Like It Or Not, The 2007 Top Five Emcees

My apologies to Bol or Noz or whomever had previously created a top
five rapper list for this new year. Even this list is subject to
change by the time the second quarter comes around but I am pretty
confident that it won’t since record labels are essentially done with
rap music. Thanks to the RIAA, mixtapes won’t be as plentiful in 2007
and that means that new acts won’t be breaking into the game as often.
If any of you jigs out here in the internets have a funny hairdo and
play acoustic guitar you should get ready for your fucking fifteen
minutes of fame.

There’s still plenty of emcees to go around even without any new
talent being brought up front. There are veterans that haven’t really
been heard from in awhile and some vets are finding themselves to be
the object of hipster affections. Note to Sean P: Keep grinding my
dude and don’t let it go to your head. Hail Meg! You see what all
that hipster love did for Cam’Ron and the Clipse? Hipster rap
fascination might be the deadliest thing to Hip-Hop culture right now.
When you subject rap music to whims and trends you make it disposable
like pop music (no skinny jeans).

I chose the top five from my list of emcees that have upcoming
projects in 2007 and also have a certain level of lyrical ability
above the average crapper. Whether you agree with my selections or
not you will have to acknowledge the fact that no one listed here
doesn’t have skills. At the end of the day, isn’t that what Hip-Hop
is about?

SEAN PRICE – No one in rap music right now is displaying Sean P’s work
ethic. Dude is spitting shit wherever there is an opening like he is
gotdamn Jamaican or some shit. I like the fact that he keeps his boy
Rock up on his current projects. Heltah Skeltah is due for a comeback
on Koch before the year is over.

PAUL WALL – I haven’t heard to much lately from this Texas boy but I
have a feeling that he is gonna blow in 2007. Why? There aren’t any
decent white rappers to listen to right now. Em is off his game and
maybe he finds it again this year, but if I have to place money on a
white horse then it would be The People’s Champ.

MOS DEF – Not too many people were ready for Mos’ joint ‘The New
Danger’ because people are too conditioned into what they think a
certain genre of music should sound like. The same journalistic fags
that suck Andre 3000′s dick shitted on Mos for taking Hip-Hop in
another direction. The other reason I predict big things for Mos is
because he isn’t scared to have range with his material. Not since
Tupac have we seen a rap artist that is strong enough to present his
emotional, vulnerable side. That’s grown man business right there and
that’s how you see real maturity in a rapper.

RAEKWON – O.K. I admit to being biased for this selection. OB4CL is
rap music’s greatest offering. It deals with triumph, joy, pain and
all kinds of ‘hood parables. If OB4CL2 is only half as good as the
first it will still be 2007′s best rap album. I’ve heard a few
singles that might be on the album and they were all bangers. I saw
dude perform a new joint live and that shit was bananas. Fuck y’all
faggots, Wu Tang forever!

JOELL ORTIZ – Who the fuck is Joell Ortiz? If you don’t know about
this kid then you need to ask someone who is into real Hip-Hop. Now
that he is finally signed to record label I expect him to be the young
beast that he has been on the mixtape circuit. I’m tired of people
saying that they appreciate lyricists and they don’t know about this
dude. Do yourself a favor and put his name in the search bar at

Substitutions off the bench:

NaS – a hardbody follow up to Hip-Hop Is Dead will cement his legacy as the GOAT

Jay-Z – How can you be the president of Def Jam and not have a good
year? Jay has access to some of the world’s best artists and
producers. The only question that remains is whether or not he is
motivated to do great work.

Juelz Santana – Every year is supposed to be his year and slowly but
surely he is only getting older. If he was getting any wiser then we
should expect to see him doing as much work as possible this year.

Lil’ Wayne – I don’t care too much for his spit but I can’t deny his
hunger to come up in the game. As long as he keeps kissing men on the
mouth the music industry will make sure he has an album deal. That
makes Lil’ Wayne the ultimate team player.

Kanye West – K.West is the future of Hip-Hop. I expect him to sample
some of the 1980′s best new wave and pop rock classics for his new
album. Even though Kanye did talk sideways about Pres. Bush he still
makes music that is safe to bring into the homes of suburban folks.
Without that influential audience Hip-Hop would truly be dead.

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Best of XXL

  • pakman

    First but Paul Fuckin Wall

  • goldfromthe49

    Paul Wall? are you fucking kidding me?

  • pakman

    First but Paul WAll

  • RJ

    Paul Wall? Cham summed his subject matter on Roll Call Reloaded on Mixtape Messiah 2. “what it do, what it do, peoples champ, shine like a lamp, back with the camp” or something like that, and that shit wasn’t a diss, but he still ethered that dude with that.

  • derfla the hus’la

    paul wall?

    Iama give 07 to the youngins


    sub.-joe budden, game, juels santana,t.i

  • Omar

    Nice Top 5, wierd u put paul wall, but i can agree he is nice & he can spit some ish.

    juelz went plat. must rappers aint doing it

  • brown power

    Paul Wall and Joell? Have respect for Hip Hop and hope that Paul Wall never makes it. Spits about garbage, minus his cars.

    Talib Kwali and Lupe should be up there. More lyricism than any of your favorite artists.

  • The Hate U Give Lil’ Infants F**ks Everyone – thug life – rip tu pac gone but still not forgotten

    my top 5 new comers

    5. juice
    4.g malone
    3. saigion
    2. papoose
    1. bishop lamont – you all no you cant wait for this guy to drop he 1 talented guy and to prove this he is dr dre ghostwriter bishop lamont aka casper the friendly ghost writer

    top 5 already in the game

    5. kanye west
    4. joe budden
    3. talib kwali
    2. t.i
    1. dr dre if we eva get an album

  • Robbie

    Milano is set to kill it this year too. Ortiz is gonna win as well.

  • midwestern

    r u fuckin kidding me? paul wall? this guy is a joke?. if i hear another song where he compares his grill to something i’m gonna kill myself!

  • da’realestwritin’

    screw all them cats it’s all about one cat this year. “holla man” of the grime family and 16 kingz this cat is a real hood lyricist I peeped his skills on myspace and the cat can spit.his mixtape due out early this spring!! I’m coppin two of them joints!

  • Were Read 2 Def

    >Fuck y’all
    faggots, Wu Tang forever!

    That’s right, my dude.

  • http://whocareswhatpeoplethink thecollinb

    Top 5 list….is this fucking E! TV?!??

  • Atl’s own

    yo top 5 is a joke!

    none of deez dudes make musik todayz rap fans listen to (with the exception of Paul Wall).

    thus, they won’t sell jack shit!

    but yo off da bench look way betta.

    in fact they’d make a hell of a lot betta top 5 (with the exception of Santanna).

  • jacquez
  • Doug

    dude wheres phonte?

  • Moe Real

    I love how you link to XXL. Look at your URL, you soft shell taco, we’re already there.

  • da’realestwritin’

    you smokin’ the best piff in the world if waitin on paul wall! no doubt he suprisin’ sometimes but shit so is any other down south artist.nuttin’ special or worth notin what the hell do I pay you for!?

  • Rizzop

    niggas always talking about sales, but dont buy any albums? Paul wall sucks ass (sorry houston) My top five dont change till someone makes an album that i can listen to a month fronm when it drops:

    NAS-Done more for hip hop in last two months than anyone else
    T.I.(ready to fall off?)
    Kanye- Dont sleep
    Mrs Weezy F. BABY- (after he stops hating on niggas that done it better than him)
    50 cent- Nigga aint going out without a fight.
    Young Buck- Nigga is still raw wit it

  • Johnny

    Is it me, or does this guy really, really, really suck. None of your blogs have been fun to read homey. I don’t think you know much about hip-hop. You just talk a bunch of shit, kiss XXL’s ass, and act hard on the net. Go back to your real job.

  • dronkmunk

    Mos album was called Tru3 Magic not new danger dummy

  • bongolock

    hey i just read your dj drama post. yer pretty funny. i’m gonna keep checkin for u





  • EReal

    Paul Wall? Uhm. No.
    Top 5 07′

    Off tha bench.
    Buck,50 (he will sell), Saigon

    1 hunned.


    Paul Wall? I would of rather you said dike Jones and juelz Santana is a lil bitch boy and lil Wayne is a dick rider any nigga that ether has a tongue ring or has kissed another man can’t say there hard let alone a blood. The rest of this is true but I still think cassidy is gonna be one of the albums that’s gonna mold the new school and sure the future of hip hop as well as papoose,saigon,lupe,and maybe jae millz or jae hood if they ever drop oh I cant forget about gravy.

  • content

    What the fuck?

    You need to re-evaluate your relevance to the game with picks like that.


    Uhhhh paul wall is ok to listen to wen ur blown (chopped n screwed) but his lyrics are a bit elementary. List is ok, J. Ortiz is a cold nigga on the mic, dude got skills but this will be Lil waynes year or T.I………..50cent, youngbuck LOL.

  • YoPrince

    XXL… get rid of this dude.. he’s ass.. he’s like a Bol to a lesser degree, which is just annoying… instead of humorous.


    Sean P, Nas, Jigga, Joel Ortiz, Raekwon, Santana, and Kanye are all dope artist.

    I would have added Slim Thug, Beanie Sigel, Ghostface, Chamillionaire,

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    1. Nas
    2. Weezy
    3. Styles P
    4. Beanie Sigel
    5. Cassidy

  • Mac

    You All got it wrong :
    1 – Papoose
    2 – Saigon
    3 – Mistah FAB
    4 – Lil Wayne
    5 – Keak Da Sneak

  • Flip

    dronkmunk Says:

    February 1st, 2007 at 10:43 am
    Mos album was called Tru3 Magic not new danger dummy


    Check the album before that, kiddo.

  • Fernando

    Mos Def True Magic is SICC!!!
    Sean Price Jesus Price Superstar is SICC!!!

    Paul Wall????? His last album was utter CRAP. Hes ok sometimes, but all of his analogies for “posting up like a mailbox” get old QUICK.

    Ill sign off on Raekwon when I hear it. His last 2 albums were kind of bammer.

    Whoever these little fagg*ts are that keep putting Cassidy, Kanye, Joe Budden, or Juelz Santana on their lists need to hop off the NY D*ck. Those people are jokes outside of NYC!

    How do people possibly sweat Cassidy, Budden, or Juelz Santana?? They suck so bad compared to the premiere NY emcees.

    Sean Price, Rock, Mos Def, R.A the Rugged Man, Redman all have siccccc albums out. New Boot Camp click is ILL.

    R.I.P Mac Dre

  • thoreauly77

    top five 07

    configa of slept on fam



    aesop rock


  • nineteen80sbaby

    sunday sunday sunday

    how are you going to have Joell Ortiz on this list instead of say.. MIMS (who has basically the next “we fly high” in “This is why I’m hot”), Saigon, or even Joe Budden whose Metallica song is pretty effin cool.

    Also, are you fukkin hittin the crack pipe? Mos Def’s cd didn’t even have a jewel case? He doesn’t even care about that project. And the real hip hop heads weren’t giving bj’s to Andre for picking up the axe. Outkast ain’t been hot since Stankonia.

    BUT, MAJOR PROPS for including Raekwon and Sean PEEEEEEEEEE. I couldn’t agree more. Paul Wall? Not so much. We all know it’s Wayne’s year as far was wack southern rappers are concerned.

  • J.R.O.

    Real T, Sunday.

  • J.R.O.

    This isn’t no dream team tho’. But I damn sure hope it don’t turn out to be the ’04 Olympics team.

  • Crock

    Dude, I mean… Paul Wall, you gotta be on some serious Methadone to be hypnotized by anything “The People’s Champ,” has ever said.

    Top 5 For Real:

    1)Buddens (Best Doin It Period)
    2)Lil’ Wayne (God Help Him If Gillie’s Truthful)
    3)Saigon (Beast)
    4)Royce Nickel Nine (Return Of Malcolm, ‘Nuff Said.)
    5)Eminem (Got A Feeling The Next Solo will be classic, pain breeds the best art and he’s up to his neck in that)

  • Big Work

    1. Yung Joc
    2. Lil’ Boosie
    3. Young Dro
    4. Lil’ Keke
    5. Lil’ Flip

    fo real…….haha

  • Doug

    how about you have the possible 5 worst rappers listed of all time big work

  • lukens

    is this a joke. I am losing respect for XXL everyday. First the 10 most anticipated CDs being a complete joke.

    Paul Wall is horrible.

    Ortiz is a no name.

    Santana has horrible flow.

  • jordany

    Like It Or Not, The 2007 Top 5 Emcees.

    1- Jay-Z
    2- Saigon
    3- Beanie Sigel
    4- Lupe Fiasco
    5- Joe Budden

  • Combat Jack

    Co-sign Sean Price. Right now, “Jesus Price, Supastar” = 2007 best rap album.

    Oh yeah, just listenED to Killer Mike’s “I Pledge Alleigance To The Grind”. Don’t sleep on dude for ’07. He’s an effin beast!

  • KR

    Paul Wall?

  • kmack


  • Yaboi34

    I really hope you guys that have flip in the top 5 over t.i. are joking tip is the best rapper out by far, you can still put in king and bump that shit

  • Whoever u want me 2 be

    Billy Sunday wack ass list!
    Top 5 for 07
    1.Lil Wayne
    (Constant improvement even with tha non-sense surrounding him.)
    (Everyones is ready 2 see what he is going to be talking about.)
    3. Papoose
    (lyrics make you think and vibe at the same time)
    4. Kanye West
    (He does himself on every record no matter what others got 2 say)
    5.Lupe Fiasco
    (Food&Liquor best true hip hop album last year)

    Could Be:
    Saigon(Mixtape with Clinton Sparks crazy)
    (but i still feel like he still writing music based off tha flip beef)
    Flip(Just b/c i loved it when he first came on tha scene. I hope he get his shit together)

  • Belize

    All i gotta say is that its YOUR list

  • Cashus Clay

    Pall wall wack as sweaty balls nah mean Mos Def he dont got the hunger to do this rap shit you know which is okay cuz hes acting and shit the Top 5 reads more like this
    1)LiL Wayne nigga is sick even if he kisses on dudes 2)Raekwon Living Legend nuff said 3)TI King Of the south 4)UGK 5)Joell Ortiz thats a rap

  • thatwhitedude

    dayum billy, i rep htown to the fullest, jam screw daily, and even went to Chamil & P. Wall’s highschool but i can even admit that Paul Walmart does not have skills at all and is just generic garbage that makes the south look bad and is one of the many reasons people say that the south can’t rap….

    the rest of your pics were aight though although mine differ a lil…
    Top 10 for 2007
    1. Lil Weezy
    2. Raekwon The Chef
    3. Chamillionaire
    4. Sean P
    5. Saigon
    6. Papoose
    7. Killer Mike
    8. Joe Budden
    9. Lil Flip
    10. Juelz Santana

    sleeper hit could be Uncle Murda if he ever drops one…

    most anticipated GROUP album for the 2007… UGK, shit will be fiya, just watch!

    on other people’s pics…nas, game & jay won’t release an album in the 07, TI has seen his best stuff, as has Mos and Kanye, plus he is garbage as is Lupe…Ortiz is too new, maybe on his second official album, cassidy and fabo are garbage, and LMAO at people naming backpack indie rappers, young dro, lil boosie, yung joc, mistah fab and keak da sneak…lil keke deserves to blow up for all he’s done for htown but he never will have national respect…

  • New york nigga

    Lil Wayne

    u dumb ass nigga

  • lala

    sunday u are stupid and a hater nas, jayz and lil wayne should be the top.

  • pakman

    Top 5(in no particular order)
    1. Joe Buddens
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Lupe Fiasco
    4. Saigon
    5. Papoose

  • Belize

    Its kinda funny to me that not one of these dudes has mentioned ODB’s new album…

    Shyt has been pushed back further than Rich Boy’s hairline and has been in more internal conflict than the Jackson family..

    Same on you Niggaz!!!!!!!

    Esp. all u wu-tang fanz

    ::tsk tsk::

  • Belize

    By the way I heard the advance copy and its str8 crack…esp. the cut wit NORE!

  • thoreauly77


    fuck that you name fab and keak and diss “backpack” shit? i am talking Emcee’s, not talking glorified local acts (though very good) such as you name. we shall see which emcees legacy is the most solid. and we shall see which acts are the most successful of 07.

  • tseliot

    ok. mos def? seriously? paul wall? now i know that i have no desire to read your blog again.

    and, uh, in response to a previous post, if you HONESTLY think that aesop rock’s “legacy” will be the “most solid,” you’re RIDICULOUS. only white kids in tight jeans rock that dictionary-dick-sucking bullshit.

    and remember: there’s a difference between saying something worthwhile (read: pac, big, clipse, old jay-z, nas, etc) and randomly stringing large words together to sound intelligent (read: all the backpack shit done primarily by pseudo-academic white boys).

  • MoreFish

    whats up with all the insults yo..
    SMH…some of yall dont realize that at the end of the day its all a matter of opinion
    The list looks allright to me even tho I would sub Chamillionaire for Paul Wall
    Sean P is that dude

  • Sun Tzu

    funny someone said white kids in tight jeans when all niggas is doin nowadays is rockin AE & Hollister and all other types of tight shit

  • stupid columnist!


    thats a WACK list. and the writer did this with just to make some waves here

  • sneakerfreakjay

    i dont do this much matter fact its the first time but how the fuck do ye and weezy da baby get put on the bench and paul wall, and sean fuckin price get top five

  • S on my chest

    Sorry mayne there’s far too much coming out of the Aftermath or its affiliates camps to mention any fucker else. 07-til the world ends, Shady, Aftermnath & G-Unit. Is there really many others outside of those three right there? A few, but not many, not many at all.

  • sickman

    Big Work Says:

    February 1st, 2007 at 3:06 pm
    1. Yung Joc
    2. Lil’ Boosie
    3. Young Dro
    4. Lil’ Keke
    5. Lil’ Flip

    fo real…….haha

    ….That a total IQ of 47. A list full of retarded rappers.

  • Adeline

    Awesome, man

  • Adhilah

    Not bad, it really can occur

  • Adrena

    Delete this slip!

  • Adrianne

    Glukers suck a lot

  • Adriena

    Nice..nice post.

  • Adriene

    Thanks man, i agree

  • hip-hop IS dead

    naw fuck all dat…i can maybe agree wit mos def but my startin lineup would be

    1.jay-z(yes i said jay-z not lil wayne)
    2.Kanye West
    5.The Game


    :Lil Wayne
    :Busta Rhymes
    :The Game
    :Three Six Mafia

  • kasi loko


    REAL TOP 10

    1. LIL WAYNE
    2. CASSIDY
    4. T.I
    6. YOUNG DRO
    8. JAY Z
    9. 50 CENT
    10. FABOLOUS

  • ‘Ye

    This list is bull shit. You better check up on this shit. the bench players are better than your starters. what the fuck

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