Nas “Hip-Hop Is Dead”
From Hip-Hop Is Dead…The N (2006)

By now, we should all be used to Nas’ bold claims. Every time he comes out with an album, he probably thinks the world is gonna stop once he opens his mouth or tattoos something like “God’s Son” on himself. A few jaws might have dropped when he dressed up as Jesus in the video for “Hate Me Now,” but his days of raising eyebrows finally seem to be over.

As of late, the word according to Nas is that “hip-hop is dead.” Sounds like something a king would say. Sure, he may not be the king of New York, but in his new video for “Hip-Hop Is Dead” he is definitely public enemy number one in a world where his music has been "abolished," according to the opening sequence.

It’s funny how the song produced by mirrors the Black Eyed Peas’ video for “Where Is The Love.” Here, the Peas parade through the streets, guerilla style in a van with a bullhorn raising awareness of the lack of love in the world. But really, it's just one big promotional campaign for their single, as the Peas and their cult following post stickers and wave around a “?” flag.

You can tell the label is really on their last leg with Nas' project, trying to break the record with snipes and album art with “The N” logo. He might as well be wearing a T-shirt saying, “My Album Is In Stores Now.” I guess the only cameo appearances worth having in your video are the ones by your street team. Next time Nas wants to be something controversial.