Images: John Ricard/Retna


That’s right, another cot damn Jay-Z entry. Go ahead and fill the comment sections with moans and groans about how XXL has it lips wrapped around his dick. It’s not my fault dude is relevant than ever. 

Last night BET filmed a “This Is Your Life” type of special for Hova. During the course of the show different guests that he has worked with throughout his career came out and spoke about good ol’ times. He then performed one song from each of his 10 albums. Nas, UGK, and Pharrell were among guest performers to hit the stage with the man of the hour. From the looks of things his onstage swagger is still intact. And he's going to be needing it.


Earlier this week Cingular Music announced that the company is sponsoring The Jay-Z Hangar Tour. On November 18 he will fly in his private G5 to perform eight concerts in eight different citites for radio contest winners. Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Las Vegas are the only cities to be confirmed for the whirlwind tour so far. The only way to cop tickets is by winning them and the venues for the concerts are being kept a secret for the time being.

Two lucky winners will win the opportunity to travel with Jay on his private jet to watch the remaining shows on the scheduled tour and see the grand finale concert in Las Vegas. Cingular customers will also be able to watch the tour from their cell phones.