Where You Been?

You RSS rascals may have noticed that the fine folks at xxlmag.com have not been too active lately? (Except for the hardest working double A on my plantation, Mr. Saturday Night—not Schoolly D). Like KRS, you may ask yourself, Why is that? Well, in case you fuckers haven’t heard by now, the minister of this web page’s information, Bfred, has been upgraded to big boss of the new-and-improved Scratch Magazine. I mean, XXL Presents: Scratch, if you want to get technical. That’s right, it’s another opportunity for YN to live out his Technicolor dreams and if a couple of bitter, anti-commercial 80’s babies’ feelings get hurt on my path to mo’ greatness—oh well, oh well. Word to Miss Jones, the blood of a legend flows through these bones.

Anyways, in the meantime, in between time, allow me some time to reconfigure things for the ’07. Take heed: This site will have even more captivating content shortly while another certain well-known blogger joins the evil empire and we re-launch the Scratch site. That’s right, plenty good things are coming. I promise you will be worth the wait unlike Mike’s baby sis’ last album. Thanks for your patience. Really doe!

And just cause it’s the season of giving I present the first clip of the new TV show that gonna sweep the hip-hop nation: ego trip’s The (white) Rapper Show. On Monday, January 8, 2007, at 10:30 p.m. on VH1, you know who and his crew make history again. Bye haters, I’m back off hiatus. Hallelujah, holla back!

Join the revolution: myspace.com/whiterappershow

P.S. To my fellow musicologists I’m gonna move my breakaday movement to the new Scratch site. Well, if eskay let’s me. Did I say that?

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  • BeeHeezy

    This is good to know…I was getting worried for the moment, like ummmmmmm there’s nothing new here, whats going on????

    Keep up the good work though and good luck in ’07.

  • http://myspace.com/belizeanbway Belize

    Look at spinter tryin to get his mojo back (no grant hill)

  • big bo

    bout time .like the next season of the wire.

  • Port_o_Prince

    ..LMFAO on this clip from this show this shyt is gonna b funny


    YN better hurry and gets his site together before it becomes like the Source.com

  • Diggy

    Man, I bet this show is gonna be as big as YN said XXL Raps VOL 1 was going to be.

    XXLs love/hate issue was gravy this year..as usual.

    Big ups to Y “good at magazines” N.


  • jacquez
  • crimson

    Take care of Scratch, it’s the only hip hop magazine that focuses on the actual music. Please don’t water it down!!

  • 110 street

    Why move the breakaday its good where it is at, i understand tryin to build a movement for scratch but dont fuck up somethin already moving, my nigga dont speed, with out brakes.


    Id knock that mofo inta next week talkin all that ya ya….C if ya feel tha same wit a blade up unda ya rib cage…When tha shit getz deep, he dont flap hiz trap…He blastz hiz gat….BRRRRRRRRRAAAAATTTTT…bitches…Ya dealin wit a gangsta first, rappa second…Best keep that in mind, B4 U find blood in ya eyez…Do it YN

  • AD

    This question doesn’t even apply to the blog. I just wanted to know how to get a change of address for the XXL mag. Also how can I get a copy of the issue with Jigga gracing the cover? I didn’t get it for some reason.

  • toss

    I can’t stand white people using the N-WORD and acting ghetto!!!!!
    and I can’t stand blacks doin the same!!
    That bitch looks like rosie o’donnell.

  • http://xxlmag.com exo

    any cracker put a dildo in my face while calling me an n-word and i’m gifting them a fresh buck-fifty then stomping they ass to the ground. female emcees, too. (i don’t give a fuck, boo.)

    seriously. i’m afraid of the future.

  • SukedowN

    ^ aka mr. incognito

  • ASAP

    Why this Cracker ass bitch calling whiteboy a nigguh dont she know thats our word and a couple Puerto Ricans and If sum fat bicth put a dildo in my face Id slap the bitch Rick JAmes style

  • thoreauly77

    i think the gully chair-trippin whiteboy wants to bone “nigga” screaming dildo-hand. is that not the case?

    fat-girl – “i can appropriate other black-american terminology to incite primordial violence as well, son!”

    bling-mouth fool – “i daresay my verbiage was misconstrued oh voluptuous white queen. word up. check out my teeth. i’ll masticate upon your tender over-sized nippleage.”

    hahaha, idiots!


    Thatz sum San Andreas, Grand theft auto sh*t…..Assult wit a 12 in dildo…Id pay money 2 C that…roflao…EXO, I know U care, thatz why U scarred…B mindful of those weak emotionz…They will serve U no good…Itz OK, I can take that all away

  • Cory Sparks

    YN..you have lost your damn mind!

  • Cory Sparks

    YN..you have lost your damn mind!

  • http://www.dirtydesign.net Antonio DePietro

    When’s the asian rapper show?


    Look, I luv muzik and want 2 pursue that avenue, but my talentz R betta suited 4 Hollywood Boulevard…Tha big screen baby

  • MC Spectakular

    good work at xxl
    hope your show is tight imma check it out for you yellow nigga

  • http://www.myspace.com/therapistmusic Therapist

    yo the white rapper show is genius…

    finally some fake reality show shit that will make white people ashamed to be white, and allow blacks to laugh at them in disgust…

  • Danja29

    Now y’all know… the Real World manages to find attractive white people, oversexed white people, boring-ass white people, boring-ass niggas, oversexed niggas, and ignant-ass niggas. But no ignant-ass white people.

    FINALLY- the White Rapper Show finds the IAWPs that MTV has cleverly managed to hide for 14 years. God bless you, Ego Trip.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pettie88 LAWRENCE

    that clip of the new show was like making the band part 2…the white version..

  • ERealest

    Whats with the comment arbitration or whatever, yall gotta approve comments now? Teh Ghey!

  • thoreauly77

    comments not showing up.

  • Hail Bob

    Ummmm… horse mouthed rappas, with big ass dilly’s… haha

    This ish is gonna be hilarious…

    Way to bring it up Ego Trip….

  • http://www.hi-flitones.com Atlgirl

    Check out http://www.hi-flitones.com to create your own ringtones.

  • Stax On Deck

    Are These White mofos calling each other nigga?..WTF?!!!

  • Fernando


  • cool boy2323454325545452


  • http://iwon.com hena

    Yeah i watched the show its off the hook but the gal got skillz though, dont hate whiteboys can rap

  • daesonesb

    You need to get to work mr Wilson. Wheere is the new content on this site???

  • NickeNitro


  • illpo

    Homie, do your ego trip peoples know you talk like a bitch?

  • http://www.xopwvqze.wtlbjcp.com szptbnar icwlqm

    vfmdoru nxkmatr otmrph wzsgoje wrnzy seodwfizv iabtfeg

  • http://www.sanzkdni59.org/libera libera

    i’am really impressed!!

  • http://www.sanzkdni59.org/formula-1 formula 1

    Chi ha fatto questo? E un buon posto per trovare le informazioni importanti!:)

  • Aaron

    What’s “a fresh buck fifty” mean?