Hip-Hop Is Dead

I’d give Nas’ new Hip-Hop Is Dead the track by track treatment, but I figured I already more or less nailed it when I gave the ol’ once over on my own site a few weeks ago. I’m just good like that.

Plus I’m mad lazy. This is my first day off from the BGM since last Thursday, and I’m getting pretty close to having the proverbial Nick Nolte moment.

At any rate, I’m running a poll on my site this week to determine which was the best rap album of 2006. Honestly, I’m not that jazzed about many of this year’s options, but those are more or less the consensus 10 best rap albums of ’06 per About.com’s hip-hop bloggers poll, to which I contributed.

As of right now (i.e. a day or so in), Hip-Hop Is Dead is in the lead by a pretty wide margin, even ahead of the mighty Fishscale, hip-hop blogging’s rap album of the year. I wonder though if this has to do more so with HHID‘s release date coinciding with the week of the poll more so than anything else.

My concern is not so much whether Hip-Hop Is Dead is a better album than Fishscale. After all, neither of them was my favorite rap album of the year. But I wonder where the Nas album really fits in his overall discography. How many people who voted for the Nas album this week will give a rat’s ass about it, say, six months from now?

Having followed hip-hop on the Internets for a minute now, I’ve definitely noticed this tendency to declare any new Nas album the best rap album evar the week it’s released. It was happening as far back as when the Internets version of I Am hit the streets (remember that shit) and a few of you d-bags even went so far as to say that about 2004′s Street’s Disciple.

More so than maybe anyone else in hip-hop, Nas is just one of those artists where anytime they put out an album it’s a big deal, even if said albums never really end up being that good – the obvious reason being that he is, after all, the guy who made Illmatic (Premier, Q-Tip and Large Professor = neither here nor there); what if he could be that good again, even if only for a moment?

And, for what it’s worth, that usually ends up being the case. Nas will never make an album as good as Illmatic again in his life (though he’s certainly free to prove me wrong), but all of the albums he’s put out since have had at least flashes of brilliance. Hip-Hop Is Dead may be far from a masterpiece, but it’s certainly no exception in this regard.

My favorite moments: “Money over Bullshit” is probably the album’s best beat, though I realize that’s not saying a whole lot. Of course I couldn’t help but be amused by hearing Jay and Nas together on “Black Republican,” though again I’m surprised they didn’t bring in Just Blaze or somebody for such a momentous occasion. Obviously there’s some kind of thing between Jay and Primo.

Still, this wouldn’t be a Nas album without a whole buncha bullshit to ruin it as an overall listening experience. I imagine heads will differ on whether or not “Who Killed It” was a good idea for a song, but personally I could’ve used it as a b-side or MySpace drop or some such. And “Not Going Back,” “Hold Down the Block” and “Blunt Ashes” are just plain not that good, as far as I’m concerned.

So there you have it. Hip-Hop Is Dead is more or less the same album Nas has been putting out since Stillmatic, but with perhaps a bit less filler. There aren’t any Bravehearts tracks (praise Allah), but are the high points better than, say, “Made You Look?” Not so much. As of right now, I like this more than Street’s Disciple, but maybe not as much as Stillmatic and God’s Son.

What do you ‘bags think? (Except Rey, who’s not allowed to reply to this post.)

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  • Jos



    I don’t think Nas can make an album that’s worse than Streets Disciple. HHID was a more consistent Nas album its pretty good all the way through. God’s Son and Stillmatic on the other hand are full of either brilliant songs or songs like “Hey Nas”

    HHID is probably a top 10 album of this year though

  • jus

    hip hop is dead is hot…not as good as stillmatic tho

  • fla all day

    hip hop is not dead!!


    God’s Son was slept on though it had some bangers “Made You Look” “Get Down” “I Can” “Last Real Nigga Alive”

  • Adam K


  • Fernando

    Damn….for once I agree with Fat Man Bol. I was telling these schmucks a week ago that nobody on my coast is all that Hyped about the new Nas album. Folkz on this here blog are about to sacrifice their first born to get a copy of HHID and I just dont get it. He hasnt made an album that has lasted longer than a month in my Car since I am (and that was only because of the Lauren Hill track). And Illmatic is the only album that has stood the test of time in my library. Nas is always good for 5-6 bangers, so I have to at least download it.

    P.S – Hell Hath No Fury is GARBAGE!!! 12 songs???? The beats suck worse than anything I have heard in a while. I like The Clipse, but even they couldnt save the horrible beats & stupid choruses. If they did an album with Premo or Dre beats, it might be the best EVAR.

  • Fernando

    What the hell was wrong with the xxl site yesterday??? it still is all glitched out.

  • Avenger

    Nas is a victim of his own fame, one he first step on the scene he did it in classic fashion like a breathe of fresh air. But that lasted which put him in a position to do nothing but fail commercially. Hip-hop doesn’t have many groups or solo artist who have been very consistant. with Rap albums you by them and pray the artist grew just enough to make you say damn but kept the thing that hooked you the first time so you can try to get that feeling back like when you first heard them. But between trying to sell records and grow up in a juevenile pseudo art like hiphop are tough things to do like in most angst riddin youth culutres. No room for real growth and you can’t stay unless you sell but everyone know your steez because you brought them a classic. So NAs will never do another illmatic or a complete album for that matter because the hungrey kid is now gone and he has too many experiences to ever touch on this stuff again ala Andre 3000 anyone

  • Fernando

    damn, other folks must have the some problem


    Ay Fernando you should try and look for a blend mix of Hell Hath No Fury.

  • Fernando

    Co-Sign Avenger.

    Still, you hear 1-2 great songs from him on every album. So why cant he just put it all together & put out one ridiulous album??

    It sucks because he is obviously one of the most talented. Yet he surrounds himself with a bummy crew & uses weak production at times. Give me a Nas album with strictly Premo & Dre beats & I bet its a classic.


    Nas dosen’t really make good decisions regarding beat selections or cameo apperances


    YN needs to step his game up. This site crashes at random

  • Fernando

    Young Jeezy Inspiration > HHNF

  • Fernando

    Hip Hop is not dead….iT just sucks really bad right now.

    The new Boot Camp has BANGERS!!

  • Fernando

    Method Man 4:21 The Day After > Blue Carpet Treat. > Kingdom Come > HHNF

  • thoreauly77

    i was beginning to fall asleep toward the end of your post there bol, but i snapped awake when i read that last line. zing!

  • thoreauly77

    i don’t know fernando, i keep playing hhnf at least once a day, and i think at least 8 beats are exceptional. i enjoy that clipse are experimental enough to spit over strange beats, even though as far as potential success, it would probably be more beneficial if they spit over traditional boom-bap. but who knows? these are the guys that splashed with “grindin”.

  • thoreauly77

    i am listening to “who killed it” right now and i think something popped inside of my brain.

  • Ti B


  • Fernando

    I dont think its them being creative, it seems to be more of Pharrell owning those mothaf*ckas and not letting them get any ohter beats. I tried to feel this album, I really did. They spit decent as always, but saying these beats are “creative” is a bit far fetched. They Suck. Point blank. They dont hit in a system, they dont have interesting samples or noises, they just sound like some casio keyboard demo beats. To me, they seem more boom-bap than anything I have heard in a while. But thats just me. Ill spend my time with Mr. Meth, Snoop, Mac Mall, Messy, Boot Camp, & a few other stand-byes.

  • tim

    HHID is comparable to IWW. Not a classic but very good.

    HHID > God’s Son…

    IF you take “made you look” on that album you are only left with a few scraps to mess with.

  • Fernando

    Teh Gheyest song of the year….

    “Shortie Like Mine”

  • thoreauly77

    listening to hhid right now for the first time and i have to say that it sounds pretty fucking good.
    fern- i hear you. i find myself listening to “da us open” as often as anything else these days. besides hhnf. the only other records getting reg play are fishscale, minstrel show, and count bass d’s “act your waist size” and “art for sale”. other than that i just break out all my devo or misfits records..

  • thoreauly77

    oh shit, what happened? i just got to “blunt ashes”. what a dirty rotten trick! the lyrics might be great but i can’t hear them since their too busy drowning in a sea of shit that is that beat.

  • chizamp

    Yea…hip hop is dead is a solid album…I’m a bigger Jay z fan then a Nas fan, and I have to say I like hip hop is dead more then I enjoyed Kingdom Come…

  • Fernando

    Minstel Show has some cuts. I was really suprised by Meth’s album though. I bought it just for the f*ck of it and it is actually really good.

  • REY

    Sorry I was held back by my boss at Taco’s.

    I’ll read this bs later…

  • woa

    Yer i don’t really like HHID that much, didn’treally see what all the hype was about.

    Some the songs had good concepts but wack beats others had good beats but wack lyrics.

  • thoreauly77

    yeah i rhapsodied the meth album and it IS very good, but doesn’t his bitching about being underappreciated start bugging?

  • flava dav

    hip hop beats are dead- whats wrong with having good music and lyrics- timberland, t-mixx, mannie fresh, dj quick,toomp,battlecat,n.o. joe from rapalot,pimp c , just to name a few who you know will give you a nice track- just blaze and even dr. dre have fallen way off- nas holla at couple these cats next time!!!!!!!!!

  • Meka Soul

    “made you look” > “hip-hop is dead.”

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Shit, nigga, I think it’s tight.

  • Meka Soul

    once nas realizes that salaam remi hasn’t “produced” a hot song since “fu-gee-la,” he may be able to make a less shitty album.

  • Fernando

    Yeah, his whining about how he hasnt fallen off, how he still has money, and how people need to “count him in” seems a tad bit desperate, but overall the album is solid. The song with the girl singing on track 20 is probably his worst song evar though.

  • Fernando

    P.S – Black Republican kind of sucks…Why??

    Because everybody has heard that sample / song and the original sh*ts on anytning Jay or Nas could contribute to it.

  • thoreauly77

    fuck it

    *plays champion sound*

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Isn’t “Can’t Forget About You” a great song?

  • Fernando

    Bol > HHNF

  • Meka Soul

    “do the heizman” > “grumpy old men” rap.

    no reh dogg.

  • Dell

    Yo Bol…HHID is a great album…can’t forget about you, hold down the block, and money over bs are probably the hottest joints this year. What’s up with your site? I can never get on it. You’ve got some it issues man.

  • Bang

    nas doesn’t have the energy, or maybe # of guest apperances, but especially the beat selection to keep his albums interesting for too long. only illmatic and it was written were really good. I mean, the rest all got dope lyrics, but none of the above traits in his albums to keep up with him.

  • Bang

    yes, Im high, but still. nas doesn’t doesn’t have tight enough beats to make his albums have longevity. he’s one of the best emcees, but not great at making

  • Domjel

    Nas is one of the only artists where he outshines the beat. I can only think of a couple at the moment, such as Tupac, Em, Sade. Some of ya’ll just want something to listen to when you’re not paying attention to the lyrics. Which defeats the point Nas the emcee. HHID = B+

  • Fernando

    XXL is ghetto-fab. Bol’s useless blog is clogging up the system.

  • http://wordup word up

    damn yall sound kinda bitter
    Like the album but my only problem
    is he should of creatively lead more by example instead of spending so much time focusin on the concept of hip hop being dead.

    the good tracks are really good
    but to me trying to address the title of the Album killed alot of his creative process.
    also there’s much better cuts that didn’t make the final cut.
    Like Where dey at and You Already know

    I agree Blunt Ashes,who killed it and not going back, were all bad ideas
    and there’s other cuts that are mediocre
    but the standouts are MOB,Play on Playa, Hustlas, Black Republican
    Let there be light and the title track Hip Hop is Dead
    Last he coulda used a couple more gutta tracks this go round we get one.
    And its so raw n throw back it just leaves you wantin more tracks like it.

    also the original verision of “I am” which featured Drunk by Myself project window and poppa was a playa was a classic. After it got leaked the verision that made it to the stores was watered down.
    but to each his own.

  • AirlineGeneral

    This fat slob doesn’t know what to say now a days the tracks that bol don’t like ARE the few best songs on there the production, I mean damn primo can’t be on all of his albums, out of all nas’s albums Hip Hop Is Dead is #4 on my list….#3 I Am, #2 Stillmatic, #1 Illmatic…enough said

  • LvLs

    The hip hop …the real hip hop is dead,the pop culture kill it .And nowday there like just like 10% of them are fo real in the game ,not just in there for make money ove the white kids.

  • Fernando

    Hip-Hop is fine. You just have to work a little harder and look a little deeper to find the ish you like. All of the old school hip-hop shows that were on TV & showed videos of non-mainstream artists are gone. Now all you have is 106th & Park, and MTV spoon feeding the people garbage. Its the same with every other Genre of music. All the stuff that labels shove down your throat (no Paris Hilt) is meant for casual listeners who might spend $15 on some crappy group that has a good single.


  • Fernando

    Check out NOZ’ blog to get some ideas

  • Fernando

    Damn….looks like they nixed my comment

  • Fernando

    Ive obviously dominated this board today……..I feel sad

  • nana

    well, dis album is good to me!!!!!!!!!! nas is in a different state of mind, and he has been consistent. in fact more consistent than jay z, or any other rapper. since, true hiphop is not commercial success, but quality, inspirational music to da youth. nas has been given me dat kind of wise music. now da best rapper alive is nas!!!!! noo question abot dat!!!!.

    jay z came from grace to grass and dis kingdom come is pure garbage to me!!! nas is very interlectual and gives more mature music.

    his music is not dat kind of hiphop where some people lie dat they used to sell crack, or used to rob or were gangstas back in their days. in fact all of these kind of trash talk from other rappers is pure vanity!!!!!!!!! and influence the minds of little kidz, finkin dat is how da world is supposed to be viewed.

  • http://Ifux.blogspot.com I Fux

    Yo buy the album and support Nas

  • bbron

    i like hhid and i think its a good album, maybe the best this year. but i don’t agree with^^^ saying that nas is more consistant then jay. kingdome come is mature and interlectual and different.although not jays best(shit he gave us great shit for years) jay is not scared to step out his box and thats what makes him the best.he is well rounded and topics ans experience makes him have more things tro talk about. and plus for the majority of both of there careers jay has had a better ear for beats and productions and adlibs and all that extra shit to make a son g hot. not including the lyrics. thats where nas and jay differ.

  • http://www.myspace.com/suntzu Sun Tzu

    you were completely on point

    Great post Bol, my faith in you has returned lol


  • http://www.sungmusic.blogspot.com the SZA

    If the only thing that can be said about an album is that it doesn’t suck, but it’s not that good either that just means that it sucks. In Nas’ case, we’re all convinced that he will continue to make mediocre albums and be content with that. The beats do SUCK-ASS!

  • tlee360

    HIP HIP is still DEAD! Nas’ album sucks; what a disappointment. Where in the hell was Preemo? When did Will i.am, LES, Salaam Remy, and Scott Storch contribute to the longevity of HIP HOP. The entire album was all smoke and mirrors, hype, and bullshit. And whats up with all the extra artists assisting Nas on every track? That’s a recipe for disaster. The only artists that can boast of having a classic CD with special guests are Raekwon, Common, and Snoop. Nas and Jay Z remind me of same problem that Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap had: they miss one of the best beat makers in history: Marley Marl for G and Kane and D. J. Premier for Nas and Jay. Hell, Where has the Wu Tang Clan been without RZA?, All artists should learn from this: no matter how dope you think your rhymes are, the beats have to created by the masters of Beat-Making.
    As for now, I’m still mourning the death of my beloved shorty, HIP HOP. It’s a shame that Nas’ album will now join all the rest of the wack rap albums sold for $1.50 at Tower Records’ close-out sale.

  • Ali38

    Nas’ and Clipse’s albums (HHID and HHNF, respectively) were the year’s most anticipated albums and I’m afraid to say most disappointing.

    I gave ‘..Is Dead’ a good few listens before making up my opinion about it, and I figured I couldve off my first listen. It is good all in all. And I’m satisfied with my purchase, but after track 5, the album seems to loose sense of direction, and ends up more with Nas rambling on about jibberish related to the current state of hip hop, and amounts to a very unlistenable 2/3′s of an album. Again, like Bol said this release (as with most of Nas’) was much appraised by online geeks with pimple beards and some even calling it a ‘classic’. There were NO classics released this year.

    The Clipse was a crap album period. The beats were garbage, and the shitty singles didnt help. Clipse are some very nice rhymers, and despite some good moments, overall it wasn’t nothin special. So fuck that. There really isn’t nothin more to say bout it.

    So what was the best album of this year? To me, it was easily Lost Children of Babylon’s “911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy”, and on the mainstream level. I’m stuck up between Fishscale and DA (No, Haters). BTW Thats not based off of the Source which (officially) died a half decade ago or so.


  • illmatic

    I think this is a great album. The only thing its missing is one track that really stands out, like all other Nas albums.
    Illmatic- World Is yours(ok,whole album)
    IWW- If I ruled World/Streat Dreams
    I Am- Nas Is Like/Hate Me Now

    and I can keep going down the list. This is the album of the year tho.

  • E Man

    Bottom line a great album that everyone can agree on isnt going to happend anytime soon because Theres always going to be someone hatin. oh by the way blunt ashes is one of the tightest song on the album. I dont even smoke and that shit makes me wanna smoke 4 real.

  • cream

    Last four big name album drops
    HHID>Kingdom Come>Doctor’s Advocate>Blue Carpet Treatment

    Yet best song of the four is Imagine

  • MC Spectakular

    Nas always brings his a game…lyrical titans such as nas are few and far between in today rap game
    nas = top five dead or alive

  • hurricanefrank

    Blunt ashes just had an allright beat, Nas’s lyrics were not on point. they werent really on point pretty much the whole album. he gave us glimpses of tight shit but never really the whole package.

    *waiting for the nas and premo cd which will probably never come out*

    e mans a faggot

  • hurricanefrank

    Blunt ashes just had an allright beat, Nas’s lyrics were not on point. they werent really on point pretty much the whole album. he gave us glimpses of tight shit but never really the whole package.

    *waiting for the nas and premo cd which will probably never come out*

    e mans be quiet

  • http://fwammacunlimited.net fraser mclaren

    once again nas comes thought with dope lyrics but poor production -

  • Stotle

    Couple things –

    1. I find it funny that Nas uses such a controversial title as “Hip Hop is Dead” & then presents us with a barely mediocre album. At least it’s the better of the two 2006 albums released by artists who people actually give a shit about (no jay z). by a wide margin of course..

    2. In Black Republican – Did Nas just get raped by Jay, who had presumably fallen off, on his own shit? (no homo).

    3. Does “Who Killed It?” make anyone elses head hurt?

    Anyways, Doctor’s Advocate was by far the best album of 2006. Sorry haters.

  • Stotle

    By the way how dare Jew bag Scott Storch make vintage beats for teh gheys like Fif & lame attention whores (no Paris Hilton) like Brooke Hogan and then give legend Nas some shit beats he pulled out of his ass.


  • Rey

    God Bol Your sooo hansome. Can I Rub that big bald shiny head of yours.

  • Bol

    I Love you Rey. I’ll be over at your place Saturday night.

  • http://myspace.com/youngsafe Safe

    overall, its a good album…nas ear for beats is pretty much the same : some great(let there be light), some average(hold down the block), some wack(cant kill me). on the mic, nas is still a beast !!!




  • http://www.deafceo.com deaf blaze

    hip hop has been dead since the west coast gangsta rap destroy it and then personally dem nawlins boyz bka as cash money millionaires bling it out
    but come on hip hop been dead since biggie and tupac got shot and taken away from us.

    aint no more hey no more ho hip hop hurrah no mo

    last call for hip hop

    now it just a sell out
    and that aint no cop out

    get free hip hop get free like dem dead prez

    get free hip hop
    get free like dem amistaid slaves got free

    get free like free got free from bet!

  • jacquez






  • muccie@excite.com

    I aint listent o HHID yet but all the “neutral” critics agree that its definitely a brilliant album. I also can’t understand why people hate on Streets Disciple so much. It seems people only thought it was wack when the sales turned out to be underwhelming. I agree that Nas has probably lost his relevance in the sense that he’s no longer setting or following the mainstream trends. But any suggestion that SD was wack is bullshitt ass bandwagon hoping by sound scan boffins. That lp had atleast 18 dope joints . Nas has matured into a thought provoking lyricist and its all over SD. the tracks I’ve heard from HHID also indicate as much. Its unfortunate dudes like Bol have a licence to just shitt on another mans creativity coz they wish it was them. Dude even had the temerrity to assert that Blueprint isn’t classic. I’ll tell you why three months from now peeps will say Nas album wasn’t bout nuthing: Soundscan!!

  • Ga Slim

    The name of the album should have been NID(Nas IS Dead) because its grade a garbage. It’s sad to say, but Jim Jones got the best album out of all of them including nas and jay. p.s. long live the south!!!!

  • Stan

    First time here, Let me say this, Personally i don’t think HHID is the best NAS album, I think God’s son is for me, however, lets stop using ILLMATIC as a yardstick, NAS would not even try to make another Illmatic as times have changed for him, so has his focus, your article lacks objectivity to point of unrealness. Everyone has their view how a NAS track should sound like, I personally don’t want to dance to a NAS track in the club, his music has evolved, and matter of fact NAS’ music is better suited in the car and in the crib. NAS tries to delve in aspects of social issues most rappers and record industries have shun, thats always risky business, he’s always carried the cross, and as a result paid the price for it from people like you, thank God he’s strong headed. It has become almost fashionable to critize NAS for being NAS the experimenter without understanding his mental apparatus!! You want good dance productions songs, welcome to world of snap,crunk and Hyphy! What flaws your article is its profound lack of objectivity.

  • rizzop

    Streets disciple was fuckig hot…it was the man showcasing his abilty to do something different. id guess you’d rather hear the gun busting, i fuck hoes, get money, sell crack shit all day long.

  • C-Money

    yo what u all think HHID ranks among all of Nas album

    1. Illmatic
    2. Stillmatic
    3. HHID
    4. It was Written
    5. God’s Son
    6. I am
    7. Street’s Disciple
    8. Nastradamus

    Lost Tapes not an official album but that would be between God’s son and I am in my opinion

  • Danja29

    People play the “different/creative” card WAY too much while defending Nas. “Who Killed It” is a piece of shit in and of itself. He does have some good songs on this album, and it seems that he got his swagger back a lil’, but in other spots, it’s def. the same ol’ Nas who half-asses his way thru a song. If he could ever get that part under control, he’ll finally drop another great album. I don’t know how to feel about HHID. I like it, but it doesn’t match the propaganda at all.

  • EReal

    Best album of the year was Black Magic by Swollen Members (no Bol). Check it. and BTW HHID is a sad and pathetic attempt to sell records. This album was rushed out the door to help for the tax season and in my opinion as a competition type thing between Jay and Nas. Garbage. His first single is the SAME as his LAST SINGLE!!! Did noone get that? This album is Nas feastin. Period. Nas with that HHID title was just creatin buzz, he gets on his promotional stunt grind…. when its floppin time (No clit-set). You come to expect the best from those you hold up as the best and that may not be fair to the artist, but sorry, thats why yall make the big bucks. Step it up, because to come out and say HHID!! and then your first single is the same as your last, if it wasnt dead before Nas put the nail in the coffin. This is pathetic, I expect more from a legend. Jay-Z you can get it to, Jay-Z is like the new puffy.. do your business and step away from the mic, your time is up buddy. 30 is the new 20 and youre 40???? Rap is ridiculous, I dont care about north south, east west, midwest, Im gonna listen to whoever is stayin true to their style and not sellin out like all these super producer using garbage peddlers, including game (sorry dik-rydas(no dmx)) Discuss amongst yourselves. peas.

  • let the game begin

    Maybe cuz he keeps it real….

  • freehiphop

    @ Ereal How is nas single the same as the last one? fine the beat a similar but nas is a lyrises so why don’t you listen to the lyrics and tell me if they are the same and jay is talking about he’s life style sonny when he says 30 is the new 20 he’s talkin about balling at the age of 30 upwards. I guess lyrics aren’t your thing

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Love the Mark Wahlberg in Fear impression, Ashlee. Anyway, this album is awesome. Out of my 5 album purchases made since September, I like it better than Hov, Diddy, or Game’s albums, and about the same as Lupe’s. In any event, you’re still making a ton of people wonder who I am and why you have a disturbing fascination with me. No Danny Pintauro. In your own words, Ashlee: Paging Dr. Freud…

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    God’s Son > Hip Hop Is Dead > Stillmatic > Street’s Disciple

  • Young McGreeves

    Illmatic > Street’s Disciple > It Was Written/God’s Son > the rest

    HHID is his worst album since Nastradamus. One day you all will catch up to the fact that Street’s Disciple is as close as hip-hop will ever get to aging gracefully.

  • Theophilus Jamal (Love Free I)

    “12 songs on the Clipse album????”

    If I had my way, more albums would have only 10 or 12 songs. But they would all be GREAT SONGS. That was the case with Illmatic, and that was the case with Hell Hath No Fury. I’m not a Neptunes fan, but I’m not frontin’ on this album. A near-classic. This year, only Fishscale can touch it.

    “Where has the Wu Tang Clan been without the RZA?”

    The Wu are trying, at least. Mathematics and Bronze Nazareth put out crazy joints, and of the original nine, the Chef, Masta Killa, GZA, Meth, and Inspectah Deck are all putting out decent albums, nothing great, but solid. And, of course, Ghostface is destroying everyone and everything at the moment, entirely RZA-free.

    “Jay killed Nas on his own shit”.

    No. I am sorry. He did not.

    Most of the album is a wash, but on that cut, Nas comes harder than my dick in the morningtime.

    No homo. No homophobe either. But seriously, no homo.

    The same things that keep crochety old post-Illmatic Nas interesting (misanthropy, paranoia, defensiveness) are the same things that mean he’s probably never going to make a truly great album ever again.

    Cull together a 10-track joint of the best cuts from all the post-’94 albums he’s ever released and you’ll have something almost equal to Illmatic. But not better.

  • http://www.brothersgonnaworkitout.wordpress.com Theophilus Jamal (Love Free I)

    “30 is the new 20 and you’re 40?”

    Pardon me, but I’m going to start TALKING IN CAPITALS. It’s important. Forgive me.




    BUN B IS 33.




    KOOL G RAP IS 44.




    THE END.

  • Trey

    LOLz – look at these Bow Wow banners on the bottom and right.

  • superman


  • Incilin

    “Obviously there’s some kind of thing between Jay and Primo.” – I thought LES produced that track.

    Yeah I gota agree with you that’s its not as good as God Son. But I personally can’t stand Stillmatic and think its pretty wack. But I think the album is good enough to say that Nas is still Nas and his next release will be as relevant as this one. Getting you to blog about a rapper whose 12 years in the game, is not a big seller, and whose album has no big hit is a really big deal. The album may be 3 anda 1/2 mics, but hey Nas on a bad day is better than 85 percent of the rap game on a good day.

  • Randomname

    It was written = Nas’ best album.
    (at the very least it has the best production)

    Yeah I said it !!

  • http://bxconnect bxconnect

    im amazed when someone sais hhid sucks.just amazed.nas flow is as sharp as ever,and the nigga still has great story telling ability.its in constant rotation in the cd changer.oh yeah so is time is money.one.

  • Mr. Dingo

    dont you ever erase my shit again bitches i will never buy your magazine again bitches lick nuts bitches

  • Mr. Dingo

    nas cd is going to sell 5 million copies cause the pack is whack/
    franhise boys lick sacks/
    gunit cant rap

  • http://www.deafceo.com deaf blaze

    i just peep the billboard recent rating..

    old jeezy current at the nbr one spot but

    hova get the last laugh

    my man jigga went double plantinum in 4 mofo weeks! shyt if that aint good enuff for u then too bad cuz my man got paid in full nicky barnes’ style! lol 2 million copies @ $5 a pop = 10 million in the banks… jigga who jigga what! yall keep on hating jigga

  • Looms


  • http://myspace.com/theinfamousmighty Mighty Inf

    Yo Fuk u bol..this albums a classic..who makes this guys opnion worth anything..he’s to busy sucking the “dirt angel”

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Blair Thomas

  • EReal

    I dont care how old he is, but I do care when a LEGEND makes total crap just to get paid and shoves it down our throat. You can ask anyone on here and they’d probably agree with my point that we expect more from those we hold up as legends. I mean I would expect a half ass attempt at money making froma g-unit record. Not from people like Jay-Z and Nas, two of the best to ever do it.
    Lyrics are suggestive, you can take what you want from them. You might not take the metaphors in the same way I do. It just dosent make common sence to me. That being said, 30 is the new 20 is prolly my fav track on that cd. Its just not what I expect from Jay.
    Looks like people missed the point of my post in that if these guys are gonna come out with this much hype behind them, they should step up a little and try to give their fans what they deserve, specially Nas, because i think Jays album was geared told the older hip hop audience, that is 30+ and his more young geared shit’ll come out on the new shite thats comin. I was just dissapointed this year all around, but exspecially by two of the “best rappers alive”
    Hope I elaborated a lil bit.
    just my .02,
    good comments on this blog, all.. or most, lol..

  • So Jazzy

    bol, whats ur favorite rap album of the year??

  • Spark

    Sup have a jolly good time people

  • shirt

    i think this is an amazing album. im a real mc. i listen very closely for a lot of things while making my judgement and i have to say Nas sounds hungry, smart, cool, and grown up. for instance i disagree with anyone who says Blunt Ashes is not good. the story Nas paints about ole school hollywood is uncanny and beautiful. Who Killed it is fantastic and him changing his voice and telling this whodunit story in the way he did is masterful. you see? and so it goes in my opinion. Almost every song on the album is done very well and even the 2nd and third verses where Nas and other mcs usually fall off are tight and dont seem contrived at all. If u have other shit to say about this album then u must be a hater or your too young and stupid to actually know whats really going on.

  • http://Ifux.blogspot.com I Fux

    Lawrence Phillips, Tommie Frazer, Gino Torretta, Danny Wuerfell, Pookie, Roman Helmets, Beetlejuice, Doink!, The Repo Man, Popeye Jones, Jon Koncack, Check my new Blog ifux.blogspot.com

  • Jenisis

    damn, i’m stuck with this one. i like it, but not as much as i want to like it, ya know? theres some real good songs on here like Money Over Bullshit, Hold Down The Block, Let There Be Light, Still Dreaming, Play On Playa, Cant Forget About You… but then we got some throw away tracks like Blunt Ashes and Who Killed It?. everything else just seems to fall in the middle somewhere. i thought the guest verses were aite, Jay Snoop and Game did aite (No, Jay did not kill Nas on Blck Republican), but nothin spectacular. Nas is held at such a high regard by his fans, and we usually expect good things from him when he drops somethin new. however, this one just didnt deliver. i’d give this a 4, but just barely, this thing almost hit a 3.5 on my scale. but for real, out of most of the bullshit that dropped this year, HHID is part of the small minority that is actually good. seriously, most everything else that came out, i wouldnt use to scoop my dog’s shit with. keep doin ya thing Nas, just dont do it so half assed next time.


  • Stotle

    im tired of u d bags saying fishscale is classic & all ure bullshit when it sucks balls (no homo) and ghostface sounds like a bitch (no Bol)

  • http://xxlmag.com J-Sway

    Ok, first of all, I stop through and read these comments from time to time if for nothing else to see you all hate on Bol’s opinions(something he’s entitled to by the way!!) But, after todays Nas bashing I can’t be apart of this blog anymore!! HIP HOP IS DEAD mainly because of mainstream Amercia’s ability to brainwash you into thinking that the warmed over garbage we have been fed since Pac and Biggie died is hip-hop. HHID is hands down the best album to come out this year and Nas without question has to be the best lyricist doing it right now!!(no Happy Feet). I am so sick of reviews saying “well Nas is not going to make another Illmatic!!” No shit, he already made it!! Artist are suppose to grow!! I’m not into the same things I was when Illmatic, Ready to Die, and Me against the world came out, so why would you think that the artist is going to be the same!! Open your minds, you like what you like but, if you can’t accept growth then you will be named as a co-defendant in the murder trial of hip-hop!! Hip-hop is ever changing and the artist that have been able to change with it and remain relevant deserve more than just pure hate!!

    In the words of Nas: “Save the music Yall!!”

    Top albums of 06′: 1)HHID 2)Food&Liquor 3)The Big Bang 4)Release Therapy 5)HHNF


  • wow


  • http://xxlmag.com J-Sway

    My bad…. 5)Fishscale with HHNF getting honorable mention


  • Notorious A.G.C.

    bol= scared of Rey’s reality checks.

  • BlackBoy

    2 things:

    @Meka, when you say Salaam Remi hasn’t produced a dope cut since “Fugee-la”, he also did “Made you Look”, a cut you just bigged up. I could think of more, but why.

    HHNF was the best record of this year because it fles=w in the face of everything you were expecting and was the ONLY major label release to deviate from the norm and truly push things “to the outer limits” so to speak. It’s like abstract art; less is more, yadda yadda …. my advice is don’t throw that album away. keep it. In time (after all the albums y’all swear are hot start to reveal the crap in them) you will be rewarded, but only once you let go of the expectations you had for it, plus the disappointment you have in it not meeting you halfway.

    Not at all saying it’s a CLASSIC yet, but it does get BETTER unlike some of these other albums (HHID, DA, BCT, KC, etc)

    have patience with it…

    oh and HHID is pretty good despite typical Nas head-scratchers being littered all over it.

  • Stotle






    ^^^ man i totally agree his shit is so wack aint got 1 club banger in any of his album just keeps putin out knowledge like wtf ill go to school if i want to expand my mind fuck loser nas is.

  • dirtySOUTH

    LIKE WHAT DO YOU NIGGAZ GET OUT OF THIS GUYS MUSIC? KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT THE STREETS!?!??!? ALL YOU NIGGAZ ARE NOT EVAN FROM THE STREETZ GET OFF THIS “TEACHERS” DICK like i know if most of you who listen to this nigga are scared of songs that talk about girls sex partying clubbing its your way of escaping that life but than again what do you see in Nas’s music you cant RELATE TO ANYTHING THIS “TEACHER” TALKS ABOUT.

  • http://www.deafceo.com deaf blaze

    ok let me ask yall this..

    why yall hating on jayz and nas?

    it aint like these are your rookies .. they been in the game for so long..

    honestly i dont think jayz gonna make another album again..

    let compare him to the real michael jordan… we all know how he got punkd by old ass abe of the wizards/bullets …. jordan got old but he sure did shine.. i aint mad at jordan and his six rings and his big ass checks.

    longevity in the rap game is a rarity.

    imo .. the beats were hella tight… it was nice to see a jigga rap over a dr dre’s beats…

    the lyrics wasnt no yesterday lyrics …

    u cant compare a classic to a classic that like me saying Bishop TD JAKES is better than Rev Billy Graham. Two different styles but both preach the same message

    dont get it twist.. i honestly think beside the typical fuck with bol’s day and everybody celebration which is so damn immature by the way there are some reasonable headz in here that choose to ignore the meaningless chatters/haters/beefs.

    personally hip hop is waiting for the next run dmc… snoop dog circa deep cover and aint nothing but a g thang and the next ll cool j… an artist can only reinvent himself so many times that he or she will lose focus.

    flavor flav lol my man used to be the hypest hype man in the business but he lost focus. but hey i aint mad the man gotta eat and support them 100 kids of his. yeahhh boyeeee

    meanwhile while yall do battles over silly shyt

    where the hell is my dream hampton .. she wrote so good that i have a serious love jones for her ass..i almost stalk her ! lol but she mad cool people but unfortnately when i met her she wasnt feeling me and i felt like my boy Biz Markie did in the video just a friend…… oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh baby uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu got what i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed but she treat me like a bad habit and kick me to the curb like icet kicked pookie to the curb in new jack city…

    if ya ask me .. nas’ first album was not his best .. shyt was too short for me… mc serch fuck that up for him… and he can get the gas face…

    i like nas at his best with lauryn hill if i rule the words and with r kelly street dreams.. but my all time favorite joint is gotta be we surive …the beats was damn sastification

    hip hop doesnt vibe me like it used

    i remember this jam .. sastification guaranette and it was a go go cut but

    the year hip hop blew up was 1987 to 1988….

    Cant anybody remember the jam of 1988?

    dj ez rock and rob base… oooo

    it takes two!!!!

  • illson

    Thats the stupidest shit I ever read!!!!Nas is the G.O.A.T and its not even close.Your magazine is pop, sellout bullshit.The only reason ya’ll hate on Nas is ’cause your in curtis jackson’s (5-0) pocket….G Unot can only make the same album so long before they fall off the map. Game pulled up there skirt and there street cred is done. Nas well go down as one of the greatest who ever did it. 5-0 well never be in the conversation. XXL doesn’t have a clue what real Hip Hop is…..Hip Hop is bigger then Beef, Crack, and money. So when these topics get old and lose there mass appeal, and Hip Hop moves on. 5-0 well be known as the snitch that stole Ja Rules spot. XXL well be the the magazine that slid into the Sources spot when Benzino fucked it up. Nas is Already a Legend so don’t throw rocks the thrown.

  • Hater Hunter

    It is a good album and Fish is a good album. Kat Williams said it best,” A hater’s job is to hate”, and you sir are employee of the month 12 months and counting!

  • 110street

    no homo but as a nas fan you learn to like just about whutever he puts out just cause hes nasty,but all that aside i like the album and i think who killed it is pure brilliant, i also like not going back, i think the album is dope. him and jimmy had the best newyork albums this year thats for sure.

  • blaQ

    Hip Hop is Dead is not better than Doctors Advocate, and maybe not even Fishscale. Lyrically its insane, but again it is just the weak weak production. Nas seems to have bad taste in beat production. And with the big budgets he has it is weird that he ends up with such bad production. Illmatic can never be repeated becasue times have just changed. But Nas definitely had potential for another classic. i think he needs the right executive producer, because musically the album is unmoving.

  • E Man

    Hurricane frank put yo dildo back in your backpack No body wants to hear a nas and premo only album that shit would be boring.

  • blaQ

    and for the record, Bol…hold down the block is one of the better tracks on the album, who killed it is too(if you really understand what he’s talkin about on that track) which i dont suspect u have enuff intelligence to do Bol.

  • Ant

    hip hop is dead is a real solid album..dude reviewing needs to get dropped off in da projies and get shown up..get his blk bak or suttin..otha tden like 3 tracks da album is fire.production has stepped up on diz album compared to SD….da lyricism is always nasty…on my own opinion.on 1 note..i hope ppl noticed that when the buzz and hype of this album’s name and nas’s message arose..how many southern cats got offended..likedey feelin guilty or sumthin…i guess dey realizin dey dr.suess caliber rhymes buried da shit.

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    What i think is, he thinks that he can’t do another illmatic…. he doesn’t even make an atempt to do it. On Hip Hop is dead theres no intro. Now usually Nas drops an intro (except for lost tapes). Theres some flashes of illmatic on the album.Lyrically he dumbed down cuzzzz this is a def jam label (maybe) and some jay-z fans dont get used to that type of shit except for 44 four’s. The single i think could of been done by dj premier instead of re using a beat. Fuck what they think nas and try harder, fuck that. What nas did with game on his album Why YOu Hate the Game should of been done on his album. More songs like Hope.. and that song Who Killed It was like Rewind on stillmatic. Creative but ionno WTF was that. Nas loves Dre, But did Dre Make Illmatic?
    the guy doesnt even work with game…
    Nas should MAKE the attempt of Illmatic… i think he gives Salam REmi some shine.. And To busy 2 work with Premo???? Come oN Nas. Ill Will

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    oh yeah on black republicans, thats proof nas didnt want to kill jay-z lyrically

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    It was Written was proof Illmatic TRY OUTS werent there. The Intro of itwas written was watered down and didnt make sense. The Lauryen Hill Song was a song to sell out………….. mannnnnnnnnn ionno.

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    now wait a minute…….. What did Nas say on Illmatic intro. He doesn’t need Def Jam! doing this even with out a rap contract……………..
    He needs himself

  • Ali38

    Lmao at you morons. Sayin Doctors Advocate is just carried on its beats and its got no lyrics etc. What do yall listen to an album for? To dissect lyrics and cum over your mums laptop? You listen to an album for the vibes you get off it. And the lyrics on The Game’s album are far from what could have been, and everyone knows he can come hard with it (big no homo) when he wants (i.e. diss series) and you listen to the album for the vibes you get off it. Only Ghostdini’s flow and vibes were comparable to Doct. Adv. and thus they are the two best *MAINSTREAM* albums of the year (*the mainstream, of which i expect very little quality from, died a half decade ago or so also).

  • The Watcher

    I dont usually feel the need to comment (or even read Bol’s posts), being as I have a life, but what the hell. First off, I think Bol is posting under different names. Second, that Theophilus guy is pretty much right. Now, I haven’t heard HHID, (my neighborhood bootlegger is out of town) but if Nas released an album on par with Illmatic, nobody would recognize it, being as they dick-ride his debut so hard. Personally, I liked the first single better when it was called “Thief’s Theme.” Lastly, Stillmatic is NOT a five mic album (and HHNF is about a XL… I skip songs [but that's neither here nor there]); God’s Son was better as a whole and if Street’s Disciple had been cut by about 3 or 4 tracks, you’d have as good an album as could be expected ten years after Illmatic. Nas doesn’t live in the projects anymore, and it’s not 1994.

  • Cuban Link

    First of all, this is his best since Illmatic IMO.Even better than Stillmatic honestly, although it is lacking a track quite like Ether.But regardless, this is his best since Illmatic.And Who Killed It is my favorite song since lord knows when.I think its just brilliant.And, I gotta be honest Im proud of u Bol, u kept ur ahting to a minimum.Good job.

  • Joey Crack




  • jon jon–23

    I’m tired of these “Legends”, especially when they come out and subliminally disrespect the young cats trying to do their thing and make money (just like they did when they where young). If they are legends they should be supportive of the young rappers, since they are all black anyway. This is one example why for the most part, blacks can’t be a dominate and respected race in America. I also think rap would be better if these “Legends” would stop putting out this highly anticipated bullshit, that no one will listen to a month from now. Let the young cats shine old man.

  • http://dman8784myspace.com dubldealing

    The question to eveyone was what was the best album of the year? and i’d have to say this “it depends what region you live in” you’re gonna have the south say that t.i.’s shit was the album or the west say that game’s album was the shit or east coast say nas’ album was it…im in MA but i’m liking game over nas then nas over t.i….but i think that throughout the year all the big names except jay-z delivered as far as what we expected these artists to do on their album’s respectively..

  • http://dman8784myspace.com dubldealing

    oh yeah i completely forgot about the ghost styles p …that is #4 on this year’s releases by far and then jeezy then lil scrappy’s new shit im bumping all that shit but time is money is some fucking heat! go cop that shit

  • Stax On Deck

    Hip Hop Ain’t Dead. Nas punk ass just hyped everybody head up so he can play superman and come save it. Bullshit. Hip Hop Ain’t Dead She Getting Fucked By A Southern Nigga. The South Is Just Doing It 2 Big Right Now and Old Heads Don’t Want 2 Admit It. We Running Shyt and Old Skool Hip Hop Headz are crying like BITCHES!!!!!!!

  • Stax On Deck

    Hip Hop Ain’t Dead. Nas punk ass just hyped everybody head up so he can play superman and come save it. Bullshit. Hip Hop Ain’t Dead She Getting Fucked By A Southern Nigga. The South Is Just Doing It 2 Big Right Now and Old Heads Don’t Want 2 Admit It. We Running Shyt and Old Skool Hip Hop Headz are crying like BITCHES!!!!!!!

  • Bok Loc

    You gotta show Mr. Nasir Jones more respect homie!! Hip hop is dead is an instant classic…..Must be to complicated of a rhyme for you to feel!

  • Hollywood

    Ya’ll are crazy!! Hip hop the movement has been dead for a long time. Ya’ll are young ass 50 cent fans who dont know nothing but corportation rap…..I feel sorry for ya!!!

  • Stotle

    Doctors Advocate >>>> King > Hip Hop Is Dead > Everything else

    that being said

    Doctors Advocate is by far the best album of 2006.

    end of story.

  • NYMP The Realest

    The south aint doin shit but fuckin the game up with garbage, any city that support songs like Laffy Taffy gets no respect in Hiphop, fuck the South, real hiphop lives in New York

    Garbage South Rappers fuckin the game up

    1. Lil Boosie
    2. Yung Joc
    3. Jibbs
    4. D4L
    5. Dem Franchise Boys
    6. Rich Boy
    7. Rick Ross
    8. Young Dro

  • HOuse

    Man, y’all need to find yourselves. Go check out:


    Good piece on “The Truth Behind Hip HOp”

    Exposing Jay-Z and others committing blasphemy.

  • HOuse

    Hip Hop has never been alive. It has always been dead. It don’t serve no purpose. If it ain’t bringing people to righteousness then it has no purpose and truly is DEAD!!!!


    stax obn desk must have below than a eighth grade education if he likes southern rappers.

  • http://www.deafceo.com deaf blaze

    that the problem with the older heads… we remember the good old days of hip hop when it was pure and about having fun…

    i often ask folks and i ask what do you think kill hip hop…

    the majority would said it was that introduction of gangsta rap that messed up hip hop.

    And I disagree with that because I am a new yorker but Suge Knight is the one of the main thorn in hip hop’s downfall. But so is Diddy.

    How the hell these two mofo dont let their biggest star have bulletproof vests on and doesnt give them a deep bodyguard or at least an armored suv?

    I swear I lost all respect for diddy and suge after they lost their biggest core star.

    but reality is.. some of us been hip hop fans since we were in our underoos or since rappers delights or white lines dont do it!… hell it been 20+ plus years for me… I am starting say damn am I getting too old for hip hop or is hip hop too old for me?

    I honestly think hip hop can be save… but it up to the new jacks to save it … but the problem is one it become so mainstream and second it become so digitalized.. artists are going to have to find another source of income or go the independent route.

    itunes charges .99 per track and that is cool when u got a top selling tracks but basically u bypassing the label in that term. all u need is one mic and one verse and a hook and u set right?

    I remember when i was hongry to get involve with hip hop.

    I hate KEVIN LILES with a passion that mofo is an ass straight up asshole. With his gurl it aint true ghostwriting ass. He an ass because he wouldnt give me a shot. But if I ever see him in the street i would said man i didnt appericate that shyt you did to me back in the day.

    I got nothing but love for Taren Mitchell and the chick at flavor unit management and tommy boy records (RIP) and the other chick at priority records.

    I WAS HUSTLIN TO GET A PROMOTION DEAL hell i try to do it for free! but it was hard work trying to be a freelance writer.

    The point is – if hip hop want to have a 1 2 3 punch on the billboard it need to goes back to the streets.

    STREET TEAMS need to be use again. Hell it doesnt take much to pay a 20 cities street team. $10,000 per team and that will translate into bigger album sales. Artists need to more instore promotions. Artists need better management.

    Just cuz you got a record with 1000x spin a day doesnt mean you gonna go triple planintum. That takes time to go triple plantinum.

    Nas been in the game for so long, his album always has gone gold easy and plantinum.

    Jigga went double plantinum in 4 weeks, hell his girlfriend Beyonce didnt go double plantinum in that timeframe.

    Jeezy should go gold or plantinum easy.

    Christmas time is usually the best time to sell an album but the problem is you got to compete with veterans and newcomers.

    Label dont have a fucking clue.

    Let start with Def Jam, it usually drop 100 album around Christmas time.

    But I am kinda disappointed that Jayz is continuing what Kevin Liles and Lyor Cohen is fucking up the history of Def Jam. Hell when Russell and Rick Rubin was running things, everybody was getting paid in full and everybody was getting drops and everybody was getting cross promotion. And they didnt need to act a fool in public. how the hell a label gonna be profitable when you drop 3 sorry ass products? ie LL cool j, method man and who was the other mofo crying? oh yeah dmx?!?!?

    shyt yall youngin got to understand dmx was the only mofo to have two platinum album in the same year!

    so in closing….if you want to be successful in the music business. You need to step your promotion and marketing game up. Dont count on the label to market you.

    There is no shame in cross products promotions and appearing on tv shows.

    God is love.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to those who celebrate it!

    Happy Kwanaza!

    Happy Hanauahah!

    Happy Muslims Day!

    And to all the other religous!

    Remember keep it real!

  • http://xxl.mag shagg

    The carter2 is pretty much it and was relaeased in dec. 05. kingdom come was by far the worst.

  • trp

    LOL? hhid is WAAAAAY better than that sorry ass excuse of a game album…


    gimme a break.

  • trp

    and all yall stupid motherfuckers talkin about “hip hop aint dead” its living in the south? LOL? what the hell do you consider hip hop? cause if you say that, then you’re the stupid ass that nas is talking about.

    with that said, hip hop ain’t dead, but to say something stupid like ‘it lives in the south’… hell im from houston, and that’s just dumb. hip hop don’t have a geographical code… if you make dope shit, its dope… IF YOU PUT EFFORT INTO WHAT THE FUCK YOURE DOING, YOU;LL PROBABLY COME OUT BETTER IN THE LONG RUN… otherwise, get the fuck out of the way cause youre not getting my money.

    you guys that keep buying the mediocre shit that gets passed as hip-hop are the root of the problem.

    you give your money to sub-par artists.

  • The Legend (Mont)

    I’m not impressed with Hip-Hop Is Dead at all but with that being said Nas is STILL THE GREATEST MC OF ALL-TIME!!

    I’ve probably heard every song that n*gga wrote a 100 times over and can’t no other MC f*ck wit’ him.

    3 songs come to mind when I think about what seperates him from the other greats (Biggie,Jay-Z,Rakim,KRS,Tupac).

    “I GAVE YOU POWER” — sick! what other MC could have told the story speaking from the gun’s perspective?! “I seen the cold nights and bloody days …..”

    “REWIND” –once again the creativity to not only describe his day in a backwards format but the flow to make the sh*t sound so ill!

    “BOOK OF RHYMES” –ALC blessed the track and you can hear Nas in the studio flipping thru an ol’ composition book and spitting various verses from outdated rhymes …”I pump some Rick James wit Tina Marie, my nina lean on me like Scoob and Scrap this can’t be my book of rhymes.”

    You haters can hate all you want and this is only MY OPINION but dude can rhyme about any topic …kick knowledge, describe the hustle, give props to the architechs and floss wit the best of them.

  • armizzle

    >Hip-Hop is dead.

    This is probably the most infuriating, misguided sentence I’ve ever read…evar.

    I’m grabbing your shoulders, I’m looking you in the eye, and I’m shaking the shit out of you. HIP HOP WILL NEVER GO BACK ITS PARK-JAMMIN’, B-BOY BREAKIN’, ROOF-TOPPIN’, ESSENTIALLY NEW YORK WAYS 10-15 YEARS AGO. It’s a new day, and a new breed.

    The argument that contemporary rap artists are only concerned with making money, regardless of how “good” their product is, and that the artists of hip-hop’s “golden era” overlooked the business aspect of their craft and only focused on the quality of their record is completely absurd. I’m sorry to break it to you Nas dick-riders, but come on; do you really believe he knew his album would become revered as a classic?

    Also, I don’t see how the subject matter of Biggie’s rhymes are any different from those of our modern day dope-boi rappers; he just had incredible delivery, and is heralded by many as the greatest rapper evar.

    And how can you say hip-hop is dead when artists like Lil’ Wayne consistently drop verses that are literally jaw-dropping. His lyricism is next to none as of right now: his wordplay, metaphors, and punchlines are genius, straight up.

    So what about hip-hop is dead? Its lyricism? I’d argue that that aspect of hip-hop has been improved upon. Its production-values? Well, with beat monsters like Just Blaze and 9th Wonder around, and veterens like DJ Premier still delivering fire, I’d say that’s been improved on as well (let’s face it: beats from the 80s sucked). Hip-hop’s heart? IMO, hip-hop was bred out of competition, and that’s why hip-hop is ever evolving; it’s constantly raising the bar, constantly improving it’s many facets, and, consequently, trimming its shortcomings.

    You say hip-hop is dead…but most of you don’t even fucking know what hip-hop is.

  • ty bro

    For anyone who dont think this album is fire take another listen. Tell me whats missing. This is coming from someone who played the streets, I’m tired of all the gansta rap all over the cd. Ask Young Geezy how many times he gone to tell us how much stuff he sold, it becomes boring after a while. Why rap about stuff you are not doing anymore. And the rest of you who think these Southern rappers are nice listen to them. Take any Nas album and play it without the music beats and find any rapper you want and compare bar for bar No competition alive. Remember this started without music and rap is supposed to be who spit the hottest bars With that being said Nas is the best hands down and HipHop is dead is fire.

  • dj finness

    I’m seriously sick of hearing how good Jay-Z is. reasonable doubt is a classic, but THATS IT. Blueprint is the best he’s done since then, and there are some slip-ups on that, plus it gets annoying if you play it more than once a month. I mean seriously, AZ, Redman, Scarface, Common, MF Doom all BURY Jay-Z in terms of consistency, not to mention just general lyrical content. The dude says nothing worth hearing, and They all murder him in terms of flow too. As do a countless number of mc’s better than him. Yes i said it dammit. As for nas, for me he is probably the most talented. Illmatic of course, but i think it was written, the lost tapes and stillmatic are classics in their own right. Especially the lost tapes, his closest to illmatic. Why do ppl just conveniently forget about that album? what’s up with that? However the dude seems to be completely deaf, some of his beat selections are just mind-boggling. The flow has always been there, every album, but his beats are just…well you know what i mean lol. Shouldve stuck with premier and whoever the fuck was doin that shit on the lost tapes. Stripped down easy production is where he flourishes. NaS shouting with all the horns and craziness is just unbearable. *sigh* what a waste. Wish he did that collabo album with AZ…maybe primo on the boards…HHID has like 5 stunning tracks though, the one with kanye west(who i hate) is just incredible. even kanye’s flow is tight.

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    this aint about money in hip hop its about making music and classic albums
    any 5 star albums yet??? hip hop is dead.
    clipse was close.

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    we can save hip hop , just think, what does it mean to body the dj?

  • Illmatic 2 stillmatic

    CUZ ITS NOT ONLY THE RAP INDUSTRY ITS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gutta

    “the lauren hill track” was on it was written by the way,fernando. 2nd, hhid to me is a mediocre album at best. either nas is the smartest rapper in the game or people are brainwashed by this guy. hes made ONE great album(illmatic), 2 good albums(i am&gods son), and the rest have either been average or pure garbage(it was written,stillmatic,nastradamus,streets disciple and hhid)yet for some reason the guy is still revelant and people really anticipate his albums only to be disappointed once they actually listen to the entire album. personally, i think he blew it. hes on def jam where he has the attention of pretty much everyone and he drops a mediocre album. people keep waiting and waiting for him to put out that one hot album that will compare to illmatic but its not gonna happen because hes stuck in 1993 and lacks any inspiration to put out anything worth a damn. sad thing he wasnt the only one to put out some bs but at least HHID was better than Streets Disciple.

  • st8budha

    ironically hilarious that Nas states
    Hip Hop is Dead when he’s done songs
    this year wit some ccommercial ass rappers in One blood Remix with rick ross and fat joe!sorry i gotta say this but dat’s fuckinbg hypocritical!

  • let the game begin

    st8budha Says:

    December 28th, 2006 at 5:17 pm
    ironically hilarious that Nas states
    Hip Hop is Dead when he’s done songs
    this year wit some ccommercial ass rappers in One blood Remix with rick ross and fat joe!sorry i gotta say this but dat’s fuckinbg hypocritical!

    It’s stupid people like this ass here who kill hiphop cuz they started listening to hiphop in 2001.Nas is not directing any of he’s lyrics at any individual but he’s talking about the whole theme of hiphop listen to lyrics you fool don’t come in here with stupid comments that don’t make sence if anyone is a hypocrit it’s you cuz if you you loved hiphop then you’d understand what nas is talkig about

  • http://myspace.com/loungedaboss V-lounge is the king of Queen City

    Nas is that nigga his shit is always hot do he even have to try now 4.5 out of 5

  • HHID

    Dude, your fcukin lame. Where do you even get the nerve to sit back and judge nas or his work.
    This from the team that told us Clipse’s Hell hath no fury was a XXL. Clowns. Compared to Hell hath, HHID is a masterpiece one thousand times over..

    You could lie about his performance and give bad reviews, his albums fcuking sick…. you can’t walk in his shoes…


  • http://youguyscantbefromny tito

    hip hop is dead is a classic album nas proved he is nice as hell.he may not be the best{I THINK SO} BUT HES THE BEST 5 DEAD OR ALIVE.

  • alf

    hip hop is not dead. but it is not the same. yes, there are some very whack and stupid artists out there such as d4l, dem franchize boyz, yung joc, and all the rappers with no street cred at all. but there are still reall rappers like nas, dre, ice cube, wu tang, and some others that keep it alive

  • Gem$tar 2007

    Nas top albums in order

    1. Illmatic
    2. Stillmatic
    3. I AM
    4. God Son
    5. The Lost Tapes
    6. Hip Hop Is Dead
    7. It Was Written
    8. Streets Disciple
    9. Nastradamus (WTF was that shit???!!!)

  • H-LO

    1. Illmatic

    2. Stillmatic

    3. The Lost Tapes
    4. Hip-Hop is Dead
    5. It was written
    6. God’s Son