The First Annual XXLMAG.COM Hardbody Awards

Since the first time a rhyme was ever put down on wax rappers have boasted about how strong they were.  Most of it is fantasized braggadocio by recording studio gangsters, but some of these rappers are actually real enough to handle their business in the street like men.  When I say like men I mean knuckling up with someone.

Any chump can pull out a gun and shoot it.  But how many cats are hardbody enough to get busy with their two hands?  These Hardbody Awards go to the rappers that I know would rumble for real and not try to bite your ears off.

Fat Joe – My experience with Fat Joe comes after watching him in Miami at the ‘How Can I Be Down’ rapper convention.  Fat Joe is the real king of Miami.  Who needs a mayor when you know Fat Joe?  During this time the east coast was still embroiled in their beef with the west coast and Fat Joe was one of the few rappers that could navigate through the west and still keep his jewelry.  When in Miami there was a crew of guys from the westside that felt a kind of way about all the love that Joe was getting.  Instead of walking behind an entourage Joe was leading the rush.  Tensions were high and nobody got clapped on, but I was impressed that Joe never once turned his head to see what his boys wanted to do.  He was already all in.

Puff – Diddy is the only rapper that can shoot and kill rap fans and it’s nothing.  Along with that he beat the shiite out of brand marketer Steve Stoute and rapper Pos K (just ask Combat Jack).  You might think that Puff was soft because of his name or because he takes bubble baths and exfoliates, but the hardbody truth is that Diddy can prah’lee kill your grandmother and not even get sentenced to probation.

Xibit – I don’t know too much about this dude as an emcee because I can’t download wack shit to my computer but I do know that Xibit is from Detroit which is pound for pound one of America’s most hardbody cities, St. Louis and Camden, New Jersey notwithstanding.

Fisty Scent – Even though Fisty did do that ghey azz magazine cover
this dude makes the list for the sheer fact that he was shot before.  No matter where you are shot you will suffer a lot of pain.  That shit puts motherfuckers in wheelchairs when they are lucky enough to survive.  Since Grimm already had the wheelchair joint on smash Fisty decided to go in another direction and just keep it hardbody.  Good for him.

Slick Rick – What rapper has spent as much time in prison as Slick Rick?  He leads all rappers in jailtime and songs also sung by children.  You know Slick Rick is hardbody for several reasons.  1) He is Jamaican.  2) He has never lost any of his jewelry.  3) Did I say he was Jamaican?

Trick Trick – Super Hardbody O.G. Superhero.  One more word…  Detroit.

Honorable Mention:

Freddie Foxx – With a nickname like Bumpy Knuckles you really don’t need to know much more.

Sean Price – Classic Brownsville Brooklyn boxer from Mike Tyson’s old neighborhood.  Hail Meg!

K-Solo – Don’t forget about this cat who had the industry shook for a while after he pounded out some Jersey cats thoroughly.

LL Cool J – Believe it or not, the ladies man was always down for going a few rounds with any punks that jumped up to get beat down.

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    This post is sorta suspect.

    XZIBITs from LA.

  • P

    Detroit Stand Up!!! ay homie Xzibit was born in Detroit…and I bet vintage Beans would knock somebody head off

  • snoopy

    go back and listen to snoop dogg’s pimp slapp’d…calls out xzibit “im not xzibit, you can’t pull my hoe card”. X got punk’d out in a club by a couple of dudes that rivals of snoop and they asked him if he was down with snoop. Mr. “Pimp My Ride” said no. X is a hoe.

  • Robbie

    Don’t forget about the First Annual Rappers Boxing Championship:

    That shit needs to be brought back to sort the cream-puffs from the hardrocks.

  • Rizzop

    Willie D from the ghetto boys aint no joke either…..

  • derfla the hus’la

    lol @fat joe king of miami.

    what fifty hard body? dude got shot but never shot back
    ………nate dogg pound a dude with a bat see smackdown

  • thatdukeSuave

    Hey y’all forgot bout Buck! He’ll stab ya with silverware! On national TV!

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Y hate on X, man?

  • mannyworld33


  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Can’t leave out King Tee neither … look up his resume

  • http://whocareswhatpeoplethink thecollinb

    “Anthony Mason Award”
    Maino…cause that nigga tries to fight every-body
    Xzibit no estan un Hardbody, getting a liqour bottle bounced off your face and not responding should diqualify you should it not?….as well as getting shot in the back seat of a Jeep and screaming “AH SON PULL OFF!!!”

  • EReal

    thatdukeSuave Says:

    January 29th, 2007 at 9:07 am
    Hey y’all forgot bout Buck! He’ll stab ya with silverware! On national TV!

    You gotta watch out for Jose Gordo mang, he’ll just spear your ass and sit on you, squeezing the life from your lungs.. lol

    What about the O.G. roid rager, Melle Mel, lmfao.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    No mention of Baby…this is the guy that would take a blow in stride then turn back 2 years later and be the reason you end up on a milk carton…

  • EReal

    LOL @ Fisty Scent.

    Sounds like a gay pron name(no deadlee), LMAO.

  • skip

    What the fuck is the point of this post????????????

  • Cashus Clay

    Diddys in the hall of fame of hardbodies the rest of the niggas aint even in his category LMAO

  • let the game begin

    ey I know suge isn’t a rapper but man dude is hearvy gotta give him cred man.

  • Combat Jack

    Right before Puff blew up, b4 BIG dropped, he had just signed the deal with Arista and Justin had just been born (Xmas of 1993?), there was this dope speakeasy joint in Dominican Harlem (150th and Broadway) called “Club 2000″. Had mad hustlers, stripper chicks, and maybe like 1 or 2 music execs gully enough to step foot in the joint. Music was fuego and them uptown broads was mad easy. Anyways, Puff was the only music nigga I used to see in the piece on the regular. Anyways, this one night, some random jig sees Diddy in the joint and starts raggin on Sean ’bout how he aint “gangsta” or “paid” or some other ig’nant shit (this was post Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Supacat “Dolly My Baby” remix Puff). Anyways, dude had something to prove and Puff was like ” yo man, let’s take this outside”. So a small entourage steps out onto the side street, dude is getting all pumped up and Puff asks one of his then fledgling weed/ jewelry carriers to hold his new rolex watch. As Puff is taking of the watch, he decides to sneak/ snuff dude with a solid left/ right two piece to the jaw. Dude crumpled up like Bodie and…. that’s it! Lights out! End of story! Niggas went back up in the club and enjoyed the rest of the nite. Too bad this was waaaaaaaaaaaaay b4 Diddy became “multi” status cause dude couldnt even sue for paper from the assault.

  • jacquez
  • I Fux

    Even though the Title to this post very Homo No Homeboyz in Outerspace……..What About Beanie Sigel, I heard that motherfucker knocked out a few people and shot himself that is hardbody! CJ I fucking hate Puff cuz he is wack and that he ran G-Dep,The Lox, Mase, Tupac and Black Rob into the Ground doesnt help. But dude did seem pretty gangsta or at the very least since his name was pretty homo he seemed to be on constant “Respect My Gangsta Patrol”

  • SaN




    Freddie Foxxx shoulda been on ur regular list, he’s the ULTIMATE rapper/enforcer- do ur history!

  • Meka Soul

    willie d, perhaps?

  • Meka Soul

    >No mention of Baby…this is the guy that would take a blow in stride then turn back 2 years later and be the reason you end up on a milk carton…>

    quite possibly because nobody’s scared of a guy named after a cartoon character in “who framed roger rabbit?”.

  • realtalk


  • pete

    No Willie D? Not a good look.

  • yung ceasa

    RICK RUDE Says:

    January 29th, 2007 at 12:28 am
    This post is sorta suspect.

    XZIBITs from LA.

    no dude is from tha d check yo stats homie, and another thing its X to tha Z now u need to check your spellin


    Nice Post here are some others:

    Keith Murray check his resume, plus his name is synonomous with senseless acts of violence

    Beanie Sigel knocked out a bunch of rappers including Gille da Kid when he was with Cash Money

    Ghostface its been said that he once broke Mase’s jaw

    WC only member of westside connection with real street cred

  • Belize

    WHERE DA FUK IS MOP?????????????


  • ESL Representa

    Combat Jack should have his own blog

  • HoFFA

    umm…. where is KEITH MURRAY’s name?

  • EReal

    co-sign ^

  • Randomname

    co co-sign

  • JeRSeY ReSiDeNT


  • Cuban Link

    LL Cool J – Believe it or not, the ladies man was always down for going a few rounds with any punks that jumped up to get beat down.

    MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!No shit he’ll go a few rounds (No Weezy F Baby)

    co-co-co-sign about Combat Jack.Cosign about Ghostface

  • Adam K

    I could’ve sworn Slick Rick was British.

  • onepunch

    xzibits from fucking new mexico , slick rick is british , freddie foxx can fight , fat joe can fight , he gave the nigga sunkiss the headie , none of em want beef with suge , I can remember seeing some shit on mtv with jay-z when someone threw a drink in beanies’s face and he didnt do nothing, whoever said sonmething about “king tee” i hope they dont mean ti , becuase thats a joke , you didnt see him swinging in that vide (I’m fast as lightning son) …..nah, keith murray is real , word , melle mel’s on juice, and basically , the industry and the street , albeit such a great fantasy to believe in, are two completely diferent places with completely different people ….get a grip people

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  • Ex-Slave

    Slick Rick is an english man from Clapham Junction. Check his album for the flag! Jamaican! Dont make me laugh

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  • BobbyGringo13

    This list is garbage. NOBODY from the got damn south?! Pahleeze! No Willie D?! Shit…no Bushwick Bill?!? Dude lost an eye, and technically he’s from Brooklyn so you coulda put him on and kept hatin on the south…ya herb.

  • Gearldine Lauber

    Very good article, well written I must say.