First of all happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading this. I'd be lying if I said my chances of scoring this evening were more than likely, but who knows. If any young ladies in the area are reading this and want to meet me at the Jack in the Box over by the airport for some tacos and some verbal abuse, you know where I can be reached (i.e., in my mother's basement). Then we could see where it leads from there. A case of Natty back at Bol's place? Me giving it to you like Jason Patric on Amy Brenneman in the last scene of Your Friends & Neighbors?

Anything's possible.

No but really, has there ever been a community in such a state of romantic disfunction as the hip-hop community? Probably not, right? The statistics seem to bear this out. Perhaps you've read these before elsewhere, but just so we're all on the same page, here goes.

Black people are the least married group of people in the US. In 2001, according to the US Census, 43.3 percent of black men and 41.1 percent of black women had never been married. I know I hadn't! (My dorm at the time gave us free Blow Pops if we participated in the US Census.) In contrast, only 27.4 percent of white men and 20.7 percent of white women (presumably the most fucked up-looking white chicks evar) had never been married.

Black women in particular are having a tough go at it. A recent story in the New York Times heralded the fact that more than half of all women in the US are now living without a spouse, but the statistics are heavily skewed by race. In fact, most white, Asian, and hispanic women are living with a spouse. It's black women, of which less than a third are married, who are dragging down the average.

Liberal Jew-run piece of shit that it is, of course the Times story attempted to portray this as the majority of women up and deciding of their own volition that they don't need a man. But as a story that appeared the next day in the Columbia Journalism Review pointed out, a) it's not all women we're talking about here, but primarily black women, and b) what kind of woman do you know to just decide she'd rather die poor and lonely.

Granted, I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the overall state of social disfunction in the black community, having to do with education, unemployment, the prison industrial complex and what have you, but that can't be it, right? More black people these days are joining the middle class than ever before, but our relationships don't seem to be improving. Black men and women just seem to not get along more than men and women of any other race.

What do you 'bags think? Does the black woman need to work on her attitude? Do black men need to grow up? Is this the white woman's fault for being so desirable? All of the above?