Fuck them niggas. They should be happy a nigga was still seeing them at that time. I don’t see them no more. Literally. They dead to me, man.
Lil Wayne, XXL, December 2006

Oh, really?

On the latest leaked offering from Weezy F. Baby he spits about loved lost and the Hot Boyz.

While most people are assuming that the first verse is about his past relationship with Trina, I believe that he is actually speaking about Nivea. The pair were to be married in March ‘04 when the nuptials were called off. And let’s not forget that Gillie Da Kid has let it be known on several occasions that the broken relationship left Weezy feeling so sick. The remainder of the song sounds like an open letter to a possible Hot Boyz reunion but I seriously doubt that will ever go down but I've been wrong about other shit.

Lil’ Wayne isn’t the only one using the booth to get shit off his chest. J.R. Writer has released the track “I Got Em” as a direct diss towards Jay-Z. I’ve been debating on whether or not to record my own song about Hova myself. Shit why not? Seems like that is the default thing to do. It may be a little soon to for early predictions but something tells me that the diss will ultimately fall on deaf ears. Although “your swag needs Viagra” made me chuckle a bit.