"What hurts me the most, is when you have an actor of such stature and he says your [sic] a nigger, and I think that's how he really feels."

—Noreaga, a portly, sensitive hispanic fellow (sound familiar?)

All of this hoopla surrounding the KKKramer incident and the subsequent series of apologies has been a bit much, no?

I mean, does it strike anyone else as ridonkulous that we went from having one of Seinfeld's old weed carriers tossing out a few n-bombs on stage to having mad black people claim they're never going to never use the dreaded n-word again in life?

Imagine if Jesse Jackson and the rest of those d-bags actually managed to get people to stop using the dreaded n-word - or at least made it as uncommon a racial slur as the term kike. How would we even go about explaining this to our grandkids?

Fortunately, it's not like we're gonna have to. I seriously doubt very many of the black people who currently refer to one another as dreaded n-words are going to stop just because Jesse "Outside Children" Jackson said so.

As Noreaga put it in the same AllHipHop article I ganked the above quote from:

"I definitely don't plan to change my vocabulary or speech pattern because of this incident. You never hear from these leaders until something controversial happens. [...] Man fuck that motherfucker."


For what it's worth, I don't know that Jesse and the rest of them have made much of a case for dropping the dreaded n-word other than the fact that some people find it offensive. (And isn't that kinda the whole point of it anyway?)

I'm sure if most people thought that if by doing so they could eradicate the problems that are really doing us in, like skyrocketing unemployment and out-of-wedlock birth rates in the black community, they'd be more than happy to stop using the term(s).

On the other hand, it's worth noting that none of these other races go around referring to one another as racial slurs. Is it a coincidence that pretty much all of them are so much better off than we are?

A case could be made that since blacks call one another dreaded n-words, they give up their right to throw a bitch fit everytime some cracka-ass cracka does it. I think there's a certain degree of truth to that.

If some comedian was to point all the Jews in the audience and note that 60 years ago they'd be put in pizza ovens, of course it would be an outrage. But then it's not like (most) Jews go around joking like that with one another.

So what do you d-bags think. Is there a case to be made for dropping the dreaded n-word? Would it even be possible anyway?


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