I checked out Cam’s “Cuuuurtissssssssss” video this morning, and I had to laugh at the opening shot. That GQ cover is jokes. Still, it dawned on me that I’m not the least bit interested in the Cam/50 beef. [1] Not at all. I know, I know. It’s supposed to be the hot thing setting tongues wagging right now. And I’ll admit that Dipset really know how to cook up an entertaining beef. If beef is your thing, this one will probably rock your world.

But beef is not my thing. It makes me uncomfortable. Slash bored.

Maybe it’s cause I’m female [2], and not even remotely invested in the whole macho pissing contest thing. Or maybe it’s cause I’ve seen beefs escalate in real life, with heartbreaking results. Either way, I can’t squeeze an ounce of enjoyment out of watching Cam and 50 go at each other. I’m simply not able to observe it for the spectacle that it’s supposed to be.

All I see is two talented, successful men with a whole lot to lose trying to drag each other backwards into petty, street-level bullshit. Two dudes that grew up with not much of anything, and have likely endured their fair share of crap in their lifetimes, who are obsessed with getting their respect. And willing to risk everything they’ve built to maintain that. It feels futile. And dangerous.

I’m sure folks will say that you can’t read this much into it, that it’s just a modern day cipher, and blah blah blah. I like a good verbal battle as much as the next hip-hop head, but these sort of beefs have an edge that I can’t really shake. If we’re lucky, it stays in the booth, and the only damage done is to perpetuate the public perception that crazy-ass rappers can’t get along. If we’re not lucky, it’s tragedy. And I feel like hip-hop has had enough tragedy already.

I know, I know. Debbie Downer. But someone’s got to play voice of reason on the mean streets of the Internet.


[1] Although I find it fascinating that the only time Cam makes any sense is on diss tracks. None of that “lemonhead, end up dead, ice like Winnipeg” nonsense here.

[2] Are there female beef fiends out there? If there are actually any females that read this site, lemme know.