BRANDY is more hardbody than your favorite rapper.

Fuck what you heard bitches, if your favorite rapper is still killing emcees on wax that dude is pussy. If he is smacking emcees in the face at a YouTube rap battle he still isn’t keeping his shit as hardbody as Brandy. She is killing motherfuckers in these streets for real.

As skinny as Brandy is she could prah’lee use her elbow as a dagger but instead she is merck’ing fools with her SUV, and then she is straight up confessing to shit like it’s nothing. While y’all sit up all night in ya’ mommas basements and talk shit about my nigga Paul Wall and the fact that Jay-Z brought Coke and Budweiser to Africa Brandy is prah’lee running over wild perdestrians in L.A. The funny shit is that I don’t know how she is gonna walk on this trial now that your cousin Johnnie Cochran is dead. Ray-J’s allowance is gonna get cut after this is all said and done.

How ill is it that Brandy has leapfrogged ahead of all female rappers (and the majority of male rappers) in terms of street cred. She’s still a long way from touching Diddy’s overall bodycount, but her resume just got more street than Remy Ma, Lil’ Kim and Foxy all in one evening. Foxy Brown’s charge of beating up a Asian manicurist should be thrown out of court until Foxy gets up the hardbody nerve to make that nail salon look like the Cambodian ‘killing fields’. Lil’ Kim has been home from the clink for over half a year now and she can’t get a decent 16 on anybody’s track, but I will bet you a green dollar that every rapper with a single slated for second quarter release wants Brandy on their hook.

I love the fact that everyone wants some scrilla because they learned that it was Brandy behind the wheel. Even though ‘Moesha’ is in syndication the paper she gets from that show ain’t as long as you might imagine. I see Brandy on wild amount of billboards doing ads for hair products. Don’t them niggas know that Brandy wears wigs? She the one chick that might have as many wigs as BeYonce. Umm, maybe not so much, but she still keep hell’a wig poppin’ off. Why do you think Brandy so skinny? She trying to prolong the residuals from her first album by eating one half of a can of tunafish every week. Brandy ain’t gon’ waste her good money on food. Not the way these cocaine prices are escalating. I’m just saying, Brandy is more hardbody than everybody except Cassidy, because he killed his BFF over a cheesesteak sandwich.


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  • thoreauly77

    woah billy. this post is scandalous dude.

  • Evorgleb

    man i honestly feel bad for Brandy. I’d hate to have that on my conscience

  • vik


    you tell the people!

  • Nasser

    Lol, and 1st bitches

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “She’s till a long way from touching Diddy’s overall bodycount”


  • j

    bol and billy for emperors of america



  • skip


  • skip

    The dumb shit some of u blog about isn’t gonna stop tell 1 of u (bol and urself) either get beat down bad or killed(and I don’t wish that butt).

  • derfla the hus’la

    you sound like a dude that hasn’t got pussy for a while……..nah for real what is the point of this blog I can understand the jabs you throw at jay-z coz it looks like thats what you and your mentor(bol) are good at but nigga get serious..

  • rkm

    This blog sucks. XXL please get someone new.

  • Blog

    Dag, this is a disgrace to blogs everywhere, even me…I’m embarassed to be a blog ’cause of this post

  • M

    yeah, this is wack on several levels.

  • d stapes

    damn man, it was an accident and the girl feels bad as shit already. wtfiuwtbs?

    be easy homie…shock might not be the best way to go all the time.

  • content


  • houstonkingpen

    dude you have to be really reachin for something to talk about to make fun of Brandy. Its not Brandy or her Whitney Houston lovin brother that bothers me….its that you dont have enuf morals to pay respect to the families of the deceased.

    I hope you get hit by a bus…..then struck by lightning..

  • JeRSeY ReSiDeNT


  • jacquez
  • Bowser da Boss

    Damn I knew the potshots at Brandy would happen sooner or later. Im surprised you got it in before Bol did.

  • EReal


    Whats this a lesson in spin?
    Jesus H homie, you aint pullin no punches.
    Did Brandy hurt you homie?(No Bol)
    Oh, wait, did Ray-J not call you back for a second date and now you takin it out on big sis? Sorry mang, you aint got nothin on a clean Whitney.
    Let it burn sunday, Let it Burn.

    1 hunned.

  • Meka Soul

    >I’m just saying, Brandy is more hardbody than everybody except Cassidy, because he killed his BFF over a cheesesteak sandwich. Allegedly.>




    i was rolling when u started refering to Brandy ad “hard body”…

    AT least u acknowleged Cassidy as being the most “hard body” for the real life body he caught, then he almost got bodied himself!

    That’s like 50 Cent and Kanye in a year & some change!

  • J.R.O.

    Aahh that’s cold, Sunday… Oh well!


    This is just purely clownin’, bravo, Billy!


    LOL Nice post man…..

    Brandy don’t play

    I’m just saying, Brandy is more
    hardbody than everybody except Cassidy, because he killed his BFF over
    a cheesesteak sandwich. Allegedly.
    Ay don’t ever take someones food without asking…serves him right.

  • john cochran

    Now I fucked with all your previous posts. Dont fuck it up by tryin to be bol. Somebody’s mother, sister, cousin, and/or daughter was just killed. Your just being an ass. I would imagine this in a horrible situation for everyone involved. Dont make light of it.

  • sATaLyte

    Damn, what’s Ray J going to do. He was finally just about to catch up with her in terms of star power, but then Brandy goes out and straight merc’s some poor innocent bystander and yanks Ray J’s little gangsta ass rug right from underneath his feet.

  • Rex Grossman

    This lame motherfucker bit his whole sytle from Bol. Bol may be funny almost never, but he is a loser… Atleast find a better role model. Bitch.


    brandy will probably justy shell out a few hundred thousands, but def not that 50 mill that she is getting sued for. life’s a bitch, just bend it over and fuck it.

  • Robbie

    Yeah she’s set to be the female Akon this year.

  • http://dsf fa

    You try too hard to be funny.

  • AZ

    That shit is cold bloooded

  • Blog

    Dag, this post makes all blogs look bad, even me…I’m embarassed to be a blog right now ’cause of this dumb sh*t

  • vS

    This was the most ridiculous excuse for a blog or “writing” that I have ever read. How dare you use your power to communicate with masses to degrade and disrespect not just Brandy, but the families involved in this tragic incident. Find yourself a new job please or better yet, find a life first.

  • vS

    That was the most ridiculous excuse for a blog or writing that I have ever read anywhere. How dare you use your privilege of being able to communicate with the masses, and degrade and disrespect not only Brandy but the lives lost in two separate tragedies, as well as the families who suffered. Please, find yourself another job…or better yet, find yourself a life and then don’t use it to write…ever again, not even in a birthday card.

  • Goldenarmz

    this was an idiotic post.. .can i have my 5 mins back plz

  • Goldenarmz

    why couldnt you be in the car, that way this post wouldnt have been written.

  • thatwhitedude

    lol good post billy, you got plenty of haters and you just started…looks like a good sign to me…watch out for diddy though, he don’t like having his killin business aired out, dude has probably made tons of people disappear…

  • Lazy

    damn that was cold. a mother dies and brandy has that on her conscience and you joke about that. worst blog ive ever read. fuck sunday.

  • Chuck E

    Well, if it’s like that, you forgot that Ras Kass is one of the only MCs to ever be convicted of killing someone and still rapping today, but obviously that’s not good enough for anybody yelling out the Game’s name…

  • Davinche


    You did bite some elements from a post on Bol’s site though.
    Still fucking funny. Good post

  • mzcarter

    do u ever taLk about anything interesting?

  • hip hop is on life support

    this blog is unnessisary. it’s not that im offended or anything….i just dont care and im not interested. that is like some high school “heee heee yo nigga….guess what i just thought of….!” type shit! boooh

  • Tom

    Bol called. He wants his style back.

  • raul

    we don’t need a bootleg byron crawford

  • Poisonous Dart

    Damn…this shit ain’t even remotely funny. If you can look yourself in the mirror and get a good night’s sleep after writing some shit like this then do you. After all, you’re a grown man and if you don’t feel any responsibilty for what you write or have a conscience than God bless you, fam…I couldn’t live with myself writing something as tasteless as this^


  • Devo G

    First off, Brandy hit a car that hit someone else, which in turn got hit again. So she is not out here murking people as you say. Secondly, today you and boL have been equally offensive. It’s one thing to big up less talented individuals(Dipset), just because you refuse to grow up and realize that hip-hop, like it’s artist are getting older everyday, and must mature to keep itself relevant. But when you start clownin dead people, you all have gone way too far. I love laugh and be entertained as much as the next man but shit, I know when not to cross that line. bol taking shots at ODB? You would be served well if Wu-Tang’s “weed carriers” snatched your ass up and replayed some of those torture ideas they talked about in interlude. You remember “I’ll cut your knee caps off and make you kneel in staicase piss” or “I’ll sew your asshole closed and keep feeding you” or the alltime fav “I’ll put your nuts on a table and bang them shits with a spiked bat”. The family of the victim in the Brandy incident probably wouldn’t go that far, but I can assure you they feel a certain way about it, and you. It one thing to assert your opinions, and try to be entertaining at the same time, but damn homie,you should be wayyyy more respectful. You all are giving XXL a bad name. Yall act like wing of fox news or some shit. Shit, at least bol’s ignorance grew on me. The short time you have been here has not been insightful at all. Switch b4 u dig your career a ditch.
    Let it be known this was not written out of hate for U, only hate for ignorant ass people with a platform. I really dont want to see another bro lose his job, but one more “jig” reference and that might change. Go BEARS.

  • Biganuf

    C’mon cuz, u coulda found some otha shit 2 talk about than Brandy.

  • Biganuf

    That aint real-talk. The shit coulda happened 2 any of us. U oughta b prayn 4 the family of the life that was lost along with prayn 4 Brandy. U neva know when u may b goin some real-life SHIT!

  • L-double E

    Say a prayer fo’ her and stop being a critic. Could’ve been you!

  • Belize

    Lol @ Ray-J gettin his allowance cut off.

  • young smooth

    My nigga youse CRAZY! LMFAO! Brandy reppin that Killa Kali. hope errything is aight, RIP to the lady who lost her life. Like said earlier, if anyhting, Brandy will have this on her conscinece for life… I went to Iraq twice and I can honestly say I don’t think I got any bodies on me, I mean I shot my M16 on 20+ different occasions and people died, but for me actually killing a enemy, i can’t call it, and i like it that way. peace!

  • it be like dat

    I hate that for Brandy, I hope this dont send her down under, i also hate that people think you only credible if a life was lost, we are in the last days!!

  • hannah smith

    You’re an idiot.

    If you’re gonna try and do a Bol-style post at least make it funny.

    Having read your other entries I suspect you won’t be blogging for XXL for too much longer.

  • hannah smith

    “Bol called. He wants his style back.”


  • mannyworld33

    SWAGGA’ JACKA’!!!!!!!!!!!


    dude..u talkin…no, jokin’ bout someones mother, sister, aunt dying? that’s wild…i guess u taking dat freedom of speech shit and running with it, huh? some things just are not funny. how would u feel if someone rear-ended your momma, killing her.. and then have an asshole like u, make jokes about it?

  • jfoxgot raps

    horrible. couldnt even finish reading this garbage.

  • snyper 48

    Feel sorry for you man, acting like a fool

  • Playa=50=

    this aint funny billy u idiot! a person died and u make jokes??
    stupid azz fuck u. and brandy lern to drive!!

  • Cyn

    All I can say is….this is NOT funny. The mistake she made behind the wheel is one that any of us could have made, and a person was killed…someones loved one. This is not funny. There should be more respect for human life as well as the dead. My prayers go out to Brandy, her family and the family of the deceased….oh, and to you too Billy. Cause you straight up need Jesus!

  • Billy Sunday

    I don’t laugh at Brandy, I laugh at all the homos who secretly collect cabbage patch dolls and find offense at this post.

  • Cuban Link


    i still got love for Brandy though.

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