You guys know I'm not in the business of encouraging today's youth (especially the young ladies) to do anything illegal, but here's the thing: if you wanted to (provided you aren't some sort of 'tard), you could probably find a copy of the new Game album, Doctor's Advocate.

I don't have a copy of it myself because that's not what I do, but I did manage to write a review of it on my own site the other day. I'll probably drop some more words on it here the week it comes out, unless something else important happens to pop up that week, in which case I might not.

At any rate, one of the better tracks on the album is "Wouldn't Get Far" with Kanye West, in which the two rappers explore the plight of rap groupies and video chicks. As it turns out, blowing rappers for chains isn't as viable a career option as it sounds. No Weezy F Baby.

Sometimes you don't even get to keep the chain.

What's more, you don't get paid much either. I remember there was a case a couple of years ago where a bunch of video chicks tried to sue Fiddy because he told them he'd pay them all something like 50 dollars to dance in his video, but then he never paid them. 50 dollars?

Last year, there was a special on VH1 about rap groupie-types in which it was revealed that a lot of the chicks who appear in much lower-level rap videos - like the shit that used to come on BET Uncut (RIP) - don't get anything at all. They just do it to get on TV.

Similarly, the ones who don't even appear in the videos, who just showed up to shine somebody's knob, apparently aren't receiving much in return either, despite the fact that they're obviously doing valuable work. Best case scenario, they might get to ride around in an expensive car.

I guess what it comes down to is an issue of supply and demand: it's not like there's any shortage of black chicks around looking to fuck any ol' brother with a job, let alone one that's famous. Why pay Melyssa Ford when you could just as easily fuck Hoopz for free?

If these chicks were really interested in making a come-up, they might consider unionizing. If they all got together and refused to work for free, they might be able to set some sort of rate. At the very least, they could probably afford their own expensive cars.