Have you ever really fucked with this website? Is XXLMAG.COM not the single greatest resource for Hip-Hop on the planet? I'm not just saying that either because they're paying me. Actually they haven't paid me a penny nor have I signed any contract. I'm saying this because it is what it is. I go all around these internets looking for information and content that is relevant to Hip-Hop culture and there isn't another place that delivers information and ideas like this site.

I went to the Source's online site which had some Flash animation and loud music as soon as you open the URL, but afterwards you see the type of shit that every blog carries. Where are the exclusives at Dave Mays? I said that last line with a chuckle. Seriously though, don't you hate when an athlete gets interviewed after a game and they say some generic bullshit? It's like some people think it's enough to tell you the shit you can already see with your own two eyes (four eyes for all my readers that have to wear frames because they are on the internets all the time). No matter how many eyes you have it's easy to see that the Source's online site is fugazi.

When you have a chance go to Vibe's website. Vibe magazine is part of the reason that Hip-Hop has been on life support for the last twelve years. They represent the Disney-fication of rap music and Hip-Hop culture. I don't say this to mean that rap shouldn't have appeal to younger people, but I say this to point out that the message of hardcore rap has been denuded by platinum coated smiling faces as if they were mouse ears on mousekateers. Vibe online even has a blogger lineup that is a carbon copy of this site. Vibe tried to clone XXL by hiring kids from their mailroom and some other writers that were known to no one. Go give them a visit if you feel like boring yourself to death.

I suppose I could mention some websites that have Hip-Hop in their names, but I sometimes think that their main readership comes from people Googling the words 'Hip Hop' as opposed to people that really know where to get their info. In any case, I can't even remember the last time that I looked at one of those sites. No that's not true, there was dope article on Sean Price and… Oh, yeah, that was here at XXLMAG dot com. My bad.

Who else is in the path of XXLMAG dot com? No one, unless you include XXLMAG parent company Harris Publishing's own websites for King and Scratch. It's pretty much a wrap on these here internets. Save yourself some time and do like I do everyday and peep Bol and Tara Henley's latest blog drops. Noz is still here, and so is this other kid whose name I forget… He watches TV a lot. Eskay filters the news and keeps giving you the interviews and content that you need in your life. Why would you go anywhere else? Don't be crazy. Take off your shoes and stay awhile.