Does it strike anyone else as pretty damn dirty that Nas' baby's mother's new book It's No Secret has been timed to come out right when Nas' new album is coming out? If that wasn't bad enough, there's also evidence to suggest that a lot of the stories she's telling in it are bullshit.

From what I understand, the book has been finished for a while now and she was just waiting on the most opportune moment to release it. There was even a minor publicity blitz for it going on a year ago in which she granted interviews to several media outlets suggesting, among other things, she once miscarried Jay's baby.

From a story that ran in King magazine this past February:

"I would go over to his place in Brooklyn...We rarely used condoms...Jay would say, 'You know I'm going to get you pregnant, right?'"

An unfortunate miscarriage interfered with Hov's alleged plans with Carmen. But the fact that she was already mother to Nas' child would keep her and and the QB emcee connected for the rest of their lives, whether they liked it or not.

Reasons we know this is probably BS: Smart businessman that he is, Jay-Z doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that's gonna go raw dog on a filthy slut like Carmen. At the very least, he'd run the risk of having a kid whose sibling would be Nas' baby (imagine the hilarity), but who knows what kind of VD she's carrying around.

Furthermore, lest we forget, Jay-Z is famous for rapping about banging Carmen on the back seat of Nas' Bentley and leaving the rubber on the baby's car seat, which is just wrong on so many levels. It's tempting to think that Jay decided to use a rubber on this one occasion for the sole purpose of doing that, but... um, no.

Interestingly enough, the story about the miscarriage came ot right around the time it was announced Nas would be entering into a joint venture with Jay-Z and Def Jam to release Hip-Hop Is Dead. Coincidence? My guess: She made the shit up to capitalize on the publicity generated by Nas and Jay's historic reunion.

Indeed if there's a positive aspect to any of this, it's knowing that women will do anything for a dollar seeing two black men be able to come together and get this money (no Like Father Like Son) despite these hoes trying to tell lies about people and sabotage people's careers.