Favorite Thingz, v. 2K6

Favorite Rapper: Nas.

Favorite Singer: Alicia.

Favorite City:
New York.

When they fall in love with a city, it is for forever, and it is like forever. As though there never was a time when they didn’t love it. The minute they arrive…they know they are born for it. There, in a city, they are not so much new as themselves: their stronger, riskier selves.
-Toni Morrison, Jazz

Favorite Drug: Caffeine.

Favorite Club: APT.

Favorite Bar: The W Hotel in Times Square.

Favorite Documentary: Favela Rising.

Favorite Interview: Pusha T.

Favorite Quote:

I can make the songs. I just need to get attention. It’s time to take my shirt off now. That’s how you do it nowadays. You got to get your body right, get some abs going on, and take your shirt off. And be sexy. It’s just that I like too much Taco Bell right now.
- Obie Trice.

Favorite Print Article: kris ex’s “History of Cocaine Rap.”

Favorite Hip-Hop Book: Queens Reigns Supreme.

Favorite Hip-Hop Coffee Table Book: Bling: The Hip-Hop Jewelry Book.

Favorite TV show: The Wire.

Favorite Novel: Londonstani.

Favorite Way to Procrastinate: My Space.

Favorite Hip-Hop Blogger: Eskay.

Favorite Gossip Blogger: Fresh.

Favorite Humor Blogger: Humanity Critic.

Favorite Songs:
Ghostface feat. Ne-Yo “Back Like That”
Beyoncé feat. Slim Thug “Check On It”
Method Man feat. Lauryn Hill “Things They Say”
Mary J. Blige “Be Without You”
T.I. “What You Know”
T.I. “Why You Wanna”
The Game feat. everybody under the sun “It’s Okay (One Blood) Remix”
Jay-Z feat. Chrisette Michele “Lost One”
Chamillionaire feat. The Game and DJ Quik “Ridin Dirty (West Coast Remix)”
Cham feat. Alicia Keys “Ghetto Story Chapter 2”
Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. “My Love”
Ne-Yo “So Sick”
Obie Trice “Wanna Know”
Kelis “Circus”
Busta Rhymes feat. Kelis “I Love My Bitch”
Busta Rhymes “New York Shit”
Busta Rhymes “Been Through the Storm”
Busta Rhymes feat. everybody “Touch It (Remix)”
Snoop feat. R. Kelly “That’s That Shit”
Snoop feat. B-Real “Vato”
Young Jeezy “Bury Me a G”
Young Jeezy feat. R. Kelly “Go Getta”
Nas “Not Going Back”
The Clipse feat. Slim Thug “Wamp Wamp”
The Clipse “Nightmares”
Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott “Daydreamin”
Saigon feat. Trey Songz “Pain in My Life”
Maino “Take It Like a Man”
Papoose “Faces of Death”

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Akon feat. Eminem “Smack That”
Normally I make a point of scorning strip tease tracks that encourage barely legal chicks to lose their shit on the dance floor and simulate pole sex. But, truth be told, I may have been spotted shaking it to this banger once or twice myself.

Favorite Scandal: The Cam’ron flick with the NYC fashion reporter.

Favorite Collabo: Jay and Nas on “Black Republican.”

Favorite Nemesis: Byron Crawford, of course. Cause who wouldn’t enjoy playing Paula to Bol’s Simon?

Favorite C-Boy: Um, truly son, there’s a whole bunch of them. I’m just kidding like Jason. Shout out to Meka Soul, Rey, Belize, Transi (where r u?), Thoreauly, Fernando, DJ Lucky Luke, Incilin, The Truth, and the rest. Thanks for reading all year.

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  • let the game begin

    Daim ma we got plenty of things in common, me and you where ment for each other boo how bout we hook up for the 07 jus me an you baby gal.

  • let the game begin

    Happy new year Ta

  • NN

    R.I.P. Saddam… He will be missed. =(

  • thoreauly77

    shout out to miss tara henley and happy new year. much more success and keep up the excellent writing. though i must say that your top-ten list was missing “fishscale” and thats a damn shame. oh well, different strokes. peace.

  • http://naturalbodilyfunction.blogger.com kayos

    Praise White Jesus. actual blog updates on xxl!!! But I am thankful none the less. how about the most overpraised album of the year… Hell Hath No Fury. it was a damn fine album. Classic? Nope.
    Honorable mention: Fishscale. It’s dope as hell again, but still it sounds alot like the previous album. Ghost has a lot of soul, but his soul record collection cant be 2 varied.

  • Adam K

    “Favorite Songs:
    Busta Rhymes feat. Kelis “I Love My Bitch””


  • Face Phoenix

    Can’t Be Denied you got Style. Love Ya Baby,
    - Face “F’N” Phoenix


    Happy New Year!

  • jacquez
  • che

    WTF?? how’d you know about londonstani? that book is wicked, incidently i live in hounslow too n i’m a ‘desi’ lol.

  • che


  • mannyworld33


  • http://myspace/notorious notoriousekb

    you have the only blog worth reading on this site . thanks for the intellegence and wit . happy new year and keep doing what you do . peace!

  • EReal

    That Cam’ron thing was funny as hell yo!
    I like your stuff tara, but you seem to be playin it safe with most of your stuff, Id like to see maybe a lil edgier or riskier stuff from you in 07.. but you are consistant and cute, so we love you anyway. Good luck in 07′ I’ll be reading.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Thanks Tara, Keep up the good work. I’ll send you a copy of my album when it’s done! Happy New Year! UNO!

  • Belize

    Luv u too fresh ;)

    Many blassing this year and further more.

  • Belize

    I will pay $, guap, fetti, cheese…fuk that – id go bankrupt to see Tara dance to “smack that”

  • Belize

    I will pay money, guap, fetti, cheese…fuk that id go bankrupt to see Tara dance to “smack that”

  • Incilin

    Wow I feel so special I got shouted out, (And after a Siagon “Fav Things” and Nelly “Hot In Herr” refernece which I’m happy to spot), thanks. But I must say, u referened the c-boys (Which I finally gota admit, I even sure what the C stands for, and fear the entire term may be a bit derogatory term for anyone who love hip hop enough to read a blog about it, lol) the same way Sai refernced his fav groupies. lmao for tha.

  • Incilin

    Comment!!! It’s so obivious, I feel mad dumb.

  • EReal

    lol@ inci

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    i’m still jus about hea, tara..jus busy recently

    u need sum trae and az in yo favorite songs list

  • Meka Soul

    hate to say it, but “smack that” = nails.

    no atban klan.

  • Reggie Osse

    Tara, I’m honored you like my book “Bling”. Let me know if you need a signed copy. Thanks a lot!

  • Fernando

    Damn….I made it on to a shout out list for bloggers…..I dont know weather to smile or cry.

    Any hoo, with the exception of Bol, you are the only person on this site worth a damn. I dont know if its because you are Canadian, or what, but your top-ten list looks like the top ten list at Wal-Mart….dig a little deeper Ma.

    Fishscales should have been there
    New Boot Camp is ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace out Beezy

  • Fernando

    Ghost Ride the Whip

  • http://myspace.com/desertheat Illmiyah

    straight from the M.E.


  • EReal

    Wusup with voting Tara in for an Eye Candy shoot for us XXLmagers??

  • http://www.myspace.com/thaanswermikeyd Dip Set City

    hmm only Dip Set reference is some hatin. no surprise here. last time I check this column

  • Reggie Osse

    Thanks for liking my book Tara. Let me know if you’d like a signed copy. Best for the New Year!

  • Cuban Link

    holy shit.Wow.Im shocked.Co-sign to everything u just said.Except ur favorite quote (although that was a good one) and favorite nemesis (that title belongs to Young Jeezy)And the few Young Jeezy tracks u liked.I think im in love with you.

  • jkl

    hahha how many guys clicked “myspace” thinking they were going to see yours exclaimation

  • che

    >hahha how many guys clicked “myspace” thinking they were going to see yours exclaimation

    I guess that means you were one of them. not a good look man, shoulda stayed quiet.