They don't really make it rain in strip clubs here in St. Louis, but this summer I gotta go down to Atlanta for some shit, and I'm hoping to finally experience this phenomenon firsthand, if not actually participate myself. Trust that I'll be documenting my experiences either way.

Only thing is, now I'm kinda worried I might get shot. Last summer, I brought you the story of the killing of T.I.'s bff Philant Johnson, which may or may not have been making it rain-related, and now I see there's been yet another high profile incident connected with the trend.

Last weekend was NBA All-Star Weekend out in Las Vegas. As I mentioned on my own site, accounts of the weekend sound like some shit right out of The Source Awards circa 1995. All told, something like 400 people were locked up during the course of the festivities.

At a club where Nelly and some of his piff pocketers were kicking it, there was a shooting that was said to involve someone making it rain. Hater that I am, I assumed that this was Nelly; but, as it turns out, it was some football player named Pacman Jones.

I should have known it wasn't Nelly when the reports noted that the incident invovled a few hundred dollars being thrown in the air. As much money as Nelly has, making it rain with Bol's monthly salary here at XXL could be detrimental to his career. I know I wouldn't look at him the same.

According to reports, Pacman Jones threw the money in the air and then got pissed off when one of the hoes started picking it up. He grabbed the back of the ho's head and started slamming it into the stage. Apparently the ho hadn't waited long enough to start picking up the money.

My guess is either that a) this was that one bitch you see in the strip club who's obviously like 49 years old and has had more than one kid by c-section and maybe he wanted some of the better-looking strippers to get his money, or b) he wanted to make sure everybody in the club had enought time to notice he had thrown three hundred dollars in the air before some skank shoved it in her hoo-hah.

This video, sent in by my Madison, WI Bureau Chief Hastings Cameron, breaks down what happened eyewitness news-style:

Supposedly, a bouncer broke up the fracas between Pacman and the ho (I feel so silly even writing about this), which prompted Pacman to threaten he was going to kill the bouncer. They left the club, but then came back a couple of hours later, at which point one of Pacman's weed carriers shot the bouncer. The bouncer is now paralyzed from the waist down.

In the video, which looks like it's from the evening news in Nashville, they interview some black chick who says she's been in strip clubs on several occasions when making it rain-related incidents have broken out. It's not made clear whether she's a dyke or a stripper, but my guess is that it's the latter. I thought she made a good point though when she said that if Pacman Jones didn't want that woman to pick up his money, he shouldn't have made it rain.