Anyone notice that on "Remedy," The Game spits the same opening bars as the ones he ghost-wrote for Diddy's "We Gon' Make It"?

OK I know Dr. Dre's not supposed to be a producer on Doctor's Advocate (wink 6 times) but what happened to the other Dre and his partner Cool. Weren't the Miami boys talkin' shit early about how they were all over the album?

I'm from the Rotten Apple but I fucks with "Gang Bangin' 101." Still, me thinks Chuck Taylor murdered Uncle Snoop on his own shit.

Hell who lit the fire under Andre's ass? DJ Unk's remix knocks in the trunk better than anything on Idlewild except "Hollywood Divorce." But we all know that wins because Wayne murdered Snoop (once again) and them ATLiens on their own shit.

Bfred told me some of you Net nerds have made your own version of the Baby and Wayne album called Like Son minus the Birdman's vocals. That's foul. Shout out to Baby Phat though.

A rushed Ghost album for the 4th quarter? I gots a bad feeling about that one. Duke is due for an artistic L. Not just a commercial one.

When are the people gonna rise up? Free Max B! Free Max B! Free Max B! I think Akon had him set up 'cause he was coming hard for the hook crown. C'mon Nate Dogg time to get back on your grind. You're way behind.

At least the hip-hop hook queen title is undisputed. Got 3 words for ya: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

If the Ying Yang Twins drop an album and no one gives a fuck, does it make a sound?

Who's the next rapper to get a haircut?
A) The lil nigga Kaine from the aforementioned.
B) The grimy nigga that used to call himself 8-Off.
C) All of Bone Thugs. They deserve it for dropping that booty Koch record.
D) Lil Jon. I hold him responsible for the Chappelle breakdown.
E) KRS-One. The teacha needs a makeover. Somebody upgrade him.

Real talk, watch a couple of Dec releases get bumped to the '07. You can take it to the house: Bow Wow should drop on V Day.

Maybe Janet flopped cause JD only knows how to guide them young boys. Shit at least he don't kiss them lil' crumbsnatchers on the lips.

Did Dame know that his vocals was gonna be on a Jim Jones diss song? He doesn't really say anything bad about Jay on it. Hella confusing.

You think Fat Joe was heated when he heard Jim Jones' "Weatherman" with Wayne on their "Makin' it Rain"? I love a strip club ode more than most but I never understood throwing a stack at a shorty just for working the pole. Just say No to the hoes, bros!

Isn't it time for another Jay-Z song to leak?

It's funny how Jay and Beyonce both have new records where they pretend they broke up. You silly kids, love will keep y'all together. Word to the Captain and his boo Tennille.

A lil' late with a "New York (Remix)," aren't we Bussa-Bus?

When I grow up, I want to be Blogger of the Year. I wanna make the Blogger Hall of Fame. Get off my log and make a better blog.

Oh one more thing:
ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show
January 16th 10 pm
Y'all got less than three months to make a better TV show. Good luck!