Pharrell feat. Snoop Dogg "That Girl"
from In My Mind (2006)

It’s late November—long after Pharrell’s July debut In My Mind dropped. This beef-hungry 4th quarter has no room for another “Frontin’”. What do you want me to do? I’m sorry! Sure, “That Girl” is the best song and video on the album (sorry again, Kanye) with all its streetwear splendor—Ice Cream fitted hats and graphic T-shirts meets Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful.” The only problem ain’t summer.

But at the N’th hour when everyone’s forgotten little Skateboard P, it’s time to get the hipster gerbil wheel spinning by shooting a scene at Supreme LA and slinging the video like a fucking Boost Mobile commercial. Chirp, chirp, where you at Snoop? I won’t front, that Samsung phone is kinda hot. Oh, and so are the scantily-clad tenderonis walking the beach, but they sadly get the gas face from Pharrell’s leading lady, Lauren London (from "Frontin'" and T.I.’s ATL).

Then, just when I thought the video would get better after the beach scene, it doesn't. The eight shots of Lauren London’s decent mug and her modestly clothed body are a luke-warm interpretation of "That Girl" we're supposed to be fantasizing about. Then again, it couldn't be worse than Lupe’s recent fiasco of a video with Jill Scott.