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  • FrostyFreeze

    De La Soul: BREAKADAWN

  • Meka Soul


  • Meka Soul

    also, it’s fabolous’ “baby.”


    its also some song from the mid 90′s… thats goes… “let it goooooo. let it go…” or something. anybody help.

  • FrostyFreeze

    But who is that singing the “breakadaaaaaaawn” part? It sounds like Smokey, but I cant remember who it really was.

  • RD

    YN, you gonna be at the Nas session tonite?

  • lukee lefty

    nobody is fucking with quincy jones, stevie wonder either


    Ahhhhhhhhh classic De la for your Soul……But man did Mike kill this or what? Justin who? Usher who? Anywhoo, shouts out to the once great Native Toungues who will forever bump in my speakers.


  • Bigg Unit

    The breakadawn vocal sample is from Quiet Storm By Smokey Robinson. Also Fabo use this for Baby, and a R&B singer signed to Loud Records in the mid 90′s.

  • King Paul

    a 1, 2 a 1,2! classic De La

  • daesonesb

    and also he had some rand b guy sing the new chorus right?/

    No one can flip it like prince paul though.

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