Word is Fox Boogie is about to be dropped from the Def Jam roster. Allegedly, Jay is angry about Noxema Jackson’s lack of productivity on the Black Roses project. The album has already been pushed back four times as a result of Foxy’s hearing loss, a mean addiction to Wet n’ Wild fushia lipstick, legal troubles and bad public image.

Def Jam previously planned on releasing her book, Broken Silence, around the same time as the album was set to drop. But as usual, Inga managed fuck up and somehow lost her publishing deal with Simon & Schuster.  

Shame shame shame! She can bat her fake eyelashes and slick down her ill baby hair all she wants, but I doubt that El Presidente could care less if you have a vagina or not when it comes to business.

Last week T.Error Mari announced on a MySpace bulletin that she had decided to leave the Roc-A-Fella / Def Jam imprint and is actively pursing another deal somewhere else. Right. That’s how artists are chalking up being dropped from the labels these days, I suppose. I’m sure she isn’t complaining though, 40 hours a week is a good look considering the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Get it how you live it.

Trina and Lil’ Kim may want to the online hiring center at Wal-Mart too since they both recently got the axe from Atlantic Records. I guess its back to square one for now. Selling pussy always works.