Rumor has is that Jim Jones and Cam'ron are in the studio recording yet another diss record aimed at the usual suspects. You guessed it, Jay-Z and Nas. Promotion, promotion, promotion!

Big fucking deal is probably what you are thinking. But there is a twist. Word on the street is that they have recruited Carmen Bryan to appear on the song. The pair also plans on supporting the self proclaimed Helen Troy of Hip Hop’s book It’s No Secret by copping 1,000 copies each when it hit book stores later this month.

Pigpen and King Jaffe Joffer may want to watch that shit though. I’m sure if the opportunity arose she would be more than happy to put their business out on front street for a little extra shine. Not to mention that the number of people interested in Jim’s love making skills are probably limited.

And why am I just now hearing that this nigga put a rollerblading team together? The fuck?

But I digress.

Thanks in large part to the success of Superhead's first novel, every groupie, former balltickler, neighborhood jump-off, ex-wife, and babymama has a story to tell.  The dick sucking champ turned author will reveal even more details in her next book which is scheduled for publication in September 2007. I’m crossing my fingers that a popular women’s television network (I’m talking to you Lifetime) doesn’t offer her a movie deal. Dropping names about the folks you have been slutting around town is an act that should not be rewarded. Well, unless you are a man of course.