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  • icee corleon


  • Kamari

    This is Busta Rhymes “In the Ghetto” too easy. I like this better anyway #1

  • hahacrack rock


  • TINY_K


  • erueru


  • Fernando

    YN –

    Your magazine is bitchmade. You are run by interscope you fuckin faggit.

    YN a.k.a Fiddy’s cum rag.

    you are a weak little girl, and your magazine is a joke. Fuck G-Unit.

  • Mr.Me

    YN’s mother did a porno wit Nipsey Russel

  • Mr.Me

    Fuck that. YN is the spittin image of Nipsey Russel….I think thats his old man.

  • 110 street

    classic bet please pardon the youngens, i got whut you was puttin together