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  • Corinne

    1st, those dates get older and older, huh? ;p

  • jrb

    beans and free, got nowhere

  • Meka Soul

    let’s try crystal water’s “gypsy woman [she's homeless]” now, please.

  • Meka Soul

    scratch that. let’s try jeff lorber’s “night love,” please.

  • extra penis

    it just dawned on me – how was the dres/black sheep piece possible considering the only label dres’ is signed to is one of his own design (no sign)? Was this an xxlmag exclusive? If so, there’s definitly room for the plugs online.
    I mean, what’s up with PA Mase’s Hepatitis (
    That’s important, huh?

  • extra penis

    black sheep were carrying for De La to boot!!


    Sonny Cheeba’s remix to “Imagine” by Snoop Dogg ft Dr. Dre…

    “…Imagine if Hip-Hop was really ‘for the people’, Imagine if Bol was really YN’s alter ego… Imagine if Transient was as hard as he boasted, Imagine if Rey’s myspace page never got posted… Imagine if Jay-Z wasn’t 36 & rapping, Imagine if Nas really made it fuckin happen… Imagine if Fat Joe’s album didn’t bore us, Imagine if Wayne walks around w/a Dictionary & Thesaurus… Imagine if Jim Jones never made ‘Balllliiiinnn’, Imagine if NBRED was really black & from New Orleans… Imagine if Carmen Bryant & Superhead weren’t silly sluts, Imagine if Hip-Hop didn’t really suck… IMAGINE…”

    I will be posting this periodicaly through out the week kiddies…

    another “instant classic” from the G.O.D.

  • Reed

    In 1925, a girl was killed by a serial killer. While the killer fed on her flesh she chanted, “Ra sho wei na po.” The girl then obtained glowing red eyes. Now, if you have read the chant, she will appear next to your bed at midnight, staring at you with her glowing red eyes until you fall asleep, unless you post this in 5 different topics. Your kindness will be rewarded.

  • 110 street

    Black rob and j lo also touched this a couple years ago before hip hop died and puff fucked up on that ass.

  • Mr.Me

    YN’s grandmothers hearing aid requires DD batteries

  • Patkilpat

    Kanye flipped this on “Angel” with John Legend on some unreleased shit