Finally leaked to the internet after much hoopla. While it’s no “Walk It Out,” the Dre 3000 verse is satisfying enough. Writing’s kind of uninspired, flow is on point. Big Boi would be wise to make good with Andre while this brief window of rap productivity is open (no doubt inspired by Idlewild’s flop) and cut that Ten The Hardway album. Pat, Ray and Rico couldn’t be all that busy right now.

As for the rest of remix, it’s whatever. I mean Murphy Lee? I guess Capo gets points for threatning to sneeze on a bitch. Mostly I’m baffled why these clowns keep giving Dre the opening verse, knowing damn well that we won’t listen to the rest of the song. This radio rip cuts off during Game’s verse, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t care.

Also it’s damn near impossible to find a normal era Andre 3000/Outkast pic. Every photo up there’s got him eating bananas or wearing scarfs and british school boy knickers. He’s like the rap Fat Elvis.

Bonus Beat: Throw Some Cheese On That Bitch