"You know we can't have one of nothing. So we had to double up and do one for the old people!"

—The Dirt Angel

You get the idea that Jim Jones was just waiting for Jay to finally responding to one of his disses. How else to explain the fact that the Dirt Angel has a response to Jay's silly "Brooklyn High" only a day after it hit the streets (er, the Internets)? Jim Jones doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who wakes up early in the morning unless it's something really important.

Like Rey when McDonalds brings back the McRib. (Zing!)

Also, does anyone else find it ironic that this is all taking place a mere matter of days before Jay's highly anticipated new would-be comeback album hits the stores? Cam'ron and the rest of the Dipsest have been taking shots at Jay since forever, but Jay never had so much to say until he had something to promote. Hmm. . .

You'll recall that when Cam put out "You Gotta Love It," around the time Killa Season came out, Jay accused Cam of dissing him to generate publicity for his new album. He also said he wouldn't be going back at Cam because Cam'ron's not on his leveland hence not worth wasting the time or energy it would take to craft a proper response.

The thing about going back at Cam and the Dips is that Jay couldn't really win if he wanted to. All of their disses revolve around how he's old as dirt, dresses funny and jerked Dame Dash out of his deal with Def Jam. All of which is more or less true. To respond to any of it only serves to draw that much more attention to it.

And so far all Jay has had to offer in response is a) I've got more money than you (Let's compare bank accounts goddamnit!), and b) I'll shoot you. The first part is definitely true, but who gives a shit. The second part is almost certainly not true and only serves to make Jay look like the real life equivalent of one of these Internets thugs, if you will.

Meanwhile, this new version of "We Fly High" with the Dirt Angel and Juelz is just hilarious. The new verses are alright (peep Juelz rappin' over the "All About the Benjamins" beat), but the ad libs at the end had me rolling, especially, "You and Nas remind me of the Golden Girls: two old bitches!" That's just wrong.