Would anyone mind explaining to me how Jim Jones is not allowed to go at Jay-Z because Jay-Z is a legend while Jim Jones raps on Koch, but it's no big deal when Tru Life goes at Jim Jones? After all, what has Tru Life done?

Lest we forget, the Dirt Angel is arguably the King of New York right now. His "We Fly High" was, as far as I'm concerned, the best rap song that came out all last year. At the very least, I think we can agree it was better than any of the singles on Kingdom Come or Hip-Hop Is Dead.

Tru Life, meanwhile? Not so much.

I don't care enough about rap that's not any good to know the origin of the beef between Tru Life and the Dirt Angel, but I know it's been going on at least as long as I've been getting paid to borrow story ideas from okayplayer. Which has been a while.

Last year, he challenged the Dirt Angel to a boxing match on Pay Per View or some such, which is the kind of shit rappers do when they realize they can't beat anyone in a rap battle. Capo Status said he would do it, but only if there was a cash prize involved, which made enough sense to me.

But then it never ended up happening. Presumably, Tru Life couldn't talk Jay into loaning him the 50 stacks, which I think should tell you something about Jay's faith in this d-bag as an artist, but also as an amateur boxer, despite the fact that I'm sure his family has a background in that sort of thing.

I'm not sure what he's been up to for the past several months now (getting Jay's dry cleaning?), but I see he's got a mixtape out now going at Cam and Jimmy not too long after Jay's own recent row with Capo Status. Hmm...

The cover featured Jim Jones rocking one of those Borat thongs, while Cam was dressed up like, um, Beyonce. On the intro, Jay takes a few weak, "I realize I just lost" shots at Dipset and mumbles a few "typical as of late" half-assed bars.

Then, within what seemed like hours of the mixtape hitting the Internets, someone hacked into Tru Life's MySpace and replaced his top eight with people from Dipset. He also changed the cover of the mixtape to show Tru Life in a thong and Jay dressed as Beyonce.


Still, as amusing as this all is, I think we can agree it's pretty weak on Jay's part to be recruiting random-ass Debarge rejects off the streets to go at Dipset. Tight pants or not, Jimmy got Jay once, and now he's got Jay again. Nullus.