Damn right it's a new day up in this bitch. With Mr. Wilson's blessings, your boy eSKay is giving me a roster slot on Hip-Hop's juggernaut journal. If you even fucks with the internets on some casual sex shit then you already know me, but just in case today is your first day jumping in like mine I should do the right thing and introduce myself to the peoples.

XXLmag.com gave me some shine a few months back and I wanted the opportunity to return to this place. Everywhere I look I see Hip-Hop under siege. Forces from outside that are trying to make the culture a constant commercial for criminality or bullshit, and forces from the inside that aren't giving light to new artists that spit some different shit other than the status quo. XXLmag.com was the only place that I felt was capable of promoting the balance that Hip-Hop needs to survive another decade.

Before there was ever a record contract or a music video there was the culture. When those record deals and million dollar video budgets disappear will you still be around? Some of you came to Hip-Hop because you saw the stars' shine, but this thing is so much bigger than just one person's personal glory and gratification. It's bigger then trends like skateboards and skinny jeans. One day Hip-Hop may not be cool to listen to in some people's eyes. The question remains whether or not you'll still be around. I am sticking with this shit until the wheels fall off. I don't know shit else but this.

Hip-Hop has framed the way I look at everything in my world. It's the soundtrack of my life. I imagine that you come here to this site because you feel the same exact way. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. Call me your cousin, Billy Sunday.