Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’

Pharrell feat. Snoop Dogg “That Girl”
from In My Mind (2006)

It’s late November—long after Pharrell’s July debut In My Mind dropped. This beef-hungry 4th quarter has no room for another “Frontin’”. What do you want me to do? I’m sorry! Sure, “That Girl” is the best song and video on the album (sorry again, Kanye) with all its streetwear splendor—Ice Cream fitted hats and graphic T-shirts meets Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful.” The only problem is…it ain’t summer.

But at the N’th hour when everyone’s forgotten little Skateboard P, it’s time to get the hipster gerbil wheel spinning by shooting a scene at Supreme LA and slinging the video like a fucking Boost Mobile commercial. Chirp, chirp, where you at Snoop? I won’t front, that Samsung phone is kinda hot. Oh, and so are the scantily-clad tenderonis walking the beach, but they sadly get the gas face from Pharrell’s leading lady, Lauren London (from “Frontin’” and T.I.’s ATL).

Then, just when I thought the video would get better after the beach scene, it doesn’t. The eight shots of Lauren London’s decent mug and her modestly clothed body are a luke-warm interpretation of “That Girl” we’re supposed to be fantasizing about. Then again, it couldn’t be worse than Lupe’s recent fiasco of a video with Jill Scott.

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  • Bol

    First evar?

  • Flip

    The title to this post works too well.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    That Girl is the shit…fuck the video…the could have put up a black screen with a logo bouncing around..I still would watch it on the strength of the song…classic ish…im putting in my request now to play it at my wedding and my 25th wedding aniversary…cuz its timeless…eh eh eh eh eh eh eh…

  • Belize

    Fuk pharrell..he gettin on Bow-wow’s level (no lil romeo beef)

  • Belize

    Y know a song is wack when DJ Original Name gets a hard-on

  • Mr.Me

    Pharell is such a dweeb its not even funny.

  • Bang


  • J

    Know what? F Yall for messing with Pharrell. Yall writers at XXL never give credit when Skateboard P says something nice lyrically. Sure he might fumble on sum lines as all rookie emcees do, but half the time he be outgunning big artists like Snoop lyrically on those same hit singles. Yall just don’t give Pharrell the credit because his group was called Nerd, and he gives love to the backpack and underground movements. And the underground movements are where the real hip-hop fans are. Not just modern-day golden-era purists that still listen to that golden-era Jigga rhythm. At least Pharrell brings something different to real hip-hop, and not just that hood aspect of getting money and not giving a damn about overall real lyricism. The greatest rapper alive (Jay-Z, argubly Nas) co-signed Skatboard P as the truth, and not just Sig’. Best believe it! P killed Clipse and Snoop on their own tracks lyrically. Clipse own album is a hood gem and classic opus sort of like how Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt was to hip-hop, except not as noteworthy for their era as of now. In hip-hop history it will be a classic like Capone-N-Noreaga’s CNN Report. So F Yall for only wanting to sell-out to mainstream artists for publishing sales, instead of giving a damn about the real hip-hop kulture and movement. F YALL!!!! At I thought The Source fell off, just having that hood politickin B.S. But XXL as well? Yall gave props to The Roots, and to a dude like Kanye West saying his, “Through The Wire” video was dope because it was creative. But since Lupe’s video “I Gotcha” is even more ground-breaking and as creative as Kanye’s “Through The Wire” video, yall aint wanna give love to Lupe Fiasco neither? Damn it…. yall on that get money B.S. and aint helping no real underground acts with true lyrical depth. I swear, yall gotta want to put out a bunch of thug acts that can’t rap, unless the nice artist (thug or not) got a crazy buzz, then yall all wanna hop on a nucka’s nuts cuz da dude is making money. And how yall gonna just disrespect easy targets like Chingy and Lil Flip, but aint get at T.I. and other inferior lyrical middleweights? What? XXL is having a swagger-jacker contest or some crap? Everybody wannabe a hustler and not give a damn about what the true fans like, and that’s good music and real hip-hop. Not none of yall belittling nuckas tryna get money, when nobody out right now lyrically is really that nice, except for a minor few. Luda’s better lyrically than T.I., but just cuz T.I. got swagger, he the King of the South? WTF happened here. No dissing T.I., cuz he picked his lyricism up a notch, but damn? Outkast or Ludacris could actually claim that title for real. XXL, come correct… damn!

  • Corinne

    Belize Says:

    November 20th, 2006 at 3:14 pm
    Fuk pharrell..he gettin on Bow-wow’s level (no lil romeo beef)

    ^ he already did when he collaborated with the …..backstreet boys, my god I’m glad the boy band craze it over, thank you,thank you,thank you God.

  • J

    I mean… P’s album may definately not be a hip-hop gem, but at least give him credit for his creative efforts and true lyricism that does stand out. He’s better than Jeezy far as lyricism goes. He’s witty and got punches to go. P might have an unorthodox style like Juelz does, but damn, he coming left-field with it. He a better lyricist than Juelz and most these new acts. Yall right about his album not being as solid as it could be in some areas, but da nucka still got talent. And this creative video proves it. Lupe and Skateboard’s the future of bringing back that real hip-hop vibe, when it was all about real lyricism, and TRYING to become the BEST YOU COULD BE. At least Skateboard P attempts to go hard in his writing when most acts of late don’t. When he does succeed with his lines, he’s ill. No doubt!

  • Meka Soul

    swing and a miss.

  • Tray

    This guy isn’t funny or entertaining, XXL. Get the guy from SOHH


    wtf? next!

  • jacquez
  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    >> swing and a miss.


  • Dr Flav

    Ron Mexico is waiting for his royalty check.

  • nineteen80sbaby

    this new blog is gonna sukk blue whale balls.

    should’ve given me the column instead.

  • G Off

    Co-sign Dr. Flav

  • frankwhite45

    I love girls girls

  • New York Nigga


  • flava dav

    why cant he make beats like this all the time- this is a cold ass song!!!!!!!!!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Belize Says:

    November 20th, 2006 at 3:17 pm
    Y know a song is wack when DJ Original Name gets a hard-on

    Gayest comment of man’s existence on planet earth

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    All you snot nose youngins fall back on this joint…its for the grown and sexy…eh eh eh eh eh eh eh…

  • Belize

    lol @ corrine

    lol @ Dj Nbred..cant lie that shyt was funny (no KKKramer)

  • New York Nigga

    yo corine is hot man lemme get ya numba WHOA

  • dasouf


  • syncity

    that phone is not the samsung although the samsung is cute but it would be hotter if they had it in black…its actually a nokia n93

  • LyfbEUswuJ


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