Rap friendships don’t mean much.

Eminem feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Ca$his “You Don’t Know”
from Eminem Presents The Re-Up(2006)

I hate the term, BFF (best friends forever, obviously). In fact, it disgusts me, as it should you. In our celebrity obsessed world, when two individuals of remote worlds (i.e. celebutant Paris Hilton and America’s “sweetheart,” Britney Spears) unite just to go shopping or for a night on the town, they are automatically deemed “BFFs” by the press. It just seems a little fake to me. Thanks, Us Weekly.

Your favorite rapper may never call his frequent-collaborator his BFF, but with all the fakle friends in hip-hop, it’s only a matter of time. Nas and Jay-Z, The Game and Snoop Dogg, and Lil’ Wayne and Baby, are all alliances that don’t infringe on the potential for good music. “Black Republican” just barely lives up to my expectations, with the exception of Nas’ ill verse. Baby and Wayne might be too close for comfort, but anything Wayne does is good. Game (blood) and Snoop (crip) stay pumping that “we’re all in the same gang” hype. But I’m still not moved by “Gangbangin 101” on Snoop’s Blue Carpet Treatment or “California Vacation” on The Doctor’s Advocate. I guess I have to be in a gang to get it.

Perhaps the truest of all rap BFFs, Eminem and 50 Cent sould be the exception to the rule. Em scouted 50 and they’ve been riding for each other through thick and thin. From inheriting each other’s beef to the classic material they consistently put out that almost seems too good to be true. But it is, especially on their aptly titled reunion mixtape, The Re-Up. Need more proof? Check Em hopping on Fifty’s back (literally) and professing his loyalty to his “friend” in the video for “You Don’t Know.” Aww. Plus, having the rest of the Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath squad rally together as inmates really shows the love. This is the only “friendship” that I wouldn’t mind lasting forever. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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  • http://Yahoo.com Ed Lover

    1st and it sucks!!!!!!

  • ya white boy

    1st.(dont see the fucking point) all those mcs are just homie nothing else

  • New York Nigga

    all of them r rappers white boy

    50 Cent iz da King Of Rap
    nigga comion out wit a double cd WHAT yea


    Now, we’ve seen the marketing strategy that The Game and his team have (nice work) but 50 Cent (or n***er to Kramer) is reportedly looking to trump his West Coast counterpart. The rumors is that 50 Cent will gather all the members of NWA , including Lil Eazy E, for his next CD. Apparently, there is an unreleased Eazy-E verse that will appear on there as well. Reportedly, the song is going to appear on Fiddy’s double CD that’s coming sometime in the first quarter of 2007. I hear he’s going to have Dre and Eminem on a song together on this CD as well.

  • Whoa

    Cornine iz hot! Wow!

    nah am playin

  • Uncle Murda

    G Unit – Locked & Loaded

    Locked & Loaded is G-Unit’s second group album has announced to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2007. The album will mainly feature the core of G-Unit, which consists of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo

  • http://www.myspace.com/thaanswermikeyd Dip Set City


  • http://mixfiend.com Belize

    Ummm…cool post.but…this is a old ass video that was already in the bangers section.

    Step ur video game up playboi!

  • jacquez
  • mole

    lol is dis nigga gettin fucked in this ass..seiously..em nd 50 is the only relationship u wanna see last? dude unless dem niggas is gay den sha ap..nd seriously y u hatin on the game..black republican>>>>>>>>>>…than you dont know..are u crazy?….california vacation?…whooped ass soo suck a dick nd den call eminem u can all be friends

  • Killa

    yeah, i agree with the writer em & 50 chemistry is great
    Em brings the best out of 50
    & the friendship is real

    50 shinned big time on them
    RE-UP cuts

  • assmagnet

    damn xxl is on the interscope payroll. These two haven’t made anything classic in a long time. The massacre is good. fucking faggot. how can i get some of that interscope money so i can praise these wack ass rappers.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Wigidy-Wigigy Wack

    Big Wack Attack

    hoobaley hoobaley blah blah blah

    Im not buying in to the Re-up but I am curious as to what will be on 50 new album…what does he have in store…a “all eyez on me III”?

  • Puerto-Black

    EM killed that shit and if these G-unit nigga do ONE MORE video about jail

  • Enlightened

    50 Cent iz da King Of Rap
    nigga comion out wit a double cd WHAT yea

    50 is smart. I’ll say that. Think about it – the only reason he’s dropping a double is because all sales are down and he’d feel embarassed coming with only a 500,000-600,000 first week. He knows he can’t sell a million in one week again. So what does he do? Drop a double. They count as 2 units (as in Outkast really only sold 5 million of Speakerboxx/Love Below). Then he can come out and still say, “I sold a million the first week”
    I give it to the nigga, he’s always thinking on his toes.

  • whoop di whoop

    nobody really cares bout fifty he disapointed many in his last album only fake asses will get his album what the fuck he gonna talk about how he snitched on people.

  • pat

    xxl= g-unit/shady dickriding, I can’t belive kris ex is gone and now we have this bullshit, you fucking suck

  • BUN B


  • http://xxlmag.com Craig-general

    all these hateing on g-unit will only help there record sale so keep hateing 50Cent is the best rapper out there right now.

  • J Ball

    that was 29 seconds of my life reading this that I want back…

  • Uncle Murda

    so kill ya self^^

  • difrant

    so damn true, 50 has done shit dat EM dont need to be around but he has stuck him no matter what. game is only wid snoop for the crips to be on his side. nas and jay-z love them both but what the f**k. and lil wayne and baby 69′s all damn day

  • The Leak

    Funny thing to me is how for a sec it semed 50 was even thinkin bout em when gunit was hot and hittin…all of a sudden 50 cant stay the fuck out ems mouth. Im sorry but did anyone see that 106 and park appearance (hell naw I dont watch it, I caught it on you tube)50 seemed so out of sync and weird but anyway yeah 50 needs help again do of course its time to get those shots with em. Pathetic

  • Cedric Tene


    • Cedric Tene

      Nah G-unit is cool.

  • Cedric Tene


  • EReal

    Wow, G-Unit haters. Sorry little Game stans..
    I mean, this cat Game right, comes out with an album called “Doctors Advocate” and the Doc isnt even on it, in fact he aint even Aftermath anymore, add to that all the Colabs, and Super Producers this cat had to pay for as well as his weak ass lyrics and name droppin bullshit, get down to it man, is Game really even makin any money? I mean after 50 and Dre and all the superproducers and colabs he paid for, whats he gettin like 2 bucks a record? I get so sick of this bullshit on here, its dickriders and stans always goin at it, its not about the matter at hand, its not about the music, its about G-unit is on top, so here come the haters.. lol believe everything you hear obviously too.. I listen to music, not watch bullshit dickridin propaganda DVD’s.. guess what, its bullshit made to get all yall riled up like you are.. freakin Sheepole.
    Fuck em both Game and 50, but to Deny EM is one of the great MC’s, you stupid.

  • student-learner-follower

    You sounding really gay right now

  • Cedric Tene

    Emimen is aight… But to put him in the greates mc’s list? not even the top 50.

    • Cedric Tene

      I actually think EM is like top 10. Who woulda thought.

  • Anonymous


    • Cedric

      If your girl’s bad she tell you