You RSS rascals may have noticed that the fine folks at have not been too active lately? (Except for the hardest working double A on my plantation, Mr. Saturday Night—not Schoolly D). Like KRS, you may ask yourself, Why is that? Well, in case you fuckers haven’t heard by now, the minister of this web page’s information, Bfred, has been upgraded to big boss of the new-and-improved Scratch Magazine. I mean, XXL Presents: Scratch, if you want to get technical. That’s right, it’s another opportunity for YN to live out his Technicolor dreams and if a couple of bitter, anti-commercial 80’s babies’ feelings get hurt on my path to mo’ greatness—oh well, oh well. Word to Miss Jones, the blood of a legend flows through these bones.

Anyways, in the meantime, in between time, allow me some time to reconfigure things for the ’07. Take heed: This site will have even more captivating content shortly while another certain well-known blogger joins the evil empire and we re-launch the Scratch site. That’s right, plenty good things are coming. I promise you will be worth the wait unlike Mike’s baby sis’ last album. Thanks for your patience. Really doe!

And just cause it’s the season of giving I present the first clip of the new TV show that gonna sweep the hip-hop nation: ego trip’s The (white) Rapper Show. On Monday, January 8, 2007, at 10:30 p.m. on VH1, you know who and his crew make history again. Bye haters, I’m back off hiatus. Hallelujah, holla back!

Join the revolution:

P.S. To my fellow musicologists I’m gonna move my breakaday movement to the new Scratch site. Well, if eskay let's me. Did I say that?