Pitbull Presents…Cuba’s Hope

pitbullwater.jpgWhat can I say about Cuba right now—I hope the island frees up. To me, it’s like the world’s largest prison. We got a lot of people waiting for it to free up so they can go back, and then you got a lot of people who can’t wait for it to free up so they can come over here.

I did “Ya Se Acabo” to give a sense of hope and a sense of inspiration for everyone whos waiting for the island to open up, due to what was going on with Castro and him handing over his power to his brother. Something may never come from it. They may stay in Cuba, but still, you need a sense of hope.

I feel like hip-hop should care about this issue because the music is all about struggle. What my people are going through coincides with the hip-hop mentality. Everybody has the same story: from nothing to something. From the bottom to a fairy-tale life. That’s why they love Scarface.

When I’m making political music, it’s a very delicate balance. Especially with the way my people are, it’s a very very delicate situation. It’s very controversial, you always have to watch what you say and what you do, because people can start hating you just as quickly as they loved you. People come up to me all the time and tell me I’m a spokesman for the them, and that’s an honor, it’s a real blessing.

Pitbull “Ya Se Acabo (It’s Over)” (2006)

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    “…that’s spanish, termanology for 1st…”

    Sonny Cheeba rmx of Smooth B’s verse from “Hip Hop Junkies”…

  • Rives305

    DALE pit, barely anyone else with celeb status talks responsible with world issues

  • Lani

    Yeah, Pit speaks the truth….what most pro-Castro peeps don’t understand is that the Revolution was a LIE, Castro convinced all those people that he was going to free the island from a dictator – but he ended up being the dictator. They are blinded by the romantic image of a revolution but all that it resulted in was injustice, bloodshed and lies!

    A lot of people think that Castro fought for equal rights, but if that was true, why were the majority of the people who came in the Mariel Boatlift black working class blue collar workers….hhmmm?

    I’m glad that someone can represent those people who have actually suffered from the regime. Not those people who go to Cuba for a vacation, stay in hotels that the own Cubans can’t stay in and then talk about how the conditions in Cuba are so much better than the US. If that’s true, then move!

    Cuba Libre!


    yo man thats real talk. nice blog.
    sorry but i dont dig ya music tho. whatever. keep up ur hustle.

  • e aka the real noreiaga

    Nice post even though I don’t agree with all your opinions this it the type of stuff I wanted your album to be completly about. You have the rapping talent, political knowledge, and the emotion.

  • http://www.pitbullmusic.com 305 Monster

    Yeah, that’s my boy Pit! Always sticking up for his roots! I’m not even Cuban, but I can appreciate the fact that he takes his time to represent for his culture and nationality. It is sad what goes on in Cuba, but…that will soon come to an end. Like Pit said..Ya Se Acabo > (real soon)….
    ***305 til “WE” die***


    Fuck you pitbull!

  • p.s.

    PITBULL in this muthafuka. miami shit is fukin beautiul shit. ya se acabo is fukin beautiful. and then you killin the club with lengua afuera and bojangles. much love. keep doin ya thang. to dat lil bitch getmone3yniggas u a cock suckin hata. fuck u faggot.

  • Vindi

    WTF is he on about fair enough he’s done a song to speak about what’s goin on in his home but his singles are all SHAKE UR ASS BULL SH– if he released this track as an actual song i’d respect it


  • bud

    he did its on the mariel u stupid vindi fuck

  • bud

    get money nigga ur broke stop hating cause pit fucked ur babe momma n got her pregnat n now u have to take care of it i dont understand why hate on a nigga why u waste ur time hating if u aint got good shit to say then dont say shit

  • thoreauly77

    youre perspective is valuable. i think an issue that needs to also be addressed is that cuba has a higher literacy rate than the u.s. and would probably be ahead in all areas of academia of the u.s. and its allies would remove the embargos. being a socialist nation should not mean that there is no free trade with them. this is a tactic akin to punishing a man that we disagreed with many many years ago. perhaps if we removed teh trade embargos and allowed some modernity into cuba, not so many people would want to flee? i dont know, just a thought.

  • e aka the real noreiaga

    Co-sign Thor

    Its a testament to the people’s ability to adapt that their economy hasn’t collapsed despite all the unfair embargos

  • rkm

    Interesting post, didn’t expect that one from you, so thanks. I agree that you can’t support a dictator, but you have to take the Cuban Miami blinders off when you look at the issues. First, if the revolution hadn’t happened a lot of Cubans would be working for just a few Cubans on fincas-no way you can say Batista was better than Fidel. Second, the U.S. claims it won’t trade with Cuba because it’s a dictatorship, then we throw tons of money at countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan–where they wanted to kill a woman for being raped, no joke.
    Yeah, it’d be great if Fidel opened up to true elections, but the US can make the first step by lifting the embargo. Actually, some goods aren’t embargoed (like wine), through the work of some clever business lobbyists. So there’s your hypocrisy. Still, nice song.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Kudos, Pit.

  • 11kap

    Pitbull is the only rap cat out here that aint all blinged out n shit and he still get big RESPECT everytime for just being himself. He’s just a regular dude.


    LANI says:

    Yeah, Pit speaks the truth….what most pro-Castro peeps don’t understand is that the Revolution was a LIE, Castro convinced all those people that he was going to free the island from a dictator – but he ended up being the dictator. They are blinded by the romantic image of a revolution but all that it resulted in was injustice, bloodshed and lies!

    Thanks a lot for understanding

  • El Pelotera

    Yo Pit, you make me proud to be cuban. First off, my family can be COMPLETELY represented by your words. Every thing you have ever said politically, is correct, and to be honest, if leftist america could realize what you were saying, and did something about our situation in Cuba, you would be my vote for a Nobel Peace prize.

    Second, Lani. props. You say that people come back from Cuba and say “oh it’s so good conditions over there!” I know why… You only saw the parts of Cuba that Castro wanted you to see. A gringo sticks out like a sore thumb in that place, and they’re not going to show you the bad parts, all the slums in Havana, and Santiago de Cuba. No, tourists will never see that. So thatnks for putting that up there.

    And Third, Vindi, You’re a faggot. Get a better accent you fucking english faggot. I listened to your spits. They all suck. I got bad dreams at night, but i don’t whine about it. If you think you better than Pit, then why is he the king of one of the biggest cities in the U.S. while you still in the U.K.

  • 110 street

    dont take non off this personal pitt most of these dudes dont have common knowledge.

  • dutchtwista

    Pitbull is NOT an authority on Cuba and it’s time magazines like XXL STOPPED treating him like one. Everything he says is as much propaganda as a Granma news report.

    He has NEVER seen the “Revolution” as it exists today. How does he know what it’s like to be a Cuban citizen? How does he know how the average Cuban feels about Castro, Communism or democracy?

    Gusanos like him need to get over their bitterness, forget about reclaiming their lost plantations and allow the people of Cuba to decide their own fate.

  • BossTown

    This dude’s funny. Sorry, but I can’t buy him saying anything nor can I take him serious when he’s helping “them” by ripping up a Che Guevara picture on NY TIMES when Che had jack shit to do with Castro’s lunacy and what’s he’s done to Cuba. He talks about how Cuba needs to be free, yet he doesn’t talk about how the US and all their bed-buddies fucked up the country by stopping imports going into the country over their FUED with Castro. If the US was so “humanitarian” as they say, they’d drop all embargo’s for the SAKE of people… but will Pitbull rap about that? Truth be told, Pitbull’s helping White Cuban Elite’s that are Republican get what they want from Cuba… which is the chance to make money and put a McDonald’s franchise in the middle of Havana. That’s Freedom?! Pitbull, talk about Cuba being free, but in the RIGHT way… without with greedy Bastards that have agenda’s who want to destroy its beautiful land… fuck Castro AND fuck the US for fucking up Cuba.

  • micguevara

    I think most anti-castro cubans in miami are nuts,they showed exactlly how nuts back dureing the E.gonsalez story.How anyone of Cuban heritage could support the embargo is beyond me. And a message to pittbull,hiphop does care about the cuban issue,we see hiphop acts goto cuba every year-mos def,dead prez and so on.

  • OG Frank

    Pit is right, the revolution as just a big lie.

  • dutchtwista

    A bigger lie than imperial capitalism, OG Frank??

    pre-castro Cuba was a cesspool of political corruption and repression.

    At least now the government is officially dedicated to equality, to the universal prosperity, education, and good health of all its citizens, including THOSE OF AFRICAN DESCENT.

  • marlon

    pit is a moron, nigga probably voted bush, and for people who think cubans don’t like castro, the fact of the matter is that cuban americans don’t like castro, it is why they left. cuba is communist which means that the rich are forced to share with the poor, any cuban who comes to the states, it because they don’t wanna share their dough with the poor, and is against’ paying taxes and helping others, thats why cuban americans are greedy idiots and cuban cubans are good people, the truth.

  • marlon

    and reading the comments it seems like every pro pit comment is ‘yeah the revolution was a lie’ proof you know nothing, where as everyone who says pit has nothing to say actually go on to speak like they actually know the story. you pro batista idiots are like slaves that are in love with their master. do the research.



  • Mr.Me

    Marlon sounds lazy an stupid. Why should a wealthy person have to share his money wit strangers that cant get money on their own?

  • tatianna

    pitbull is sooo hott annd he gives a name owt to all the cubans out dere wit hopez

  • tatianna

    pitbull is a sexist person cos in erry video he makes is always puttin women down makin women look like hoes when they are not

  • tatianna

    i aint hatin on da guy dnt get me rong i tink he chuung and ting but he needs more variety in his work

  • marlon

    Mr.You, lazy got nothing to do with it, I’ve got money believe me, and its first generation, i came up poor, but i earn, trust, i also share, because when the people around me are happy is when i am happiest. and i don’t need to go shopping every day while i watch my people starve, quality of life is worth more than money. you keep hating your fellow man and keeping your dollars to yourself just remember that you can’t bring it to the grave and memories of you will be of a cheap motherfucker. its called civilization survival of the fittest is for animals, humanity is about caring about those with disadvantages or simply helping those that need help. Now go back to your daddy’s teet, cracker you know nothing about struggle.

  • latinaloca

    his videos r always bwt whores shakin dere ass owt for him n das jus umm not rite

  • the troof

    he is a cuban republican. all i have to say is, they let sister Assata Shakur live. Any place on this earth that will grant a sister free sanctum in the eyes of this giant is my kinda place. Pitbull must think we are stupid. He is not with us

  • Erica

    First and foremost, all you haters need to “back up”. You post unintelligent gibberish, with word spelled incorrectly words and improper grammar. You act as if you are the shit, when in actually you are nobodies with nothing else to do then talk shit. None of you are experts on the topic, so shut the FUCK UP. Pitbull, I am certain woul dnot speak on some shit and put it out there for the world to absorb without knowing anything about it. He is not an ignorant mutha fucka like yall. I am sure he has relatives, friends that have experiences this all first hand. Pitbull has the ammunition to draw conclusions and to form an opinion about this topic which is very close to home for him. Unlike you fools who talk shit and don’t know you asshole from you ear hole. Shut the fuck up and listen to Pit you migh tlearn something. Shit at least he is trying to educate the public about something viable and not how many diamonds are in his grill or how many fireplaces in his RV.

  • Libyanness

    I jus wana say to the person called ‘BOSSTOWN’ who commented erlier, that u made the most sense and u hav ur head on straight. well dun. ;)

  • http://gipsy gipsy

    hay dutchtwista u obviosly havnt bin to cuba to often ither couse i have and let me tell u somthing pitbull is saying the truth ok and i no ur familly was poor or somthing in cuba if u are cuban well are famillys are not dwelling on the fact that are plantations got taken away we are dwelling on the fact that are familys are in a place were they dont have the freedom to say wat they want about the government and were you can only watch like 2 t.v. channels you arnt informed of the real news only what castro wants you to no ok.. and also yes maybe the schools are better and wat not but about the hole african descent that i no of black ppl have never bin left out of the hole health issue ok and as i was saying you muat not have eney familly thair couse my sister lives thair and i go thair every time i can and you should no that all of the stuff pitbull is saying is true ok so you should go fuk off ok and maybee you should ask some people from miami that are cuban what them and thair famillys have gone through for stupid fukkin ass holes can be saying dumb shit they dont enen fuking no also keep in mind that if u were in cuba you couldnt be on this page or reading eneything that had to do with politics as they say you dont no what you have until you loose it and all cubans have lost it so im guessing that ur not cuban u fuking ignorant piece of shit

  • El Pelotera

    No, DuchTwista, you don’t know what the Revolution is, but I do, And it’s hell, so go fucking burn in ehll you ass hell, y come pinga, eres un cabron

    dale pa casa del cono tu madre por y pa ya

  • El Pelotera

    pre revolution Cuba was hell, but post revolution was even worse because it became communism to throw gas on the fire, know what you’re talking about.

  • El Pelotera

    how the fuck could you call All CubanAmericans greedy idiots, it’s not our fault that regular americans are just fucking lazy, hard work does not mean greed. It means that none of us want to be a waste of talent.

  • El Pelotera

    MArlon, read this. You say that you give money to help poor and disadvantaged people????? Giving someone money will not help them, chances are that they will go spend it on drugs anyways. you can’t give them money, because they had an oppurtunity to make just as much money as anyone else, but instead they decided to drop out of college. So next time you wanna help a poor person, just give them a business card so they can go work, don’t give them money you faggot.

  • Max

    pit! you represent the cuban power in the exile.

  • RealTalk

    The only people who seem to have a grasp on the actual situation in Cuba are Bosstown, Marlon, and Dutchtwista. Anybody who disagrees with them is either uneducated or they’re blue eyed, freckle-faced, white Cubans like Pitbull. White Cubans are bitter because they couldn’t keep all of their riches, riches made on the backs of Afro-Cuban slaves. But oh yeah, I forgot, they never teach people that the Spaniards were the first to bring black slaves to the Americas or that slavery didn’t begin or end in the U.S. And those of you who didn’t know that prior to my explaining are the uneducated ones I speak of, the ones who hate Castro because you don’t know the history and struggle of the black Cubans. And the other half of you who hate Castro are white Cubans or misguided Mestizos. You hate Castro because you’re no different than white Americans who are bitter and hold up a Confederate flag. You’re bitter because you lost, you can’t accept it, and you don’t have the black man at as great a disadvantage as you once had him.

  • http://yahoo.com LaToria

    Pitbull is the stuff whoever diagrees with this is so fuckin stupid. He is always making club banges. A little spanish and english won’t hurt nobody. So get off my mans dick.

  • the truth

    oh my. the people in here that have the loudest mouth are the ones that know pretty much nothing valid on the sisuation in Cuba. my family was never rich in Cuba. they came to america for freedom to say what they wanted to say, and follow the dreams that they wanted to fufill. point blank. nothing is covering that. its the down right truth. i been to Cuba, talked to many of them…i have family that came from cuba as soon as 5 months ago. and when my cousin was about to head over here and she got interviewed by the government they asked her to not speak badly about the revolution. when u leave american, nobody asks u to speak highly about america to feign countries. in cuba…if you kill a goverment cow you get more time then killing a human life. in cuba a few years ago, teachers wanted to open a library, to provide education and reading for people that wanted it. it was going great, then the goverment started looking into it, and figured the people starting it just wanted to have books against the revolution that were never found…and the people that opened the library as a good deed to the community were thrown in jail. i can go on and on about what i hear of what happens in cuba…by REAL cubans on the island as some of you say. pit nor i make this stuff up. people from the island tell us directly once they get to america. so please, lets keep it real and dont speak on a topic you have no clue about, nor have actually lived. im not here to preach just open some eyes.

  • the truth

    and whats all this crap about black cuban slaves, my mother’s doctor in cuba when she was a little kid (in the 1950′s) was a black man.

    in cuba, theres no such thing as racism towards black cubans – rather its racism to all cubans. united and restricted to “think”

  • profundo

    pitbull is sounding more like a puta de gringos than a cuban, miami cubans like pit should just stay in disneyland cause the struggle against u.s. imperialism in latin america will triumph whether he likes it or not. check out the news and turn that wannabe cuban mierda of. venezuela, nicaragua, bolivia, ecuador, chile etc now have governments representing the peoples will and not the white house, being in “uncle sams backyard”. thats the spirit of che and fidel. viva!

  • http://www.pitbullmusic.com 305 Monster

    Ok! Like always, we have the haters in here supporting Pit! Thanks! Now, Pit may have not been born in Cuba, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the situation in the country. The reason he can speak about the experiences and the struggles in the island is because of his family that has been through it. If you understand Spanish and know your Cuban history, then listen to the song “Ya Se Acabo” and pay really close attention to it. There he explains how his mother came on the “Peter Pan” and his father brought over 3 boats in the Mariel boatlift that took place in 1980. Cuba is pretty much a prison how Pit stated…***305 til “WE” die***

  • http://gipsy gipsy

    RealTalk Says:

    November 24th, 2006 at 4:39 pm
    The only people who seem to have a grasp on the actual situation in Cuba are Bosstown, Marlon, and Dutchtwista. Anybody who disagrees with them is either uneducated or they’re blue eyed, freckle-faced, white Cubans like Pitbull. White Cubans are bitter because they couldn’t keep all of their riches, riches made on the backs of Afro-Cuban slaves. But oh yeah, I forgot, they never teach people that the Spaniards were the first to bring black slaves to the Americas or that slavery didn’t begin or end in the U.S. And those of you who didn’t know that prior to my explaining are the uneducated ones I speak of, the ones who hate Castro because you don’t know the history and struggle of the black Cubans. And the other half of you who hate Castro are white Cubans or misguided Mestizos. You hate Castro because you’re no different than white Americans who are bitter and hold up a Confederate flag. You’re bitter because you lost, you can’t accept it, and you don’t have the black man at as great a disadvantage as you once had him.

    hay real talk u should no somthing ur obviosly with fidel but the thing is he aint with you he doesnt like black people ok if u look at his crew of peolpe he only has one black man in his group ok and we didnt get are thing becouse of yall ( balck slaves becouse of the many plantations we had we didnt have black slaves i mean we had black ppl working thair but not slaves and you no what sincerely i think your probably some black guy or girl bitter about the fact that yes some of you were enslaved but also that you all dont have light greens eyes like me and light brown hair with freckles i mean the paragraph you wrote sounded more like you were bitter about the fact that your not white and as much as you try to sound comfterble with that , you just dont except it man ur black deal with it ok we arnt bitter about that and rilly you sound like the uneducated one sincerily ,
    gipsy r .

  • Wilson

    First of all, Pitbull is WHITE….. and this places him in the category of GUSANO. Cuba is probably the only island where race-mixing was kep to a minimum. So, this being understood…. I simply CANNOT respect someone who is speaking about “WE” don’t need “HIM” (Castro) because he and Che Guevara were murederers. Then I guess SCARFACE was not. Whether fictional or not, ART INFLUENCES PEOPLE…. and to sit around talking about murderers and then you have the audacity to rock a Scarface tee-shirt is UTTER HYPOCRISY. All this fag talks about is pussy and ass. There is ZERO believability in anything this mojon (shit) says…. and I am Cuban…. a BLACK CUBAN. Big up to the BLACK CUBANS who stayed behind and kept Cuba, CUBAN… and not as a part of Florida. As far as I am concerned, Pitbull and Andy garcia can go fuck themselves with their stupidity regarding the TRUE HISTORY of my island.

    Wilson Toyo

  • bud

    shut the fuck u u nerd pits way more cuban than u n miami n the hole fglorida cubans will get yo black ass fuck boy

  • profundo

    “bud Says:

    December 4th, 2006 at 1:31 am
    shut the fuck u u nerd pits way more cuban than u n miami n the hole fglorida cubans will get yo black ass fuck boy”

    hahaha. great for pitbull to have fans like that racist fuck called BUD. i thought this was hiphop but obviously pitbull is attracting some strange elements. just keep these “cuban” elements watching seinfeld in miami and out of Cuba.

  • http://www.pitbullmusic.com 305 Monster

    Haters! Keep bringing the love! Pit remember….305 til “WE” die***

  • http://gipsy gipsy

    ok all of you that say that the people that left cuba are traitors you are a bunch of hipocrites becouse if you havent noticed your ass isnt in cuba ok ur not suffering like all of are famillys ok so yea stop talkin about stuff you dont no and do your self a favore and stop making your self look like an ignorant fool yea let me tell you wilson that its you island why didnt stay back in the island ok so just shut the fuk up you are trying to sound rilly smart and what not but its not working for you ok it just makes you look like you trying to hard and you right in cuba yea we dont like the hole thing of blacks and whites getting marryed and stuff but ok he is white not a mixed and its the 21 sentury obviously some older cuban told you that but now not rilly not that many people care trust me i just went a few months ago ok so yea you need to drinck some get smart

  • Cubana Libre

    Wow…I can’t believe how much trash talk is going on in here. I think the ultimate goal of everyone involved in this forum is to be heard and understood. Can’t we all just appreciate one another for the comments we’re making regardless of whether we are in agreement or not? As Cubans, or Cuban-Americans, we need to remain united despite our different opinions. Our predecessors did not leave Cuba, so we could come here to argue with one another and become a divided community. The current situation in Cuba is truly sad, and I can only hope that it improves for the sake of the family I still have there. The rule of Batista was violent and cruel. The rule of Castro is similar – cruel, unjust, and harsh. The difference between the two regimes, however, is that Batista wanted the best for himself, and Castro truly wants the best for his people. In his mind, he is leading la Republica de Cuba in a manner that he feels will benefit his citizens the most. I do not agree with his dictatorship, nor do I agree with how he has isolated mi tierra from the rest of the world, but he is un ser humano like the rest of us…he deserves respect at least for that. I highly disapprove of his actions, and I do not feel he deserves to remain in power, but he is still a fellow human. The spectacle of a party that Cubans in Miami had when they thought Castro had passed away was tastelss. We as a people have more class and respect than that. Our parents did not raise us to hate. Pitbull – you should heed your own words, “Those who hate me, suffer.” Castro is not worth all the emotion we are putting into him. Dios will judge him, it’s not our job to do so. Put the emotion into the people who are starving, oppressed, and unjustly jailed in Cuba…not Castro – the man isn’t worth it. The U.S. currently does allow some importation from Cuba, but it does not provide a large enough income for the island. Unfortunately, the U.S. is waiting for Cuba to bend before it will extend any further help to the island. They have demanded that Cuba allow a fair presidential election, so they can offer relief aid to the Cuban people. If the American politicians’ sincerely want to reach out to the Cubans in need, why is the help conditional? That doesn’t sound very humanitarian or selfless to me. It doesn’t sound right because the government is not set up to be selfless. No government truly is, so it’s up to the constituents to make the government act for people aside from themselves. If enough people rally and fight for a Cuba libre, U.S. politicians will listen. It took four hijacked planes, thousands of deaths, and millions of people crying out for action before the U.S. helped the women of Afghanistan, and the people in Iraq. (Unfortunately, in the process of “helping” they have also done a lot of damage to those countries.) I am not at all implying that we do anything crazy or irrational to get attention. I’m just wondering what it takes for the government to listen? Do they only respond to tragedy? Shouldn’t they be more responsive and responsible than that? If not, then the American government is just as bad as Cuba’s dictatorship…it only listens to the people who make money for the government and those who scratch the president’s back. What will it take for the U.S. to help Cuba??? I am hopeful for the Cuba under Raul’s rule. Although he is still a Castro, he is more subdued than his brother, and far more willing to divide the control amongst many people instead of retaining it all for himself. We can see evidence of that in how he is running the country as the interim president. If the U.S. won’t help, maybe mi tierra can help itself little by little.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    Hey pitbull fuck you white boy you fake ass wigger mafucker where the fuck you get the idea thinkin you can say nigga your white cum staned ass.punk moathafucker come down to the hood white boy and say that shit.and anyone got a problem with what i’m sayin den fuck you too.and pitbull give up rapin white boy you can’t rap worth a shit go back to germany cause i know thats where you really from spic cracker mafucker.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    and p.s. to superhomo aka the bitch who fear kriptonight which is pussy fuck your dipset pink wearin grupie ass.

  • profundo

    what is it with wack white rappers and miami? if i remember correctly vanilla ice was also from there. and that pitbull gusano aint no cuban. listen to orishas if you want some really real cuban hiphop. representando!

  • Monique VEga

    hes hot!!

  • Kristen

    Pitbull, you really are an inspiration to all the Cuban people. Keep making great music! xo

  • who_these_crackas_calling_nigga_fuck_that

    black by popular demand, fuk that cracker pitbull……nigga this nigga that, go to bama and say that shit to them niggaz……..ha ha

  • bud

    thats only in hillbilly bama come to mia they dont give a fuck cubans haitians black dominicans we all say what they do nigga fuck as racist dirty black hillbillys in bama i hate soft races black boyz

  • El Pelotera

    You can’t say that Cuba was racist, just because there wasn’t much race mixing. You don’t know the scenarios. Before the revolution, blacks could have earned as much as they would have liked, because slavery was abolished long before it was in the U.S. and there was a capitalist economy under Batista.

    Futhermore, CUBANA LIBRE, how can you say that Castro truly wants the best for my family as well as your family while he is sitting on an estimated $5 million while my abuelitos along with the rest of my family and probably yours nearly starved before we brought them here. Castro is an EXTREMELY intelligent man, so I give him my respect in that view, however if he is so smart while he wants the best for his people, and so many cubans leave the island to float 90 miles in shark infested water to escape his “REVOLUTION” to “better lives of his people”, CAN SOMEONE GIVE HIM A CLUE????? Obviously you did not look at it the way I have, while I havn’t looked at it the way you have, so obviously we both need to look at both sides.

    If you’re a leftist che t-shirt wearing gringo, do not post on this forum, because you are the Lowest of the Low. Dale eeeeee-ooouuuuuu

  • El Pelotera

    Who these crackas callin nigga…. do you like to have a double standard…..When a white man called a black person a nigga, everybody got ALL bent out of shape, and that’s understandable, but if you call a gringo a cracka or a honkey…is it somehow different, or is it just payback to the white race. It can’t be payback, because last time I checked, not a white man i Know has ever lynched a black man. So shut up with your bullshit. If you wanna know the best race, it’s Cubano. jkjk. but seriously in alabama, I will say whatever the fuck I want, I just don’t care, but why don’t you come to opa locka and tell a Balsero to come pinga…. I guarantee your bullshit will stop.

  • El Pelotera

    and you black Cubans!!!! In Cuba there is not racism, so you come here and say Pit Aint a cuban cus hes a gusano, but that would make you not a Cuban, kus you’d be ignorant as hell to think there are no white Cubans. entonces maricong, dale pa’ casa del coño tu madre, por alli pa’ lla. dale

  • profundo

    there was mad racism in cuba before the revolution. the old dictator batista wasn´t even black, but he was mulatto enough not being able to go to some casinos and clubs because they were owned by white gringos. and the old pre-revolution pools down by malecon that are still visible are three, one for women, one for men and one for the blacks. and saying that castro owns 5 million is bullshit, forbes magazine does this annual thing on the richest national leaders and in the case of castro and some royal heads of state they make like they own property that the government actually owns. and dont even try to act like cuba is the only 3. world country that people are moving from. check the facts on mexico, central america, north africa etc. it is a 1. world / 3. world thing more than a castro-thing. florida is not cuba. pit is not cuba. he´s not even hiphop. so you che t-shirt wearing latinos, gringos, africans, asians keep the flag high. che is the patron saint of revolution! viva!

  • profundo

    hehe. cuba was mad racist before the revolution. fact. the old dictator batista wasn´t even black but mulatto enough not being able to enter some clubs and casino owned by rich, white gringos. and the pre-revolution pools down by malecon are three, one for women, one for men and the third for blacks etc etc.

  • profundo

    cuba was mad racist before the revolution. fact. the old dictator batista wasn´t even black but mulatto enough not being able to enter some clubs and casinos owned by rich, white gringos. and the pre-revolution pools down by malecon are three, one for women, one for men and the third for blacks etc etc.

  • profundo

    there you have it. 3xDope, the holy triangle right there.

  • DulceMiel

    The issue of Cuba is a sensitive one. Everyone’s got an opinion on it. My father was a political prisoner in Cuba for 20 years. He was involved in a group that wanted to do away with Fidel. My father was against communism, and he still is. Whatever opinion you have about the government on the island, keep this in mind: basic freedoms of expression and assembly that we have here (and take for granted) don’t exist in Cuba. If you were in Cuba, you would have to be careful about what you say. You can’t say that Castro sucks over there, cuz you’ll find yourself in court, or go straight to jail (no bail). The government “screens” media and inforamtion before releasing it to the public. The political opnions of students in classrooms are “kept in check.” It’s pretty shady stuff. My father tried fight for basic human rights of expression and freedom for his country and his people. So yeah, I’m not really into the communist thing. I have two cousins who came for Cuba a couple of months ago, and they’ll tell you the same thing. I respect Pitbull for what he has to say.
    People, please don’t insult each other. I know stuff can get pretty heated, pero calma please! Cursing each other out ain’t gona fix anything. All I know is that it hurts a lot when you can’t go to see your family anytime you want cuz there are so many travel restrictions to Cuba. I agree with what someone else said here, that the USA shouldn’t punish the people of Cuba with embargos. Damn, this sux.

  • DulceMiel

    Oh yeah, one more thing…It seems that some guy named Dark, found it appropriate to use the word “spic” on here (obviously directed towards Pitbull). You got a lot of nerve. I find that very insulting. That’s a horrible thing to say. Dude what is wrong with you? Pitbull is a Cuban-
    American. His skin color does not change his ethnic background. Just to “enlighten” you, there are racial minorities, and there are ethnic minories. Racial refers fo skin color and facial features, while ethnic refers to culture and country of origin. Dark, no matter what you think, Pitbull ain’t considered white in this country. So chill out.

  • El Pelotero

    ACtually Profundo, you’re right. I overexaggerated a little when I stated that there was no racism in Cuba pre-revolution. There in fact, was racism, and that is also true that Batista wasn’t allowed into a restaurant because he was part black. However, I was merely making a point that black Cubans and WHite Cubans are not as segregated in most aspects as are American whites and blacks. There was less hatred and violence towards eachother.
    None the less. You never disagreed that CAstro is filthy rich. You couldn’t cite anything either. Forbes Magazine isn’t great, it’s afucking liberal magazine. I have a friend who moved from Cuba a year ago, and he thinks it’s ok for Castro to be rich because he’s the pres. But it’s not right, in a communism everyone is equal, and there is no leader. Well in his case, he has more money, whether it is 5million or 100,000, then the citizens of Cuba who make less than minimum wage here, and food isn’t alsways available. Furthermore, Cuba has been placed on genocide watch. Cite to: Genocidewatch.com.

    Viva una Cuba Libre. Abajo Fidel(el hijo de puta), abajo Che(El Pajuaton)

    pa la pinga de esto cajone

  • profundo

    Pelotero, post revolution Cuba is the most racially mixed country in the world along with Brazil. that is a good thing. United States isn´t. the US is racist as fuck and taking side with the US against Cuba is pretty ironical. the bad things in Cuba right now are the effects of the US campaign against the island, the blockade and the CIA sponsoring of Miami based terrorist groups attacking Cuba. thats fucked, thats the enemy. i agree that Forbes magazine is a ridiculous piece of paper, but you say that the magazine is bad because its liberal?? that sounds like you on some Bill O´Reilly shiat. if youre part of that shit i can understand why you hate Fidel Ruz. but sorry mang, Cubas fate is not being a banana republic for Uncle Sam no matter what. No Pasaran!

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    Hey, Yo Its Here Who’s Writing Your Biggest Worldwide, you i like what you did that night, that people were saying that Castro died, like everyone else i wish that be true, because i be leaving in my Cuba for 14 years, and you what im saying is not that easy to be tolerating those thing he does there, killing people, you can’t talk about him on the streets or you go to jail. I’m Cuban but im living here now, and if i go there, and try to get rent in hotel i cant just because i was born there, that’s fucked up man, you know, and i’m writing this because that song you wrote that night, and that songs says the truth…..
    Tu Sabes Que Odio Tanto Este Dicho

    Hierba Mala
    Nunca Muere

    Y ese descarao si que no se muere acere, tu puedes creer esa mierda, hasta que ese tipo no se muera, nosotros que estamos aqui no vamos a descansar bien, sabiendo que los familiares de uno estan siendo agotado por este hombre…


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    im a cuban living in cuba and have got the oppourtunity to write this first of all all you who have retreated to the US live in ghettos and thats supposed to be better than here. here we ahve culture and the people here may live poorer but we sure as hell get a better eduacation than you and health care unlike there is free, and first of all 70% of cubans are black so there is going to be poor ones but all the whites are there in cuba, cause you guys wanted a better life.

    but tell you what if the USA fucked off and lifted the embargo cuba would be fine, and why did castro start the revolution well all the white farmers from the us who retreated to cuba afetr the civil war and the puppet president were helpng the USA put their companies and dominating all of cubas resources and use them as a foot to fuck up other latin americans and then castro said no and when the shit went down and cstro won the usa put the embargo so now cuba has problems because of america all cause cuban just wanted to be free.

    look i live here and think about this you guys go there live in fuckin ghettos in which the us doesnt give a fuck about you and then you give shit to castro how has his country poor cause nobody will trade with him rather than critisize the government that fucked up your country and now when your there they have the richest economy in the world but cant give money for schools……or give money for free hospitals.

    look if they liftvthe embargo there will not ba anymore communism cause there is no need to the only reason we do is cause we have to to survive cause its better than being owned by soem government in which the american union came to the agreement that their company aand economic interest conflict with the rise of latin economies
    look i know you guys probably hate us and think we’re shit but we complain about our living conditions but dont blame castro we blame the usa bush kennedy regan nixon clinton cause really they dont give a shit about us nor you thats why we live shit there and here

  • diego

    im a cuban living in cuba
    look cubas communist only cause itt hase to ve we dont like it but we blame the usa emvargo and this is becasue cuba wanted to be liberated. and well look at all the ghettos in america hey how can the usa president live so rich blame others for 9/11 and have posesion of the worlds strongest economies and not help people not give you guys the same access to eduaction as us we get heaps of it and good benifit. but bush doesnt give a fuck about you guys and us.

    ever questioned why the fck the us is having cuba an embargo if you want to get rid of a so called dictator you dont punish the people.

    watch when the embargo is lifted cuba will no longer be communists we blame the us and everyone who supports them

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    u.s. imperialism is the enemy!!!

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