What’s Beef? Beef is when I’m flipping through the channels on a Wednesday night and catch some bullshit on my box. Beef is a wack-ass TV show that adds no true insight into any dispute in the hip-hop world. Beef is a program I would never agree to appear on because it’s created by a sucker named QD3 and his clueless comrades. Their sole mission seems to be to exploit the culture with a shitty show filled with choppy editing and humorless comedy segments.

Last night, during a segment about Kim Vs The Source, I was shocked to see myself in a Mets throwback and a blue bandanna talking about The Source. Obviously, that intv was done at least 3 years ago. It was supposed to appear in Beef III but QD3 and company got shut down by The Source and Image Entertainment. Now these punks got balls and want to have me out there all crazy and present footage of me in a completely different context. The nerve of youse.

Look, I’m no idiot. I know when you shoot something for TV, you sign your rights away and anyone can basically can use it in any context they want. But that shit is foul. You got me IDed as a former Source editor (which I was), but to not credit me as XXL EIC brings no real context to what I’m talking about. My feelings about The Source back then aren’t my feelings today and to present them as such is wrong. There’s was no real reason to include me in the segment other than to exploit me. Thank you very little, jive turkeys. I moved pass all that bullshit so long ago so don’t try to drag me back in. I got no time for any of this revisionist history ‘cause I’m too busy making history.

So QD3, very simply, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to go fuck yourself immediately. I feel sorry for your father. Feel free to call a nigga so I can curse you the fuck out, coward.

U mad? You damn, right I am.