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  • Mr.Me

    We all gotta die someday so the hell wit votin I guess.

  • Mr.Me

    YN your mother looks like Stan VanGundy

  • Young A. Simmons

    I’m back in the hood, They like: Hey Nas!

    Black Republican. YN how does your boyfriend Curtis feel bout Game molesting the soundscan with ridonkulous numbers?

  • 110 street

    yn, wheres my jim jones cover for real i mean that might be pushin it but atleast the good mc, he Nas. Im on your ass nigga .

  • drugdealer

    So this is the sampled beat from BLACK REPUBLICANS..


    if u ever played the legend of zelda on SNES u will hear almost the same thing in one of the dungeons… that was my 1st instinct when i heaed the song

  • Soul

    wow, how did I not catch this before, it’s from Godfather!

  • gluvnast

    damn?! where’s my GODFATHER dvd at????

  • Meka Soul

    let’s go with teena marie’s “portuguese love” next time, por favor.

  • 110 street

    YN, i just saw the new cover and all i have to say is thankyou, not this excited since i seen nas burning the magazines on the cover a few years back. one love.

  • skip

    lmao mr. me your gonna burn in hell 4 that “stan van gundy”

  • fletch

    Though similar, Black Republican actually doesn’t sample this track. As noted by the HHID liner notes even, it uses a 2001 Prague Philharmonic performance of “Marcia Religiosa”, which originally appeared in PT III.

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