My Madison, WI Bureau Chief Hastings Cameron has been hassling me about checking out this new MTV series "I'm From Rolling Stone" for a while now, but I never got around to it until just last night.

I almost always work the morning shift on Sundays, and once I get off, it's not like I'm gonna wait until 5:00 to start cracking beers. So by the time it gets to be 9:00, when this bullshit comes on, I'm usually pretty damn useless - though I'm sure many would argue I'm like that all day long.

At any rate, it's too bad they couldn't put this shit on Mondays after "My Super Sweet 16," which I love like a good milkshake, or Wednesdays after my favorite series evar "The Real World." I mean, if "Rob and Big" could come on during the week, I'm wondering what's the excuse here.

Of course some would argue that "I'm From Rolling Stone" is awful TV and seemingly exists for no other purpose than as a weekly half-hour commercial for Rolling Stone magazine, which hasn't been relevant to youth culture since the days when Neil Young was considered a youth artist.

(I should note that Matt Taibbi's budget Hunter S. Thompson political stories, which I read for free over the Internets, are generally the only thing worth really reading in any music magazine in any given month.)

To be sure, "I'm From Rolling Stone" could use... something. In the episode I saw last night, the kids didn't do shit but ride the subway back and forth to the office, sit in front of a computer and type. You wish there was some sort of excuse for them to get wasted and fuck and/or fight a la "The Real World."

That said, a lot of the criticism of the series that I've read so far has had to do with how the series isn't such an accurate depiction professional music writer experience. Granted, I wouldn't know what it's like to be a real music writer, but I'm still at a loss for why this aspect of the series would be so bothersome.

For example, people have complained that the kids throw bitch fits when their editors insist that they rewrite stories over and over, but who wouldn't? The thing that did strike me as bothersome was the sheer amount of time these d-bags would spend on one little 800-word story that hardly anyone will read anyway.

In last night's episode, one d-bag spent days and days working on some little bullshit story about a Nellie McKay album. This other kid might still be working on his Band of Horses profile to this day. Not to let you d-bags in on more than you need to know about my process, but suffice it to say that I'm not spending weeks at a time on these stories.

Would they be better if I did? I guess, but who gives a shit? There definitely wouldn't be nearly as many of them. Also, not to let you d-bags in on any more secrets, but a lot of these other writers who aren't as prolific aren't spending that much time fine-tuning, or waiting tables or whatever; they just don't have anything interesting to contribute.


Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't say something about the show's breakout star Krishtine de Leon, even though she was hardly in last night's episode. So here goes: I don't dine on Chinese in general, but she does seem like the kind of broad that fucks a lot of black dudes, which is of course what I look for in a woman. The rather extreme pancake face, meanwhile? Not so much.