My guess is that, as I'm writing this, most of you d-bags are still sleeping off last night's New Year's Eve festivities or just now beginning the process of recovery, i.e. throwing up on something. I would be too, except I got started a bit too early last night and ended up passing out a while before the ball dropped.


I guess that means I'm getting old. The 18 year-old Bol would've lasted until at least one, one-thirty. The 25 year-old Bol? Not so much. If it's any consolotion, I still do my share of celebratin' during the other 364 or so days of the year. When you earn the bulk of your income, such as it is, talking shit on the Internets, you can do shit like that.

Granted that's not why I got into being a quote-unquote professional blogger in the first place, but sometimes you have to take whatever little perks you can find. Like purposely shooting yourself in the face with the sour cream gun at Taco Bell, to use Rey for an example. In fact, it's not like I ever planned to do this shit in the first place. I just sorta fell into it.

While I shifted around between dead-end jobs and made a few dollars from my blog here and there the year before, 2006 was my first real year as a professional Internets shit talker in the sense that a) I made a decent amount of money from it, and b) I've essentially resigned to the fact that it's not like there's anything else I can do. (There isn't, right?)

It was in March of this year that Brendan, the guy who used to run this site, called on me to blog here. He claimed to be a big fan of my work, which I took to be a buncha BS (I'm cynical like that), but of course I jumped at the opportunity. For an asshole such as myself, a platform like this from which to spew was obviously the opportunity of a lifetime.

Indeed the past nine months or so have been a pretty ridonkulous whirlwind ride. In the course of writing going on two hundred posts, I've had my share of run-ins with minor celebrities, my writing has continued to develop (maybe one day it'll even be good!), and my following, so to speak, has grown quite a bit. Now, if I could only get you all to buy something...

Speaking of which, it looks like pro hip-hop blogging, or whatever you want to call it, which hardly existed as recently as a year ago, is blossoming into its own little industry. I already pointed out to you d-bags the embarassment that is the Source magazine's foray into blogging, but now I see VIBE magazine is expanding its blog offerings as well.

Other than my esteemed colleagues here at XXL Blogs (of which I have no idea who still works here), there really hasn't been any competition in this space up until now; so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. My guess is that they're all gonna suck balls, but I'm negative like that. Either way I should come out looking pretty good.