My apologies to Bol or Noz or whomever had previously created a top
five rapper list for this new year. Even this list is subject to
change by the time the second quarter comes around but I am pretty
confident that it won't since record labels are essentially done with
rap music. Thanks to the RIAA, mixtapes won't be as plentiful in 2007
and that means that new acts won't be breaking into the game as often.
If any of you jigs out here in the internets have a funny hairdo and
play acoustic guitar you should get ready for your fucking fifteen
minutes of fame.

There's still plenty of emcees to go around even without any new
talent being brought up front. There are veterans that haven't really
been heard from in awhile and some vets are finding themselves to be
the object of hipster affections. Note to Sean P: Keep grinding my
dude and don't let it go to your head. Hail Meg! You see what all
that hipster love did for Cam'Ron and the Clipse? Hipster rap
fascination might be the deadliest thing to Hip-Hop culture right now.
When you subject rap music to whims and trends you make it disposable
like pop music (no skinny jeans).

I chose the top five from my list of emcees that have upcoming
projects in 2007 and also have a certain level of lyrical ability
above the average crapper. Whether you agree with my selections or
not you will have to acknowledge the fact that no one listed here
doesn't have skills. At the end of the day, isn't that what Hip-Hop
is about?

SEAN PRICE – No one in rap music right now is displaying Sean P's work
ethic. Dude is spitting shit wherever there is an opening like he is
gotdamn Jamaican or some shit. I like the fact that he keeps his boy
Rock up on his current projects. Heltah Skeltah is due for a comeback
on Koch before the year is over.

PAUL WALL - I haven't heard to much lately from this Texas boy but I
have a feeling that he is gonna blow in 2007. Why? There aren't any
decent white rappers to listen to right now. Em is off his game and
maybe he finds it again this year, but if I have to place money on a
white horse then it would be The People's Champ.

MOS DEF – Not too many people were ready for Mos' joint 'The New
Danger' because people are too conditioned into what they think a
certain genre of music should sound like. The same journalistic fags
that suck Andre 3000's dick shitted on Mos for taking Hip-Hop in
another direction. The other reason I predict big things for Mos is
because he isn't scared to have range with his material. Not since
Tupac have we seen a rap artist that is strong enough to present his
emotional, vulnerable side. That's grown man business right there and
that's how you see real maturity in a rapper.

RAEKWON – O.K. I admit to being biased for this selection. OB4CL is
rap music's greatest offering. It deals with triumph, joy, pain and
all kinds of 'hood parables. If OB4CL2 is only half as good as the
first it will still be 2007's best rap album. I've heard a few
singles that might be on the album and they were all bangers. I saw
dude perform a new joint live and that shit was bananas. Fuck y'all
faggots, Wu Tang forever!

JOELL ORTIZ – Who the fuck is Joell Ortiz? If you don't know about
this kid then you need to ask someone who is into real Hip-Hop. Now
that he is finally signed to record label I expect him to be the young
beast that he has been on the mixtape circuit. I'm tired of people
saying that they appreciate lyricists and they don't know about this
dude. Do yourself a favor and put his name in the search bar at

Substitutions off the bench:

NaS – a hardbody follow up to Hip-Hop Is Dead will cement his legacy as the GOAT

Jay-Z – How can you be the president of Def Jam and not have a good
year? Jay has access to some of the world's best artists and
producers. The only question that remains is whether or not he is
motivated to do great work.

Juelz Santana – Every year is supposed to be his year and slowly but
surely he is only getting older. If he was getting any wiser then we
should expect to see him doing as much work as possible this year.

Lil' Wayne – I don't care too much for his spit but I can't deny his
hunger to come up in the game. As long as he keeps kissing men on the
mouth the music industry will make sure he has an album deal. That
makes Lil' Wayne the ultimate team player.

Kanye West – K.West is the future of Hip-Hop. I expect him to sample
some of the 1980's best new wave and pop rock classics for his new
album. Even though Kanye did talk sideways about Pres. Bush he still
makes music that is safe to bring into the homes of suburban folks.
Without that influential audience Hip-Hop would truly be dead.