Mix tapes are illegal now? I understand the notion although I never agreed with the laws concerning sampling. Some of that shit is crazy unfair and it smells crooked. How the fuck can someone copyright a group of musical notes? That's like me copyrighting the letter combination of 'ea' so that every time someone says 'tear' or 'cream' they owe me money.

Leave it up to white to always come up with some law shit that makes no fucking sense so he has to enforce it with an army. When I watched one of the newscasts that held a feature about DJ DRAMA's arrest I saw that Recording Industry Association of America wears jackets just like the DEA and the ATF. The RIAA isn't even a government agency, but they are dressed up like paramilitary police.

I understand that the RIAA needs to protect their artists and whatever. CD sales have always supported a lot more people in the industry then just the musicians. There's the people that do album cover art. There are the people that work in the factories making the plastic cases that CD's go into. What about the person in charge of putting shrink wrap around the CD? Can he live? Let's not forget all the young ladies like CARMEN BRYAN who work at record labels but secretly yearn to place several musicians ballsachs in her mouth simultaneously. Without our CD purchases to fund these record industry jobs some people would have been forced to ply their trade in the traditional manner, from a darkened street corner after midnight.

The truth is that whoever bought CD's from DRAMA's enterprise are the last dinosaurs alive. Only old people and really poor people use CD's now. That format has been fossilized. Did you not just see the iPhone that's about to drop? It's your entire CD collection AND music videos in your cellphone. I saw a dude on the subway with a CD Walkman and that shit had scotch tape holding the earphones together. The RIAA needs to shoot themselves for their failure to embrace the new digital formats.

If I see someone selling a DJ DRAMA CD on the street I will buy it just for old times sake. For that and the reason that DRAMA is gonna need every penny he can muster so that he can hire himself a good T.I. lawyer.