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    Ice Cube…

    “…Comin from the West Side…”

  • the r

    yn please get the in da club and nas is like samples, thanks

  • The Bizness

    * “The Show is Over”
    Ice Cube – “You Know How We Do It”

    and for good measure:

    RJD2 – “Final Frontier”

  • Meka Soul

    “i can’t help it,” please.

    especially considering you just posted about one of the groups who sampled that song.

  • iLL Change

    yo YN, if you can find `em, get the samples from Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Stick You”, Royal Flush’s “Can’t Help It”, and Fat Joe’s “The Hidden Hand.” those beats are all fire.

  • bongolock

    ha ha that lethal injection isht!

    killin em wit the 90s stuff.

    oh shit theres some rjd2 in there too!


    yn please get the in da club and nas is like samples, thanks

    lol, your a fucking idiot. in da club sample.. iu can give you the progression if you want

  • P

    Yo Elliot, can you please tell Sickamore to get back on his job? (goes for chris ex too btw.)I miss his blogs.
    I like yours too of course, haha

  • lukee lefty

    could yall stop swagger jackin me and asking for specific records ???

  • the standard

    lol @ me not wanting to click this link because i thought u were gonna post some vanilla ice ish…

    you killin it though…


    The Bizness Says:
    november 7th, 2006 at 6:35 pm
    and for good measure:

    RJD2 – “Final Frontier”

    theirs an incredible beat on the rjd2 site(the last one, n.4) what’s the name of the song with that beat?

  • Penny

    i love how people who don’t know how to read SoundScan – or spell (“seperete?) – are the first to diss SoundScan. it’s not “their bad” – it’s his bad for not knowing how to read the sales history page.

  • Ice Cuba

    That fire QD3 (QDIII) production “You Know How We do it”… Cube was the ish!