Lil Wayne and Baby "Leather So Soft" 2006

Somewhere, the video for “Leather So Soft” has Jay-Z, The Clipse and Pharrell laughing hysterically. And although it’s an arguably great song, the video is serious as cancer and they’re not laughing with the guitar strumming Lil’ Weezy. Sure, it worked for Andre “King of Ascots and Mainstream Whites” 3000 on the Grammy’s, but the buck stops there. Guitars and rappers don’t mix. Where is Ja Rule now after this? There is no stairway to heaven. Being a rock star is Wayne’s latest hair-brained idea since attending college. Word to Kidz in the Hall.

I can’t possibly take Wayne seriously after seeing this video. It’s way too homoerotic, especially when he mouths a kiss to the camera (:51). This is just as bad as LL Cool J licking his lips. After being at the center of controversy for kissing his mentor, this “funny” scene should have included a “no homo” subtitle. This is the second time Wayne’s manager should have stepped in. I thought a shirtless Baby was the last straw in “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.” Wrong again.

I’ll admit, he made last year’s top five list (Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne and Wayne), but this year, “Leather So Soft” put him in the ranks of retarded rap videos. Sure, none of those could get a woman to sing Baby (3:45) and Wayne’s lyrics then morph into a panther. But Baby’s nursery rhymes don’t count. Creative? Yes, but try that shit on Twista. I’ve seen enough.