You CAN Knock The Hustle

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I’m kind of happy for Jay-Z
that he has partnered up with Coke to sell their disgusting fake
cherry soda to jig babies. Lord knows that four out of five dentists
could use the work in the near future.

The real reason I’m happy is that Jay-Z can finally stop lying about
selling Coke. Albeit, this Coke can’t get you sent to prison for
several decades, but at least it has the word Coke in it. I found it
terribly inconsistent that Jay-Z gave people the image of a
transitioned former kingpin when everybody that ever touched real dirt
knows that the Feds don’t allow celebrities on the streets. If your
name ever rang a bell to the jakes then you had to have served a Fed
clip. Real talk. There was never any getting out of the game for the
All-Stars. A mule might get away scot free, but not with any paper,
and definitely not with any dignity. More real talk.

So many rap fans live a life that has no respect for the journey that
people take into adulthood. They think that money is the end all be
all, and whatever you do to attain some is validated by the materials
you purchase. I too know what it is to grow up poor myself. I had a
paper route until I was fourteen that I wish I had at this moment. I
won’t knock Jay-Z’s rags to riches hustle, but I will question his
methods. The recent move to eff with Budweiser was suspect since he
has always promoted a ‘Money Ain’t A Thang’ champagne and caviar
lifestyle. The same goes for the GM promotion for a vehicle that is
obviously several steps down from a Maybach. Jay-Z was running the
risk of ruining a brand that in ten years had come to define the
highest level of conspicuous consumption.

Now that Jay-Z has gotten his act together and saddled up next to a
product that fits his character at least in name maybe he can let
Bubba Sparkxx or St. Louis resident Nelly eff with the Anheuser-Busch
brand since they seem more connected to that crap than he is. This
also made me think about what products would make for smart marketing
synergy with other popular rappers.

Lil’ Kim and Lee Press-On Nails – Every year Lil’ Kim keeps adding
more plastic to her body in the race to outweird Michael Jackson.
What if Kim partnered up with the classic do-it-yourself manicure set
for a whole new line of crazy day glo fingernail products. While Kim
is working this deal she should also try to get herself a line of hair
extending products too. You can never have enough blonde weave is a
direct quote from BeYonce.

Snoop Dogg Collars and Biscuits – For adults and really large pets.

Ghostface and Mrs.Gorton’s Fish Sticks – Can it all be so simple?

Jibbs Speak and Spell – MC Jibbs teaches your three year old the
English language using his own limited vocabulary and pronunciation

Lil’ Wayne Lip Gloss – When you want to slip your daddy a lil’ tongue
on his lips.

Common Sense Macrame and Needle Point Kit – For knitting your own
scarves, pants and hats. Using 100% hemp thread.

You pretty much get the point that I’m trying to make. I don’t
consider you to be a sell out when the products that you promote were
always part of the character that you presented to me and the rest of
the rap fans out here. At least that way I might start to believe
what you say when you make a record, as opposed to thinking that you
are trying to sell me a mythical lifestyle that you don’t even live.

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  • Meka Soul

    >Lil’ Wayne Lip Gloss – When you want to slip your daddy a lil’ tongue on his lips.>


  • luvy

    damn they need to fire u . BORRRIIIINGGGGGG!


    LMFAO this post was great props dog.

  • Al@b@m@

    1st bitches

  • Cuban Link

    lmao aha that was actually pretty creative.Nice job.Lmao @ jibbs speak and spell.

  • derfla the hus’la

    dude what are you a carbon copy of bol?.

  • bk home of biggie

    dude it’s not like jay labelled himself as a kingpin he jus sayed he sold coke not like mafia units coke dude jus a few drugs man anybody with half a brain can do that I know plenty of cats selling drugs and setting out recording studio’s thats jus part of any hustle man any body from the street knows that you’re lame and so is your post

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Anybody that would be dumb enough to tell the Feds that he pushed coke is dumb enough to serve some time.

    The Feds don’t play that bullshit unless your name is Oliver North and you are down with the CIA.

  • brandonsoderberg

    >>derfla the hus’la Says:
    January 30th, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    dude what are you a carbon copy of bol?>>

    I was thinking the same thing. Bol with more predictable politics.


    The So-Called Criminal Element Of
    HipHop Is Outright Hillarious..
    What Kills Me Is How Criminal They
    Are In The Songs And Then In The
    First Interview They Are Like “We
    Met At SUNY Potsdam” Or Some Weird
    Ish Like That..
    These Days Cats Create Rapsheets
    (The Real One)After They Are In The
    Industry,And That Usually Consists
    Of Weapons And Drug Possesions..
    Everytime I Hear That Jeezy Song
    “I Love It” The More I Wish He
    Would Have Spent At Least Two Years
    In Coxackie,Elmira Or Clinton.Then
    We’d See How Fucking Much He
    “Love It”…


    My Sentiments Exactly,But It’s These
    Jim Jones Type Dudes Wearing Vests
    That I Haven’t Seen Since I Watched
    “The Warriors” That Are Fronting And
    Sending The Wrong Message…
    A Prime Example Of The CokeTalk
    Syndrome Is Jeezy,All This Drug Talk
    (By Way Of A Rotation Of 27 Words)
    And The Federales Didn’t Lock That
    Weird Bald Face Cat Up With His Man
    Big Meech?
    Wasn’t Doing Nothin In The First Place
    If You Ask Me,If He Were Really One Of
    Those Kind Of “Hustlers” He Was An

  • Erik



    A Bol Dick rider.

  • Devo G

    Is there a reason that you and Bol use Jay Z as a reference point, or anchor for your posts. I mean, I know he is a central figure in hiphop, but damn. Rappers were talking about being kingpens and not getting caught before Reasonable Doubt. Jay’s shit is just way more marketable. You get a touch of gangsta, with class, MATURITY, and economic viability. As oppossed to 50′s gangsta killing, 18 year old impressing, gay photo taking, vince mcmahon school of marketing, economics. Pick your poison.

  • P

    I aint tryna hoe oyu homie…but why you on Jay-Z dick so hard, in his music yea he used to portray the most expensive drink/car lifestlye…but as you see in his music now(Kingdom Come) he says “I dont got the bright watch, I got the right watch”…do you have something against people changeing their views when they get older..and you talk like dude had never drank a beer till he got with budweiser, he rapped about cristal, that doesnt mean thats all he drunk, and he never portrayed like he was some boss runnin some drug syndicate, he never even said he had a crew when he was doing it, the FEDs cant get em unless they have evidence and they would be hard pressed to find some now, and when reasonable doubt came out they prolly could care less cause nobody really cared who he was.

  • J.R.O.

    I think this means I should be drinkin’ Cristal right now. And, when I hit 35, I need to start drinking Budweiser…

    Wait… What?

  • Belize

    >everybody that ever touched real dirt
    knows that the Feds don’t allow celebrities on the streets.
    4sho..u should talk about all dem dumb niggaz on smack, acting like they really walkin around with weight and heat after the camera’s goes off “WE DONT BELIEVE U!”..uhh..well i sure fukin dont…


    That weezy shyt had me rollin’ franklin roosevelt

    But….Coca-Cola used to have coke in it, so technically Jay slangin that weight, in a sense they both are ex-pushers who took the money route

    Bob Love

  • derfla the hus’la

    Anybody that would be dumb enough to tell the Feds that he pushed coke is dumb enough to serve some time.

    not everone plays checkers smart peolpe play chess

  • http://dsf fa

    Bol does it bigger and better.

  • http://whocareswhatpeoplethink thecollinb

    so now it’s not enough that a nigga comes from nothing to something, he has to be questioned on whether or not he was as “hood” as his music (read entertainment) said he was while getting there. Never mind the dude has been personally saight ought by two Fortune 500 companies to help re-establish their dying brand at the same fucking time. I swear sometimes it’s no appeasing us spooks.
    If you’re honestly sitting there listening to ANY rap record thinking that your getting a background check you’re about as bright as Bol’s mamas basement light….and you’ve seen how that nigga types
    “teh ghey”
    applaud the nigga (or any nigga) for having ambition to be more than just another rapper. Jay’s is trying to run GE before he passes and you’re commenting on some lyrics ock.

  • jacquez
  • mannyworld33




  • da’realestwritin’


  • EReal

    Shit was funny as hell.
    LoL @ Jibbs speak n spell.

    Actually, no Jiggs drink cristal any more remember?
    Its all about the fuckin dollars man. He wants to get that guap, so I dont think street cred really matters.. I mean look at his last album. I think the thing is, is that when budweiser and GM clocked him for ads that HIS lifestyle is what they’re selling.
    They wanna potray driving your JayZ Blue denali and drinkin a bud select as living that “Champange and Maybach” lifestyle, that just cause JayZ co-signs the shit that it must be dope.
    Money is a thing, it makes the world go round. You’re callin out JayZ for sellin soda and denalis and not slingin coke on the block to the feinds and babies?
    I know what youre sayin is if you aint about it, dont talk about it.
    Well that would take basicly every rapper out the game. Because once these cats sign a 7 figure contract, they aint doin shit anymore. Aint no more BMF’s home boy, this is big bussiness. Now maybe after they flop or fade out, they back in the hood slingin, heh.
    I thought the point was to get the fuck out the hood anyway?

    1 hunned

  • Rizzop

    Damn this some hating. Even if he did do what he said, you still drawing attention to it. What part of the game is that? If you gonna hate on the man for making money at least just mention that he is making money for selling horrible products that contribute to diabetes and obesity. But noooo, you gotta knock his hustle because he never got caught? You make it seem like people cant get up out the game? Its just the ones that hold on too long and dont make their money work for them….

  • Meane Green

    I dont agree with everything he’s saying but this dude is instantly the best blogger here.

  • Phuque

    derfla the hus’la Says:

    January 31st, 2007 at 6:35 am
    Anybody that would be dumb enough to tell the Feds that he pushed coke is dumb enough to serve some time.

    not everone plays checkers smart peolpe play chess

    ^^You must play Candyland.

  • SukedowN

    What they really need to do with Ghost is give him a spot in that new Iron Man movie.

    I’ve been saying this all along.

  • Avenger

    Rizzop let me say this once dude is correct. If you a street level cat selling small units and you make a little cheese, you may be able to quit without getting pinched but then you know the streets is watching cops no what’s up man they just let you do your ish(kill jigs with drugs) for matter of time until you get too big or it’s an election year or some white kid gets killed and then they throw your black as in jail and try to flip you. Now you know if jigga was a real drug lord the feds would have caught his black ass or pinched someone close enough to hurt him. There is no true escape because if cops know and they do they gone pinch you or try to get you to flip just when shit gets good. Look at Irv he never touched weight foreal you looking at a college dude who knew some thug and criminals who may or maynot have lent him money for the label and he starting shouting them out for street cred (dumb move) and the feds came for his ass because they had already seized those assests LOL
    Fact jigga was never a drug kingpin or even that big of a dealer he probably knows cats that did it but he is too smart to get caught in the trap. The man has no true prior record come on people there is no fantasy world where thugs and dealers and pimps go forever unchecked, arrests and death threats come with the territory it’s an occupational hazard LOL

  • Flip

    Im not your biggest fan Mr. Sunday, but this post was rediculously on-point. Props.

  • Danja29

    wow. Bol has a nigga comin’ for his spot with the Jay-Z blogs.

    Maybe y’all can collab and have a big Jay Etherfest that he can read in between closing deals and openin’ B’s legs.

    Hate is the new Love.

  • Denny Henriquez

    “One blu*t, two bricks, one million, 3 splits
    two blocks, three strips, 10 dollars get three nicks
    off one building he’s rich the other two on some deep sh*t
    possibility of conspiracy if he don’t plea 5th
    25 to life for each hit, pointing fingers
    it’s like tag til the jury feels like he’s it
    one g*n, 8 sh*ts, you better decease it
    cause one doctor with two majors
    can get him on his feet quick
    two weeks later, handcuffed in the precint
    parole violation, while detectives keep seeking
    one lawyer, two DA’s and they keep cheating
    Now you stressed and two weeks ago you were eating!”- Gster

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I’m a lucky ass motherfucker to be on this blog shit right now because I found out how really lost a lot of you fools are.

    Stop being cowards. Admit that a drug dealer is the scourge of your community. Admit to yourself that you hate what drugs has meant to your quality of life. Stop being afraid of real talk.

    XXL represents Hip-Hop on a higher level and that is what I am gonna give y’all until you grow the fuck up. Celebrate life bitches.

  • MadeInMilwaukee

    YOu maybe right, but nobody has come forward to say he lying about his past either.

  • j

    dude never had time to sell yayo he was busy being a weed carrier to kane and jaz o

  • j

    plus what big time drug dealer would let himself be recorded saying “yo i sold crazy weight”? absolutely none. the bigger hustler you are the more paranoid you are bout that shit…real talk…and the only thing these rappers is sellin you fools is that pushing drugs is cool. fucking posers …listen to some of yall gettin all emotional cause someone decides to expose shawn carter as a fraud. it would be devestating to some of you cats if u realized he was just regular shawn carter a dude from a low income neighboorhood who had a talent for word play . 99 percent of rappers never even sold an 8th and those that did im sure they managed to fuck that up. keep it movin sunday.good post my nunzio

  • daesonesb

    Anyone living in the ghettos of brooklyn is at best several steps down the ladder from the cats that deal with south america. THat shit has to come in from the Americas, and shit gets relayed through mad middle men till it gets to the ghettos of America (where the coke is already dogshit, cut down to like 60 percent at best). Then it gets cooked into crack. So that whole lifestyle isnt that glamourous.
    You’ve seen the kinda people that these self proclaimed kingpins sell to, they are the twerked out fiends begging on street corners and letting their children run around in the road.

    Most of the people i’ve ever seen that slang shit are deadbeat type dudes that have shitty cars with really nice stereo systems.

  • Rizzop

    “Stop being cowards. Admit that a drug dealer is the scourge of your community. Admit to yourself that you hate what drugs has meant to your quality of life. Stop being afraid of real talk.” ………………That is real talk, drugs havent done anything to make things better, but i dont think that was the point of the blog. being an 80′s baby, i did see alot of people waste their lives behind drugs, but i do happen to know a few cats that did make that hustle pay off by investing it into other things and getting out of the game ASAP. I just find it weird that you are coming at dude’s credibilty for no reason whatsoever. ( You at least didnt put any concrete facts in the blog, but maybe you know something nobody else knows)While i dont agree with the products he is endorsing, why hasnt anyone knock a professional athletes for promoting shoes that cost 100 bucks but the poor kid that made them made 50 cent?(US) Now that an actual rapper is getting involved in the corp. world and making REAL money why does he have to be put on blast? “Now that Jay-Z has gotten his act together and saddled up next to a
    product that fits his character?” Damn you must know dude personally, or like BOL and NAS, “he skeeted in ya baby seat” And im not hating, its just what i see from my perspective….Real talk.


    A mule might get away scot free, but not with any paper,
    and definitely not with any dignity. More real talk.

    ^^^ funny u said that, bcuz that’s all Jay-Z was “back in the day”…

    A mule! he would bring the work down to B’More, VA, DC, etc. THAT’S IT!

    Anyway’s, the story was funny as shit!

  • EReal

    Drugs have always been a part of American culture and always will be. Its unrealistic to think theres going to be a time when theres no drugs on the streets. The only way that is gonna happen is if the government decriminalizes drugs and allows them to be distributed by methadone clinic like places where feinds can get their shit and use it, like they have in Amsterdam. Until then, if theres a market, someones gonna provide the product.
    Its just like south rap music(the bullshit stuff). The higher level cats hate it and want it gone, but theres a huge market of people that are buying it, so its not gonna go away.
    Its sad, and I know first hand that drugs can destroy peoples lives. Ive lost my fair share of friends and family to drugs, and at least at one time I lost my own soul to them as well.(no crack). I was one of the lucky ones to be able to turn my life around and have a successfull carrer. The ghettos are a popular place for drugs because people in the ghetto are in despair. Their daily lives are hard, frustrating and painful. Whats more painful than not having money to feed your crying baby? So people turn to drugs for that escape, a feeling of well being. That everything is gonna be ok, just for that short time. They get that escape and when they face reality, they’ll do anything to get it back. Then they’re hooked.
    Its also unfair to say that ghettos are the only places with drug problems. I dont know if you’ve ever been south, but down here theres tons of addicts that live in places you wouldnt call “ghettos” it’s different down here because we dont have housing projects because of urban sprawl.
    Anyway, to make a long comment unbearable, I dont label the “drug dealer” the scourge of the community. Poverty and Government Non-action is the problem. The drug dealer is just providing a service, that if he didnt someone else would. I mean in most instances he’s poor and sees an opportunity to put some clothes on his back and sneakers on his feet. To have the better things in life his or her parents cant give him, the better things in life all the rappers talk about.
    People are going to look for that release anyway and someone will give it to them. The Drugs themselves, the poverty that causes despair, and the government inaction- (I.E.spending 1.2 TRILLION on a pointless war that they could have used to subsidize programs for single mothers, the poor and starving) -are the scourge of our communities.
    If we dont fix the root cause of the drug use itself and the problems that created it, drug use will never go away in the hood. Im not gonna say the drug dealer is a good person, because they’re not. But the blame cant be placed squarely on him. Darwin said the strong survive and that, sadly, is what I think of when I think of dealers. Praying on the sick, the weak, and the desperate to survive. Its animalistic and disturbing, yes, but theres always someone else or someone else that will do it for the dough.
    Sorry for the long ass comment yall.

    1 hunned.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^Never apologize for the length of a comment that you post here. A lengthy comment shows that you aren’t afraid to open your mind and submit yourself to dialogue. Real talk.

  • Bang

    funny blog, best I’ve seen in a while

  • pete

    wow, your shits awful.

  • Sandinka

    Good Post Sunday,Maybe You Can Get On Your Grizzlie And Show Us What You Really Got,Bol Is Inconsistent,Up North Tara Or Whatever Is ok,And Jim Jones Has Managed To Scare Sickamore So Bad He Hasn’t Been Able To Use Anything More Sophisticated Than A Sidekick.I’m Sure There Is No Shortage Of Sarcastic Mofo’s With A Working Vocabulary And Typing Ability..


    Do you notice how this dude (sunday) is getting his ass chewed trying to follow in bol’s athletes foot foot steps? Ha..nice try homie…but we already have one balding stinky smelly hating ass blogger on xxl…and i would love to see if you put a response to your readers on your own blogs…but i’m sure after you see all the negative responses your getting you wouldnt dare try to back up your own bullshit…exit stage left homie….

  • tette

    Interessieren. SEHR interessant! ;)

  • dame

    pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

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