Verse Of The Week: Chamillionaire “Hip Hop Warning”

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Chamillionaire just dropped one of top 5 best mixtapes of 2006. Too bad he dropped the very last week of the year. Obviously inspired by Nas’ brilliant marketing strategy, Chamillitary Man dropped the verse of the week with his own rendition of Hip Hop Is Dead called “Hip Hop Warning”. There seems to be subliminals flying everywhere in the verse as the chip on Cham’s shoulder seems to be getting bigger ever bar. Mixtape Messiah 2 is definitely the best mixtape I’ve heard since Dedication 2. He really surprised the shit out of me. Not saying he’s not nice, but usually people aren’t this inspired after they just sold a million records. Chamillionaire also destroys “Picture Me Rollin”, “Game Gonna Cost A Fee”, “Man Hold Up” and the 486th version of Ridin Dirty called “Ridin Overseas” featuring Akon. Anyway judge for yourself and download the mixtape here.


If  Hip-Hop should die before I’m great

I’ma do more than just murder a mixtape

I’ma do more than just murder a mixtape

I’ma do more than just murder a mixtape

Pollution I smell that in the breeze

But let’s try not to get mad at the trees

Tell ‘em all not to get mad at the leaves

Let’s get mad at the idiots that planted the seeds

When it comes to mixtapes I’m known as the Messiah

I influence these other rappers to get tighter

Go to every label and murder the checkwriter

Whoever hired him we should pray they get fired

As soon as they kick him out on Broadway

Show him how to make his hip “hop” the hard way

I bring the whole south with me you should just call me

And we can make a piñata out of him all day

And I even finnin’ to be gentle

You can murder Seline for sending me the instrumental

It ain’t coincidental how they can get in your mental

Then the minute you see it they tell you it was accidental

All rich rappers do is complain

Everybody arguing to be on top of the game

9 out of 10 rap about coppin’ them thangs

Or how the gat go braat braat braat braat when it bang

And it seem like H-Town got the popular slang

Platinum grills everybody else coppin the same

Platinum grills everybody else coppin the same

Then everybody run to that like it’s the poppinest thang

What is that man? Where the hell your swagger at?

Who going to be the first to bring the old swagger back?

Doing what I do seems like boys mad at that

You was sharp homie where the hell your dagger at?

I was a fan sitting up in the stands

When it was M-E-T-H-O-D MAN

You hear M-E-T-H-O-D for Cham

When Rakim was still thinking of a masterplan

And it worked! And now I’ma fit up in my place

Stay humble stay focused and show that I got grace

You better not point the burner to my face

Better load up the burner and then turn it to myspace

Preach! The same rapper that die hard

Bruce Willis with a vest under the Izod

Wanna beat you? Man I ain’t gotta try hard

You getting beat by the internet and your iPod

The label don’t want you to be Master P

Took the master and put it right after P

“Bump it master” but I won’t let them master me

You’re an idiot if you’re giving up your masters free

Corporate America is f-ing up the rap game

While we argue about which rapper got the phat chain

You real gangsta you pulling out your gat man

The real gangsta is whoever own your rap name

Like Busta said “You should give a performance”

That’s the truth us rappers shouldn’t try to avoid it

If you’re married to the game go ahead and divorce it

Especially if it’s rap we ain’t even enjoying it

I am not going to point a ‘K at a magazine

Because of what someone say in the magazine

I can pull out my chain yelling “Bada Bling”

Or on a G4 plane sitting by the wing

Telling you “the leather feel good don’t it?”

For 50 Thou you’ll have a real good moment

The plane’s landed by the pilot that flown it

I am not an idiot cause I’m trying to own it

Little kids look at me and say that “You best”

One point three million in the U-S

Some label exec getting in a new desk

I get an award they tell me that I’m too blessed

Honestly it just excited my family

I just hide the medicine inside of the candy

Get cured by the music blasting out of your Camry

If not I’ll hide the medicine inside of your brandy

Cause I know that y’all boys gotta be drunk

To think that Chamillionaire gonna be a industry punk

I’m a in-da-streets problem you will get stomped

Get kriss-krossed off when the kid jump

Some of them try to rhyme but they can’t rhyme like this
Some of them try to rhyme but they can’t rhyme like this
Some of them try to rhyme but they can’t rhyme like this

Some of them try to rhyme but they can’t

Because I’m the miggity miggity mack that stacks the plat plaques

But rap is so wack so I’m back to spit crack

March 27th I’m back and that’s fact

So rappers that can’t rap get ready ‘cause it’s a wrap!


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  • 2ew Gunn Ciz


  • noz

    yes this tape is insane.

    good to see you’re blogging again. the game needs you.

  • Fatal



    King Koopa is nice.

    The lyrics on his debut were slept on

  • Incilin

    Although I like the verse, its quite contradictory. For one thing he raps; “While we argue about which rapper got the phat chain” as if to make that argument seem juvenile, but later raps “I can pull out my chain yelling “Bada Bling”

    But it is nice to see you bloggin, especially a topic like this where (if you keep it up, which you prolly wont) an argument as to what the best verse of the week actually was, can occur every post.

  • MissB.Haven



    “While we argue about which rapper got the phat chain” as if to make that argument seem juvenile, but later raps “I can pull out my chain yelling “Bada Bling”

    it’s called sarcasm



    U spent ALL that time transcribing THAT???

    Go get Tru Life some lip gloss nigga!

    And how come NO ONE has said that Tru Life looks like Omar from The Wire’s Puerto Rican lover???



    @ Noz, that comment was tey ghey…

  • chellie


  • Therapist


  • thatwhitedude

    took people long enough to realize how great chamil is, people in houston have been jamming him and recognizing his lyrical skills since 2000…he really could murder most of the rappers from nyc/east coast if it came down to a freestyle battle, yall just dont know, but soon will if he keeps droppin free mixtapes like this, just think, if this tape wasnt free on his site yall south hating east coast dickriders probably wouldnt of checked it out in the first place…truth

  • west west

    he fuckin murdered that sheeeeeit


    holy fuck he looks hella stupid in a suit.

  • mannyworld33



  • content

    it’s about time Cham got some love on here

    good post

  • Cuban Link

    its decent at best, Chamillonaire is only OK, NaS is way better, how much did he sell?

  • Cuban Link

    nevermind, 355,000 nicely done, Sickamore called it when he said somewhere in the 300,000 units, aha he outsold Jeezy YES!!!

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Nice jab at the industry Cham. Oh and for anybody that still doubts Cham’s lyrical abilities

  • EReal

    Whats up with his right eye? He got pink eye or sum shite?
    Cham still mad huh? He’s been pissed for a while now, sick verse tho.

  • Killa B

    Cham iz wack

  • Big Murf

    Mixtape Messiah >>>>> Dedication 2 I said

  • E.Williams


  • Gama

    Man y’all niggas late as hell I been jamming King Koopa since 1999 he been killing shit my nigga you think im playing? got get Mixtape Messiah but don’t I mean DON’T GET THE BOOTLEG!!!!

  • let the game begin

    cham is one of the best lyrisis from the south way better than that wheezy homo dude..

  • DADE

    I would love to see Cham, Weezy, Luda and T.I. freestyling for hours…


    Well Cham writes his s##t – That Fa Sho

  • 110 street

    never felt him.,or the south.

  • http://none balla2k

    man i dont like the south lyrically, they make good music, but chamillionaire is the best and could murder anyone in the game right now.. besides papoose/immortal technique

  • P

    ay a little correction he said

    The label don’t want you to be Master P

    Took the master and put it right after P

    “Puppet master” but I won’t let them master me

    You’re an idiot if you’re giving up your masters free

  • Sickamore

    P Says:

    January 2nd, 2007 at 6:58 pm
    ay a little correction he said

    The label don’t want you to be Master P

    Took the master and put it right after P

    “Puppet master” but I won’t let them master me


    oh..thanks P

  • trp

    lol @ cuban link’s dumb ass comment that has nothing to do with anything

    “…nas is better”

    you might as well have gone totally random and pulled out the “…at least i have chicken”.

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  • mzfinegirl

    chamillionaire got skillz its just he dont knoe how to rap that well with the beat lie grown man or watever that was trash wayne the best rappa alive he can spit on anything. and we know wayne aint gay he was wit trina and nivea married both of them so quit hatin on weezy.

  • mzfinegirl

    cham good but he really dont kno how to rap well with the beat. but he got skillz i’ll admit but weezy killing him and every other established rapper in the game. yes nas, yes jay-z, yes t.i., yes jeezy killing all of them.

  • Prince Of The South

    Yeah I been telling people that Chamillionaire was hot, but they said he was wack until Ridin came out. I’m not going to say he’s the best song writer in the south, but he’s up there and he is the best song writer down here when it comes to understanding melodies. Dude a problem, I just hope he don’t get caught up in trying to top his last record by recreating it. He needs to make something new, because we’ll get tired of hearing the same stuff.

  • The Originator

    Fuck Sickamore!!!!!!!!!!

    Koopa is better than most of these fake ass muthfucka’s.

  • Stax On Deck

    Chamillitary Mayne been hot y’all just late

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    I still ain’t impressed with his lyricism but it’s nice 2 see an underdog come up, Texas got a nice movement goin’ on, funny thing is everytime I see Cham, I think of Redman…”How ugly do U have 2 be, to be a hardcore emcee…”LMAO!!!!

  • seriously

    you cant be serious

    this nigga quotes kriss kross

  • Sunra7

    The Kid is great , Much respect!!!!!

  • JJ

    sic sic nigga keep da good work cumin fukin incred

  • Babygirl’s dat bitch

    Chamillionaire is the shit plus all yall otha haters need to stop hatin and start congradulatin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At least he is doing somethin with his life. Where yall Big Ass haters at? In the damn streetz sellin dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babygirl’s dat bitch

    Stop hatin on chamillionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    yall aint doin nothing but payin otha people (who is wack) more money than him

  • Babygirl

    I just want to say: THAT SHIT WAS SICK!!!!!!!!!

  • neilski

    this mixtape is the shit he has been rocking like this for a while i got all his mixtapes from when he was in the CCC with paul that is good shit. check out starvin marvin,bobby boucher, whut it dew, etc. Cham is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) better reconize

  • IT IS I

    Cham killed that joint. It’s evident that he’s got a lot on his mind. Now let’s just hope that the new album matches up to the mixtape. Cause we all know how the mixtape vs. album game can go sometimes. But other than that, keep doin ya thing Cham.

  • chamillion_weezy_youngdro_jeezy

    chamillionaire been tha best rapper ever since he was with swishahouse

  • Most Deaf

    Man, this is hot. Him and Luda got the South on lock.

  • Jizzle

    Aight wats the biznezz its da 478 reppa young jizzle gangsta J i got so much respect for cham because of his lyrical ability but i will admit on mixtape messiah 2 i was dissapointed but no doubt in ma mind he the hottest MC out of any region lyrical…and yea he do look retarted in a suit but do ya thang…awready…