeping Dre off an album.

  • http://yahoo.com jordany

    THATWHITEDUDE i feel you my nigga, that’s some real talk, it’s easy to see the facts, if you notice everytime 50 got an album coming the marketing plan starts with some beef, i don’t like dude but, you gotta give ‘em his props, he ain’t tryin’ to be the most lyrical dude he just tryin’ to get more paper. On ”What Up Gangsta” he had a line that said ”you gettin’ money/ i can’t get none with ya then fuck you”, so basically don’t fuck with his paper, same thing with Jay, anybody that got Reasonable Doubt knows the first song on the album ”Can’t Knock The Hustle” that tittle says it all, it’s gon’ be 11 years since 6-25-96 and still nobody has even come close to knock his hustle, don’t believe me go ask Dame Dash & Biggs.

  • truth

    I agree with THATWHITEDUDE with 50 lyrics come second or third just like Jay-z said to make a nigga die bleeding is nothing but to make a nigga die breathing now you saying something. Also for all the game fans yes he did have better disses but he is a loser in the in because where is his blackwallstreet imprint what label is it under.Ti was able to sell less records than game did on his first album but was able to release and push one of his artist. Game spent so much energy pursuing beef with g-unit he never got his clothing line or his label off the ground. While 50 is doing book,movie, and condom deals. Plus yes g-unit dropped wack albums in 2006 but who knows what the next buck and 50 album will sound like 2007. Puffy and Jay-z prove once you get the money you don’t have to drop hot albums or hot songs all the time you just use the music to keep your name relevant.

  • http://www.thesbdexperience.com livefromthe225

    when it’s all said and done and everyone realizes that curtis & co. really make wack music, they will no longer be valuable to the overseers (iovine & co.)thus all of the aforementioned “victories” will be irrelevant and curtis will go the route of stanley from oakland aka MC Hammer

    –trust the fact…yeah Hammer still got $, but really who the f*ck cares about his every move…this will be Curtis…Hammer had about 3-4 solid years atop the industry (as far as sales/endorsements) so Curt’ is right about at the end of his rope (2003–)…why u think he’s calling the next disc “before i self destruct”…dude aint stupid

  • Layon

    everybody it seems fifty beef’s wit ends up in jail HMMmmmmm *snitch*

  • Osadummy

    i see that that u r also a 50 cent dick rider.

    game smashed him, fat joe mixed him, and jada bodied him. and cam is bout to get in that ass as well. gunit’s not fuccin wit dipset

    what the f r u talkin about 20-0-2

    ur crazy. people forget that this guy is not even a passable lyricist. he raps at a third grade level

    get off 50′s dick

  • jacquez
  • Belize

    Dude u a fiddy dick rida. he didnt body Shyne or the Game…

    *tsk, tsk*



    I would still call the 50-Game beef at the least a tie. If Curttissss would have won Game wouldn’t have had one f the best albums of 06. And I dont think not having any Dre beats on his album was a bad thing.

  • http://www.myspace.com/suntzu Sun Tzu

    you are dickriding 50 HARD

    extremely hard

  • Incilin

    Just to be clear, 200 bars is not a song about G-Unit. It was recorded while Game was still on G-Unit (“I wouldn’t be on MTV with Banks, Fifth, and Buck/ I aint trying to be LA’s king he carry a pimp cup”) The song disses Joe Buddens and Mep Bleek. You should post a blog about Game’s record, he’s had a lota beef in his time.

  • mannyworld33


  • Cuban Link

    lmao damn, 50 really did kill a whole lot of people.Wow.U forgot a few thou, like the lil beef brewing with Joe Budden and didnt he just have a lil run in with Mya?

  • hoodsavior

    damn sick you work for the unit?…yo gave him all the beefs…you must mean from another view, cause lyrically he lost to both game and the lox

  • Nas Is Here

    50 lost to d-block,game and nas ur crazy for thinkin othawise how the hell u gonna say game lost wen he shut down the whole g-unit camp plus went platinum

  • deep

    how the fuck did 50 beat game. have you heard 300 bars. game beat 50/

  • Sam

    WTF is this? Game murdered 50, easyily, just because he doesn’t get any Dre beats (he got two, according too Game) anymore, does that mean 50 won? Hell no, Banks sold shit, Game’s on platinum, Game has dedicated like 2-3 mixtapes to dissing G-Unit, nobody gives a fuck about G-Unit anymore.
    Nas murdered 50, easily, MC Burial is hell of a diss track, do you count Piggybank as a diss?
    Shyne is in prison, so? Does it matter, he still gave the best diss.
    You can’t really call it a beef if 50 signs Mobb Deep right after Piggybank, he just gave a metaphor… that’s not a diss.
    LOX murders G-Unit, easily, anytime, anywhere.
    Dude, you gotta stop dickriding that faggot as Snitchy Cent.

  • NoMamesBuey

    DJ BITCHamore, how could you say 50 beat Game, after “300 Bars” & several other of Game’s scathing etherings & Schiavoings of G-Unot. OTOH, did 50 even produce ONE decent “diss verse” against Game?

    And don’t tell me that 50 being richer matters. If that’s the case, Brittney Spears & Bill Gates pwn Notorious BIG. Of course bank account is irrelevant when judging rap beef.

  • Prince Of The South

    1. Just a touch by 50 cent
    2. Carry On Tradition by Nas.

    Hardest Blow: “Its an emergency/when Micheal Jackson see/her picture and say “she looks like me”

    I thought I was the only one who caught he was going at Kim, because all people talked about was Joe, Jada, and Nas. I agree with you because beef isn’t always about the actual music. Reason most these dudes can’t stand 50 is because he bodied their careers without going hard.

    WHEN THAT SAIGON ALBUM COMMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prince Of The South

    Only three people survived the Game beef and the only one still strong is 50. Game might reach platinum if his new song with Kanye becomes a top 20 hit and Buck barely holding on through the mixtapes, because that “I Know You Want ME” single is garbage. Game got G-unit in a hole, but it took four mixtapes and two years of dissing to do it. Game hasn’t even reached platinum on his own and if he do he needed Kanye to help him. If Game a Boss compare his numbers to 50′s and not G-unit.

  • blk

    He must be in your pocket….to much dickridin’ on this particular blog son. We talkin’ lyrics right??? Yeh Curtis bodied SOME people but what you got on here is sum pure d shit! U must be Sick…Game bodied his whole camp and u think Piggy bank was better than MC Burial??? Yo Prince of the South you 4got “Hold Down The Block” by Nas. Just listen to the last 8 bars…”Queensbridge Projects HAS TAUGHT HIM….”

  • BK’s Finest



    Game won the beef with 50. G-Unit lost that untouchable factor after Game went at them…

  • BK’s Finest


  • Cuban Link

    u never talked about his beef with Murder Inc and Ja, u just showed a picture and said pt 2 tommorow, and that was his mast famous beef ever.

  • Rizzop

    1. Game did not lose. He air all them niggas out.
    2. Lyrically the LOX ate 50′s ass up. He aint win that battle.
    3. Cassidy had a nigga oiled up with a thong on in his video…..nuff said
    4. 50 had to pay diddy to get mase on his label. Theres contracts involved. And he bodied 50: IM RICHER BITCH!!!! Nothing 50 can say about that.

    5. Nas took 50 on tour when he was a nobody and when you start hating on a nigga’s women in rap beef, you are a women. God’s son dont even gotta address that lame shit. He been doing it better, longer.

    Please hop off this mans dick. He aint Rakim.

  • Rizzop

    Niggas forgot how Fat Joe got up at the MTV awards and thanked G-unit for all the police protection…..them niggas aint do shit either.

  • dipset#1

    no prob with what you ve said but The Game won the beef very easily. Mr Potatohead was just lame.

  • EReal

    ^ What are they sposed to do run up on stage and whoop his ass?

    I saw that live and you could hear Buck and Bank$ and Yayo screamin “Fuck you, fatass nigga, WHAT WHAT” Fat Hoe looked shook and then 50 and Yayo got at him after their performance on stage. So yeah, they did do shit. Fat Hoe didnt do shit.

  • EReal

    Wheres the murder inc one?

  • Rizzop

    ^^^^^^^^^^Hell yeah, you gonna start shit but dont do nothing? What part of the game is that? Oh i forgot…..ya’ll love that WWE beef. Fat joe known for knockin a couple niggas out. He aint go up on the stage and talking shit if he shook. 50 riding in a bulletproof tank. If you gonna talk that shit than you better spark that shit too.

  • The Real

    50 did not win all those beefs, i c who ever posted this is clearly a 50 fan

  • EReal

    Thats all Fat Hoe did, he went up talkin some shit and they harrassed his ass, then he looked shook, then they shouted him after their performance. Neither of them did shit, rappers never do. I dont get your point here, I was just making the point that they did about as much as Fat Hoe.

  • latinpistol07

    come on that lil bitch ass Game aint do shit to fifty. he aint no1 flop. they would of sold the same cause banks songs werent as good as hunger for more anyway. cassidy aint goona do notin. nas knows watz good and styles admitted 50 won that. wat is yall talkin bout.

  • shaun01

    personally, i think jada got 50

  • Rizzop

    It just seemed as if there is alot of Gunit dick riding (20-0-2 C’mon!)on here sometime, and he hasnt one all his battles. ( if its just about the money, his last two projects aint do too well)

  • EReal

    Yeah I smell you homie. I just like to play devil’s advocate.
    Some people wanna just tell whatever side of the story ya know, which ever supports their opinions.
    I could really care less either way ya know? I just enjoy the debate and such. Exchange of opinions, kna mean?

  • dipset#1

    lol that old guy in cam’s video aint sayn curtisssssss. he says sth like harryyyyyyyyyyyy. probably wanna beef with another construction worker lol
    ^^ saw it written somewhere

  • dipset#1

    plz notice carefully what that old guys says in the video he aint sayn curtissssssss though……………..

  • BirdsFlySouth

    You stupid if you think he beat Shyne

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Game Murked 50

  • http://myspace.com/ghanghiskhan http://myspace.com/ghanghiskhan

    Check out new music from Ghanghis Khan @ http://myspace.com/ghanghiskhan

  • Prince Of The South

    blk Says:

    Yo Prince of the South you 4got “Hold Down The Block” by Nas. Just listen to the last 8 bars…”Queensbridge Projects HAS TAUGHT HIM….”

    Damn I ain’t catch that when I was listening to the song I just thought he was talking about an older dude from queens like he did on memory lane. If 50 and Nas smart they’ll squash the beef and go at Cam. Both of them smart. Nas didn’t feed into the hype when Piggy Bank dropped because he saw what 50 was doing, making them keep his name in the street, so he never said his name.

  • Cuban Link

    lemme just say 300 bars was the worst diss ever.Even My FoFo was better.To beat someone ur supposed to body someone with as few lines as possible and make them really hit hard.Not rap for 16 minutes.Game was a dumbass for that one.

  • t.diddy17

    the game lost? game killed 50. look whos on top and dre and 50 aint even backing him up. my point:50 done fell off

  • cinematic eric

    Sickamore seems to be on 50 dick. Casue that niggas wack.


    wtf he lost to black child cuz he stabbed them niggaz up and exposed him as a snitch by showin the world the restraining order papers.

  • Chicago

    AINT NO WAY 50 WON THE BEEF BETWEEN HIM AND GAME! 300 Bars n’ Runnin was one of the best diss tracks of all time. In 50′s case on some of those beefs he had power and like all other beefs its a war of words.

  • dizz

    game destroyed g-unit

  • b-tek

    game beat out tayo,deep,and banks

    well see about buck the week after march 20th

    he didn’t beat 50….50 is Games boss,he makes more money of the doctors Advocate cd then game does

    at the end of the day when all the smoke is cleared, Jayceon Taylor is getting pimped by curtis jackson for some money basically game is just another disgruntled employee

  • King Me

    50 did body alot of people though,

    Nas song was aight but he aint touch on nothing like the line 50 hit wit kelis.

    50 won.

    Cassidy lyrically got him but overall 50′s album the massacre was talked about cus of the buzz of piggybank.

    jada won overall becuse of the song called checkmate.

    point blank

  • U Know

    Fat Joe started the beef with a freestyle aimed at 50 back in 2002 on DJ Enuff’s mixtape entitled Its Ya Birthday… Just letting the people know

  • Viper357

    Yo yo…that pump ass nigga 50 is a fuckin snitch….that bitch is so lame,that he can just ride on my dick straight !

  • Real Recognize Real

    The only thing I have a problem with is that Nas actually started beef with Fif. And Game wasn’t down to ride so he had to go…..and he has absolutely nothing to do with G-Unit’s recent “Gold” record status so stop giving him credit for that just b/c he starts claiming he did so……..I mean this is the same guy that impersonated a police officer, come on man.

  • unseen

    jay-z im like jordan in the garden watch how quickly i drop 50 . niggas is not playing niggas will not stick me

    big pun . 50 i know you said that shit to get your nut off , but next time ill blow your motherfucking head off

    ghostface. yo 50 look at the niggas hair line ( supremem cliente ) interlude

  • unseen

    jay-z im like jordan in the garden watch how quickly i drop 50 . niggas is not playing niggas will not stick me

    big pun . 50 i know you said that shit to get your nut off , but next time ill blow your motherfucking head off

    ghostface. yo 50 look at the niggas hair line ( supremem cliente ) interlude

  • unseeen

    nas– your made of offical acids son i forgive your bastards if you repent to the nazarth savage

  • Cuban Link

    Chicago Says:

    February 25th, 2007 at 2:11 pm
    AINT NO WAY 50 WON THE BEEF BETWEEN HIM AND GAME! 300 Bars n’ Runnin was one of the best diss tracks of all time. In 50’s case on some of those beefs he had power and like all other beefs its a war of words.

    ^??? 300 bars n running sucked ass worst diss track ever

  • Real_nygga

    man get the fuck outta here if 50 got shyne, cam, the lox, or the Game…the Game killed 50 on 300 bars right alone with G-unit..the lox murk him..he didnt even go back afta jadakiss..shyne outshined him and cam got everybody calling this nigga curttissss…dumbass…you need to be fired from blogging ole warlus teeth having ass nigga…what about Rap-A-Lot…Rap-A-Lot shitting on 50 cent…Z-ro, Scarface & Bun-B nigga…DF man?!?!? your a 50 cent dick rider..50 hots but damn face reality he didnt fuck with half of them guys you claim he did…Fucking lame lolll!!

  • Fatal1

    50 is good but if it wasnt for EM an DRE he would hav lost 5-10 beefs
    cause rest of the rappers are worried about their careers ending like ja rule u kno by EM an DRE lol
    the real career ender is EM
    u gotta agree

  • fif the boss

    fuck every rapper goin fif man,he the man of hip hop,gayme is gay manhe ride dre dick,g unit 4 life,

  • fif the boss

    holla g unit u cnt stop the movement we ride on any crew,fuck cam man,he wear pink,

  • herb_z

    fuck em all fif u the man,they b player hatin kid,holla at ya boy,

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