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marsha.jpgY’all all know the kid is happily married (My wife is better than yours!) but lately I’ve become a tad bit smitten by the vocal stylings of another woman. Her name is Marsha Ambrosius. But true musical aficionados refer to the fair lady as “The Songstress.” This light-skinded British babe used to be a member of Floetry ’til she went solo on that ass and signed to Aftermath, bitch!

While sitting on Dre’s shelf (we all know how that goes), shorty continues to flaunt her pen game behind the scenes and has more importantly, become the undisputed queen of hip-hop song hooks. As you can see below, I did the research to prove my point so just click the little buttons below and zone out to the soothing sounds. Light up an incense and chomp on them chew sticks! One Love.

Styles P. feat. Marsha “I’m Black” (2005)

Jay-Z feat. Marsha “Lost Ones” (2006)

The Conglomerate feat. Marsha “Muzik” (2006)

Jin feat. Marsha “Music For Life” (2006)

Hi-Tek feat. J Dilla, Nas, Common, Busta Rhymes & Marsha “Music 4 Life” (2006)

Journalist feat. Marsha “The Way It Use To Be” (2002)

Busta Rhymes feat. Marsha “Cocaina” (2006)

Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip & Marsha “Get You Some” (2006)

Mr. Cheeks feat. Marsha “Let’s Get Wild” (2003)

The Game feat. Marsha “Start From Scratch” (2005)

The Game feat. Nas & Marsha “Why You Hate The Game” (2006)

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  • Young A. Simmons

    “My wife is better that yours!”

    Stop frontin Wilson, we’ve all seen your wife and i think I speak for everyone when i say “ewww!”

    Good post though yellow nigga.

  • Bundles

    Wow, YN you switched it up on us!! Good shit!!

  • Three4

    Marsha´s dope!


    i met her at a session when Mike Jack was on the comeback (the Rodney Jerkins era)…

    She knocked out a hook on a Swizz track in 15 min flat… start to finish and it was CRAZY!

    Big sista is nice…

  • dronkmunk

    Yaeh she klils taht trcak wtih Gmae and Nas

  • e aka the real noreiaga

    Y’all all know the kid is happily married (My wife is better than yours!)
    The worst hood rat I’ve had is more attractvie than your wife. You have to be REALLY REALLY DRUNK to smash your wife.

    Nice post its cool when a r&b singer can actually sing

  • Fernando

    Damn, bashing on a mans wife seems kinda cold. Until you figure out that Splinter is really a droid made by G-unit soldiers in Taiwan.

  • 110 street

    shes something different.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    You fucking degenerates…oh girl be doing her thing she mos def the truth…

  • lukee lefty

    you need to fuck with some jill scott thats my number 1

  • icee corleon

    FREE MASONS RULE THE WORLD and dont forget that.

    ol girl can blow she gotta cool voice

  •,Version=1,Version=1 Rey

    lol @ Fern.

  • Omar

    Wow! Motherfuckers is awake now! Maybe one day y’all realize that AZ is top 10 dead or alive one day too.

  • Belize

    Yeah she aint no jill scott..but then again Jill dont do hook. Yeah good post splinter

  • king douche

    a yo YN that aint Marsha on Lost Ones. Its Crisette Michelle.

  • dronkmunk


    This is for Jay-z’s hip-hop board. Remember? Check this out man. I am so sinsurr..

  • RCV tha MC

    she has quite the resume.

  • Shacky G


    free downloads

  • Yes sir!

    good work E…Woodside Projects stand the fuck up!!!!!

  • Heat_Seeker

    Who the fugg is YN’s wife and where can I find a pic of her? For him to be shootin off that hard, that chick better be a hybrid of janet jackson and Beyonce.

  • Vindi

    I was thinking the other day about how many hooks she’s been on, the album should be fire IF IT EVR DROPS DRE

  • thebestout!

    bitch tryna get paid i feel her!!!!!

  • Rockstar107

    Aye yo son, you forgot about that joint on Stat Quo’s mixtape Underground Atlanta Vol. 4. “Sweet Justice” Niggas always sleeping on the Stat. Yall need to open your eyes to superb southern music.

    “Thats how it feels when niggas get you killed”

  • Mr.Me

    YN your wifes coochie looks like a quarter pounder wit cheese but your right because she is better.

  • Bill


  • Yogey

    Baby You’re Blessed,
    thanx 4 what you do.

  • Yogey

    Baby You’re Blessed,
    thanx 4 what you do.

  • Anonymous

    Lost Ones is Chrisette Michelle Not Marsha!!! Your research is inaccurate!!!