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My interview with Snoop hit newsstands today. You can read it here.


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  • DADE

    going that DJ DRAMA route huh…gotta promote everything you touch…anyways Ill cop it and see what he told you…

  • DADE


  • BlackBoy

    …that cover looks like straight up ’92 era rap pages.

  • Jos

    you lleave xxl for a week, then come back with two posts recycled from another publication?

    write something on lil wayne please.

  • Cuban Link

    sooo, im guessing u didnt have a Lauren Carter moment with him

  • sATaLyte

    Snoop Dogg won’t apologize for his gangsta ways.

  • EReal


    You ever notice that Snoop gets arrested more than anyone in the game and never does any time? Hmmm..

    Member what Suge said about that dude man?

    Food for thought.

    1 hunned.

  • Heat_Seeker

    what did suge say, ereal?

  • RawTune

    write bout how they call lil wayne LITTLE WAYNE in hollywood

  • Bang

    said he’s a snitch and it would be hard to argue it. I wouldn’t trust suge with the trash, but it’s right in front of our eyes. he gets arrested, he out.

    he gets arrested, then he out. arrested again, he out again wtf

  • Belize

    Thats what im talkin bout…u grinding ma!

  • ill will

    did u have a phone call interview wit snoop??

  • NickeNitro

    Your article was reading real nicely, and then, out of nowhere, you start hating on people from the States. You better cheque yourself, Canuckette. We’ll see you in oh-10 in Vancouver (if it’s still cold enough).

  • RELIC720

    LOOK AT THIS COON ASS RAPPER. HE WAS IN “SOUL PLANE.” WHAT’S “GANGSTA” ABOUT THAT? This man will obviously do ANYTHING for money. Noone has seemed to notice that are definitively walking backwards. there was a time when lyrics, programming, and messages would be endlessly boycotted and protested. i was just having a conversation the other day about a show from the 90′s that was titled “Homeboys I Outer Space,” and the backlash that it received. Now we have both “Flavor Of Love” and “I Love New York.” Now everyone will most likely use the “it’s only entertainment! lighten up..” excuse. But what we don’t recognize, IS THAT THERE ISN’T A PRIMARILY BLACK SHOW THAT SERVES AS A POSITIVE ALTERNATIVE. Long gone are the days, when “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World” could provide us all with positive black role models instead of stereotypes. Noone seems to notice that all of this ass jiggling resembles the old picture of the female african slave that was put on display and auction because of her “assets?” Or the kidnap, separation of family, culture, and therefore values? Am I the only one? I also find it funny that our so-called “leaders” have no problem tearing down the younger generation instead of guiding us and aiding us in removing these new obstacles that lie in our paths. For example, Opra (whom I love and respect for everything she has accomplished) WAS CORRECT TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST VIOLENCE AND MISOGONYSTIC LYRICS IN HIP-HOP. She has a right to feel this way. Yet I could not help but notcie that she FAILED TO CHASTISE BET AND HER FRIEND BOB JOHNSON OR NEWCOMER DEBRA LEE FOR THEIR LINE OF PROGRAMMING. Am i supposed to believe that “The Parkers” and “The Wayans” were not good enough to remain on regular T.V., but our people are mindless zombies who have nothing better to do than watch countless reruns of them all day? Then we watch MINDLESS VIDEOS, PROFILES OF “AMERICAN GANGSTERS” AND WRAP IT ALL UP WITH “THE WIRE?” BUT FOR SOME REASON, WE NO LONGER NEED TO BE INFORMED BY CURRENT EVENTS, SO THEY CANCELLED THE NIGHTLY NEWS? THIS IS A JOKE, AND AN OUTRAGE.

  • EReal

    See Bang’s Post.

    My thoughts exactly, I mean dudes got money ya know.. but shit how many charges can you get off on? I mean even Lil Kim had to do time, WTF?!?
    Think Bout It,
    1 hunned

  • Corinne

    Ah ma, good one. So, how did it feel to interview such a man? Lucky you.

  • Corinne

    Belize Says:

    January 14th, 2007 at 1:36 pm
    Thats what im talkin bout…u grinding ma!

    She’s doing it big, I agree.