schoolhustle.jpgWell, it's Friday which means our time here is just about up (although you can always send emails to the good folks at XXL asking them to re-up!) We are honored and want to thank XXL for giving us the opportunity to use this section as a medium to reach you all.

We just go back from Baltimore, doing a show w/ a group we are big fans of, Clipse. (Make sure to support them when they drop!) Judging from the response to our set, people are starting to take notice. We love to perform and hopefully, it shows and we can do more and more dates as we continue to grow our movement. Hey, if you have a school function, wedding, sweet 16, bar mitzvah, let us know! We got you!

It's important that we leave you understanding what it is we do and why we do it. Hip Hop started as a form of expression, and not necesarily personal expression. Hip Hop music was made to represent "the people." Too often these days, we see it representing the individual. Trust, we want the house and the cars as much as the next man, but if we can do it through good music, and represent a generation of people by being your voice, it is that much sweeter when such luxuries CAN be afforded. And why do we do it? We love it! While this is our job, and with that comes pressure, stress, and all the ups and downs of being a profession, there is not another job in the world we'd rather have.

Please tell a friend to tell a friend, that hip-hop ain't dead. In fact, you can cop it at Virgin Megastore or Best Buy or Fat Beats or Dr. Waxx, lol. Please support the album, School Was My Hustle, in stores as we speak. And more importantly, be one of the kidz in the hall, who stands for SOMETHING, whatever it may be. We fucks wit you.
Make sure to continue following our journey at And remember, 2007, NALEDGE IS POWER! The solo album is coming. We will have a video ready next week, and if you are in NY this weekend, come out to the Knitting Factory tomorrow (Saturday) and see us tear it down with Clipse!

We'll leave you some lyrics off the album that we hope can resonante in a hip-hop world full of complacency:

"Fears of a nightmare never kept me from dreamin', trippin' and fallin'/Dog it never kept me from walkin'/So if I fall on deaf ears it won't keep me from talkin'/The fuel to my fire keeps me steadily sparking"

Hear the full song:

Kidz In the Hall "Move On Up" (2006)

from School Was My Hustle, in stores now!

We are the Kidz In The Hall...