Shit On My Mind Vol. 5

Anyone notice that on “Remedy,” The Game spits the same opening bars as the ones he ghost-wrote for Diddy’s “We Gon’ Make It”?

OK I know Dr. Dre’s not supposed to be a producer on Doctor’s Advocate (wink 6 times) but what happened to the other Dre and his partner Cool. Weren’t the Miami boys talkin’ shit early about how they were all over the album?

I’m from the Rotten Apple but I fucks with “Gang Bangin’ 101.” Still, me thinks Chuck Taylor murdered Uncle Snoop on his own shit.

Hell who lit the fire under Andre’s ass? DJ Unk’s remix knocks in the trunk better than anything on Idlewild except “Hollywood Divorce.” But we all know that wins because Wayne murdered Snoop (once again) and them ATLiens on their own shit.

Bfred told me some of you Net nerds have made your own version of the Baby and Wayne album called Like Son minus the Birdman’s vocals. That’s foul. Shout out to Baby Phat though.

A rushed Ghost album for the 4th quarter? I gots a bad feeling about that one. Duke is due for an artistic L. Not just a commercial one.

When are the people gonna rise up? Free Max B! Free Max B! Free Max B! I think Akon had him set up ’cause he was coming hard for the hook crown. C’mon Nate Dogg time to get back on your grind. You’re way behind.

At least the hip-hop hook queen title is undisputed. Got 3 words for ya: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

If the Ying Yang Twins drop an album and no one gives a fuck, does it make a sound?

Who’s the next rapper to get a haircut?
A) The lil nigga Kaine from the aforementioned.
B) The grimy nigga that used to call himself 8-Off.
C) All of Bone Thugs. They deserve it for dropping that booty Koch record.
D) Lil Jon. I hold him responsible for the Chappelle breakdown.
E) KRS-One. The teacha needs a makeover. Somebody upgrade him.

Real talk, watch a couple of Dec releases get bumped to the ’07. You can take it to the house: Bow Wow should drop on V Day.

Maybe Janet flopped cause JD only knows how to guide them young boys. Shit at least he don’t kiss them lil’ crumbsnatchers on the lips.

Did Dame know that his vocals was gonna be on a Jim Jones diss song? He doesn’t really say anything bad about Jay on it. Hella confusing.

You think Fat Joe was heated when he heard Jim Jones’ “Weatherman” with Wayne on their “Makin’ it Rain”? I love a strip club ode more than most but I never understood throwing a stack at a shorty just for working the pole. Just say No to the hoes, bros!

Isn’t it time for another Jay-Z song to leak?

It’s funny how Jay and Beyonce both have new records where they pretend they broke up. You silly kids, love will keep y’all together. Word to the Captain and his boo Tennille.

A lil’ late with a “New York (Remix),” aren’t we Bussa-Bus?

When I grow up, I want to be Blogger of the Year. I wanna make the Blogger Hall of Fame. Get off my log and make a better blog.

Oh one more thing:
ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show
January 16th 10 pm
Y’all got less than three months to make a better TV show. Good luck!

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  • Sam B


  • Harvard

    wait…didn’t JD save Mariah’s career? She’s not a young boy is she?




    Y’all got less than three months to make ur website better. Good luck!

    *hiphopdx.xom is creepin YN*

  • gluvnast

    maybe when game said there would be “no dre” he meant the OTHER dre!

  • lukee lefty

    blah blah blah thank you for the cover sir, and def jam is fucking up a lot of other people’s releases

  • JaRouge

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Dre never left this album. Jelly Roll? Urban EP Pope? Reefa? DJ Khalil? Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem? Who the hell are these cats and why do their (bangin’) beats have an undeniable Dre aesthetic? I don’t know exactly whats going on here but methinks some shady business (or great marketing) is decieving us into thinking the doc disappeared.

    btw: the album knocks.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Hov got flow though he’s no Big and Pac but he’s close
    How I’m supposed to win they got me fighting ghosts…
    does this clown actually thin he his nicer than Pac and Biggie

    I could think of a few people above Jay:
    Talib Kweli
    Weezy F Baby
    Snoop(dont believe me compare album for album)(including the upcoming lps)


    i don’t think Dre did 6 songs… i think he did like 3-4 (intro definitely)

    Marsha ain’t commercially viable, unless she pulls some “Jill Scott up in the club” type shit…

    JD left Virgin cause they’re a sinking ship… Plus he gets bonus points with wifey- on some “…i quit my job for you boo…” shit. Fuck that lil’ nigga!

    “Like Father Like Son” woulda been good minus Baby, so i think that was a good move on the “net nerds” part…

    Don’t u really think Fat Joe is mad cuz he can’t even get radio/video rotation with a Scott Storch beat???

    Or better yet that Lil’ Wayne has a version he does at live shoes where he spits a 16 on “make It Rain” and it’s WAY better that Fat Joe’s song…


    And Nas’ new song is dope…

    The trick with Nas, is u gotta “hear” the beat, but “listen” to the rhymes…

    Case in point, the 2 singles he’s dropped have had suspect beats. But the verses were crack:

    “…grind and hittin Brazilian dimes from behind…”

    “…that’s why the God- parties with Juice models, they mob me- the gnarly Charlie Luciano…”


    “…bitches want my chipped tooth back, still mack- so my kufi never gets smacked…”


    Lil’ Wayne’s taking notes as we speak!

  • GuyEscobar

    it’s far to early to put Wayne above Jay..for what two good albums?

    and Beans, dude is just not better than Jay. He’s real nice with it, but as far as hooks and song structure go..Beans isn’t a hit maker.


    gluvnast Says:

    November 1st, 2006 at 12:04 pm
    maybe when game said there would be “no dre” he meant the OTHER dre!



    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE Says:

    I could think of a few people above Jay:
    Talib Kweli
    Weezy F Baby
    Snoop(dont believe me compare album for album)(including the upcoming lps)

    ^^^once again ur ingnorance never ceases to amaze me!

    That hurricane water must of REALLY fucked up ur ears…

    That list is boderline disrespectful w/the exception of Nas…

    Go back to dawgs…




  • thoreauly77

    get that shit off of your chest yn! oh yeah and get kris-ex’s non-writing ass off of, please, no really, for the love of god. i agree wiht most of your assertions, except the ghost joint will be excellent as usual. anyhow, “passion of the weiss” is an excellent blog with a different perspective.

  • GuyEscobar

    As far as Ghost it’s gonna be interesting. He has such a nosensical style of rhyme it’s not like he’s ever going to be lacking for subject matter. I just wonder how he has enough material for another album this quickly but squandered all that bookdeal money because he wrote nothing down.

    As for Free Max B., free him for what the chance to pull off the biggest fuck up all over again. His crew has arguably the biggest hit of the summer, definetly the biggest hit in New York, and he tries to rob some dudes, with the help of a hooker, the most trustworthy of professions? Kid can sing a mean hook, but before we start trying to free Max B. let’s keep Slick Rick out.

    And some shit that’s on my mind, where’s this Saigon video that supposedly was shot? I’ll believe it when I see it. 80′s Baby where are you I need this album post haste. And to YN I can’t wait to see this alleged Nas cover get bumped for the Shady records cover…..tell me it won’t happen…..but then again, tell me it won’t either.

  • p.g. lee

    Funny as hell and wait for it……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………sad but true My vote for next to get a hair cut is ether wyclef or snoop dogg. Oh btw the game murderd snoop on his own shit ala eminem with fiddy snoop ain’t the best lyrical mc in the world to begin with. Ying Yang will make noise even if they brick. 3000 was the shit on UNK remix song jim jones ain’t sleeping on him ether. cool and dre eh they are so last year. just like the runners are already. And as for the game Reusing his ghost raps on diddys why not he wrote it diddn’t he???? And for talking out Baby againg why not he’s a bad rapper. internet nerds need to do that to other shitty rapper albums ala p diddy and others I may add….
    Dr Dre will be on games album if not under a alias. wink 6 times. Ghost will brick only for the fact that downloading rules everything around me can I get a D.R.E.A.M y’all. word to wu tang. Peace Im out

  • deezhul

    good blog on the like son minus the baby vocals!!gotta find max b.fuck jay z dipset bitch

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    who the fuck is this sonny chebba character…know body believes you you need more people…probably a white boy who lives out his fantasy of being someone black…better yet relevant…go sit at the kids table…

  • RD

    YN, if Vh1 was smart (and progressive) they would pick up this idea


  • Boola Bless

    YN, if that new “Ghost is Back” track is an example of whats gonna be on his “rushed” album then maybe we need more “rushed” albums by Ghost. That type of track is exactly what hip hop needs a steady stream of.

  • GuyEscobar

    On a side note I just compared Snoop and Jay’s album’s side to side…and umm No limit catalog = huge overwhelming loss


    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE Says:

    November 1st, 2006 at 1:43 pm
    who the fuck is this sonny chebba character…know body believes you you need more people…probably a white boy who lives out his fantasy of being someone black…better yet relevant…go sit at the kids table…

    ^^^ now ur quoting Jay???

    ur a dick rider in the worst way!

  • Mr.Me

    How bout a no homo for the title YN. Joey Buttafucco ass nigga you

  • Enlightened

    On a side note I just compared Snoop and Jay’s album’s side to side…and umm No limit catalog = huge overwhelming loss
    That’s definitely a matter of your opinion. I’ll take those 2 Snoop CDs over whatever you feel are Jay-Z’s 2 weakest. Maybe over some you feel are his strongest.
    For my listening pleasure, there are only 2 Jay-Z CDs where I seriously like more than 5 songs. Seriously

    And I felt like Beanie surpassed Jay-Z as soon as he stole THE DYNASTY CD from Jay-Z and Jay-Z stopped letting him guest appear on his shit after that

  • GuyEscobar

    I would say that Volume 1 and the Blueprint 2 were Jay’s weakest CD’s, and the I feel that Volume 1 definitively trumps Snoop’s No Limit days, definetly on beats, and I have to say lyrics. If you’re taking this stance because Snoop is your personal favorite then I’m sorry to sorry the general consenus is going to side against you. Critically, and commercially (maybe not Volume 1, I’d have to get exact numbers as of now on it) both of those Jay albums trump any two of snoop’s no limit releases.

    Beanie didn’t surpass Jay on that. He just got featured on a million songs. and the reason he wasn’t as featured as much afterwards was because originally the Dynasty was compilation album, not a Jay-Z record. When he got back to making his own albums the guests per song went down. The Blueprint had more guests than ever needed, but it also had way more songs than needed, so it evened out.
    I mean honestly take the best 5 Bean’s songs and put them up against the best 5 Hov songs, that shit don’t even out. I say take 5 because he doesn’t have as large a catalog as Jay. But if you went more songs Beans still loses. It’s cool to have your opinion, but generally there is going to be a small percentage, if any that agree with you.

    It’s just the facts son.

  • Princelton

    Ghost will have songs stashed that he can use.

    ‘Holla’ from Pretty Tony was recorded 3 years before the album was released, for instance.

    If Jay can put the sample clearance numbers up for whatever Ghost couldn’t use before, it could be a decent album.